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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Anarchist Territories of Calamari Lands (elected )

Founder: The Big Blue of MT2

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Most Nations: 334th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 717th Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,236th+7
Most Cultured: 1,700th Most Beautiful Environments: 1,890th Best Weather: 1,978th Smartest Citizens: 2,354th Most Inclusive: 2,369th Largest Black Market: 2,464th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 2,545th
World Factbook Entry

🌴Founded: 28th of May, 2003.🌴

📜 LinkRegional Forums | 💬 LinkRegional Discord Server

10,994 km under the sea an ancient technologically advanced civilization exists, born from the survivors of a sunken Atlantis. 🦁

In their quest to see humanity ascend to a higher plane of existence, to live eternally, via science, Trenchians took on the responsibility to better the lives of those worldwide.

A major threat to this noble quest was the rise of the Nazi party/Fascism (hate, oppression and intolerance) in the 1930's/40's.

To combat this, The MT Army was formed to keep humanity from regressing.


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Tags: Anti-Fascist, Democratic, Eco-Friendly, Egalitarian, Fantasy Tech, Featured, Future Tech, LGBT, Large, Role Player, and Video Game.

Regional Power: Moderate

Mariner Trench contains 60 nations, the 334th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Furniture Restoration Industry in Mariner Trench

World Census analysts spend quiet weekends in the countryside in order to determine which nations have the largest Furniture Restoration industries.

As a region, Mariner Trench is ranked 12,074th in the world for Largest Furniture Restoration Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Federal Republic of NouveaurichAnarchy“We are all stories in the end, just make it a good one.”
2.The Federated States of BandeloniaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Do Something I Guess”
3.The Holy Empire of LareenetInoffensive Centrist Democracy“No motto”
4.The Zotectorate of Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzu-Corrupt Dictatorship“Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”
5.The Community of 72Corrupt Dictatorship“Liberty”
6.The Rogue Nation of 6677rdgggfthNew York Times Democracy“A esperança nunca deve morrer ”
7.The Bannorn of AkdorInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unity, Discipline, Work”
8.The MT Army Warrior of Sweeze IILeft-Leaning College State“nya~”
9.The Republic of MivolisDemocratic Socialists“Peace and Justice”
10.The Free Land of UnitedBengalCorrupt Dictatorship“How dhoromete dhir”

Last poll: “Approval Rating ”

Regional Happenings


Mariner Trench Regional Message Board

This is the first time in history for the office of Chief Mariner to sign a bill into law. This law is the beginning of us establishing the bill of rights to protect rights of Trenchian’s in our region. While the constitution does protect some rights, this piece of legislation will grow into the a landmark law. As time goes on, future governments will be able to add onto this list of rights! With that I hereby sign the Bill of Rights into law!

The Mariner Trench Trenchian Bill of Rights

The Mariner Trench Trenchian Bill of Rights is an extension of all the rights that Trenchian’s are entitled to while here in the region of Mariner Trench. No law, executive decision, or tyrant can over rule this document. This document shall be an extension of the Constitution and treated as such.

Article I

“All Trenchian’s shall have freedom of speech as long as it is respectful towards others, doesn’t violate site rules, or pose a threat like death threats or causing public harm.”

Article II

”Every Trenchian shall be allowed to run for public office or vote freely how they want in regional elections.”

Article III

“Every Trenchian is entitled to a speedy and fair trial, representation for their defense, and do not have to incriminate themselves.”

Article IV

“Trenchian’s are allowed to have freedom of press. Freedom of press means they may write newspapers, roleplay posts, or opinion Op Ed’s as long as it follows site rules, doesn’t cause real life harm, or flame someone for no reason.”

Article V

Trenchian’s have the right to appeal their case or ask for a review from the Grand Council of Elder’s. The Grand Council and the Chief Elder will have the final say in the matter of the appeal.

Article VI

”Every Trenchian is allowed to participate on the regional forums, discord, and regional page. They are guaranteed respect, fair treatment, and will be treated like family regardless of their beliefs, religion, identity, and political circumstances.”

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Question of the Day!!

What is your favorite hobby or past time?

Modelling / Diorama making, its fun and it lets my inner artist release

Allangoria of MT wrote:Question of the Day!!

What is your favorite hobby or past time?

Writing (novels)

Good morning!

Good day

This indeed is a disturbing universe

A special announcement coming later today!

Meeting with KoGB/Other Notes
• KoGB citizens will be partaking in our RP once we get it launched. I’m going to draft an Executive Mandate for extending on Visa Waivers. Samething for us. If you want to participate in their RP, they will also be waiving Visa applications.
• We have agreed to hold a joint Christmas Event with them. DM is created if you are interested, let me know and I’ll add you to the planning committee.
• Dream World Interegional RP is a project I’m working on with other regions. More details on that later on. Summit meeting later on in the year to next year.
• Cabinet Shuffle. As we begin the second half of this term I’ll be adding departments once we get more people to bolster our demanding agenda.
• Stamps and recruiting! If you want to help let me know!
• Elections are December 1. Start thinking about if you want to run for Chief Mariner or the Senate positions.

Scottish Islands and Northern Oceanic

Welcome to Mariner Trench! I am the Chief Mariner/Elder so if you have any questions, please feel free to send me a telegram! I’ll post the dispatch below to help you get settled in! Look forward to seeing you here in our community!


What does it mean to become a Trenchian?

Becoming a Trenchian is a big step. You'll have certain privileges and rights here, and also several responsibilities to our region, which are outlined briefly below.


As a Trenchian, our Law guarantees you the right to vote in elections and referenda, participate in The MT Army Reserves, and run in elections for official positions, as well as granting you certain other legal rights.

Our Government will also take whatever steps are necessary to help you if you are in need of it, and for the preservation of your rights both in Mariner Trench and abroad, to the extent that is appropriate with your involvement in other regions.


At the same time, it is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with and do your best to abide by our Laws, which are, of course, in place only so that our community can function democratically, harmoniously, and with a high level of regional security.

We'll also ask you to maintain a nation in our region and maintain a reasonable level of activity on Discord and our forums, as conditions for your Trenchianship.

How does one become a Trenchian?

It's relatively simple, copy and paste the below form into the Trenchianship thread LinkCLICK HERE (register a forum account), fill out the detail with your name as the title, and wait for approval.

Joining the forums is a necessary evil, a matter of regional security, to help protect the region from unwanted enemies and trouble makers.

Application for Trenchianship

This is a legal document. You affirm that your responses are true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

What is the name of your nation in the region (you must have a nation that will remain in Mariner Trench during the tenure of your citizenship)?

What other names or aliases have you been or are you currently known as in NationStates regions or organizations?

What NationStates regions or organizations are you currently involved with?

What NationStates regions or organizations have you been involved with in the past?

Do you have a World Assembly nation? If so, please name it:

How did you find Mariner Trench?

Please also take the following oath, inserting your name where it says YOUR NAME:
I, YOUR NAME, swear that I will bear true allegiance to the Mariner Trench, that I will faithfully observe and read the laws of Mariner Trench, and that I will fulfill my duties as a Trenchian, including maintaining a nation in the Mariner Trench region. I understand that any violation of the vows in this oath may result in the termination of my Trenchianship.

Registered Trenchians:

- Vippertooth33 (Chief Elder)
- Golden hind (Elder)
- Blunt speakers (Fire nixtocheed) (Elder)
- Sanmyaku (Elder)
- Nova Nibu (The Stalker)
- Gaeslan 626 / Soviet iceland (Diljan)
- Roavin V
- Sweeze II
- Sprechenland
- Efnay (Craziwolf)
- Rindonesia
- Ruelle (Valerievna)
- Stonesticks
- Northern Oceanic
- Cryspus
- Anarchic Turkish States (Honeydewistania)
- Hypron
- Communist Asians (South Asians)
- Nouveaurich
- Rormasukal (Lelag-Leng)
- Bandelonia
- RustyNails (Krustybooga)
- Inven i
- Vietnam People Navy
- Chinaca (Britca)
- Calamari Lands
- Buxtehude
- Chunga chunga chunga (Scalizagasti)
- Mivolis
- Socialist Devionsa
- Jaracarpa
- Malestare animals
- Apple Gala Clan
- Aktothkata
- Flobos
- Allangoria of MT
- Scottish Islands (Formally: Old edinburgh) (The King Isle)
- Nebulam

Former Trenchians:

- Anthaur (BB the Freaky#2693)
- Tsuchi no kuni (Ice Bear#0461)
- Etoil
- New Scottsville
- Anarchic byzantium (Chef Sjef#7313)
- Greater scituate (M_6464#9419)
- Gaycadia (gh0st.p3pp3r#3978)
- Sirruses (Landinium#5827)
- The maryland alliance
- Sectraxip kiropited (Skreeett#1849)
- Earthly delights (Silver lined clouds) (Eartly Delights#8954)
- Wraith hives
- Emperika (pokebro2000#9221)
- Fen val yargarmero
- Stragetists
- Mil island
- Madygas
- Pacificano
- Spiridaus (Formally Ecologystan / Arcticwaterlandia)
- Valencia i balears (Lemlar)
- Freaksrus
- Trap o bell (trapburrito#1517)
- Wasatia
- Kurovanka (Bunny#3294)
- Alta novano (Formally The united sovereign states of america) (AdmiralSeth#9818)
- Naurenia
- Yuno3
- Iceystan (Rosamund)
- Oilick (Houndonia)
- Creative utopia
- Sailis
- Signy
- S17 Google (Stadia#8679)
- Cenujamie
- Kjazz
- Reborn empire of necroi
- Fluorid (SulfurSepulchre#3802)
- Parascas (Haha poopy#3858)
- The council of cosbys (boyothekiddo#7473)
- Furosia (#7675)
- Free republic of hong kong
- Naverde (Johannes Hofmeister#6887)
- The treffgarne islands
- The united balkan states
- Hudsonolia (‘ϚҟҽӀҽէօղʂ ටƒ Ϛօçìҽէվ#6003)
- Soviet romany (♔Tsar Собственик на България♔#8361)
- Aveerya (aveerya#4540)
- Aionixia (Nexus#1036)
- Calamaria (Boda)
- Hovar
- Pr0xy
- Kingdomserbia
- Beef-land (Beef-Land#3413)
- Hewnia (Haxia#7686)
- Dryicor (admiralsven#3974)
- The cosmic expanse (Free Las Pinas) (notchris#9754)
- Greater argentinium (when the soviet union is dead#8548)
- Shooter penninsula dos (Charoskania) (Charo2#1723)
- Mariner aga (Aga#3979)
- Martian x7 (Seinosiz#3779)
- The deep forest (Kassimo)
- Maddiefayee (Maddiefayee#4508)
- Prplian corps (Prplia)
- Marine apatosaurus
- Karonic (Spaa) (sopie#4584)
- Britain mk7 (Sarge#1214)
- Busse
- Schizoacc

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