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Largest Black Market: 413th Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry: 435th Most Valuable International Artwork: 505th+15
Most Ignorant Citizens: 515th Most Subsidized Industry: 523rd Largest Mining Sector: 680th Most Corrupt Governments: 731st Nudest: 757th Most Avoided: 832nd Most Devout: 866th Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 936th Most Advanced Public Transport: 1,126th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 1,378th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 1,586th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 1,646th Largest Basket Weaving Sector: 1,933rd Most Cultured: 2,206th Highest Economic Output: 2,406th
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📝 Hi! Welcome to The Great Universe!

Our National Anthem: ♬♩The Great Universe will be united as we stand how oh mighty we stand! Created by God and will always be in peace there really is no better place than The Great Universe! ♬ ♪

We're lovin' it ;D

Raiders, we're not at our peak, but we got a long cherished history that spans 3 1/2 years. We're not just an embassy collector. I acknowledge & apologize that I used to be a weirdo & unkind on NS. I joined NS at a young age & im sorry, I did many things wrong. Even irresponsible. But I never raided.

Thanks Japanese ronald mc donald for stopping some embassies from closing! You're awarded the Medal of Freedom.

Thanks to The Universe World for saving TGU also... we couldn't do it without you.

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    🚨⚠️TGU News Emergency Release: TWP Raiders Broke TGU Laws🚨⚠️

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    mC JapAN.

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    What is TGU News?

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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Informational Dispatch

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The Great Universe contains 3 nations.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Valuable International Artwork in The Great Universe

Some nations attempt to collect signature artworks of other nations, developing collections known as "decks." The World Census has estimated their value.

As a region, The Great Universe is ranked 505th in the world for Most Valuable International Artwork.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Holy Democracy of The Universe WorldInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The Holy Trinity will save us all!”
2.The Capital City of DakarFather Knows Best State“Senegal”
3.The Holy Empire of The HemenopiaIron Fist Consumerists“Strength Through Compliance”

Regional Happenings


The Great Universe Regional Message Board

Altay has just launched its own Discord!
Come join us:

On behalf of all nations in Atlantis, we wish you all a Happy, safe and active 2021 and hope that in the coming year our regions will build friendship through our Embassies.

The Lazarus(V) is a quadruple decked battleship/frigate outfitted with emp and pulse batteries, with meter-thick armor and a special ability!

Expanded map:

It's the year 2251. Humanity has reached for the stars, and have succeeded. They have made contact with several alien civilizations and the solar system is completely colonized except for Venus. Giant solar platforms circle the sun. Corporations that were once countries that fell now control the skies. The earth, nor the sky is not the limit. You are a budding entrepreneur that is looking to one day rule this space and become the most renown person ever, and so you start your journey.
Choose your class:
You start with a mining platform and can purchase upgraded versions or asteroids or planet plots to mine on. You can slowly grow your empire by recruiting more miners and buying trade ships and establishing a presence on major trade routes such as Ethera or Lapiz. Buy refiners and equipment, make deals, and hire escorts to protect your ships, which brings us to
You start with a Manifest class cruiser and slowly make you way up, buying more experienced crew members and different ships by raiding mining and military ships, as well as ransacking trading platforms and even small planets. Research, evolve and upgrade your ships and weapons!
Start with small gunboats and cruisers, protect and be recruited by traders and governments to protect star systems, convoys, trade routes, and mines. Buy more powerful ships and systems, starfighters, starships, and capital ships.
You can assault planets with sufficient military power and can construct structures on them such as forts or command centers.
Rule the galaxy. It's in your hands. One of the most powerful positions, being in hold of thousands of ships, soldiers, mines, and more, with nations under your hand. But this comes at a cost. It will take time to get this role.
Buy valuable goods from all over the galaxy and trade and barter them for higher prices, strategic placement. Build larger transport fleets and protection systems as trade ships are very rare to find. Build connections, get more valuable materials, and you just might get a fair trade.
List of all available starships by tier and time to build:
Tier 1: 4 hours
Tier 2 : 8 hours
Tier 3: 16 hours
Tier 4: 1 day
Tier 5: 3.5 days
Note: different classes of ships will differ!
Mining ships:
I Otter
I Galao
I Konín
II Kóna
II Sihara
II Golimo
II Golem
III Lima
III Losandier
IV Mass
IV Meni
V Hummingbird
V Iwell
V Casture
Military ships:
I Chaser
I Goose
II Alpenkórp
III Calin
IV Infinity
V Beech
V Calypso
I Boomer
II Tabloid
III Pill
IV Castro
V Heis
I Nameless
I Firebred
II Staple
III Contra
IV 901
IV Mammoth
V Rapier
Mining stations have tiers I-V but you can name them
All major trading routes:
Ethera:G51-15 to Ross 128
Lapiz: Procryon to Eridani
Flambayo:Cygni to stroove
Hus: Proxima to Ceti
Belita: Proxima to Sirius
Buic:L372-85 to Sirius
Minor trade routes have also been established such as prolista and Naden
Current warzone(s): 2nd ring(250 degrees, conflit lvl 1).
PLanet purchase rights will be offered by Cerata. Please tg me if you do ever need one.

Starting rules:
You can start on any planet. No corporations at the start. You can start building ships at this point(blueprints for premium ships will be introduced slowly after).
1 rare card = 1 hour boost on building time for any ship
1 legendary = tier VI premium starship destroyer Zeppelin and legendary rank crew.

Just have fun.

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Post self-deleted by Neo Splatoonia.

Greetings from The Vincence Empire. We are conducting a diplomatic survey with our allied regions on milk. Please honour us with your esteemed choice on our humble report. Good week and peace to all!
Stay safe and keep well wherever you are!


Arnold Scampi
Minister of the National Survey, Neo Splatoonia

Duckburg /ˈdʌkbɜːrɡ/ is the capital city of Paperino.

The location that would eventually become the centre of Duckburg was originally known as "Fort Drake Borough," a fort built in the 16th century by British explorer Sir Francis Drake. By the 19th century, the fort had been handed over by its departing British occupants to Cornelius Coot, who renamed the fort "Duckburg". "Drake" means a male duck, while "borough" and "burg" are synonyms meaning a town or district that is an administrative unit.Cornelius Coot turned the old fort into a trading post for fellow traders and hunters, and their families. Eventually a small town grew around the fort on top of Killmule Hill. In Carl Barks' story The Day Duckburg Got Dyed (1957), it is revealed that Cornelius Coot at some point in Duckburg's history managed to pipe mountain water into the town.

The size and structure of Duckburg varied in the works by Barks: it was adjusted to better fit the story he wanted to tell; it could vary from a small town to a medium-sized city, to a bustling metropolis. Later writers and artists most of the time also continues this tradition. In one specific story by Barks, Monsterville (1961), Duckburg was even transformed into a futuristic city by Gyro Gearloose, however it proved that the citizens were not ready for the high level of technology that the new city provided. Thus the city was turned back to its old city structure.

Duckburg is a major center for Space exploration, mainly operated and overseen by Gyro Gearloose, and has had expeditions to the Moon, Mars, Venus, the Asteroids, and more remote parts of the Galaxy. The city also features a sea port and is in proximity of a large forest called the Black Forest and to several mountains, the most notable being "Old Demon Tooth", usually depicted as a towering pointed peak leaning slightly to the side.[7] The main river of the city is the Tulebug River, first mentioned in The Money Well (1958) by Carl Barks, and it is located near Killmotor Hill.

Duckburg is home to Yarvard University (a play on the universities of Harvard and Yale), an institution more notable for its athletic teams than for its academic achievements.

Duckburg is also the home of the Billionaires Club of some of which Scrooge McDuck, John D. Rockerduck and, according to some stories, Flintheart Glomgold are influential members. Duckburg also has a Ritz Hotel

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Post by Independence Hill suppressed by a moderator.

We’ve just been raided very boringly by Lily trash so please ignore any closure of our embassy and reapply if we can’t get a defender to stop it in time. Our sister region Lewisham is our backup until our founder in Netraucora comes back >_<

All the discussion here seems to come from other regions, I see. Well, greetings from Fodlan!


**sends over a basket of muffins and jam**

Come vote in our riveting new poll: page=poll/p=169984

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