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Founder: The Rogue Nation of Something Dumb

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Nudest: 1,100th Largest Black Market: 1,178th Most Subsidized Industry: 1,592nd+5
Most Corrupt Governments: 1,700th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,727th Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 1,800th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 2,060th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 2,083rd
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A region of the great, the pathetic, the strong, the weak, the smart, and the dumb nations. THIS IS YARNIA! We gladly accept any new members to one of NationStates' most storied regions! Our boards are open for any discussion, as long as they remain civil.

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LinkFind our international law here!

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If you want puppet states, please put them in Yarnian Puppet Storage. Peoples Republic of the Basque People has the password.

Please join the WA and endorse others, especially Something Dumb

All Embassy Requests Accepted - We do try and maintain real relationships, but we have a lot of embassies. Let us know if you have concerns.

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    Yarnia Map

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    Yarnian Parks Administration

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    Yarnian Historical Record

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    The NewsStand

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Tags: Casual, Democratic, Eco-Friendly, Featured, and Minuscule.

Yarnia contains 5 nations, the 2,950th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Efficient Economies in Yarnia

Nations ranked highly are the most ruthlessly efficient at translating raw resources, including people, into economic output.

As a region, Yarnia is ranked 3,080th in the world for Most Efficient Economies.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Rogue Nation of Something DumbIron Fist Consumerists“Duh”
2.The United States of U-S-N-ACorporate Bordello“We will not go quietly into the night!”
3.The Kingdom of QuantiliaNew York Times Democracy“Dilly dilly!”
4.The Federal Republic of Giant Cat Throw PillowsFather Knows Best State“Throwing giant cat throw pillows for fun!”
5.The Dominion of IKINGCAKEInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Cake is love, cake is life, and cake is not a lie.”

Regional Happenings


Yarnia Regional Message Board

Hallo yall - I have made the faithful call to abandon this nation. I have made a puppet (Myrkvifiord) and will switch to that full time. This region will always be my first region. Goodbye, Quantilia

Iím Back!!!! Lol Hey Guys!!!

Quantilia wrote:Hallo yall - I have made the faithful call to abandon this nation. I have made a puppet (Myrkvifiord) and will switch to that full time. This region will always be my first region. Goodbye, Quantilia

We are sorry to see you go. You will be missed

Quantilia wrote:Hallo yall - I have made the faithful call to abandon this nation. I have made a puppet (Myrkvifiord) and will switch to that full time. This region will always be my first region. Goodbye, Quantilia

No!!! Sorry to see you leave us, feel free to come back at any time.

U-S-N-A wrote:Iím Back!!!! Lol Hey Guys!!!

Welcome back.

To everyone in this region interested, over in TWC, we are hosting a war games competition. Please notify me by Telegram by Saturday if you are interested in joining.

Read All About It! This Week:

- Covering practically everything - The Rejected Times
- Interview frenzy in EPNS
- Polandballs in the Driselbian Post

- Is punishment a capital idea? Have your say in the International Debating Area
- An ambassadorial question: Who would win?
- High stakes! It's ♠♥Baccarat♦♣ at the Sands

Hello again-I am back yall! I will have three main nations. This one, Myrkvifiord, and Hertisiana. The reason I left this nation was b/c all the other officers (PRBP, Winterbarrow, USNA until now) left. I will return to this region. This one will be second fiddle to Myrkvifiord, however. I will make that one my WA nation. Until now, that's Quantilia signing out. (no not a cringy yt channel)

Quantilia wrote:Hello again-I am back yall! I will have three main nations. This one, Myrkvifiord, and Hertisiana. The reason I left this nation was b/c all the other officers (PRBP, Winterbarrow, USNA until now) left. I will return to this region. This one will be second fiddle to Myrkvifiord, however. I will make that one my WA nation. Until now, that's Quantilia signing out. (no not a cringy yt channel)

Totally a cringy yt channel. JK, welcome back!

The latest Force Flyer is out!


A New Constitution has been announced, Sword BJ has been given Dot Citizenship, three Cabinet members have resigned, the population decline has finally ended and growth has come back, Salibaic has been elected Prime Minister of Heart, and efforts are being made to grow RGBN's population.

A New Constitution for Force
Following nearly 8 months of work, a new Constitution has been implemented. This Constitution introduces the House of Representatives, rights of citizenship, classifications of law, the position of judge, shortened elections with fixed dates, and appropriate punishments for different crimes. Each region of Force shall elect one representative to the House for every 5 WA members it has. These representatives shall form the House of Representatives who are given the power to pass any new law (as long as it doesn't go against the Constitution) as well as remove any old law (laws originally passed by the House only). The creation of this House removes The Assembly which was only able to amend the Constitution and was made up of all citizens. Citizens now have the power to remove a representative by a simple majority vote; ensuring that representatives act in the best interests of the citizens. The rights of citizenship are also an important part of the new Constitution. Citizens who previously held no legal rights now hold these rights, preventing the government from stopping a fair trial, free protest, running in an election, publishing through an independent media outlet, or holding and expressing one's political views. Now, onto the next change. The judge is now responsible for handing out punishments on the advice of the jury while the prosecutor has the power to choose whether or not to pursue a case. This is a major change because it means that the Court's power is no longer concentrated in just one position. The addition of defined punishments for different crimes is also important because it means that the judge and jury can't arbritrarily hand out a punishment; they must only hand out an appropriate punishment for the crime. The shortening of elections is important because it means that more time can be spent on getting things done rather than focusing on elections. It's also true that people often vote only in the first few days of an election, so time that could be used working is instead used waiting for the results to be announced. The new Constitution of Force is a game-changer and will prove vital for the causes of democracy and prosperity in the region.
Sword BJ given Dot Citizenship
Following their resignation as Foreign Minister, Sword BJ was granted Dot Citizenship by the Founder, Renegalle. Dot Citizenship is the most prestigious award Force has to offer. Sword BJ was granted it for his extremely hard work, passion, and dedication to his office. What was seen from him is something that has never been seen in this office before; plans to change things actually being acted upon. Such passion and hardwork from a Minister has not been seen since Bieth resigned as Roleplay Minister almost a year ago. In Sword's tenure, he established embassies with The East Pacific and Wintreath among many others, convinced The North Pacific against building an embassy with the New Western Atlantic for its inaction against Bennisia, and remained omnipresent in the Cabinet, always willing to find solutions to problems, whether they related to his office or not. Sword will be missed as Minister of Foreign Affairs and his work for the office will not be forgotten.
Three Resignations: Ingloniania, Sword BJ, Lashnakia
This past month, the Force Government has been rocked by the resignations of some of its key members. On August 21, Minister of Roleplay Ingloniania resigned. Then on September 8, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sword BJ resigned. Just a day later on September 9, Deputy Prime Minister Lashnakia announced their resignation. In just 3 weeks, 3 Cabinet Members were gone. Why, some ask? We contacted them to find out.

Question Asked: Why did you resign?

Ingloniania: Well I resigned because I was getting really stressed because of the things I was expected of because I had a lot of other things that I had to do daily and I got really busy with other things such as friends, school, projects, etc.

Sword BJ: The real reason is I have no will to play NS anymore and the other reason is RL issues that prevented me from doing my tasks.

Lashnakia: As real life commitments and problems build up, I no longer feel able to serve Force to the best of my ability.

Population Decline Ends; Growth Comes Back
After months of slowly waning population in Force, new nations are finally coming again. Over the summer we went from 184 nations (in our capital region, Force) at the end of April to just 130 on September 19th. Luckily though, since September 19th, the capital has gained 25 nations; nearly a 17% increase. Summer in NationStates always is characterized by a drop in activity and the collapse of some regions, but Force has survived its second summer and is still going strong.
Rebooting RGBN
In our last edition, we discussed how we had taken over RGBN from its founder, Shenifar, to help to bring back activity and try to make it the large, friendly region it once was. Since then, Roleplay in the region has resumed and the population has almost doubled. Efforts are currently being made to re-establish law and a functioning government so that RGBN has a long future ahead of it.
[156 nations; 29 WA nations] Force
[62 nations; 7 WA nations] Heart
[36 nations; 6 WA nations] The New Kingdom
[18 nations; 4 WA nations] RGBN

[272 nations; 46 WA nations] Total (excluding provinces)

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