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Warzone Sandbox is a Warzone! The WA Delegate may eject nations as it pleases, but bans are temporary. The region cannot be password-protected and has no Founder.

WA Delegate: The New Regime of Morover (elected )

Longest-serving Delegate: The Tropical Paradise of One Small Island (924 days)

Last WA Update:

Board Activity History Admin Rank

Most Valuable International Artwork: 10th Most Influential: 260th Largest Soda Pop Sector: 456th+12
Most World Assembly Endorsements: 829th Largest Retail Industry: 1,056th Fattest Citizens: 1,446th Largest Black Market: 1,650th Most Corrupt Governments: 2,072nd Largest Gambling Industry: 2,355th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 2,416th Most Cultured: 2,433rd Highest Unexpected Death Rate: 2,477th Most Secular: 2,508th Most Nations: 2,606th Most Advanced Public Education: 2,640th
World Factbook Entry

...and there amid the shifting sands was the Golden Realm of Warzone Sandbox, capital realm of the Warzone Empire!

Join the World Assembly and endorse the Duchess of the Sands Morover to improve regional security and earn imperial favor!

Our regional endorsement cap is zero, do not exceed the endorsement cap!

Join the LinkImperial Discord Server and apply for citizenship or residency to get started!

Visit the other Realms of the Warzone Empire:
The Amythest Realm of Warzone Australia

Embassies: The League, Warzone Asia, Warzone Australia, Warzone Airspace, Warzone Europe, Warzone Africa, the Rejected Realms, 10000 Islands, Caer Sidi, St Abbaddon, Spiritus, Mariner Trench, One big Island, Yuno, Avadam Inn, Warzone Vacation Resort, and 9 others.The Potato Alliance, The Freedom Isles, The Sand Empire, The Republic Nations, United Landon Confederation, Lazarus, The Transgender Region, Gaea, and The Appalachian Order.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Defender, Founderless, Imperialist, LGBT, Offsite Chat, Small, and Warzone.

Warzone Sandbox contains 10 nations, the 2,606th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Smartest Citizens in Warzone Sandbox

The World Census eavesdropped on conversations in coffee shops, on campuses, and around cinemas in order to determine which nations have the most quick-witted, insightful, and knowledgeable citizens.

As a region, Warzone Sandbox is ranked 7,968th in the world for Smartest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The New Regime of MoroverLibertarian Police State“The people come first.”
2.The Nice Nation of Beary PinkCivil Rights Lovefest“This is nice sandbox”
3.The Jingoistic States of Democracy Or ElseInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unity, Democracy, and Peace... Or Else”
4.The Tropical Paradise of One Small IslandNew York Times Democracy“It's no better to be safe than sorry.”
5.The Allied States of SpagnoliaMoralistic Democracy“FREEDOM UNDER THE DOLLAR”
6.The Republic of PhastiaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“You Can't Stop Progress”
7.The Republic of Not human landDemocratic Socialists“Motto...”
8.The Federation of The Dark apprenticeIron Fist Consumerists“Yeet”
9.The Military of Third ZSeparatistsIron Fist Consumerists“Spy, Attack, and Destroy”
10.The Warzone Sandbox Collection of OSI WZSB CCMoralistic Democracy“There Are No Friends In NationStates Cards”

Regional Happenings


Warzone Sandbox Regional Message Board

This region is trashed!

Furry Fans wrote:OwO
This region is trashed!

yes so was ours. we rebuilt though.

We are working on possible solutions. I will keep people informed of the progress on our discord.

I will stop the Embassy closures as soon as I get home.

Hey all! Sad to see Sandbox got raided. Best of wishes to The Empire, and hope you all have a good week.


April update for 10000 Islands is below.

Stats of the Month:

Date: April, 2022| Population: 1713 nations| Delegate Endorsement: 414 endorsements

Table of Contents

~Around the Islands

~Islander Achievements

~XKI Gameside

~Meet the Nation

~The World Assembly

About the Emissary Report

The 10KI Update is a monthly report about the regional happenings of XKI made by the Blue Canaria North Senator and the Deputy BCN Senator. Stay tuned for any updates!

More XKI!



April TIBOE Update

April TITO Update

Interested in XKI? All of our Foreign Affairs dispatches will be published by 10000 Islands Foreign Affairs, and posted in our embassy thread!

TITO Command

Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:

~Chief Executive: Hakketomat

~Field Commander: Kanta Hame

~Tactical Officers: Thedairos, Smugglers and Mercs (TITO EF), Controlitia, Wischland, Flying Eagles, Thedairos

~Executive Officers: HN67, Eastern New England


As of this report's publication, the Government of 10000 Islands consists of:

~Chief Executive: Hakketomat

~WA Delegate: Markanite

~Senior Senator for Lyonnesse East (Houses): Aschente

~Senator for New Republica South (Debates and Discussions): Liberdon

~Senator for Himes West (Role Play): AxeCapital

~Senator for Blue Canaria North (Emissary Report): Gonggong

~Minister of Education: Porflox

~Minister of Labor: Wille-Harlia

~Minister of Immigration: Valentian Elysium

Information about other government officials of 10000 Islands can be found Linkhere.

Around the Islands

~In early through mid April, the National Flag Competition, originally created by Anime Daisuki and now recently revived by Thedairos, was held. The competition was to see who had the best and most creative national flag. After voting had ended, Brickston and Hashari Darussalam both came out as first place and runner-up and were each granted their respective prizes of a legendary card & 100000 Tacos and a legendary card & 50000 Tacos. Check out the full thread Linkhere!.

Islander Achievements

~Congrats to Brickston for being the first place winner of the National Flag Competition!

~Congrats to Hashari Darussalam for being the runner-up of the National Flag Competition!

XKI Game-Side

This month our favorite Regional Pollster, Jabberwocky, brought us two fantastic polls; the first one asked Islanders if they anticipated a better year in 2022 than they had in 2022 and the second one asked Islanders if there is intelligent extraterrestrial life.

In the first poll, there were 180 voters, of which 53 (29.44%) said yes, they’re optimistic, 23 (12.78%) said no, they’re a pessimist, 88 (48.89%) said maybe and decided to withhold judgement until they had seen more of 2022, and 16 (8.89%) said from the viewpoint of eternity, all points in time, past, present and future, coexist simultaneously.

No idea what the last one means, but I’m hoping for the best for everyone in 2022!

In the second poll, there were 194 voters, of which 18 (9.28%) said no, because Homo sapiens is the pinnacle of biological evolution, 160 (82.47%) said yes because it is inconceivable that we are the only intelligent life in the universe, and 16 (8.25%) said no because they’re not convinced that there is intelligent terrestrial life.

I suppose we’ll never know the truth unless space exploration expands considerably in the next few decades. Oh well…

As usual, it was pretty miserable looking through 300 pages worth of January RMB posts...but I did manage to find some hilarious (or perhaps just noteworthy) moments.

~ Definition of laziness

~ Time really files

~ Don’t we all?

~ The dough is a lie.

~ Never!

~ Me too

~ A good question

~ So disappointing…

~ I’ll need to see that in writing

Meet The Nation

This month, the DelegateMarkanite interviewed Gonggong before their appointment as Senator for Blue Canaria North!.

Mark: First off, how did you join NS and why pick XKI as a region?

Gong: I first joined NS as a nation named Ravanon! At first, I never really joined any region until I made an alt account called Selu-Ahare, where I joined XKI through a telegram from Sulenia inviting me to XKI! A bit after, for RP reasons, I made an alt called Gonggong to join ATA.

Mark: And you've been here ever since! What is your favourite thing about XKI?

Gong: My favorite thing would be the community! For me, it really feels warm and inviting!

Mark: Brilliant! Do you have any additional roles in 10000 Islands? Tell us about them!

Gong: The only role in XKI that I have is Tiboe secretary! As Tiboe secretary, I get to write the monthly summary report for Tiboe and I also answer Liberdon's phone calls and organize her files!

Mark: I know from seeing you work that you are exemplary at your job. TIBOE is such an important group for the region and you and Liberdon are the dream team! What other areas of XKI interest you? Do you have any future ambitions?

Gong: Hmm, in XKI I'd like to run for a seat in the Co9 at some point! Though I'm not entirely sure which one I'd run for, or if I can even run a good platform.

Mark: Well whichever one you choose, I'm sure you will be amazing. 10000 Islands is lucky to have you! Thank you for doing the interview!

Hope to see you all next month, your XKI Update Staff is signing off!

Gonggong and Markanite

Read dispatch

I am going to try and post here more often when there is discussion, no guarantees though

Hello, I am interesting in creating a Commonwealth out of all the WarZones. what would your thoughts on this be?

Firestorm21 wrote:Hello, I am interesting in creating a Commonwealth out of all the WarZones. what would your thoughts on this be?


One Small Island wrote:No.

no reasoning for why it's NO? We could certainly make it worth your while. What does your region need?

Firestorm21 wrote:no reasoning for why it's NO? We could certainly make it worth your while. What does your region need?

I have spent the better part of three years explaining my reasoning. Feel free to reach out to me via discord if you would like me to enumerate those reasons once more.

One Small Island wrote:I have spent the better part of three years explaining my reasoning. Feel free to reach out to me via discord if you would like me to enumerate those reasons once more.

my WiFi network does not support discord. if you could take the time to telegram me instead I would appreciate it.

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