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The regional military of North Korea

The Korean Peoples Army was founded August 20 2012 as the armed wing of North Korea.

The "KPA" defends inter-regional democratic and socialist forces and is always in a state of war with oppressor regions, imperialist satellites, fascist and reactionary hellholes.

Embassies: North Korea, Korean Peoples Navy, The MT Army, Antifa, The Red Fleet, The Red Sea, The URAP, The NSIA, and NSLeft.

Tags: Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Fascist, Communist, Featured, Feminist, LGBT, Minuscule, Password, Serious, and Socialist.

Korean Peoples Army contains 3 nations.

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The Most Advanced Law Enforcement in Korean Peoples Army

World Census interns were framed for minor crimes in order to measure the response times, effectiveness, and amount of firepower deployed by the law enforcement agencies of different nations.

As a region, Korean Peoples Army is ranked 6,268th in the world for Most Advanced Law Enforcement.

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1.The Communist Revolutionary of V MingCorrupt Dictatorship“Mother and Daughter of North Korea”
2.The Armed Forces of Zulankan Peoples ArmyCivil Rights Lovefest“¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!”
3.The People's Republic of Zulankan Outpost 71Liberal Democratic Socialists“¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!”

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Korean Peoples Army Regional Message Board

Marxist-Feminists and I have made an overview of the KPA's history. We put a decent bit of time and effort into this, I hope comrades here and elsewhere take the time to give this a read and enjoy it!

After the times of occupation in 2011-2012, a dark period that saw a Falangist take control of North Korea, the refugees returned to rebuild and strengthen their newly liberated home. One of Marxist-Feminists' first objectives was to militarize the region to avoid such terrible circumstances from ever reoccurring. This lead to her founding the Korean Peoples Army (KPA) in August 2012 and elevating herself to be the KPA's first General.

Trained by Proletaurus, the original founder of Antifa, Marxist-Feminists took up arms at a time when Neo-Nazis were very active on NS. With the majority of the left on NS being either Trots or role players, divisions and sectarianism ran rife; the KPA was slandered as a "Stalinist gang" and initially unwelcome among The Red Fleet (TRF), International Socialists, Democratic Socialist Assembly and The Internationale (TI). The rise of the KPA and its smaller allies such as Communist China and First Nations saw the establishment of Marxism-Leninism as a formidable force on NS in antifascist work; the early respect the KPA gained was fought incredibly hard for. In late 2013 La passionaria, the original founder of TI, was deleted in an example of extreme moderator overreach. Taking a step to move past old grievances, the KPA was deployed in defense of TI, beginning the process of reconciliation between the KPA and the NSLeft. After a long year and 100 days of service, Marxist-Feminists retired as the first General. Recorded from her time serving are approximately 26 victories, some done in tandem with TRF, The MT Army, and assorted other leftist/antifascist forces.

The KPA's first mission:

An early significant operation against Das Imperium:

The murder of La passionaria:

Tokyo, a region seized from Nazis after a long struggle and lost due to the deletion of La Pas:

In March 2014 Comradeland arrived from the Juche Union and began working alongside Marxist-Feminists in the KPA. His dedication and prowess quickly lead to his appointment as the KPA's second General in June 2014. It is under his command that the KPA earns its sitewide reputation. General Comradeland oversaw no less than an astonishing 352 recorded victories in 1 year and 40 days, with hundreds of regions seized from Nationalsozialistische Volksstaaten as well. Spurred into action by Libertatem's capture of the Congress of Armed Proletarian States, this was the beginning of the KPA's struggle against Libertatem and their military front, REATO. This era also saw the KPA participating in the destruction of Nazi Europe, the defense of Anne Frank, the seizure of the Right Wing Uprising, and most notably North Korea being condemned by the World Assembly for the KPA's attacks on so-called "free speech" through the capture of Slavya.

The KPA's participation in the destruction of Nazi Europe:

When Comradeland took the lead:

North Korea's WA condemnation:

The storming of Nationalsozialistische Volksstaaten:

The capture of the Right Wing Uprising:

In August 2015 Comradeland retired to the position of Field Marshall and Godless munky became the KPA's third General. Under General Godless munky the KPA grew to its largest size so far and the groundwork for closer cooperation with others was laid through his establishment of the Korean Peoples Navy (KPN), the KPA's update-ready wing in TRF (currently on hiatus). While unfortunately record-keeping around this time is incomplete, the destruction of The Greater German Reich, the continued victories against and occupation of Libertatem, and thorough trouncing of Libertatem's short-lived offspring, anticom, will frame the legacy of this excellent General.

The capture of Anti Authoritarian Alliance, a reminder that anyone who attacks our comrades is an open target:

The elevation of Godless munky to General:

The raid of The Greater German Reich and its refounding:

Operation Soviet East Japan Says Hello, Godless munky's strike on Libertatem:

Godless munky giving anticom a taste of reality:

In June 2016 General Godless munky retired to the position of Vice-Marshal and Zulanka was elected by the rest of the KPA leadership as the fourth and current General of the KPA. Under the command of General Zulanka the KPA has seen a further integration with TRF and The MT Army. The terrible sectarian divisions on the left that once plagued the landscape around the founding of the KPA are now long gone. Though record-keeping has continued to be incomplete, this era has seen the KPA's participation in the destruction of The URAP and The NSIA, the Union of the Fascist Nations, and The Fascist State among numerous other operations.

Zulanka's promotion to General:

The simultaneous takedown of The URAP and The NSIA:

The raid of the Union of the Fascist Nations:

The destruction of The Fascist State, where Zulanka's undercover nation played a leading role:

Read dispatch

Fascist aligned region Nova Jane Austinus has been successfully shut down alongside numerous other antifascist forces, with our involvement beginning on 7/19 and concluding on 7/26.

Participating KPA comrades in order of arrival in the target region:

Zulanka (Zulankan Outpost 144)
Che Triumphant (Kim triumphant)
Marxist-Feminists (Kpaf mig-29)

The white supremacist region Imperium Aryanum has been refounded by the KPA alongside People's Revolutionary Armed Forces and The Red Fleet, with our raid starting on 8/2 and concluding on 8/8. This was our first time working with the PRAF directly as far as I know.

Participating KPA comrades in order of arrival in the target region:

Zulanka (Zulankan Outpost 144) - point
Marxist-Feminists (Kpaf mig-29)
Che Triumphant (Kim triumphant) - spotted the target region

The KPA helped shut down The Region Of Allied Nations alongside The MT Army and other antifascist forces, with the raid beginning on 8/12 and concluding on 8/20. A former member of the racist Berlin Pact in the process of being taken over by the fascists of Farkasfalka when we hit it, the region was already behind a password yet still met the same end as innumerable other fascist regions we've destroyed.

Participating KPA comrades in order of arrival in the target region:

Zulanka (Zulankan Outpost 145)
Marxist-Feminists (Kpaf mig-29)
Che Triumphant (Kim triumphant)

In a short op from 8/25 to 8/27 the KPA assisted TCB's PRAF in shutting down the fascist-tagged region Socialas Regionem.

From 8/27 to 9/5 the KPA helped destroy Garda De Fier alongside TRF and the PRAF. Successor to the fascist region The Iron Guard (already refounded by the KPA), this was yet another signatory region in the racist Berlin Pact to meet its end.

*Edit - the founder of Garda De Fier returned on 9/15.

Participating KPA comrades on both ops:

Zulanka (Zulankan Outpost 145)
Che Triumphant (Kim triumphant)
Marxist-Feminists (Kpaf mig-29)

Starting on 9/8 and concluding on 9/17 the KPA, TRF, the PRAF, and The MT Army secured Comintern ML with a password.

Participating KPA comrades:

Zulanka (Zulankan Outpost 145)
Che Triumphant (Kim triumphant)

Alongside The MT Army, TRF, and the PRAF, the KPA helped shut down The Psycho Reich, with our involvement in the operation beginning on 9/30 and ending on 10/10.

Participating KPA comrades:

Zulanka (Zulankan Outpost 145)
Che Triumphant (Kim triumphant)
Marxist-Feminists (Kpaf mig-29)
Comradeland (Revolutionary Theory)

Led by The MT Army, the KPA assisted in an operation locking down Traditionalist Confederacy with a diverse group of antifascist forces, beginning on 10/18 and concluding on 10/21.

Participating KPA comrades:

Zulanka (Zulankan Outpost 145)
Marxist-Feminists (Kpaf mig-29)
Che Triumphant (Kim triumphant)
Comradeland (Revolutionary Theory)

From 10/22 to 10/31 the KPA assisted in shutting down Femdom State, a fetish/kink roleplay region associated with fascists that we've struck before in the past. This op was lead by and the region subsequently refounded by our newest comrades in Antifa, Hartfelden.

Participating KPA comrades:

Zulanka (Zulankan Outpost 145)
Che Triumphant (Kim triumphant)
Marxist-Feminists (Kpaf mig-29)

From 11/5 to 11/8 the KPA joined another operation against the fascist region Garda De Fier, this time around concluding with a successful refound of the region by antifascist forces on 11/11.

Participating KPA comrades:

Che Triumphant (Kim triumphant)
Zulanka (Zulankan Outpost 145)
Marxist-Feminists (Kpaf mig-29)

Kpaf mig-29

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