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📝 Hello there and welcome to The Great Universe! Regional News: TGU News is where you get your news from now. Thank you. NO BLACK HAWKS! Our National Anthem: The Great Universe will be united as we stand how oh mighty we stand! Created by God and will always be in peace there really is no better place than The Great Universe! ALL EMBASSY OFFERS ACCEPTED! Featured embassy for today: CHEESEFTW! Congratulations! LONG LIVE THE GREAT UNIVERSE!

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Embassies: Turkic Union, Hollow Point, Yuno, Rutokian Empire, The Illuminati, The Embassy, fluffy squishfish, Nadeyatsya, Sudan, The Honorary Allied Nation States, Arconian Empire, The South Arctic, Sikh Empire, Maryland, East of West, Dispatchia, and 1,149 others.Illinois, Avadam Inn, Nintendo, The Illuminati Council, Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy, Galts Gulch, Anteria, The American Invaders, International Debating Area, The Duix Conglomerate, Free Coalition of Governments, Regional Highway, National Socialist Ministries, Mr Money Headquarters, Keplar 22b, Regionless, Future Earth, The Great United Federation, The Arch Imperium of Mystiina, New Trexesel, Kylden, Groland, Union of the Free Federal Republic, KAISERREICH, The United Federative of the UCE PUPPETS, The United Nations of Nationstates, Crodown, The Thunder Territory, FBI, Polls Center with drinks, The Bar on the corner of every region, The Graveyard, CIA, North Carolina, Ancient Lands, The Farm, The Great NS Expedition Headquarters, Freedom Fighters Union, Tanah Melayu, Nationalist Commonwealth of Free Regions, The Sense of Right Alliance, Elvarya, Everything, The Newest Republic, Bus Stop, United States of America, True Left Movement, Nauru, The Union of the Royal Alliance, En Dios confiamos, Capricornarius, Serendipity, Repubblica Italiana, Monaco, The Northern Outskirts, The Pale Blue Region, POLATION, The Zeleros Pact, End 500, A Region, New Mexico, WARGS, A Hole To Hide In, The United Federation of Capitalists, Federation of Greater German Republics, Yorktown Aristocracy, Kanada, The Federal Alliance of South Loco, The Old Alliance, Prince Edward Island, Esti, Civil Rights Region, The Sea Of Love, Coalition of Nations, Northumbria, Islands, United Imperial Union, Scandinavia, Pluviostan, International Union, Black Mesa Islands, The North South, Freedom and Justice Alliance, The Confederation of Liberty, New Apoloin, Homelands, Pawnsilvania, Mapperdonia, Dauiland, Disney Pixar Cars, The Gated Lands, Kuiper, Bailiwick of New Jersey, Grand Alliance of Free Nations, THE TRUMP WARRIORS, Right to Life, The Hidden Mountains, Environment, Japan, Orthanc at Isengard, Pigsty Steppes, Coalition of Catholic States, Eastern Roman Empire, The Doctor Who Universe, CHEESESFTW, Supernova Suite, The Dank Meme Alliance, The Straw Hat Pirates, Alpha and Beta Quadrant of Milky Way, The United Coalition of Nation States, The Iron Order, Politicus, United Regions, China, Free Market Federation, San Jose, The Stellae, South Pacific, Pisces Centauri, Regionless Nation, Wyndia, United Nations of Europe, Natan Region, ATLANTIC ADMINISTRATIVE REGION, Commonwealth States, The Peaceful Coffee Shop In Chicago, Liberan Safety Zone, PNBHS, The New United Alliance, Union of Nationalists, The Allied States of Astorak, Global Federation, Philippines polomolok treatise, Hail Stalin remade, The Glorious Nation of Arstotzka, NationStates World Regions, New World Union, The Union of Waggish States, Velenovia, Pandoran States, Atlantic, Jebtopia, Guanzhouan Dictatorship for Edmund, Autism Spectrum, The Aspian Coast, California Republic, Universal Peace Enforcement Organization, Court of International Law and Justice, Laotis, Green Nation 2, The Geometric Equanimity TGE, Newfield, APSIA, Koguria, Region of Regions, Alice Cooper, Globalis, Punished Coalition of Morons, RGBN, Altmora, Eurasian League, The NorthWestern Pacific, Galactic Federation of Nations, NS Dates, 0000, WKFF, The Black Sea, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Pacific Isles, Steve, Exarchal Republic puppet region, Organized States of Kappa, Organization of United Sovereign States, Knights of The Templar Order, Greater Ixnay, South Asia, Board Game Nations, SECFanatics, Rossferry, Middleground, Maldives, Canterbury, The League of Superpowers, Forza Italia, Ozymandium, Deritan Meillur, Public Telegrams, Angvar, Krillin, The Antichrist Trump, The Affiliation of Allied States, The Erviadus Galaxy, North Atlantic Alliance of Cabana, Mar A Lago Club, Role Player Coalition, North Dakota, New Fanian Commonwealth, The Delegation of Gallifrey, The United Alliance of Republic Nations, South Dakota, Southeastern Wisconsin, Kekistani Republic, Calumet, Friggin Nerds, The League of Socialist States, Derplandia, Diamond Citadel, Wintermoore, Haiku, Brasilistan, The Central Atlantis, The Hallowed Isles, Industrialaska, The International Kingdom, South east asia region, The Ocean, Imperial Fatherland, The Southwestern Alliance, The Free Working Comune of New Garia, The United Nations of Justopia, Trevelyan, The International Coalition, Conservative Confederation, The 1st Order, Second Hanseatic Trade League, The Sands, Australia, Khuzifenq, Achirunon, That ONE region, Democratium, The Inferno, West Coast Best Coast, Bettie Page vs Jayne Mansfield Catfight, 1984 simulator, Existentia Prudens, State Awesome, Sikhi Empire, THE UNITED SOVIET UNION OF COMMUNISM, Isla Variatas, The Legion of STS Nations, Ganmurral System, Where anyone can be anything, true social political union, The Founding of the New World Order, Emeraldise, Shrine Coalition, Democratic Assembly of Sovereign States, Catlandatopia, Old World Union, Order of the Southern North, Star Frontiers, I dont know what to name my region, London, The Silver Isles, Privateers, Atrosia Isles, Richard, Palau, In civitatibus nostre hominis, Washington, Galapagos, Strudels plus Spaghetti, Streptococcus, United We Stand, The Mystic Mystic place of Puyee, Steam Islands, The United YB Colonies of Asia, Great Barrier Reef, The Average Confederacy, Where the Wild Things Are, Barbaria, Coristno, Union of Proletarian States, Meme Lords Unite, United Otter Emirates, The Coalition of Sovereign Ideologies, Crackers, Emirates of Futurnia, The Syndicate of Cunning Minds, The United Pasta Front, The Federal Alliance, Alliance of the Island, Axis of Storms, The Republic of India, Tashnsis Personal Puppet Storage, Force, IDA Womens Club, Pontbridge Islands, true africa, International Club Hub, Ireland, The Ryno Realms, Magna Europa, Pac Pac, The Dark Ages, Order of Violet, AEGIS Alliance, Washington DC, North Turkestan, Sydney, Colorado, Dominica, Detroit, 2017, A World Beyond, The Omniverse of life, Elprus, Icarus, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, The Holy Roman Empire, The Nudist Dreamland, Two Letter, Kitain, CAVSARVM PRINCIPIVM, The Higher Royal Empire of the Flood, Iowa, Manchester, Greater London, Olympia, Albanian Union, The Gemstone Isles, The Great American Union, 84 point 25 Anomaly, Arena Est Infernum, Pencil Sharpeners Puppet Storage, The Hamilton States of America, Union Quebecoise, Marist Federated States, The State of Frosalast, Kepler 62, The Monarchist Entente, VGATO, Reality, Wyoming, Dot, East Timor, Kimberley, Tezde, Cookstown, Union of democratic republics of Pestra, Jupiters Moon, The NewsStand, Minoa, Angora Guanaco, Star Wars, The Axis Powers of Northern Europe, Democratic States of the United Republic, Slavija, Kool Kids Krew, Archdymia, Birmingham, Austro Hungarian Empire, Namibia, the UN, Dacia, Asia, Abdul hara has risen, DBA, The 25 Realms of Reality, Kingdoms of Abisa, Bracara et Caralis, The Brexiteers, A Very Small Region, NO BLACK HAWKS, Commune of Chen Taou, Future Milky Way, World Conference, Tactical Nuclear Penguin, Non Aligned Movement, Union Mundial, The Turtle Isles, International Coalition Of Nations, The United Nationstates, The Glorious Musclean Empire, Henry Ford Archipelago, Giveran Empire HQ, The Arab League Congress, The Empire States, New Atlantis, Jade Nebula, The United Federation of Conservatives, Hapes Consortium, The rise of the planet of the pigs, Organization of Pompous Grand Duchies, Iron Pillars, The Empire of Dundulan, Kennan, moliband, Unitarian Union, The Glamorgan Vale, Andarios, Regional Conglomerate, The Warden World, Ultimaverse, The Universe World Puppet Storage, Valleyish, The Amish Republic, Balloons, Indian Sub Continent, Grand Duchy of Avram, Asendavia, TGU News, Sangre Nations, Democratic States Alliance, Imperium of the Wolf, Ivory Tower, The New Mappers Union, World Council, The Greatest Freak Show on Earth, The European Continent, The Union of Trans Steppia, Continental Congress, East Caribbean, Missing Islands, International Republican Union, Club Penguin, Silent Hill, The Anti Black Hawks Union, Audacity, The Order of The Iron Wreath, The Greek Union, Napoleon Bonapartes Jazz Monkey, Republican Army, Nord Saexa, Allied Federation of Nations, United States 0f America, Association of Liberal Democratic States, Trinidad and Tobago, The Holy Alliance, Germany Russia, United Alliances, United Coalition, The Age of Steam, The Bunny Fire, Meatpackers union, Fellowship of Free Nations, Freedom and Liberty, The Continental Army, The United Islands of the Atlantic, The New Democratic Union of Republics, South Orkney, Kiribati, The Caribbean Territories, Babylon 5, World Congress House of Lords, Crusader States, European Communes, The Republic of Nauru, Cosmic League, FREE STATE REGION, United Federation of Sovereign Nations, Lisimusian Peninsula sovereign nations, Nieuw Brabant, Alvaris Confederation, Mid World, Krumpelberg, The Alliance of The Golden Phoenix, The Duck Union, Lunar Alliance, Algrenery, Strawberry Fields Forever, Total A 2, The Golden State Coast, HBO, IDA Parliament, Grand Land of Direct Democracy, Communist Party IDA Headquarters, The Alliance of Airborne Nations, The Republic Empire of Rome, UNSC United Nations Space Command, The Great Wall of Trump, The Holy Church of Roads, Republic of Russia, The Thalrin Territories, Kings Kingdom, Tasmania, Neo Fascist Order, Intellect, Commonwealth of Sovereign States, The globle empire, Nevaeh, The Patriot Alliance, C A R N I V A L, Pontic Mountains, Hawaiki, The Republic Nations, Cotton Club, Skivx, The Nerd Union, Alpwaaca, Magna Orbis Terrarum, Palmyra Tudmur, DC9, Authoritarian League, The Holy Empire of the Papa John, The LCRUA, The Future of Humanity, Confederation of Sovereign NS States, Hakkean States, North America, Uzdek Union, 1st Lutheran Christian Community, United Nations Allegiance, United Free Republics, Astural, Union of Allied Planets, The Guild Of Snipers, Land of Hairy Cheese, Nationalistan, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, The Great Wasteland, Gay Equality, Federation of Independent States, Anarchy, The Outskirts, The League of Conservative Nations, Centralized Union of Ionization, Nirvana, PuppetStates, HandelsDemokratische Foederation, International sovereignty pact, Glorious Swampland, Kingdom Of Austria, I am Groot, Imperial State of Gradster, Great Terra, New Brannack, United Nations of the Pacific Ocean, Euphya, The Gordo Alliance of Got Beef, United Democratic Nations of Intellect, Leftist Collective, Taranos, Solid Kingdom, Arcanum, New United Socialist Eurasia, Worldly Debate Region, Austnara, Low Earth Orbit, Greater Middle East, Chen Taou, Imperial Paradise, Statist Alliance, Sibir, Chen Tao, Califato Andalusi, United Nations for Christian States, Homestuck, Gae Sebn Semeb, The Skunko Confederacy, Atlas, Warzone Europe, The Commonwealth of Royals, The Celestial Realm, The Great Universe Puppet Storage, The Corsup Conservative League, The Last Stand, White Hawks, Travellers Rest, Hanseatic League of Nations, Defenders of Democracy, Union of Confederate Regions, League of United Democratic Nations, Cromwells England, TIO IDA DMZ Zone, Gobbotopia, The Axis Powerz, New Fascist Italy, The Allied Nations, The British Commonwealth, The Alliance of Dictators, The NEW Enclave Region of the USSD, Storm Wolf Haven, UNN HQ, Mushroom World Alliance, The Free Lands of Mars, The Bar on the Corner of Kaiserreich, The Scotian Imperium, Diversity Freedom, Free Nations League, Schuylkill Valley, The Felesian Sector, United Nations of Covfefe, Rossferry Puppet Storage, The Holy Lands of The Arian Race, The Region of Lost Pizza, The Black Empire, World of Nations, Florida, Cotonou, Okanagan, Commonwealth of Fler, The Coalition of Socialist Nations, League of Christian Nations, The Siaxis Islands, United Poland Union, NationStates Tulcea Community, The Radiant, Vietnam, The New Century, Planerah, Soviet United Republics, The League of Nations, League of Nations, United Nations of Kekistan, The Truly Holy Roman Union, Erde Patrida, Hopefully I can change this later, Royal Order, Socialist Federal Republic of Arator, Gamyria and Historica, Puppet Storage 1, The Satellite of Love, Alfheimr, Confederation of Kings, The united nations of liberalia, The Great Region, Candycornarius, Greater Wessex, The Green Shrubbery, British Magic, Republic of Greece, The Arabic Peoples of the Sand Plains, New Britannia Superior, Sarria, Nenhuria, World of A Song of Ice and Fire, The Trantorian Galactic Empire, Fraternal Union of States, Massia, Peregrinus, WU GUIS ARE GREEEEN, Ancient Epic League of Epicness, P R E T Z E L S, Longhornian Puppet Storage Facility, the realm of insanity, Western Capitalist Union, Estados Comunistas de Ikrit, The cool region, United Imperium of Nations, Martial Continent, Hippy Haven, Hail Stalin, The New Maceian Empire, Quadriplegic Quadbikes, Skyway Confederation, North Africa, Triumviratus Caprigenae, The Union of National Governments, Kekxico, The Golden Alliance, Dada, Apocalypticon, Libertaria, Gold Dragon, Radiant Republic, Association of the Countries of the Free, Instagram Community, Australialia, Delta Trianguli, Forlorn Hope, Doanese, The Iron Valley, Littoria, The Wormhole, The Second Home, Byzantion, Worldwide, Oceanic Union, Albatross, Union for Social Democracy, The United Union, Parkland, Nations of Earth, Sukeov Pact, United Nations of Earthlings, General Assembly Legislative Theories, The Confederacy of Free Nations, Conservative Optimism Organization, The Alliance of Highly Advanced Nations, Volconia, Cromwells Colonies, Confederation of Fraline Region Nations, Thoria, The Guardian Patriot Alliance, Pacific Alliance, The Left Wing Database, US Marine Corps, Royal Association of Nations, Boeric, Hegemonia Ayleidi, The Confederacy of Free Lands, Sovereign Independant Nations, Nuclear winter wonderland, Veloria, Disney, Spotsylvania, Eastgate, The Imperium of Agia Germania, The United Council of Nations, Hypercube, The Zoethia Pact, The Seleucian Union, Republic of Isolation, Terra Magna, The Aran Galactic Federation, Himalia, Union Sovietica de Mordor, Happy Utopia, Assembly of Independent Nations, Fremont Armed Forces, Techophilius, The Grand Line, Federation of Progressive Nations, Banned From Union of Democratic States, Bikini Islands, The Battle Guard, The Mighty Kingdom of Avalon, Aynrandia Goes It Alone, The Galactic Imperialistic Legions, The Galaga Flats, Coffee Shop, DennistanRepublic, Joelahtme Parish, Tsuranni, Starbucks, Europa revolusa, East Gwynthorpe, The Malachorian Alliance, The Central Powers League, Yarnia, United Realms Under The Sky, UADS, Rhea, Democratic Freedom Centred Nations, The Axis Confederacy, The Free Conservative Alliance, StarClan, Egalidom, Specter, Giggity Giggity, Athiris II, Greater Gawdzendia, New Western European Union, Kermia Serian Bloc, The International Polling Zone, Cascadia, Florentine Marina, Communist World, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, Auroran, Fauxiania, Mistakes were made, Northern Utopia, The Counterfeit Bandits, Union of Allied States, Gertia, The Syndicate, The Greater Holy Isles, Holina, PROTETORADODECAMPINASS, Confederation of Canada, peace for all governments, Etharia, The Interzone, United States of Upper Silesia, The Nerby Banana Republic, The Monarchist World League, MACUSA, The United States of Commuria, Penguia, Elsweyrian Group of Armed Groups, Telltale Community, The Intergalactic Coalition, Orange and green, Fidget Spinners, Arith, Northsouthern Islands, Barbalaria, Wolpyong, The Confederated States of America, Phoenix Squadron, Union Hispana, Hiatus, The Conservative Region of Grashana, Flavortown, The Region That Invaders Will Take, UniquilibriuM, Neutral Zone, Undertale, Gorgonplunion, New South Asia, Democratic system region, West Central, Soviet Proletariat Republics, The Garden Society, Teds Nationstate Emporium, Federated Nations of Canterbury, The Supreme Region of all Nations, Mentally Degenerate, Southern Rhodesia, The Order of Alliances, Islamic Republic of Jinna, Disgraced Realms, The Reconstituted League of Nations, Torn Earth, Boo Boo Keys, Evirias, Party Hub, Xenonsia, The United Nations of Tylerrism, Liberty Prime, New Red Order, Federalist Frontlines, SGSEPS, Boxerian Republic, The United Tacos of El Paso, Everyone listen to lord chaney, Weeabooland, The Kingdom of Calponia, Dark Alliance 3z, Junderan Protectorates, Greater Catopia, New Penguin Empiere, The Tropic of Rapid Mitosis, International Democratic Community, Amnesia, Hippie Gathering, The Corporations of the World, Annex of Allied Federation of Nations, United North Korea, The Royal Empire of JohSteKen, Union of the World Socialist Republics, British Empire, New Universe Of Creaturia, Royal Navy, Locker, Virtus Alliance, League of United Nations, The Socialist Alliance of Eurasia, ZION HILLS EMPIRES OF THE SON, The City Of San Francisco, CCG PS, The Cosmic Intelligence Hub, RedPill, Turkish Democrats, The Loyal Allied Federation of Nations, Libshitstan, The Silvaran Nations, The Great Library, Ninjago, Realm of Kennor, Future Deleted Nation, Harambe appreciation society, Neues Deutschland, Florencia, Kriegsfuhrende, Nationstates News Flash, Imipole, The IDA Pub, The SCP Foundation, Union of south indian islands, Cote dIvoire, LOTR debating area, Commonwealth of Human Nations, Islamic League, Lorian, Supernovian Republic Union Allied Comand, Shalom, The Awesometopian Union, Atlantic Europe, Dytarmish Puppet Stroage, Cheers, Somalian Archipelago, The IDA Party Hub, Galactic Casino, National Assembly of Asten, Football Land, The Kamicaper Allied Nations, Afrikaner Konfederasie, The Trivoli Costal Federation, Northwest Territories, Economic Trading Union, International Society, In the name of Rothbard, New Ausozera, Svartalfheim, The Rebel Alliance, North Asia, Intergalactic Spampire of Lord Jumbo Dog, Imaginative Republic, Mahtomedi, Uniterra, The Imperial European Union, Council of Islamic States, Ivory Forrest, United Kekistan, Yodas Yo Yo Factory, Leave me alone please, Collation of Coffee Lovers, The Glorious Capitalist Union, Trash Can, Ebenezer, Cyphers, Socialist Middle East, Greater Angbhand, The Fascist State of North America, Minnesota, The Gambia, The Great Fascist Legion, Arcem, Unflagged Realms, The Cordonshurian isles, Collation of Tea, Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, Past to Future, Eagles of Germany, Nukemaina, The Technogratian empire, The Steamlands, Marjuania, Entrados, Subjects of Queen Mesma Revived, Great Sea, Mormonism, UAN, The Nether, The Alterran Republic, Sunhome, Alliance of Nations AoN, The free democratic land of the people, Aerican Empire, The Great Isles, The Alliance of Half Baked Nations, South East Kabazia, leftypol, The New Age Empire, Homina, The Lotus Protection Contract, Worldwide Porn Convention, Neutral Union Of Milton Islands, Argentina Community, Depeche Mode, The Infinite Universe, South East Asia Treaty Organization, The Brotherhood of Steal Your Money, The Kenta Region, Northern Axis, Schon Republic, Roseville, Catholic Seasons, EEDAP, The Atlantic, The alliance of the armed nations, International Union of Nations, Nordic Union, Trexesel, Trumps Kingdom, SovietRepublic, Labor Day, Nation Dumping Ground, The Theocracy Of Josephtanism, Markion, Flauxier Continent, Hogsmeade, United Labor Party, El Nuevo Mundo, United Republic, The Shattered Isles, THe BeRmUDA TrIAngLE, civilized states of indiscrimination, Rafstord, Th3 Gr4nd G4l4xy, Europa Union, The Great Imperial Alliance, S W 3 3 T N 3 S, Alpine Union, The Solar System Union of Nations, Reegean Commonwealth, The Commonwealth of Starland, Allied States of the Riemann Hypothesis, The Intergalactical European Union, The Atheist Empire, The United Nations of Westlandia, The Hole To Hide In, Direita Brasileira, Eustrea, Chinese Republic, The Dragon Empire, Rocklin, The ephemeral world, Welmondo, The Second Ridge of Badgers, Interregional Federation, Royal Boys Land, Axolotlum, The Stamp, Blue Raiders Command Outpost, The Alcatraz Coalition, The Free Region of West Ambrosia, Confederation of Independent Systems, E pluribus unum, The Kingdom of Croatia, United Commonwealth of Socialist Nations, Cyberius Confederation, United States of Albinos, Rimska, Furby Island Puppets, Ancap Alliance, Copaerian Isles, Brazzaville, The Militarized Alliance, Wanderer Paradise, Island of Atlas, Liberal Union, Axiom Supercluster, Crazy Pickle, Island of Atlas Pupp3t storag3, Ranch Dressing Expert Union, The United Forces of the Guildpact, Yam, the imperial league, The New Epician Islands, Steamnations Union, DSFE, Confederation of Holy States, The Isles of Sorva, Carnival of Souls, Turtledom, Island States, Confederacy of the Serene Archipelago, Darkplace, Alliance of individualistic Countries, The Dominaters, Edolas, Land of the Eternal Pineapple, Multiversal Pact, Waitaian Sea, The Arctic Circle, The Next World Syndicate, International Right to Life, La Mancha, Aeris Majora, Nashville Puppet Storage, Lands of Zephathah, HoH SiS, Kedem, Global Democratic Union, Unified Socialist Union, International Star Union, United Regions of Greater Verona, Terra Apocalyptica, Biga Islande, Parliamentary democracy, Home of Nations, Federation of Conservative Nations, Area of Awesomeness, The Insulam Confederacy, Cannabis Land, All Hail God Emperor Kecz, Southeast Bulgaria, Airlines, Comwea De Sola, League Alpha, Pirate Bay, The United Nations of Justopia II, Communion for Human Freedom, Autonomous Circle of Magi, Roman Empire, New Celtic Union, Neo Otaku Utopia, F l o r i d a, The Archadien Empire, Holy Lands, The Wonderland, The United Nations Space Command, The Golden Axis of Pontus States, The United Boards of 4Chan, Chadistan, The Iron Volk, Dattish Union, Enedwaith, Confederation of the Bschusserburg, Greater Sounstian, Dictators of the world, Mooresvillian Reichsparliament, Kings Of Peterborough, The Great Region of Bachland, Fourth Hanseatic Trade League, An America Divided, NS April Fools Day Jokes, Region of Former Danish Peoples, Staurma, volkrrania, The home of love and peace, Tarantula, Exiverse, iLead Encino, ROMANIA OFFICIAL, My Little Pony Equestria, Empire of the Bering Strait, The Commonwealth Parliament, Segregated Dictator States of Lil Pump90, Lobster Rock, Jade Order, Highfields, International Economic Union, Londinium, Rogue CONclave, The Forge of Hephaestus, Scribble Union, Anteiku Cafe, Outer Rim, Nations of the Sky, Soviet Squad, St James Federative Union, Unats Nation storage, The United Supremacies of The World, Latinoamerica, Northern European Confederation, Zpookikazian League, The United Empires of Carson, Castocium, Europa Divided, Paeland, Union of Leftist States, Divided Districts of the World, The Holy Union of Anime Lovers, Scandi puppet storage, Wehrofian Colonies, Independent States of NationStates, Region of Billions, Straits of Transnistria, Cincinnati Zoo, The united states of NS, The Rejected Refugees, The Fuel of the Ages, CORE, United Micronations, The Union of Allied Nations, The Socialist Neutrality Bloc, United Free Space, Grand Fourth Reich, God Warriors, Afro Eurasia, The North Lalotog, and Orient.

The embassy with A Region is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

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The embassy with Boxerian Republic is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

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The Great Universe contains 26 nations, the 541st most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Least Corrupt Governments in The Great Universe

World Census agents tempted government officials with financial and other inducements to bend the rules and recorded how often their proposals were declined.

As a region, The Great Universe is ranked 16,175th in the world for Least Corrupt Governments.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Most Serene Republic of GratoreationdusiaNew York Times Democracy“Show Me What You Got”
2.The Democratic Republic of Lil SandyAnarchy“You Can't Stop Progress”
3.The Queendom of LibellulesCivil Rights Lovefest“Lieblich”
4.The IDA Ambassador State of New Land ofAnarchy“Hello”
5.The Empire of Druk TsendhenLiberal Democratic Socialists“Peace and Justice”
6.The Kingdom of Ur GlaschuAnarchy“No one provokes me with impunity”
7.The Empire of German-Austrian StateCorporate Bordello“All Germans together as one!”
8.The Principality of ClovernesiaAnarchy“They're_magically_diabolical!”
9.The Christmas Defense Legion of PlAnET FlORiDALeft-Leaning College State“★.`.★アスキーで私たちは信頼します★.`.★”
10.The Allied States of PagualeonInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Time doesn't cure anything”

Regional Poll • Which of my family

The Pukeing kingdom of Rol Geo Dia wrote:Nothing to see here

Voting opened 3 hours ago and will close . Open to large, native residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “Should we hold a Presidential Election?!”

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The Great Universe Regional Message Board

Bordeaux association wrote:Hey I probably want to join this region, you have election ?

I think we are voting to see if we will have elections.

Bordeaux association and The Universe World

The Motiona wrote:I think we are voting to see if we will have elections.

Oh okay I understand

The Universe World and The Motiona

The Motiona wrote:oh OH well I don't know what to say now, I will not be friends with that person anymore with their black hawks nation buut wih their north pacific nation I will still be friends with him.

Dose not matter

The Universe World and The Motiona

I am really happy this is better than my last region! International Economic Union is my current one! and my favorite member of it is The sinbaban Gangstar! but i soon need to terminate him... >:)

The Universe World and PlAnET FlORiDA

Gosh so many regions.

The Universe World

European freedom wrote:I am really happy this is better than my last region! International Economic Union is my current one! and my favorite member of it is The sinbaban Gangstar! but i soon need to terminate him... >:)


The Universe World

Rol Geo Dia wrote:No

i can and i will

The Universe World

European freedom wrote:i can and i will


The Universe World

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