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WA Delegate: The Federal Republic of Covorus (elected )

Founder: The Protectorate of Solar Administrator

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 161st Most Nations: 261st
World Factbook Entry

Solar Alliance, is a region that promotes strong role play and cooperation between its members and allied Regions.

When people expand, please send The Imperial Republic of East Teutonia a telegram confirming their expansion plans.

According to the LinkEarth Territory Act, all expansion claims need to be by the 7th then I'll forward them to the map committee.

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Our Other Region:-
Lunar Alliance = Sci Fi Role Play Region
The Regional Alliance = One of the founding members of the Alliance

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Birth of The Solar Alliance: 12th January 2016

Embassies: Lunar Alliance, The Mystical Council, Allied International Defense Initiative, Yarnia, Eastern Roman Empire, Australia, Right to Life, United States of America, The Cavalry of the DuckCrocs, Pluviostan, Holy Regime of the German Chocolate Cake, New Celtic Order, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Barbaria, Union of Free Nations, The League of Conservative Nations, and 55 others.The Greater Holy Isles, The Bar on the corner of every region, Star Wars Battlefront, The Commonwealth of Crowns, The Embassy, The Galactic Federacy, The Battle Guard, The Kingdom of Great Britain, The Adriatic Alliance, East of West, Oceanside, International Republican Union, Sonnel, Avadam Inn, The Illuminati, Thanksgiving, The United Council of Nations, Global Assembly, Laotis, Grand New Earth, The Regional Alliance, Dance Party, United Empire of Islam, Regionless, Peoples Federation of Qandaristan, New Jahkku, Arab League, The Region That Has One State Bank, Homelands, Yorktown Aristocracy, The Solar Alliance, The Duix Conglomerate, Sunalaya, Axiom Supercluster, The Honorary Allied Nation States, The Versutian Federation, International Debating Area, Kuiper, Norrland, The Free Republican States, The Delegation of Gallifrey, The Loravian Archipelago, Commonwealth of Democracies, The United Communist Republics, Dauiland, Omnia, Geneva Treaty Organization, Kingdoms of Abisa, The Lunar Alliance, The Church of Flying Spaghetti Monster, The Malachorian Alliance, AEGIS Alliance, United States 0f America, Krumpelberg, and Cosmic League.

Construction of embassies with The Imperial Sovereign Union of Dilyu has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Security Council, Neutral, General Assembly, Regional Government, World Assembly, Democratic, Casual, LGBT, Featured, Large, Social, Role Player, and 2 others.Map, and Modern Tech.

Solar Alliance contains 51 nations, the 261st most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Compassionate Citizens in Solar Alliance

Exhaustive World Census tests involving kittens revealed the following nations to be the most compassionate.

As a region, Solar Alliance is ranked 10,098th in the world for Most Compassionate Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Imperial Sovereign Union of DilyuCorrupt Dictatorship“Strength, Order, Unity”
2.The Worker's Republic of Downed PilotsDemocratic Socialists“The people are the highest priority.”
3.The Constitutional Monarchy of SeawardNew York Times Democracy“Unsere Hoffnung Ist Gott”
4.The Balkan Empire of New WondourInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Indivisible and Inserperable”
5.The Colony of HellaanxietyDemocratic Socialists“Strength Through Freedom”
6.The Caliphate of Socialist Soviet ChechnyaCorrupt Dictatorship“For Allah! For Proletariat! We Fight! Together!”
7.The Colony of The CrystalwindsNew York Times Democracy“Glowing Frost, just like creativity.”
8.The Confederacy of BlackleafMoralistic Democracy“Pride and Industry”
9.The Empire of British AlternativeAnarchy“Is All Down Hill From Here!”
10.The Colony of FractaleisCivil Rights Lovefest“#Science”

Regional Poll • Amendment to the Earth Territory Act

The Kingdom of The Nethereich wrote:My proposal to add to the Earth Territory Act is to add a section forbidding nations to form colonies separate from their "homeland" (which is defined by where ones capital is) without it being connected by lake or sea. This amendment is simply to avoid boarder gore on the SA map. For anyone confused, this would prevent a nation in Afghanistan from colonizing Ohio, as there is no lake or sea connecting the two. If approved by the people, this amendment will be taken to the SASC to vote on.

Voting opened 1 day 3 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “SASC Election”

Regional Happenings


Solar Alliance Regional Message Board

The Commonwealth of Liburia wrote:Hey guys. I am not in a very good mood. I came back from Serbia a few days ago where I met a Serbian woman, our tour guide. Things happened and I started falling in love with her. She, on her own, gave me her e-mail address and told me to send her an e-mail as soon as I could. I did that two days ago and I have no response and I think she's ignoring me. I don't want to bother you with my drama but I thought that if I get it of my chest I might feel better.

Give it a week. Just be patient. She's probably busy with work. If you don't hear anything for a week or two then send her a follow up email with a funny video or a joke or something that you think she will like. This will keep the door open. Love is something that cannot be rushed.

Liburia and Solar Administrator

The Empire of Parakka wrote:ROLE PLAY
I looked at her, and replied "Doesn't much matter so long as it opens the door" to which she looked amused.
2 hours later
I sat in the armoured transport with the other Talons, it had been decided about an hour after my conversation with Acting Empress to begin the hunt. Titus had explained that Joo would stay with the Forest contingent and use his stones to help protect their minds. The rest of us would use the shadows to capture the target once the moment was right, or at least that was Titus plan. However, we were on this mission with the understanding that we would be following the Forestavia commanders lead, unless it started during into a s**t storm.
The transport stopped and we got out and walked towards the Secound transport which contained the Forestavia forces and joined them for our briefing.
As me and High Councillor walked throw the entrance into the manor, I could see a number of TAU personal we about doing their duties, a number of them looked at me, most with a glance and that knowing look, that said they knew why I was here. Though a couple of TAU looked rather worried. Guess I know who was involved in the brawl.
As we walked to the door there was a woman standing in its entrance watching us approach...

-------- While High Councillor Sharp and Peter were meeting, there was another meeting taking place. --------

"Agent Black, Governor Vaughn is on an encrypted video telecommunications line. He only wanted to speak to you."
She walked into her office and closed the door. "Governor Vaughn, sorry to keep you waiting. It's a busy day you know."
"I know it is and I don't mind the wait," He said.
Something about his tone made her pause for a second. "So," she started wanting to get to the point - "What can Forestavian Intelligence do to assist the Western Province?"
He chuckled briefly. "It is not the Western Province that requires help. Today Western Forestavia offers its assistance to Prosperity."
She raised an eyebrow.
"I have sent 25 mounted provincial police to the border of Northern Forestavia. They will remained stationed there for you if you need them for Clark."
Her eyes got wider. "How do you know about this?"
"It doesn't matter."
"Do you have any information about the assassin?"
"Oh, please." He took a drink of water and set his glass down. "All I know is that something is going on over there. I offer you my support. Support that has already been paid for by the taxpayers of my province. There is no need for an interrogation."
"Who leaked it?" She was getting angry.
"There was no leak."
"Then how did you know?"
"I have my methods."
She relaxed a little. She realized he must have some special ability. "Who do I contact?"
"Captain Chickens at the payphone located at Train Station K. Cellular service is a little spotty up in those parts. That will be the best way."

She traced her fingers through the air. "Maybe it's the way the sunlight enters the room. You're right though. I guess the important thing is that the door opens. Good luck tonight, Peter." With a smile and a slight bow, she left the room and turned to see High Councillor Nobleton entering the building with Titus. "Good afternoon Nickolas. And could this be Titus?"

-------------------1 Hour Later------------------
Agent Black came to the mansion to have a meeting with Alex Sharp before the big mission.
"They have spirit stones. From what we have been able to determine it appears that they are superior to us. But then we have something that they don't have. Freewill. These stones are placed in their people at a young age and it is unknown as to whether Parakkans the powers of their stones or whether the stones control them. There is much we don't know about their people."
"Anything new on how our abilities develop?"
"Nothing yet. We are still only just rediscovering our magical natures. More people are reporting small abilities here and there. But it's still rare. The general public doesn't know a lot about this yet."
"I have a feeling they will soon."
"The conspiracy theorists are already on this. They believe the government is trying to suppress the truth."

------------------2 Hours after Peter and Alex met------------------
Military helicopters appeared over Clark, Northern Forestavia to survey the scene before they went in. The pilot could be heard by both Forestavian Intelligence and Parakkan Talons. "Pack of wolves at the base of mountain. Target can't be far off. Compass is acting a little weird. Starting to loose altitude. Engine's failing! Engine's -"

Static was heard during the last few seconds of the transmission. The other two helicopters dropped out of the sky without warning within seconds of the first.

Solar Administrator

The Isles of The Oakplumington Federation wrote:Give it a week. Just be patient. She's probably busy with work. If you don't hear anything for a week or two then send her a follow up email with a funny video or a joke or something that you think she will like. This will keep the door open. Love is something that cannot be rushed.

Thanks for the advice.

OOC - I think I need to make a correction. I wrote Titus but I meant to write Jack. Nobleton is travelling with Jack. I guess this is what happens when I don't RP for a month. I'm going to try to post something once per week to get back into it.

Solar Administrator

The Commonwealth of Liburia wrote:Thanks for the advice.

You're welcome, Liburia. :)

Role Play

Your News Forestavia - Report

Liberal Socialists and Conservative Capitalist movements are being organized within Forestavia's Independent Party at the national level. The Independent Party has become divided in recent years. The two movements are polar opposites on the political spectrum with Liberal Socialists consistently siding with Liberals on social and cultural issues and siding with Socialists on economic issues. Conservative Capitalist Independents side consistently with Liberals on economic policy and with the Socialists on social and cultural issues. This could be the start of the emergence of two new political parties in Forestavia. Leaders of the two movements say that Forestavians need to have more political options.

Solar Administrator and Covorus

The Federal Republic of Covorus
Max Ceret

Dearest Solar Alliance,

As Delegate, Covorus has only served for 31 days in the Solar Alliance. The young nation rose through the ranks of the region as soon as the old delegate, Frittenia, a long serving and loyal member, relinquished his position...

I had Covorus join the region strictly for roleplay fun, but in the end, advanced to the level of delegate. Quite a leap, I must say... However, this leap came at a bad time, as I am currently going through my major exam year in real life. I can only do them once. There's no take back there, and thus, need to devote all my time and energy towards it...

Which is why I'm resigning as the region's delegate. I pray that my successor will have more time for the SA, and less burdens to carry in real life.

Furthermore, I'd like to recommend that the new delegate be either The Kingdom of The Nethereich (or Frittenia, as he used to be known as) or East Teutonia... Both are dedicated members of the region, and have shown that they have ample time for keeping up with the politics and roleplay of the region.

This is Covorus signing off for the last time, as I'm probably gonna drop out of the roleplay too...

God bless, the Federation sends its regards!

Gibberistan, Solar Administrator, Freczia, East Teutonia, and 1 otherThe Nethereich

For the current poll, does a connecting ocean count?

Socialist Soviet Chechnya

The Commonwealth of Atlanius wrote:For the current poll, does a connecting ocean count?

i think it counts too. i have my land like spread across the the Eastern Baltic sea.

The Commonwealth of Atlanius wrote:For the current poll, does a connecting ocean count?

I'm sure the final version will clarify with connecting body of water.

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