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The North Pacific RMB

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Welcome to The North Pacific!
Where the democracy is strong, the debate robust, and the rum plentiful!

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Please endorse Delegate-elect Pallaith, Vice Delegate Sil Dorsett, and all Security Councillors.

New to TNP? Check out our handbook and the WADP.

Applying for an embassy? Please see our embassy policy.

Regional News:

Embassies: Europeia, the South Pacific, Balder, Equilism, The East Pacific, Albion, World Assembly Legislative League, Taijitu, Stargate, International Democratic Union, Greater Dienstad, the Rejected Realms, Osiris, Europe, Forest, Gay, and 21 others.Canada, HC Metalurg, the West Pacific, Lazarus, 10000 Islands, Spiritus, NationStates, Merridel, The Coalition of Democratic Nations, The Commonwealth of Crowns, Lone Wolves United, Equinox, Anti Nazi Alliance, Nasicournia, The Skeleton Army, Mordor, Australia, Unknown, One big Island, Warzone Australia, and The Allied States.

Tags: Democratic, Featured, Feeder, Founderless, Game Player, Gargantuan, General Assembly, Independent, Map, Multi-Species, Offsite Chat, Offsite Forums, and 5 others.Regional Government, Role Player, Security Council, Social, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Extremely High

The North Pacific contains 8,246 nations, the most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Unexpected Death Rate in The North Pacific

The World Census paid their respects at cemeteries in order to determine how likely citizens were to die each year from unnatural causes, such as crime, preventable illness, accident, and government encouragement.

As a region, The North Pacific is ranked 12,835th in the world for Highest Unexpected Death Rate.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Walled Cities of EretzIsraelCapitalist Paradise“בתחבולות תעשה לך מלחמה‎”
2.The Post-Communist Kleptocracy of EuraustralasamericaCorporate Police State“Yvan eht nioj”
3.The Dictatorship of CorfadCorporate Police State“Strength through unity, Unity Through Faith”
4.The Megalopolis Republic of MatofaliCompulsory Consumerist State“To Take and Master ®”
5.The Academic Dominion of WoolleviaIron Fist Consumerists“Non Torsii Subligarium”
6.The Dominion of Trouble NationNew York Times Democracy“If I owned this place and Hell, I'd rent this place out”
7.The Empire of Revolutionary SealandCorporate Police State“Si vis bellum, para bellum”
8.The Dominion of SilonicaIron Fist Consumerists“Galm one, fox two”
9.The Maddening Void of PetramalleusCorporate Police State“Morale has never been higher since we got rid of hope!”
10.The Empire of VolkihaerIron Fist Consumerists“Vae Victis!”
1234. . .824825»

Regional Happenings


The North Pacific Regional Message Board

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Zazumo Aerilia

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Aerilia wrote:To take me back to the sweet times
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Deerfenland wrote:
1. The title made you check out the factbook

2. The person that made it has put a lot of effort into the factbook

3. The person that made it is awesome

4. It made you cry

5. It's funny

6. It's a unique factbook one of which you have never seen before

7. It tells you to upvote it

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9. It contains handy information like this one

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I remember that

I'll sit and watch the RMB.
Got nothing else to do.

Deerfenland wrote:
1. The title made you check out the factbook

2. The person that made it has put a lot of effort into the factbook

3. The person that made it is awesome

4. It made you cry

5. It's funny

6. It's a unique factbook one of which you have never seen before

7. It tells you to upvote it

8. *Tasers you*

9. It contains handy information like this one

10. It doesn't have many upvotes

Please upvote this so more people see this and admire my factbook like you just did.

Read factbook


That was made quite awhile ago, indeed.

Territorio di Nessuno wrote:Hello you all, and for the new one welcome here!

Feel free to ask anything if you need any help :)
Here's some useful information:

Motto: "Where the democracy is strong, the debate
robust, and the rum plentiful."


Coat of Arms





Magicality City


North Pacifican




Vice Delegate


Attorney General

Chief Justice


Addicts with Pens

Al Ghul-Wayne







BBB Triple B

Big Gay1

Big oof oof









Bus 24


Card Sniper



Chinkzilla Rest in Power


City 76

Cool Pennsilvanya

Corgis Butts

Corrupt City



Cthulhu prayers

Curly Frys


Dat boi 113


Dc Sith Empire

D erp N ation

Dictatorial Belac

Disaster Ahead

Discount Dank

Disrupt Incorporated



Dusanov Srpsko Carstvo

Dwerf Five

Dwerf Four

Eaglecrest Forevah

East Marius

East Shovilyn Peoplansoke

Endorse Pallaith


Esplandia California


Fandango Fiji

Fibonacci is not a nazi

Fight 4 Freedom

Fiji 0

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First Canada



Fogoryales Thentt Islands

Frazzled Fiji

Free moroland

George Washington For President

Gingers Nation




Holy Noricania

Ice Swing Pack

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Imperial Shang

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Kill The G Man





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Land of Landd



Lupa Philo Terra


Maxime in Regionem Suam

Merveilleux Chateau





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Need Wales

New Heages Empork

New Salazar

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North Balreska

Northern Grum Duhard

North Kodistingtonalagwric





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Rachel is god

Rain De1ay


Reformed Ductatosfust

Republica Sociale Italiana




Rom 27

Rom 29

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Saint Arcadius and Caerealia

Saint Wari Cenefrieys

Sam Sanders

San Calian




Seceded State of Washington

Sekai Republic


Shining Valley




Snowcrest Peaks

Southern Balticara




St Charlotte






Team 10 corporation

Terra Placidus

The Blood Cults sacrifice

The Blue Spirit

The Corasia

The Death of Earth

The demacratic rep of Germany

The Economist 999

The Ending Earth

The eye of kyron

The Great White Diamond Authority

The Immortal Crabs

The lost islands of Greece

The Lunar Union

The Marijuana Holyland

The Martian Coalition

The Mazur Empire

The real Gs

The Real Satan

The Survivors of Really Little Sleep

The united wolves

The Wave Check



Tian Ting


T Lane


Torsken Kommer

Town Fisia











Wave God nation


Willow the Pillow


Xeved Sky




Welcome to The North Pacific!

Welcome to The North Pacific (TNP)! You might be a new nation to the game or in TNP, and you don't really know what is going on or where to start. Or you may be an experienced member but have several questions regarding some of the activities going on. Whatever the case, we have put together this handbook that you can use to familiarize yourself with the game and TNP, and to make the most out of your time in NationStates (NS).

The handbook has a number of different sections. The index below will help you navigate them. If you have any questions not answered in this handbook, feel free to send a telegram to Delegate Pallaith, Minister of Home Affairs Veniyerris, or any of the Gameside Advocates. They will be glad to help! Additionally, we are always looking to improve this handbook, so let us now if you think something should be added or changed.

Onboarding Checklist

This section covers the very first items you should check off as a newcomer to the game and TNP.

  • Why you should be in TNP: Selecting a region for your nation is one of the most important decisions you will make in the game. We hope you will make TNP your home, and this link explains why. If you have already decided to stay here, that's great!

  • Join the regional forum: The forum is where most government and roleplay activities take place. Registering an account is very easy. You should get yourself an account so that you can check out what's going on and join in on the fun.

  • Join our regional chat: Our Discord server is where our members hang out and chat about the game and real life subjects. You can join and introduce yourself to our community. Additionally, if you have any questions, asking on Discord is the fastest way to get help.

  • Apply for citizenship: Citizenship is your ticket to TNP. As a citizen, you can vote to elect our Delegate and other government officials, hold them accountable, and even run for these positions yourself. All you need to apply is a nation in TNP and an account on the forum.

Ways to Get Involved

Now that you have cleared the basics, you must be looking for things to do. Below are some of the opportunities TNP offers.

  • Get involved in the government: There are many ways to get involved in the government straight away after joining TNP. You can write the regional laws in the Regional Assembly. You can take part in the day-to-day running of the region in the Executive Staff. Or, you can protect TNP at home and abroad in the North Pacific Army.

  • Get involved in the World Assembly: Joining the World Assembly (WA) is one of the best ways to empower your nation, especially in TNP. Thanks to our WA Development Program, as a WA member you can determine international laws, have one of the highest endorsement counts in the entire game, and even win awards!

  • Get involved in RolePlay: We have a vibrant RolePlay (RP) universe called Eras, which comes with its own map, chronology, and physics laws. If you commit to being active in RP, you can claim a spot on the map, and join others in weaving stories about your nation and its role in the world.

Regional Publications

Through our regional nation, The Northern Light, we post a number of regular regional publications. You can follow them to stay up to speed with what's going on in TNP.

  • The Northern Lights: Produced by the Ministry of Communications, this is our regional newspaper. It includes both general news and op-ed articles about various aspects of TNP and NS.

  • The North Star: Produced by the Ministry of Communications, The North Star informs TNPers of current internal matters and government activities.

  • Press Releases: Produced by the Ministry of Home Affairs, press releases focus on news about the Executive Government, elections, and other regional issues of general interest.

  • Regional Assembly Digest: Produced by the Speaker's Office, the digest focuses on news about the legislative and other business of the Regional Assembly.

  • Information for WA Voters: Produced by the Ministry of WA Affairs, IFVs provide vote recommendations and analysis about all resolutions that reach the floor of the General Assembly or Security Council.

  • Weekly Anthologies: Produced by the Gameside Advocates, this series highlights dispatches produced by TNP nations.

  • Northern Broadcasting Service: Produced by the Ministry of Communications, this is our very own regional radio station in which our broadcasters provide their insight into current events in TNP and Nationstates.

  • WADP Awards: Produced as part of the WADP, this monthly publications presents regional awards to nations that actively participate in the World Assembly.

  • Literary Awards: Produced by the Gameside Advocates, this monthly publications presents regional awards to nations that actively post on the regional RMB or publish dispatches.

Other Useful Links

Below are miscellaneous resources useful for all nations.

  • Government index: Get to know your government by using this list of all government officials in TNP. If you have questions or suggestions about any aspect of the regional governance, feel free to send a telegram to the corresponding government official.

  • Law index: This is a compilation of all legal documents currently in force in TNP. This includes our Constitution and Bill of Rights, which form the basis of our government.

  • World Assembly voting policy: Look here to learn how TNP's Delegate casts the regional vote on World Assembly resolutions, and how you can help determine that vote.

  • Embassy policy: If you are here as a diplomat from another region, please take a look at our policy for in-game and forum embassies.

  • Recruitment policy: If you are here to recruit for another region, please take a look at our policy on permissible and prohibited types of recruitment.

This dispatch is updated automatically on a daily basis. Please do not edit manually.

Read factbook

Regional Message Board Guidelines

In this dispatch, you will be able to learn about the general conduct and roleplay conduct on the TNP RMB. Any questions should be directed to a Gameside Advocate, who will be listed later in the dispatch.

General Conduct

General conversations on the Regional Message Board(RMB) will be classified under General Conduct. This general conversations will be classified as any exchange of RMB messages without a roleplaying purpose, such as a hello or introduction. i.e.

Nation1: Hello!
Nation2: Hi! I'm new here!
Nation1: Well, welcome to TNP! Hope you stay here!


-When engaging in a conversation, please use the quote button to notify the other user you have responded.
-When typing long articles of conversation, please use the spoiler command.
-Please do not harass another user on the RMB. Your posts will be suppressed and you will be warned. Further action will occur if you continue.
-Please do not spam the RMB. As in do not post message after message, without a pause between.
-Do not flame in the RMB.
-Please take caution in language used in the RMB.
-Please do not roleplay actions above PG13 on the RMB.
-Do not speak on behalf of the community unless it is your duty to do so.
-Report every spam/offensive posts to the Gameside Advocates or the ministries.
-Don't quote spam/offensive posts. If a post you quote gets suppressed, please proceed to delete your post or to -snip- the suppressed quote, else your post will be suppressed as well.
-Don't triple (or more) post. Triple (or more) posters will be warned and, If persistent, suppressed.
-Try to double post as little as possible. Remember that there's an edit button right there, use it.
-No regional recruiting on the RMB.
-Discussions involving delicate topics can be held on the RMB as long as they are civilized.
-Don't talk/argue with spammers and trolls. Just ignore them, no matter what they say, and let the Gameside Advocates or the ministers deal with them.
-Please don't write in all caps.
-Always listen to our Regional Officers and Gameside Advocates.
-Don't spam, being annoying or say offensive things on the RMB

Hit the 'Quote' button:
The system will code the text then bring you down to the text entry box. Reply in here:

When the message is done, hit the 'Lodge Message' button:

And now, your message is lodged:

Hit the 'Edit' button:
Edit the message as you want:
Hit the 'Lodge Changes' button to fully edit the message:

Hit the 'Delete' button:
Hit 'OK' when the popup appears:

When the message deletes, this will appear in its place:

RMB RP Guidelines

Any roleplaying done on the RMB will have the rules under these guidelines. Roleplaying will be classified as acting out or performing the part of a person or character occurring on the RMB, usually exchanged with another roleplayer. i.e.

Nation1: The Emperor sat in his chair, scanning the room and ensuring his soldiers were present.
Nation2: The President opened the door, nodding at the Emperor in a gesture of respect.

-Always ensure the other roleplayer consents to the roleplay. Otherwise, they are permitted to void the roleplay.
-Do not godmode in the roleplay. Godmoding will be further discussed in this treaty(Also in the 'Treaties' section):

-Please refrain from roleplaying anything above PG13 in the RMB. We would like to have a clean room to talk in.
-There is ONE canon map in the RMB, Strangereal. That map is run by Lotion Empire. Map: -There are treaties that would be beneficial to read before entering roleplay.Please read these:

RMB Relevant Dispatches & RMB Staff

These are the dispatches, including staff, you may refer to for any questions. Be aware that different timezones may affect who is on at any given time. If you have a priority question pertaining to the general RMB, TG one of the following. If it is roleplay related, feel free to leave a post on the RMB, and any number of our friendly community members may be of assistance. If no one is able to answer, feel free to TG one of the following as well.





Minister of Home Affairs

Territorio di Nessuno

Lead/Senior Gameside Advocate


Gameside Advocate


Gameside Advocate


Gameside Advocate


Gameside Advocate

Highton Islands

Gameside Advocate

Lotion Empire

Gameside Advocate/RMB RP Moderator


Lead RMB RP Moderator

Western Vapia

RMB RP Moderator

Confederation of Independent Colonies

RMB RP Moderator

Kyoki Chudoku

RMB RP Moderator

New Trisone

Lead RMB RP Cartographer


RMB RP Cartographer


RMB RP Cartographer

Read factbook

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I dispatched the city acts.

Taomen wrote:最近好吗?


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