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The Alliance To Obliterate Many Inferior Contenders, or ATOMIC if you're a heretic with a short attention span, includes the following regions:

- 21st Century Rome
- Force
- Iwakusphere
- The Labyrinth

- Laraniem
- Lorania
- Southfield
- phoenix partners

- Thaecia
- The Democratic Republic
- The East Pacific
- The Free Nations Region

- The Kingdom of Great Britain
- Wintercrest
- Wintreath

We shall fear no evil, we shall fear no death, we shall fear not the nuclear hellfire that awaits us all, for to stand with strength is a thing to be proud of!

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    ATOMIC | Master Dispatch

    MetaGameplay by Heaveria . 68 reads.

Embassies: The Labyrinth, The East Pacific, The Free Nations Region, Frozen Circle, Laraniem, phoenix partners, Lorania, Thaecia, and The Democratic Republic.

Construction of embassies with Fylkirvegr has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Force has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Gargantuan, Industrial, Puppet Storage, and Silly.

ATOMIC contains 1,339 nations, the 18th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Rudest Citizens in ATOMIC

World Census experts telephoned citizens from all nations at just before dinner time, in a study to determine which populations were most brash, rude, or brusque.

As a region, ATOMIC is ranked 12,760th in the world for Rudest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Incorporated States of The Far Western ArchipelagoAnarchy“Nation of Humility and Justice”
2.The Armed Republic of Nepali Marines SLBM 1Capitalist Paradise“Nukes good”
3.The Armed Republic of Nepali Marines SLBM 3Anarchy“Nukes good”
4.The Armed Republic of Nepali Marines SLBM 4Anarchy“God nukes”
5.The Kingdom of WeirdEyeHandAnarchy“Join The Labyrinth!”
6.The Armed Republic of Nepali Marines SLBM 2Corporate Bordello“Nukes good”
7.The Republic of Ugo nuke 1Corporate Bordello“By The People For The People”
8.The Allied States of 3rd Bobblehead DivisionAnarchy“Creating peace throughout Laraniem”
9.The Republic of Ugo nuke 8Anarchy“Unity, Discipline, Work”
10.The Oppressed Peoples of DinglelandCorporate Bordello“Join The Labyrinth!”
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ATOMIC Regional Message Board

Just noticed that another large faction is being formed, that is The Potato Alliance. We might have some competition!!

Also if anyone is a raider or a defender then please use your puppets during N-day, unless if someone who actually has an official post says otherwise.

Violet Vult! Death to heretics!

Hey hey hey

Post self-deleted by Con Ins Lallakerscak.

Why do so many people have so many puppets? This is my only puppet lol.

Sidramye Royal Fighting Corps wrote:Why do so many people have so many puppets? This is my only puppet lol.

Trading cards, N-day etc.


Free of bias since August 9th 2020!

Some asks for subs may not have been put in accidentally. If you think you were one of those, pls telegram.


Place Region Yesterday Today

#1 Chicken overlords 10,389 10,386
#2 The North Pacific 10,153 10,190
#3 The East Pacific 8,886 8,869
#4 The South Pacific 8,469 8,477
#5 Osiris 7,768 7,763
#6 Balder 7,557 7,523
#7 Lazarus 7,529 7,547
#8 The Pacific 6,811 6,802
#9 The Rejected Realms 6,777 6,731
#10 The West Pacific 6,922 6,019


In the GA, "Commercial Arbitration Recognition" is up for the vote, and it is ranked LIKELY FOR.
In the SC, "Commend The Red Fleet" is up for the vote, and it is also ranked SAFE FOR.

Hello everybody! A ton of news just flooded in, as what usually happens when I wait a while to publish the next edition. First off, as you probably already know, Kranostav has been elected delegate of the North Pacific! Watch the transition of endorsements here.

Speaking of new delegates, HumanSanity has become Delegate of 10000 Islands, succeeding the amazing reign of (Former) Delegate Kuriko. Congratulations on the new delegate!

Oh, and Noahs Second Country became an issue editor! Congratulations! Anyway, yes, the EuroOlympics are here! Good luck to everyone who participates, of course. The sporty season is really kicking off with IAFF also starting again, and if you have trouble keeping track of the sports news, NSNBA-NSNFL has a news dispatch to keep you updated!

IN R/D NEWS, TBH did no known raids, TGW now liberated United Coalition and is attempting to liberate Socialist Warriors, Stront Union has been raided by Europeia. Janus among others has been raided by The East Pacific. In NoN', TWP fell a lot, The City of Ba Sing Se gained a lot, as well as Atomic.

In terms of "other" news, the N-day server list is here, along with The North Pacific Vision Semi-Final 1, as well as Semi-Final 2! The Labyrinth held elections for a lot of stuff, and here are the results. In Newspapers, the Layem Times is out, the NS Chronicle is too! TSP had a LogoFest, and Thaecia seems to be having MP elections, check their RMB. The featured region today is The Mystical Council! Congratulations!


Creator's note: The following is a story with some jokes. You can obviously know what's a joke and what's not!

Nukes fly, people die: N-Day5.

By La xinga

N-day is becoming closer and closer, and everybody better get ready. Protect your people!

Seriously, reporters in Max Barry's office claimed the day of nuclear destruction be on September 26th, and last N-day had "The Horsemen of the Apocalypse" in 1st place and Uppercuts in last.

This is what you need to know for N-day. Read it before you, yourself, are embroiled in the conflict! That, or you might be a defense specialist and defend nations, or an economic specialist that........ask someone. Basically they can store extra stuff, but some regions do different stuff with them.

Although don't get mad if someone nukes you or blocks your bomb (shield), remember, it's just a game, the other person is also a human, not Max Barry. (Before you ask, yes, we have studies that confirm that Max Barry is not just a human.)

Back on topic, they are fears that the radiation form the bomb will not only kill people, but turn them into zombies around a month later. Yes, actual zombies.

This radiation can do many things, such as making your people have three eyes, one nostril, oh, how terrible.

Now why is the world going into nuclear destruction? We don't know. Although one's thing for sure: This N-day will have some weird factions.

Which faction do you think will win N-day?

if you found any mistakes, inaccuracies, or errors, tg La xinga immediately!

Ping me to sub!
Read dispatch

N-day, and I think Atomic will crush!

How to make atomic the largest region push other tiny regions into atomic

How to make atomic grow largeDanga Tagarwill tell you all to raid tiny regions and push them intoATOMIC


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