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The North Pacific contains 9,045 nations, the most in the world.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Rising Sun's Land of YaorozuAuthoritarian Democracy“八百万の神天安の河原に神集ひ”
2.The Commonwealth of EnrichmentDemocratic Socialists“Gain by Brain”
3.The Experimental Technocracy of The University ProjectFather Knows Best State“Mottos are bad for you”
4.The Empire of FengateLiberal Democratic Socialists“Dignity, Acumen, Valour, Integrity, Determination!”
5.The Republic of BrightFuturesAuthoritarian Democracy“Lets us make a Brighter Futures”
6.The Principality of Carolyn PorcoLeft-Leaning College State“Explore.”
7.The Incorporated States of IcewolfzDemocratic Socialists“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
8.The Commonwealth of Drunk TrollsCivil Rights Lovefest“I Stink..therefore I am.”
9.The Theocracy of WyomaAuthoritarian Democracy“JEHOVAH TSIDKENU ( The LORD our RIGHTEOUSNESS )”
10.The Free Land of FaizarimbaCivil Rights Lovefest“There's a bathroom on the right”
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The Neo-Supple Lundian Nation of East Supple Lund


Coat of Arms


Motto: Don't Let Your Memes Be Dreams!

Population: 135,666,144
Density: 69/kmē

Capital: Memeopolis
Largest City: Rack City

Official Language: StrangeReal Common

National Language: Memespeak, Gibberish

Demonym: Neo-Supple Lundian

- Prime Memeister: Elwin Moose
- Vice Memeister: Jack Webkinz
- Secretary of Memez: Kory Boone

Legislature: CONgress
-: Tallboi Assembly
-: Smallboi Assembly
-: Supple Supreme Court

Establishment: from East Supple Lund
Independence: 2036

Land Area: 1,966,176 kmē
Water %: 6.9

Highest Point: Mount Deww
Lowest Point: Creeper Lake

GDP (nominal): 6.9 Trillion
GDP (nominal) per capita: 50,860

Human Development Index: 0.893

Currency: Kekel, DogeCoin

Time Zone: Supple Standard Time

Drives on the: Left

Calling code: 666

Internet TLD: .nsl

The Neo-Supple Lundian Nation of East Supple Lund, generally referred to as Neo-Supple Lund or NSL, is located on the StrangeReal continent of Usonea, where it shares a land border with Friently to the southeast and the German Holy Roman Empire to the southwest. Neo-Supple Lund contains 70,000 pixels gave or take, or 1,966,170 square kilometers of land, and is made up of 26 districts, 3 "special" districts, and 1 autonomous island (Havergonia), for a total of 30 districts, along with 2 island dependencies (The Isle of St. Bob Ross and Fnurgle Rock).

Neo-Supple Lund has been inhabited for tens of thousands of years. The Supple Peninsula and the surrounding areas have gone through centuries of change, with many nations rising and falling in this strategically important area.

Neo-Supple Lund is a highly developed nation, both economically and technologically. It is a world leader in the field of robotics, electronics, and other forms of advanced technology. Citizens of Neo-Supple Lund enjoy a wide range of personal rights and political openness. Neo-Supple Lund is recognized as a middle power, though many believe it to be at near great power status.


The name "Supple Lund" appears only recently, with the region generally being known as "Kek" in times of antiquity and medieval history. "Supple" does not appear until 1778, when the inhabitants settled on the name to invoke the ability of the nation to change with the times, and be flexible in how the government was run.


The first main nation to come out of the area was the "Kekis Empire", a large and powerful empire that existed thousands of years ago. Despite its ancient power, little is known about the empire, although it had seemingly fractured by about 1000 B.C.E. After that, the area was divided into many minor-city states. They would reunify into the "Brotesh Empire" around 400 B.C.E, although this empire too would fall apart around 500 C.E. It wouldn't be until about 1200 that all the small city-states would be unified into the Kingdom of Kek by Lord Gregolas "The Parched". Occupying the entirety of the Supple peninsula, and later Mustache Island, this kindgom survived until 1778, when the inhabitants, fed up with the oppressive system of governance, overthrew the last king, King Wojack the Simple, and established the Supple Republic in 1778. This republic was fairly short lived, and was replaced in 1880 with an authoritarian form of rule in response to economic and social pressures, although this only lasted until 1902 when the inhabitants again overthrew the government to bring back democratic rule, forming Eastern Supple Lund. Disappointment Island and Jibjab, as they are known today, would join ESL in 1972, after voting to join the nation due to the failure of the short lived "Pepe Republic". ESL would go on to form "The Supple Confederation" with West Supple Lund in 2030, and would also add Nurth Supple Lund in 2035. A year later, a massive civil war would erupt, with ESL taking over large parts of WSL and NSL, and would go on to form "Neo-Supple Lund" in 2036, and would adopt a new flag. Neo-Supple Lund would fully reconquer all areas it had lost in the civil war by the year 2037.


Neo-Supple Lund currently consists of 1,966,170 kmē of territory, or about 70,000 pixels and change. Neo-Supple Lund has a variety of different biomes, from the shrub lands of the south to the boreal forests of the north. Due to its close proximity to water, Neo-Supple Lund is surprisingly mild, even further up north. The Supple Straight separates the districts of Frozone and Kermit from Trololo and Killroy, while the Upper Supple Sea and the Lower Supple Sea border the top and bottom of Disappointment Island, respectively. The Western Supple Sea sits between Snek and Hamsterdance, and the Eastern Supple Sea is between the Supple Peninsula and Friently's large island. Such closeness to water ensures temperate is never too cold, and allows for agriculture much farther north than one might think. Neo-Supple Lund has 5 large rivers: the Waka, Phillis, Rick, Shazam and Pac, and its largest lake is Lake Kirby, famous for its startlingly pink coloration, although its deepest lake is Creeper Lake, at 1,337 feet deep. Neo-Supple Lund also has Lake Chadd, a popular tourist spot that is only 69 feet deep. A man made feature is the Supple Canal, allowing much faster travel between the Western Supple Sea and the Upper Supple Sea. NSL's highest point is Mount Deww, standing around 9,001 feet tall. NSL is able to support a large bio-diversity due to its climate, and much of its land is protected.

The island of Havegonia is covered in tropical rain forest, although much of it has been lost due to British Bayonet mining operations in the area. The Isle of St.Bob Ross and Fnurgle Rock are also rather tropical in nature, retaining much more jungle then Havergonia.



Neo-Supple Lund has a current population of 135 million, with 123 million citizens living on the Neo-Supple Lundian mainland. While ethnically speaking, all the Supple people are the same, they often tend to identify with geographic location. East Supple Lund is the most populated region, West Supple Lund less populated and North Supple Lund the least. Havergonia is home to about 10 million Havergonians, natives of the island. The Isle of St. Bob Ross and Fnurgle Rock are both home to about a million Tongan people each, hailing from The Islands of Tonga although they consider themselves Supple. Their is also a significant minority Neko population residing in Neo-Supple Lund.

NSL has rather lax immigration laws, actively encouraging permanent settlement within its borders. Despite the ease in which one can become a Neo-Supple Lundian citizen, very few foreigners have decided to move to Neo-Supple Lund. Regardless, the population of Neo-Supple Lund is quite young, most citizens around 15 to 25 years old.


The most widespread language is "StrangeReal Common", although it has no offical name despite being the most widespread language in all of SR. NSL's national language is "Memespeak", and its spoken nearly everywhere all with StrangeReal Common. Most Neo-Supple Lundians are fluent in both languages. However, on Mustache Island and the northern part of the Frozone District, "Gibberish" is spoken instead of Memespeak, although StrangeReal Common is widely spoken there as well.


Neo-Supple Lund is a republic. The highest elected office is that of the Prime Memeister. Election cycles for the Prime Memeister occur every five years, and the position is selected by popular vote. Any Prime Memeister may only hold the position for a maximum of two terms. Second to the Prime Memeister is the Vice Memeister, who is elected on the same ticket as the Prime Memeister.

The Neo-Supple Lundian CONgress is made up of two houses: the Tallboi Assembly, or upper house, and the Smallboi Assembly, the lower house. The CONgress is responsible for proposing and passing laws. It also has the special ability to call a snap election if a 2/3rd majority vote of no confidence is met.

All Neo-Supple Lundian citizens have the right to vote at the age of 18. To run for office, their is no age limit, although the candidate must have been born in NSL and must hold NSL citizenship. This applies only to NSL proper, Havergonia, The Isle of St. Bob Ross and Fnurgle Rock are ineligible to be considered.

Once the Prime Memeister is elected, he or she may fill all available Memeister positions with persons of his or her own choosing forming his or her "squad". Smallboi assemblymen are elected by the district's population every 2 years, and tallboi assemblymen every 4. The Supple Supreme court, made up of 9 "Justicez" are also choosen by the Prime Memeister, although they may only have one 10 year term, after which someone new must be nominated.


Neo-Supple Lund has a total of 30 districts of varying autonomy. The most common type are the normal or "normie" districts for short, where the inhabitants directly elect whats called a "memeistrate" to advocate for their interests and govern the territory. 2 "special" districts, the Supple Canal Zone and Memeopolis Capital Zone, have their memeistrate appointed directly by the Prime Memeister. The remaining "special" district, the Supple Autonomous Region, elects its own memeistrate and its own CONgress along with having representation in the Neo-Supple Lundian CONgress. In Havergonia, because it is so far away from mainland NSL, a "Grand Memeistrate" is elected instead. He has more power than regular memeistrates, but not as much power as a "memeister". Finally, The Isle of St. Bob Ross and Fnurgle Rock had their memeistrates selected by the Prime Memeister, and they have no representation, although this means that they are free from paying federal level taxes.

All districts, regardless of status, elect 8 "Tallboi Assemblymen" to serve in the tallboi Assembly, and a proportional amount of "Smallboi Assemblymen" to serve in the smallboi assembly. Total representation is 666 seats, 246 for the Tallboi Assembly and 420 for the Smallboi Assembly. The Prime Memeister has the privilege of picking the last 6 members of the Tallboi assembly, who are not elected but can be removed by subsequent Prime Memeisters. Again, The Isle of St. Bob Ross and Fnurgle Rock have no representation but may send observers to watch CONgress proceedings.

Any smallboi assemblymen can introduce a bill, for which it requires a 2/3rds majority to pass, more than 280 votes. After that it gets sent to the tallboi assembly, where it needs 1/2 majority for it to go to the Prime Memeister, more than 123 votes. In the event of a tie, the Vice Memeister may cast the tie breaking vote. If then, the Prime Memeister agrees, he can sign the bill into law. However, if he or she does not like the bill, they can "yeet" the bill back to CONgress, overriding them. However, CONgress as a whole can "nah" the Prime Memeister's "yeet" with a 2/3rds majority from the entire CONgress.


The formerly independent nation of Nurth Supple Lund was reorganized as the "Supple Autonomous Region" after its annexation back into Neo-Supple Lund. Due to the nature of the land, its large size and low population, the territory is mostly allowed to govern itself. It has its own CONgress, yet still elects Assemblymen for the Neo-Supple Lundian CONgress. NSL is responsible for the territory's defense (although it may have a small defense force), international relations and communications. Everything else is decided locally.


East Supple Lund retains a total of 666,420 soldiers across its three branches: The Supple Skeleton Army, the Supple Air Service and the Supple Naval Service. It also retains a special operations group known as Lizard Squad!, a group specially trained for cyber warfare and espionage. Neo-Supple Lund maintains a trio of overseas military bases around SR, and is always innovating and inventing new ways of warfare. NSL is also currently a part of Western Vapia's alliance Pax Havencia. In times of war, national conscription is used, and the military balloons in size.

NSL has a sort of "love or hate" relationship with most nations. Either, they love NSL, or they hate NSL. Neo-Supple Lund has great relations with its fellow democracies, and generally positive relations with most monarchies, provided they are not to authoritarian. Speaking of, NSL is, unsurprisingly, not a fan of most dictatorships, although they are able to play nice with other authoritarian regimes. Although a capitalistic nation, NSL is not intrinsically opposed to communist societies, and has been able to develop positive relations with most of them.


East Supple Lund is a highly developed, free market economy. East Supple Lund is a world leader in a number of different fields, including advanced electronics, robotics, pharmaceuticals, military equipment, cars, mechanical parts and manufactured goods. East Supple Lund is heavily involved in world trade, actively trading with dozens of different StrangeReal nations. NSL's financial service and tourism industry also account for a large chunk of the nation's 6.9 trillion GDP, although it does not account for 93% of the whole economy, a common misconception. Fishing and agricultural services are also becoming increasingly important to the NSL economy; and mining has seen an increase in productivity as well, thanks to the abundance of land in NSL, although environmental laws limit output. NSL is currently part of the International Bank Federation, which it heads at the moment.

Neo-Supple Lund's GDP based on purchasing polarity power, or PPP, is 8.8 Trillion.


Neo-Supple Lund utilizes two different types of currency. Its physical currency is known as the Kekel, which is legal tender throughout the NSL mainland and Havergonia. Neo-Supple Lund has also developed its own cryptocurrency, known as the DogeCoin. DogeCoin is endorsed and backed by the Neo-Supple Lundian state, and it has no limit on how many coins can be generated. It is hoped that one day all transactions will be done via cryptocurrency only, but that is still a long way off.

The Bank of Kek is the central bank of Neo-Supple Lund, and it sets exchange rates and monetary values to its currency. The Neo-Supple Lundian Stock Exchange, also known as the NSLSE or sometimes Link"MemeEconomy" is located in Rack City and is one of the largest stock exchanges on Usonea.


East Supple Lundian culture is incredibly rich and unique. Fashion has become an integral part of NSL culture, setting many trends around the world. Neo-Supple Lundian music has also become an international phenomenon, artists such as Kraft Punk and Deadmau-5 making NSL electronic and house music more mainstream, although other genres such as alternative and "meme music" are also widespread. Neo-Supple Lund's anthem Link"Allstar" is an example of this, as is its unofficial anthem Link"Never Gonna Give You Up. NSL is also known for the creation of the otamatone, a uniquely NSL instrument. NSL television and internet shows have become popular all around, and NSL is also known for a relatively small but well-regarded movie industry, focusing mainly on comedy, science fiction and "mockumentary's", NSL has innovated its advertisement's to a new form, and its pop-art and web art have been critically acclaimed. The NSL video game industry is 2nd only to that of Itallitopia's.

NSL food is...unique, to say the least. It's generally fast, cheap, and may seem unappealing to some, as is evidenced by its unusual combination of flavors.

Most religions in NSL are native to the country and aren't usually seen outside of it. The most popular is Pastafarianism, although the Church of the Based God, Steamology, Cult of Kek, Will Smithism, introduced to NSL by foreign missionaries, and Solism (praise the sun!) are also popular in NSL. A new religion, Kanye Westism, has also recently appeared in Neo-Supple Lund.


Despite misconceptions, most Neo-Supple Lundians enjoy participating in active sports, although, with the advent of E-sports (electronic sports) and robot fighting, this number has been slowly decreasing. Soccer is among the most popular sport in East Supple Lund, with their national soccer team winning the Deerfenland cup twice and the FIDAC cup twice. Other popular sports include Rugby, Hockey, and A-ball, a sport invented by East Supple Lund that is a mix between Basketball and StrangeRealian Handball. Many sports invented in NSL are variants of other popular sports, though some are indigenous to NSL.


East Supple Lund considers the right to internet access a basic human right. Therefore, nearly all East Supple Lundians have internet access, with 99% of the country connected by WiFi.


East Supple Lund makes use of an extensive public transportation system. Neo-Supple Lundian trains are some of the most advanced in StrangeReal, while the public bus and taxi system is state-of-the-art. Many rail lines are underground and underwater, spanning great distances. Advertisers often create unusual bus advertisements, while all taxis are equipped with a small television on their roofs to show advertisements in real-time.

The airline industry is both privately and government-owned, with the national airline Aero Lundus being the largest. East Supple Lund's premier international airport, Al Beback Airport, receives tens of millions of visitors a year.

Neo-Supple architecture is often talked about on SR, with its buildings some of the most iconic and unique anywhere you might ever go. NSL is also home to some unique sculptures and art pieces.


East Supple Lund utilizes a large amount of wind, hydro and solar energy, although most of East Supple Lund is powered by nuclear power plants since renewable energy is unable to fully supply the energy needs of Neo-Supple Lundians. However, research indicates that large amounts of oil and natural gas may lie underneath the Lower Supple Sea, although more exploration is needed to confirm this.

Largest Cities






Rack City






Disappointment Island




Memeopolis Capital Zone




















Mustache Island









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