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Solar Alliance, is a region that promotes strong role play and cooperation between its members and allied Regions.

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Solar Alliance contains 34 nations, the 375th most in the world.

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World Census observers counted the number of times their car stereo was stolen from outside fast food stores to determine which nations have relatively high levels of youth-related crime.

As a region, Solar Alliance is ranked 18,679th in the world for Most Rebellious Youth.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Kingdom of North WinterfellInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Winter is Coming”
2.The Federal Empire of ForestaviaCivil Rights Lovefest“Death is only the beginning.”
3.The Gaulian Republic of VaeroxiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“To the Sea on the Horizon.”
4.The Holy Pharaohdom of Nicene KemetRight-wing Utopia“Under Our Pharaoh, We Are Free”
5.The Auerswald Fund of TriumphierendCompulsory Consumerist State“We make Racing safer.”
6.The Occitanian Commune of ValestrealCorrupt Dictatorship“Vive La Commune”
7.The Greater Serbia of Long billsDemocratic Socialists“For the Nation”
8.The Dem Republic of Indonesia of Norden IslandsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Workers of the World Unite!”
9.The Soviet Commonwealth of Teutsches ReichNew York Times Democracy“Gott Mitt Uns”
10.The Syndicalist Republics of MoskodovnyaFather Knows Best State“Workers of the World Unite!”

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18th of November


It was raining, raining hard as the rain splattered down on the land making the ground muddy and wet. Sometimes a flash of lightning illuminating the area, Dark outlines of the IFVs, APCs, and hundreds of troops lighted up for a moment showing steely eyes and grim faces. Their gaze fixed upon a city, a city that stood in the way, a city that could become a blooth bath for both sides.

The small city of Waterford was from its south and west side from one river bank to the other completely surrounded. Surrounded by the 34th Brigade that was dug in 3 KM from the city itself, behind them their AJAXs and Warriors ready to attack, And 10 KM behind them stood 12 pieces of Artillery of the 4th Welish infantry battalion all aimed at the city. The city that was at either the eve of a battle that would go down in the history books as bloody or a peaceful occupation.

Rain, thunder all made for a grim setting, far away the sound of artillery firing could be heard, of a battle close enough to be heard but far enough not to form a problem for them.

Colonel Cooper Hudson stood in the field between his lines and that of the Irish, only 2 soldiers flanked him acting as his “Guard”, This was unusual it might have been in a trap but if that where the case Waterford would be in more trouble than before.

He walked towards the city quittely, the rain made his trenchcoat soaked but he did care for he had something much more important on his mind. Peace his peace, he thought to himself that it was funny, people talk about but they always forget one man's peace is another man's defeat.

He walked past the Irish lines but he did not look at the soldiers that where dug, for he knew how they looked, Anger and sadness would likely dominate their facial expressions, He looked ahead and walked into the city limits. The 2 men that flanked stayed quiet their faces half covered but their eyes showed that watched..

He then saw the man who was intended to speak with, Commander Finn Griffith, He wore the typical dark green uniform of Irish officers with the orange ribbon on his left shoulder. He stood there flanked by 10 men, and like him, all of their clothing seemed to be soaked to an extent.

Hudson gave a simple salute to Griffith, who saluted back and for a moment it was quit nobody said anything. That was until Griffith spoke up first.

“Lets talk” was all he said and he held his hand out, it pointed to a small house on his left. They all walked to the house and entered it. It was clear this used to be the home of someone but he put this out of his mind for now.

Hudson looked at Griffith and could see the pain on his face for what he was about to do. Griffith began to speak his voice in a thick Irish accent, and almost sore.

“How will we be treated ?”

He sounded reluctant to ask even, and the fact that he had to ask felt odd to Hudson but in the end they where the invaders so he could not blame him.

“You and your men will become prisoners of war and be relocated to the Isle of man. There you will stay for the remainder of this conflict and be cared for by the laws that govern the treatment of prisoners of war, And the international red cross will assist and monitor in you and your men's treatment, and care.”

Griffith nodded simply he was silent for a moment, seemingly contemplating his future choice. Hudson kept his composure not really knowing what would happen next but he had to keep calm. Griffith spoke up again.

“What I hold you captive what will happen then ?”

Hudson had expected this question and per standard protocol, in these cases, he had prepared accordingly so..

“Then my men will attack the city and I hope to avoid this battle, we both know it will not end well and with the bridge destroyed your civilians are trapped and we do not want to harm those. You might take my words or say I am bluffing but know that I and my men want to prevent a slaughter for both of us.”

Griffith was silent again looking at Hudson trying to read him. His voice did not betray what he felt and Hudson spoke up.

“You fought bravely and in the end, you fulfil your task you are protecting the civilians, And I guarantee you personally we will treat them as is required by international laws regarding occupation.”

Griffith stood up slowly not saying anything and now he looked down at Hudson, Hudson's men stood silent their rifles in front of them and fingers just above the trigger ready to strike if needed.

“I will be called a traitor. But I will have done my task, You can guarantee it that after the war my men will return home ?”

He asked showing to Hudson what he carried about. Hudson stood up as well looking at Griffith, “Yes” he said simply. Griffith held out his hand for Hudson to shake, And he did.

“Then I surrender this city” His voice showing a hint of regrets. Behind Hudson, a soldier spoke over the radio, “Charlie go”.
Griffith gave one of his men a signal to communicate to the lines and forces in the city to put their weapons in the city centre.

And as Hudson began talking the final details of the surrender, Irish troops laid down their weapons for they knew this would likely happen. Commander Griffith did not do this without the consent of his men. Most of these men just wanted to go home they were not majority Regulars,, they where militia or reserves they had families and jobs to get back to.

As UK forces moved into the city slowly but surely. They began moving all the Irish soldiers into one place outside the city separating the officers from the normal soldier for security. And as the Irish flag was lowered from city hall and the Union flag was raised.

And as it happened the sun began to rise


Role Play


Waterford falls to ADU

With the fall of Waterford to the ADU, the Irish President has ordered the consolidation of forces, in what has been described as Operation Last Stand.

"It is clear to me know with the fall of Waterford its has become obvious that we cannot win this war by going toe to toe with ADU forces. As such we will begin the organised consolidation of our forces. Commando and Grillia teams will still be in operation outside of the consolidation zone." The President said this afternoon.

We understand that military forces as they are being withdrawn will also look to destroy key pieces of infrastructure such as bridges and roads all with the intent of slowing down ADU forces.

Meanwhile in Dublin and Belfast loyalist forces to Ireland have vowed to remain in the cities and fight the invaders. One unknown commander spoke to one of reporters earlier and he said "we will use whatever it takes to drive out the invaders including chemical weapons and dirty bombs..."

Most well know that Ireland have a ban on all chemical weapons and was among the first signatories to sign up to the Solar Alliance Chemical Weapons Disarmament Treaty. This means that the our nation does not use or sanction the use of chemical weapons that are rumoured to be in use by ADU forces. Though that is unconfirmed.

Out Of Conrext and Unknown to ADU and Allied forces

This is the Irish defence line

Role Play

Closure of the Strait of Sicily

Today it has been decreed by King that the Strait of Sicily will be closed to all traffic that is going to and from the ADU. This decision will only be in effect whilst the ADU are engaged in their unjust war.

"We have watched this war start on flimsy reasons, to Cities and Towns being destroyed on both sides and by both sides. This war is one sided and nothing more than the ADU using this as an opportunity to take Ireland and other territory it has no right to. Furthermore, it seems to me that the only people who can truly end this war is the ADU."

The Kings words were echoed by the Pope to a decree who said "There has been enough lives lost that it's time both parties use their words instead of their guns to sort their issues out."

Japan Broadcasting Corporation
日本放送 協会 / Nihon Hōsō Kyōkai
Okami City, Japan

“I do not wish for them to go, but they must. Each that falls will burden me as if it was my own son. But we are the righteous and our cause is just. Then go, the heroes of Japan. Bring upon our enemy a raging storm of destruction. For they are truly wicked and persecute those who do not think the same as them, eat the same as them, and worship the same as them.”

The Emperor of Japan has cancelled his world tour, recalled Japanese emissaries sent to Parakka, and has authorized the military to act in offensive operations. Just moments ago, we received that a declaration of war by imperial edict exists between Japan and Timmer.

In addition to that, the Emperor expressed concerns over a Parannfleet somewhere in the Atlantic Straight. He has ordered Japanese vessels to be alert and on the look out for such a fleet while conducting operations in the Arabian Sea.

With the entire Japanese military mobilizing to fight a war in the Middle East, some Japanese protesters wonder why all this is going on. The Japanese cite atrocities committed by the Timmer in the holy cities of Islam, destroying world heritage landmarks and mosques. The anti-Islamic sentiment from Timmer soldiers has prompted the Japanese government to act.

Ministry of Defense
War-room, Classified

“We need to make for sure that we can do that though.” A man said to another as he sat on the edge of his seat over looking a map of Saudi Arabia. “Japanese Expeditionary Forces can handle themselves, they’ll sit down from Iran and we can start get to work.” The other said in retort. The room was stifled with hushed murmurs and building plans to actually attack the now enemy. “Do you think we can push that far, that fast without running into logistical problems?” The question lingered for a bit before being answered. “They only have to hold out a week before the rest of the army is ready to go.” The truth sunk in as the man said this. It was all some kind of containment and delay action. The Japanese would have to use their wits and cunning to take on an African foe in the Middle East.

“Okay what if we have 2nd Combat here and do this?” A man said as he motioned to the map. “That frees up this unit, so it can support the full on assault.” Another replied. “The Emperor said for us to use it. So have a Special Forces team here and we can site it in.” The meeting went back and forth talking about what were the best positions and where to go, what to do.

Other News From Japan
Japan supports Strait of Sicily closure, but wonders about its legality.
Japan set to become investor in Dilyu ICDG.
Japanese athletes accept invitation to compete in Aylen Adsila
Japanese Police concerned about serial killer as 11 mysterious disappearances happen near Aokigahara Forest.
Emperor Hazukashi gives Icositania authentic Roman sword.

Role Play

Kirin News

Nuclear Weapons Tests Prove Successful

Reports are sketchily but unofficial sources within the military claim that the Aegean Empire has successfully carried out a nuclear weapons test in an under ground facility in Turkey. If this is true that means the Empire would have the technology and capability of building a nuclear weapons stockpile. However, protest movements have started on the back of this speculation, as they fear by another would power having nuclear weapons will only lead to the worlds eventual destruction.

Bartholomew I, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople said this evening "I would hope our King would have a more enlightened approach to Nuclear Weapons and would seek to keep our nation away from such things." However, in response General Albizi fired back "Does the Ecumenical Patriarch watch the news? has he not seen whats going on in Europe recently? Ireland is being over run by two nations and if Ireland or even their allies had nuclear weapons this war would be very different. These weapons are not about us threatening to use them, they are about us having the ability to protect ourselves."

In other news

- Aegean Empire seeks closer relations with Dilyu including a strong trade relationship.
- Aegean Empire seeks to open up an embassy in Aylen Adsila
- Disc SpA seeks merger with Dimicro S.A. Sighting synergies as being a major factor for the merger and increase in market share.
- The Aegean Empire King as condemned the war between Timmer and The_Herrscher_Wolfe.


"Napoleon En Mer"

10th November 1999,
Ready Room, SPO Alsace,
Off The Coast of Bermuda

Captain Seyres stands in front of a large board containing a map of the surround area. Bermuda is present on the map along with pins depicting possible areas of the Federalist navy and the Occitan navy. He is immersed in his own little world at the moment: movements, numbers, possibilities run through his mind as he looks over the map. He pulls a dry erase marker from a bin on the board and draws lines and shapes on the map. It's obvious he's been marking up the map for quite a while. Lieutenant Lecerf enters the ready room and addresses Seyres:

"Captain Seyres, sir. Aeronaval and Squadron India are ready for debriefing."

"Send them here."

"Admiral Brousseau has expressed his looking forward to leading the attack."

Seyres doesn't respond at first, "Tell him that as he's just arrived, he is in no fit to command anything other than Aeronaval."

Lecerf sighs lightly, "Yes sir, I'll inform him. They will be here shortly."


The ready room had a handful of Captains and an Admiral alongside some tactical officers. They were mostly Occitan, but there were a decent number of Anglo-Dutch as well. Captain Seyres stood at the map at attention. Admiral Brousseau was sitting at the desk waiting to "hear whatever this upstart has to say."

Seyres begins, "Gentlemen, before us stands Bermuda and the belligerent Federalist Navy, Infantry and Marines. We have our ships which so far are equal to the Federalist Navy. Seven ships from our ADU friends, three from my Squadron, and some more from Aeronaval. Charles De Gaulle will provide air support in conjunction with our tactics. The Force Sous-Marine Nucleaire will also provide support. Is everyone present?"

A collective 'yay' from the crowd.

"Okay, so here's how we'll approach this:"


Federalist States of America Navy Squadron 1: "Alert, Independence, some Occitan landing ships are heading to Bermuda. Should we engage?"

FSAN Independence: "Affirmative. Engage and fire at will."

The Squadron moves in on the landing ships, the ships quickly turn and head east away from Bermuda. Suddenly, the ADU Squadron moves quickly and cuts behind the Squadron.

FSAN S1: "Code Red, Occitan and ADU ships moving in!"

FSAN Independence: "Affirmative, scrambling aircraft."

The Squadron quickly broke off from the landing ships and turned abroad to face the ADU ships. The ADU ships circle the Squadron to position themselves between Bermuda and the FSAN S1.

FSAN S1: "They're trying to cut us off, Independence, we need support ASAP. Occitan planes detected as well! Damn, they're firing on us!"

FSAN Independence: "Hang in there, S1, we're sending S3 from the east of Bermuda."

On the horizon, smoke begins to billow from the general area. Gunfire can be heard from a certain distance away. S3 quickly arrives on the scene to see S1 in ruins, but the ADU squadron had retreated alongside the landing ships. Only one ships remained operational of the S1, a destroyer that was able to fend off attack.

S3: "S1, status report."

S1: *Static*

S3 gets closer to the Destroyer to see men on the port side waving and screaming. One guy is frantically waving signal flags to S3.


Before S3 can realize the message, sonar begins to ping frantically with torpedo warnings. S3 was unfortunately moving very slowly, and only a destroyer and cruiser survived the bloodshed. Occitan Nuclear Subs were positioned approximately one hundred meters off the port bows of S3, having been positioned there when the ADU squadron engaged S1.

FSAN S3: "Independence, we need support, those damn Occitans were lying in wait with their subs, we're down to two ships. S1 is immobilized and unable to communicate. One ship left there."

FSAN Independence: "Pull back, S3. Signal to S1 to follow, we need to regroup. The fighters are launching, we'll have radar and sonar momentarily. Rendezvous with S2 and S4--"

FSAN S2: "We're coming under fire from Occitan planes! Its--its the Aeronaval! The Charles De Gaulle is within sight, Independence. It has no screening vessels."

FSAN Independence: "Do not engage. I repeat, do not engage the Carrier, S2."

FSAN S4: "Independence, we're not under Occitan fire, we're moving on the Carrier."

FSAN Independence: "Affirmative. S2, occupy the planes for as long as possible."

FSAN S2: "No can do, Independence, the planes have already disengaged. We shot down some planes in the process. The ADU squadron is moving in on us though. We can handle them."

FSAN S3: "Landing ships heading for Bermuda again, Independence."

FSAN Independence: "The Independence and our squadron is moving to cover those ships. Do not let them through!"

As the Independence moved, its position was finally pinpointed by Occitan subs and the SPO Alsace's squadron. The Alsace's Squadron screened the landing ships and refused to move as the Independence moved on them. Rafale's buzzed around them all fighting to the tooth and nail for superiority.

SPO Alsace to FSAN Independence: "Surrender now or the Occitan and ADU navy will show no mercy."

FSAN Independence to SPO Alsace: "So you're the commanding ship? I expected the carrier to be calling the shots. We will not surrender as we have you surrounded."

"Don't be so sure..."

The ADU squadron and Occitan subs disengaged from S1, S2, and S3 and moved quietly behind Bermuda. S4 approached the Charles De Gaulle. The Gaulle quickly came under fire and retreated south.

FSAN S4: "Independence, the carrier is retreating south."

FSAN Independence: "Negative, S4. The carrier is closing on our position. We're currently engaged with the landing ships and their screening ships. Be advised: tread carefully, it could be another trap."

FSAN S4: "Understood, rerouting back North and will come around on the Independence shortly--wait, there's more ships at the north's the ADU squadron!"

FSAN Independence: "S4, disengage! Route to Bermuda!"

FSAN S4: "Negative, they've surrounded us!?--"

More smoke billows from where S4 used to be. The Independence and her screens were all that were left--for the most part. A decent number of FSAN ships were incapacitated.

SPO Alsace: "Surrender, now, Independence."

The Independence doesn't respond, but turns quickly and the squadron retreats away from Bermuda.

SPO Foch Militarie: "Alsace, do we follow?"

SPO Alsace: "No. We leave a few survivors to tell the story. What are our casualties?"

SPO Charles De Gaulle: "We've lost five Rafales, their pilots ejected. The SPO Julien is en route to retrieve the pilots. The SPO Jordan, Boudon, and Duquesne sustained light damage, the ADU Callingtam, a Zeven Provinces class ship, and the SPO Franche sustained heavy damage and need to be towed to port. The SPO Dominion, Aero and Navale were incapacitated and are currently being salvaged and will be scuttled."

SPO Alsace: "Affirmative. We move on Bermuda now while they have no support."

SPO Charles De Gaulle: "Alsace? Say again, over."

SPO Alsace: "We move on Bermuda. Now. Ready the marines."


0600 Hours, November 11th, 1999

The invasion begins. The SPO Duquesne, Omas, Marquis, Cyrille and Alsace support Rafales from the SPO Charles De Gaulle with destroying the rudimentary AA network the Federalists constructed. Despite their best efforts, three more Rafales were shot down by ground based AA fire. Soon, the landing ships departed from the Atlantic Fleet (Aeronaval, parts of Group de Presence, and the ADU Squad) and headed for the far side of Bermuda, which had the airport on it.

The landing ships had initial issues as the Federalists had prepared for the invasion. They had fortifications set up around the airport tightly so the Ressac that landed at the airport came under heavy fire immediately. Rafales followed up and provided covering fire as the Ressac entered the Airport area. Once they met up with the Royal Marines held in the airport, they gave the signal for the fleet to send the rest of the forces. Soon, landing ships began swarming the beaches on Bermuda and the men were engaging the Federalist troops stationed there.


0600 Hours, November 12th, 1999

The invasion was a success and Federalist troops were routed from Bermuda or captured. The landing forces were split into four invasion groups: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta.

Alpha: Alpha's job was to relieve the Royal Marines and civilians on St. David's Island at LF Wade International Airport. They first landed on the northeast side of St. George's Island and east of St. David's. Their first step was to clear St. George's. Around 1200 hours, Alpha pushed the Federalist forces off St. George's and brought some small ships into the bays to begin moving supplies to the airport. SPO Charles De Gaulle provided airlifting support for the airport. The other part of Alpha landed on Clearwater Beach and proceeded to secure the Harbor side of the airport. The Federalists had detonated charges on the bridges leading to the airport on Mullet Bay Road and The Causeway. This assisted the Ressac in securing the northeast islands because the Federalists present were literally stuck on these islands since the Atlantic Fleet surrounded the island. By the end of the day, Ressac had gained almost all control over the northeast area of Bermuda--with the help of locals and the Royal Marines.

Bravo: Bravo's job was to secure the northwest islands including Ireland Island and Somerset Village. With the help of some Occitan ships, Bravo quickly landed in Ireland Island and liberated it by 1000 hours. The Federalists detonated more charges on the bridges on Malabar Road and Bay Road cutting off Ireland Island and Boaz Island from Somerset Village. Bravo quickly cleared the area for military presence at the Royal Navy Dockyard and King's Wharf. Using small ships, the Ressac hopped from island to island stopping on the southwest side of Watford Island to regroup. At 1400 hours, Bravo moved to Sugar Cane Point Beach and met stiff resistance. Nonetheless, by 2000 hours, Bravo had liberated Somerset Village and had moved to Cavello Bay and stopped at Somerset Bridge, which was also blown out.

Charlie and Delta: Charlie and Delta had the hardest job of the Ressac groups: They had to invade the main island of Bermuda and rid Federalist presence in the area while keeping civilian casualties to a minimum. Charlie and Delta met up with some of Alpha and landed on Frick's Beach and Coney Island. They met little initial resistance and set up an FOB on the cricket field at Bailey's Bay Cricket Club on the north of the island, then another at the Mid Ocean Club on the southside of the island. By 1200, Alpha, Charlie and Delta moved west down the island. Thankfully by this point the Federalists were low on supplies and demoralized and many surrendered on the spot. The three teams worked quickly and by 1600 hours had secured all of the island up to Devonshire Parish.


0800 Hours, November 13th, 1999

Lieutenant Lecerf led the Ressac task force on Bermuda, and issued a request for surrender from the Federalists held in Hamilton and the southern parts of the island. He knew that moving into those areas would cause more damage and death than necessary.

At 1000 Hours, the Federalist Commander (A Sergeant, as his superior officers were already captured) surrendered himself and all the forces on the islands. They were to be taken as POWs until the FSA surrendered as a whole. Ressac, locals, and the Royal Marines converted Morgan's Point into a POW camp and housed the captured Federalists from Bermuda and the naval battles from a few days ago.



Ressac sustained light casualties, light deaths. The Federalist forces have either been routed, killed, or captured. Approximately 30% of the Federalist forces on Bermuda were killed or are MIA. 70% of them are captured and held at Morgan's Point POW Camp. Since many civilians were already evacuated to the airport, only a few were injured not counting who were already hurt or killed by the inital Federalist invasion. Royal Marine and ADU casualties on the island are medium-high due to their dutiful sacrifice for the safety of their civilians.

Fleet Ships Sunk (or scuttled due to high damage):
SPO Dominion
SPO Aero
SPO Navale

Fleet Ships Damaged:
SPO Jordan
SPO Boudon
SPO Duquense
SPO Franche
HMS Callingtam

Other Casualties:
10 Rafales

OPFOR Casualties:
15 Destroyers Sunk
5 Frigates Sunk
20 F-14s


1500 Hours, 14th November, 1999,
KS WaterSports Pier,
Hamilton, Bermuda

Captain Seyres stands in full uniform at the edge of the pier. There are many civilians and off-duty Ressac and navy men around Bermuda, and KS WaterSports is no different. During the Federalist Occupation, it was just deep enough to allow small bay Federalist craft to moor there but now the area is back to civilian use as it was before. There's some damage and the infrastruture of Bermuda definitly needs some work, but thankfully life is already starting to bounce back on the tropical island. The wind blew lightly in Seyres face as he watched the ocean swell. In the distance, The Charles De Gaulle is moored along with other ships as Bermuda is not quite large enough to safely house the entire Atlantic Fleet of Occitania and ADU. A familiar set of steps approaches Seyres from behind.

Admiral Brousseau spoke first, leaning on the railing in front of them, "Perhaps it was better for someone else to lead the Bermuda campaign. Lecerf was a good choice for the ground forces. I never expected this, Captain."

Seyres spoke lightly, "I had full confidence in Lecerf. He'll make a good seaman or marine when he decides to put his skills to good use instead of being my Number 2 on the Alsace."

"Coincidentially, he's already getting offers from the mainland--both Ressac and the Foreign Legion."

Seyres chuckled, "Good. I'm sure he'll find his place."

"You will too, Captain, you know I'm up for retirement soon."

"One day I'll call the Charles De Gaulle my flagship. Beautiful ship."

"Bermuda isn't so bad this time of year, hm, Captain?"

"Good place. It hurts that it was torn up like it was."

Admiral Brousseau grunts in agreement as some watersport ships speed out in the ocean.

The Admiral turns to Seyres, smiling, "You know what the men are already calling you?"

Seyres snorts lightly, "What?"

"Napoleon en mer: Napoleon at Sea."


Commonwealth Broadcasting Service News

The Government has announced negotiations between the Japanese, Aegean and Dutch Governments as a success with the formalisation of trade terms to be consistent with the Commonwealth and said governments to join the International Cooperation and Development Group. The new additional members to the ICDG will allow the commencement of international infrastructure projects.

Bhutan and Nepal have also initiated talks with the Commonwealth as a means to curb Islamic-Buddhist violence with sectarian conflict growing in Himalayan India.

In other news, Oil Giants Bharain, Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait seek to formalise relations with the Commonwealth. The move was due to the Saudi-African War taking place in the west of the country as fears of conflict spill-over increase. The Commonwealth is hoping to ensure security for the region as the Arabian Nations Oil Exports have begun to decrease, due to the conflict.

De Anglo Dutch Union
Aegean Empire

Dilyu wrote:Roleplay

Commonwealth Broadcasting Service News

The Government has announced negotiations between the Japanese, Aegean and Dutch Governments as a success with the formalisation of trade terms to be consistent with the Commonwealth and said governments to join the International Cooperation and Development Group. The new additional members to the ICDG will allow the commencement of international infrastructure projects.

Bhutan and Nepal have also initiated talks with the Commonwealth as a means to curb Islamic-Buddhist violence with sectarian conflict growing in Himalayan India.

In other news, Oil Giants Bharain, Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait seek to formalise relations with the Commonwealth. The move was due to the Saudi-African War taking place in the west of the country as fears of conflict spill-over increase. The Commonwealth is hoping to ensure security for the region as the Arabian Nations Oil Exports have begun to decrease, due to the conflict.

De Anglo Dutch Union
Aegean Empire

Role Play

PBC News

Empire seeks to join ICDG

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anton Miller has formally send a request to his counterpart in Dilyu for the Parakkan Empire to be considered for membership of the International Cooperation and Development Group (ICDG). Saying "this would be a tremendous opportunity for our nation and the other members to build relations and trade along with ensuring further development of our respective nations"

However, with the recalling of diplomats by The_Herrscher_Wolfe has brought into quest yet again the relationship between our two nations in both The Council and Parliament.

Prime Minister Sarah Perez said "With the withdrawal of Japanese diplomats, is of course a blow to rebuilding our two nations relationship. However, we will always have our hand extended in friendship should the Emperor of Japan wishes to change his mind."


Protests in Platzi-Nouomondo, Prayeiarien-Merdyerakudč

Thousands of citizens gather in the main square of Arienterrč’s sprawling capital to fight for their rights as citizens of a democratic nation, forming the largest organised protest in Arienese history. Disputes began when the Arienese government announced that government officials would have their term extended to life, the law passed that states this was considered and accepted without any public knowledge of it. The protest remains non-violent and the government hopes to disperse the crowds by the evening.

Later that day…


Fire at Colonial Fort

Late Sunday night, calls to emergency services came in reporting a fire at Palaš Natale, a palace constructed by the Icositanian Empire in the XVI century as a residence for the colonial rulers in the city of Ivrayimicia, then the capital of the Arienterrč colony. Fire forces have extinguished the blazes after a five hour battle. That which ignited the flames has yet to be known, though it is speculated to be arson, and such the case is being treated with caution.


November 20th 1999

17 Km from Cork 15,000 stood ready each armed to the teeth, with The L83A3 Rifle, L128A1 shotgun, MK48s Machine guns, Anti-tank weapons, anti-armour weapons. Knives. Handguns and Milkor, With IFVs, APCs, 1 tank Company. The force that had assembled was ready for what anything that could be thrown at them. Behind them stood 3 artillery battalions ready to fire should it be necessary, and 3 Air support groups. They where part of the 5th Armour division

They faced some of the most heavily fortified positions in Ireland, The city of Cork while many of the irish forces retreated the men and women in this city held firm and had foritified their city to the extreme, Artillary, rockets, AA, Foxholls anti tank weapons and firing positions. It would be a hell to do a frontal asasult due the minefield, barbwire, and machine guns nests.

For this very reason 3 V-1 Valkeries flew 12 KM above the ground at 1.3 mach, escorted by 5 TSR-2s which flet at about 9Km at the same speed at the V-1s. They flew fast and about 5 Minutes before they where above their targets the V-1s opened their bombays. in the V-1s hung 3 Grand-Slam MK-2 Guided bombs Earthquake bombs. the TSR-2s carried 6 HE bombs. As they approached closer to their target it became more tense.

They flew fast and high as the bombs unloaded from all the bomb bays, the Grand-Slams began going down at extremely high velocities above the city’s outer defenses, Harbor, military targets, Industrial, And avoiding civilian targets, housing flats etc,. The Grand Slams being earthquake bombs (those exist look them up). Creating massive amounts of damage as they went into the ground exploded shaking the ground and creating craters where either streets, or in some cases penetrating buildings like they were a hot knife hitting butter. The HE guided bombs went towards key infrastructure location power plants and water processing facilities, Eveything that could be done to shorten the Battle..

This was only the start… The Artillery began firing its ammunition upon the minefield, in order to blast a path open.. for eventually the infantry

Meanwhile in the UK

Union broadcasting corporation

US Embassy diplomatic status revoked

A decision by parliament to revoke the diplomatic status of the Federalis, the embassy which is in The Hague. Is a large compound within an old castle. It was bought 73 years ago by the US

Almost immediately after its diplomatic status was revoked police raided the embassy, and a brief firefight broke out between Embassy guards and police, which ended with 7 embassy guards dead and 2 police officers in critical condition. Personnel within the embassy have been arrested and are to be transported to holding cells in military prisons until expiration can be negotiated.

Relieve for Bermuda

Today 47 Supply ships carrying medical goods, food, clothing, clean water, Doctors, medical staff, Construction workers and repair equipment. Left the port of Liverpool. They are on their way to Bermuda to start clean up and aiding the people on the island.

While already first responders have been send by plane this fleet carrier the large amount of supplies is Intended to start proper clean up operations.

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