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RIGHT TO LIFE is a community of nations that recognizes and promotes defense of the unalienable rights of the unborn. The nations of this region oppose induced abortion in all or most cases.

World Assembly members are required to endorse the WA Delegate: Traditum.

The endorsement cap is two-thirds of the WA Delegate's endorsements.

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Imperii Ecclesia (Traditum) wins presidential election.
The Gallant Old Republic appointed Convention's speaker.
• 75% of residents approve constitutional convention.

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Right to Life contains 130 nations, the 216th most in the world.

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1.The Commonwealth of KylesylvaniaRight-wing Utopia“Qui Transtulit Sustinet”
2.The Republic of Stri SirkloguncerofeCorporate Police State“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
3.The Southern Baptist Empire of The RCSCapitalist Paradise“To God be the glory!”
4.The Commonwealth of The Free State of GibraltarCapitalist Paradise“Blessed be the Rock”
5.The Confederacy of SilentsonCorporate Bordello“Make Silentson great again!”
6.The Dominion of TotusaCapitalizt“To the Heights”
7.The Republic of Waterfallean 45Anarchy“Strength Through Freedom”
8.The Republic of Maga MericaCapitalist Paradise“Making America Great Again”
9.The Federation of Aryan StatesCorporate Police State“In God We trust”
10.The Republic of KrufalBenevolent Dictatorship“...”
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Imperii Ecclesia wrote:Excellent points; one thing I find interesting to add (not sure it is super relevant); the Council of Florence/Basel/Ferrara actually managed to restore union for a time, meaning the last 'Emperors' (sorry won't delve too deep into Translatio Imperii today) of Byzantium actually died in communion with Rome, before the Ottomans supported the anti-reconciliation party to drive a wedge between the Greeks and the Latins to solidify their control. Just a fun fact.

I would need more time before getting into the larger argument at hand.

Wow this is third time i heard an orthodox leader converted and then died! First time i discovered was Vlad of Wallachia, an orthodox who converted to catholicism so he can marry a Hungarian princess, to the shock of Romanian clergy and people, then he died in combat against the Turks.
Second time i heard is Dusan of Serbia, an orthodox who converted to catholicism and suddently died. Now this is third time i hear eastern leader conver and dies!

Also why is the word emperors under quotation marks lol? You dont recognize them?

The Gallant Old Republic wrote:In honor of today's Feast, Jesus Christ King of the Universe, I post the following from the original decree:

"Thus the empire of our Redeemer embraces all men. To use the words of Our immortal predecessor, Pope Leo XIII: 'His empire includes not only Catholic nations, not only baptized persons who, though of right belonging to the Church, have been led astray by error, or have been cut off from her by schism, but also all those who are outside the Christian faith; so that truly the whole of mankind is subject to the power of Jesus Christ.' Nor is there any difference in this matter between the individual and the family or the State; for all men, whether collectively or individually, are under the dominion of Christ. In him is the salvation of the individual, in him is the salvation of society....If, therefore, the rulers of nations wish to preserve their authority, to promote and increase the prosperity of their countries, they will not neglect the public duty of reverence and obedience to the rule of Christ....When once men recognize, both in private and in public life, that Christ is King, society will at last receive the great blessings of real liberty, well-ordered discipline, peace and harmony." (

Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat.

And a translation of Fortunatus' great hymn:
The banners of the king advance
Shines forth the mystery of the Cross
Whereby in the flesh, the creator of flesh
Was hung up on a gibbet.

Extending the heart, hands, and feet
Pierced with nails,
By the gift of redemption
Here the victim was offered.

Where, wounded up above
By the awful point of a lance,
In order to wash us from sin,
He dripped with water and blood.

Those prophecies were fulfilled which
David sang in faithful song,
By saying to all the nations:
“God reigned from a tree.”

The tree beautiful and shining,
Dressed in the purple of the king
Chosen on account of its worthy post
To touch such holy limbs.

*And I'm not ignoring you Roborian, I just can't spare the time this evening.

Christus Vincit! I celebrated it back on the Last Sunday of October :)

Question: What are your views on civil and/ or secular marriage?

Liberfreedomia wrote:Question: What are your views on civil and/ or secular marriage?

Completely irrelevant to the pro-life movement. It really bothers me when people put abortion and marriage issues in the same category (not saying that you are at all).

Of course, in Christian society marriage should be Christian. Otherwise, we'd still want civil/secular marriage to be as virtuous as possible. At least in modern society, promoting awareness for the sanctity of life is a better path to social conversion than promoting the sanctity of marriage. Sadly, people hold marriage in an increasingly cynical light.

Liberfreedomia wrote:Question: What are your views on civil and/ or secular marriage?

There is no such thing as civil and secular marriage, marriage is a christian religious bond. It is a misnomer to call it civil/secular marriage, instead refer to it as a partnership, whether the gov should be involved in it is another question

Marriage existed long before the Incarnation. Historically, every culture marries to make a familial covenant between a man and a woman. Marriage is universally a social good where human rights and natural law are respected.

However, marriage is perfected in Christ. Other marriages may not exist in the real, spiritual sense, but they certainly do socially. I’d still consider those marriages to exist, but imperfectly. A non-Christian marriage may still have good elements, but it remains fundamentally lacking without God.

Marriage is a Genesis 2 issue, not a New Testament issue, so I agree that it is a long-standing institution common to all people. That said, what exactly is a marriage? If it's a lifelong commitment save in a few scenarios (and even then we see God is faithful in the Ezekiel 16 passage even when Israel was an adulterous wife), and civil unions are dissolved freely, how many people are actually married? If marriage is God bringing people together (what God brought together, let not man separate, Matthew 19:6), does that mean He brought together all people in civil unions we call marriage?

Obviously marriage is perfected in Christ, and marriage is a foreshadowing of Christ's relationship with the Church, but it makes me wonder if secular or pagan married people are really married and God brought them together, and that we shouldn't even support sinful civil unions in the name of tolerance, or if they aren't married and whatever they do isn't considered a legitimate marriage ordained by God and thus isn't our issue.

Marriage is instituted by God, with Adam and Eve being the first married people. My mind is fuzzy right now as I know what a Christian marriage should look like, but now I wonder if civil unions (government ordained partnerships) and marriages are mutually exclusive. One is a covenant relationship, and the other a government contract. I'm tired too, so I'm probably all over the place, but I'll think about this and read the Bible more.

Gardessen wrote: A non-Christian marriage may still have good elements, but it remains fundamentally lacking without God.

It cannot be a marriage if it lacks God. Yes, many cultures ascribe to the concept of marrying, but marriage in the sense we know it is Christian, regardless if others do the same and call it the same thing.

Dehlkian wrote:It cannot be a marriage if it lacks God. Yes, many cultures ascribe to the concept of marrying, but marriage in the sense we know it is Christian, regardless if others do the same and call it the same thing.

If this is true and only Christians have marriage at all, I’m concerned by the implication that there is no marriage bond whatsoever between a “husband” and “wife” in another culture. Would it not remove the gravity of adultery from them entirely? If Christian marriage doesn’t exist in a society, a man having sex with anyone would be just as sinful as having sex with his “wife”, as all acts of procreation would be fornication no matter what. And divorce would actually be a good thing!

God intended for all people to be fruitful and multiply through the bonds of faithful marriage. Christian marriage may be alone in perfection and holiness, but I disagree that non-Christian marriages don’t exist at all in the eyes of God.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the point you’re making and need more clarity. I guess the questions I have are, do all non-Christian marriages necessarily lack God, and what is the sense of marriage that sets Christian marriage apart? I’m struggling to see why this would entirely invalidate all marriages in other cultures, especially those that are loving and uphold natural law.

Gardessen wrote:Completely irrelevant to the pro-life movement.

Last time we talked about when is the time human life starts, and it resulted in theological debate that lasted for a week lol. I think its safe to say that question about marriage is related to both pro-life movement and religion.

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