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Welcome to the Middle East, birthplace of all the monotheistic faiths and of historically famous civilizations.
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Middle East contains 74 nations, the 166th most in the world.

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As a region, Middle East is ranked 9,300th in the world for Highest Crime Rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Headbangin Nation of MetalopolisCapitalist Paradise“Balls to the wall”
2.The Desolated Plains of WastelandCapitalizt“Wasteland”
3.The Republic of YemenAnarchy“Do not sigh, for your enemy will hear and rejoice.”
4.The Federation of United Iraqi City StatesAnarchy“United Under One Flag | متحدون تحت علم واحد”
5.The Islamic Emirate of BasillandiaCorporate Police State“Adhere to righteousness and you will prosper”
6.The Free Land of HaTzionCompulsory Consumerist State“A land without a people for a people without a land”
7.The Federation of The Jordanian StatesCivil Rights Lovefest“Strength Through Unity | القوة من خلال الوحدة”
8.The Empire of BasillandIron Fist Consumerists“Live long and prosper”
9.The Kingdom of RidisiaCompulsory Consumerist State“Allahu Akbar”
10.The Kingdom of ArazinaCompulsory Consumerist State“Allahu Akbar”
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Middle East Regional Message Board

The Federation of Minski-Rus wrote:Hurraqi companies invest in Minski-Rus!
Barry Shekelstein the finance minister said “It is a Great day for us as our Economic growth can continue”

LMAO Hurraq was a communist country LOL... But Hurraq can have an strong relationship or ally with Minski-Rus, like exporting it's oil, uranium deposit and cars and i'll post the news headline soon

Also is there any more slavic name than "Barry Shekelstein"? maybe the finance minister's name should like Ivan Ivanovich Ivanovsky or Boris Aleksandrov

Afsharid Persia, Abadi Arabia, Basillandia, and Nijad

ANA - Abadi News Agency, 25/7/2017, 10:44 Riyadh

First Political Parties established

In the aftermath Al-Abbas' announcement on July 24, the country has hereby officially been renamed to The Republic of Abadi Arabia, and plans for a Parliament and Constitution are being worked on by a special committee which was hastily assembled in Riyadh last night.

Once Abadi Arabia's status in MEPACO is confirmed, and the recent Trade agreements with The Empire of Afsharid Persia are brought into effect, King Al-Abbas Ibn Abd Al-Fawaris will relinquish the throne and move to Mecca, as it has been decided that Holy City shall remain under the Monarchy's rule.

Additionally, two Political Parties have been established, namely the Abadi Muslim Brotherhood and the Abadi Ba'athist Party (see - nation=abadi_arabia/detail=factbook). Some worry that these two polar opposite ideologues will cause political tensions in the years to come, resulting in many wondering: Is Abadi Arabia ready for Democracy?

Afsharid Persia, Hurraq, and Nijad

Hurraqi Broadcasting Company - The first wrecks of HQ334 are found!

RAMNAZIMUN - The first wrecks of the HQ334 are found in the Adriatic Sea, 500 kms off the coast of Inukastan. The wrecks was found by the team of the ESARNdH, the Hurraqi national SAR team.

The ESARNdH team finally found the first wrecks after two days of finding the lost airplane accompanied with Egyptian SAR team, North Trideshian SAR team and Afsharid Persia SAR team. The first wrecks could be the clue why the airplane crashed. The wrecks have been sent to Cairo, Benha to be investigated.

However, the black box aren't yet found by the SAR teams. Currently, the SAR teams from several countries of Middle East have been commited to search the black box as the first priority. The victim's bodies are also not found yet.

Afsharid Persia, Benha, Abadi Arabia, and Nijad

Veneziean Central Television - The Veneziean navy ejects ship and aircrafts from Venezie's water border .

The Veneziean navy began to ejects all types of ships from the Venezie's water border including SAR ship and aircrafts.

it is said that this happened because Venezie claimed that a test involving a hydrogen bomb is underway.

it was consider that this means that the SAR teams won't be able to fully investigate and search for the wrecks of the HQ334 since the plane crashed near the Veneziean eastern coast.

yet the Venezie's Nuclear and Chemical Defense Bureau said that the test shall be carried out soon enough and we will announce when ship and aircrafts can return to our water border.


Persia News Agency - Tehran.

Abadi Arabia shocks the region; Persia blames Venezie for HQ334 disaster

The abdication of the Abadi throne by the King and the establishment of the republic has shocked the region, and especially shocked many in the Royal Court in Afsharid Persia.

"We are surprised, just as the whole world surely is, by King Al-Abbas Ibn Abd Al-Fawaris's decision to abdicate the throne and establish a republic. It pleases us to see this transition of power be done peacefully and wish the new government luck. We hope that the Republic will uphold all agreements made during the reign of the monarchy." said the Shah on his social media page with an image of himself and the Abadi Arabian King shaking hands.

The move has put more pressure on the Shah by his opponents to abdicate the throne as well. Many opposition groups favor the establishment of a republic and the removal of the monarchy despite the Persian Constitutional Revolution that greatly limited the Shah's powers as a ruler. This was also evident during the Persian Civil War after the death of the late Nader Shah II.

In other news, the Defense Minister of Afsharid Persia, Kian Tajbakhsh, blamed the downing of Hurraqi airlines flight 334 on the government of Venezie.

"Our intelligence forces suspect the government of Venezie to be behind the attacks. They are trying to get a reaction from the Hurraqis in order to have a reason to invade the North African nation. This is a brutal regime that rose to power Northern Italy and came to conquer the whole country through bloodshed. Then, in total violation of international law, the Dictator of Venezie invaded France and continued his slaughtering. This regime has been terrorizing Europe for a while now and they wish to expand to North Africa as well too. We have every reason to blame them. With all due respect to Sultana Nadiya of North Trideshia, she is much too kind to believe that this was simply a "malfunction". She should be more familiar with such regimes, especially since her nation shares such a close border with a similar murderous Dictatorship in Abu Arabia." said the Defence Minister in an interview.

The Defense Minister also mentioned that the establishment of a Ba'athist party in the new Republic of Abadi Arabia is "alarming".

"This Ba'athist ideology is like a Hydra. When you cut one head, two more grow out elsewhere. It hasn't even been a week since we rid Hurraq of this cancer and another one springs up in Abadi Arabia"

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 - Tehran

Abadi Arabia

Here are the rules for the new members to have a look at:


Okay so i found out that Venezie's territory included Switzerland.... as a pro-UN guy i feel mentally shaken since Swiss was a neutral country that cannot be invaded

Afsharid Persia, Abadi Arabia, and Nijad

Basillandia Broadcasting Corporation- Madrid

Basillandia Becomes MEPACO observer state ; Awkaria absolved into Basillandia ; Restraint Urged in HQ334 disaster efforts ; Basillandian Hawks call for stronger relations with Venezie.

Basillandian foreign minister, Ibn Battuta has announced that Basillandia has become a MEPACO observer state.

The land which previously belonged to Awkar, a semi autonomous region which borders Al Andalus , has now been absolved into Andalusian territory and shall now be part of greater Andalusia.

Caliph Basil calls for restraint and calm in wake of the HQ334 disaster, and Andalusian scientists and military experts have put the disaster down to an engine malfunction. David Juan Shekelstein, CEO of ELA Aviación, put it down to "shoddy Hurraqi engineering" and has called for the Hurraqi government to put up stricter regulations on its aeronautical industry to prevent future disasters like this.

Basillandian Hawks are calling for stronger relations with our brothers in "race and culture" the Venezians and are calling on the Caliph to issue a statement in support of Venezie and are hoping for free movement between borders and increased trade, hoping Venezian products can be used to bolster the manufacturing sector of the Andalusian economy


Nijad public broadcasting service

Minister of Foreign affairs Raj al-Tikriti speaks on the HQ334 disaster

In a official statement from the foreign ministry  Minister al-Tikriti said

“Greek Authorities have alerted us that the Hurraqi Airlines flight 334 black box was found on their shoreline as well as the bodies of the al-Mhati Family from Nijad. Hurraqi authority's have been alerted about the location of the black box. The al-Mhati family will be returned to Nijad as soon as possible.”

Fighting Continues on the Outskirts of Khobid; Concerns Over The Republic of Abadi Arabian Political Parties
Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Although President al-Hasshem announced victory in the city of Khobid just last week, sporadic firefights between Jaish al-Tahrir insurgents and Sahareen Republican Army soldiers in the outskirts and countryside surrounding the city have continued. The Sahareen branch of Amnesty International has reported an airstrike hit a compound and killed 7 civilians yesterday evening. Bassem al-Khalidi, the Minister of Defence, held a press briefing regarding the situation: "At 2320 hours yesterday, one of our patrols came under fire from a nearby compound. Two soldiers suffered injuries. Following this, the patrol requested close air support and an F-4 Phantom from the Tirasah Military Airbase was dispatched immediately. The compound was hit and the patrol moved in to investigate the compound, finding two dead insurgents alongside with five dead civilians and two with very severe injuries. Sadly, the field medic assigned to the patrol could not save the injured victims. The situation was an unfortunate one, and I offer the deepest condolences to the families affected by this."

President al-Hasshem has applauded The Republic of Abadi Arabia for it's move to transition to a republic, and hopes it will be peaceful. He voiced concerns over radical parties such as the Ba'ath party gaining traction. "The evils of Ba'athism are numerous and open for all to read in this day and age. I hope the people of The Republic of Abadi Arabia will not squander their opportunity for free elections, and vote an ideology into power that supports the creation of one-party states."

Al-Nasr News Network, al-Qaitabh

Afsharid Persia

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