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Welcome to the Frozen Realm of Wintreath!

Established on October 17th, 2013. Home of friendship, meritocracy, and opportunity. Refuge for warmth and hospitality in the frigid, frozen land of eternal winter...

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Wintreath contains 341 nations, the 30th most in the world.

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The Largest Insurance Industry in Wintreath

The World Census posed as door-to-door salespeople in order to establish which nations have the most extensive Insurance industries.

As a region, Wintreath is ranked 9,235th in the world for Largest Insurance Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Corporate Paradise of IndustrieCorporate Police State“It's just good buisness”
2.The Empire of The AnathemaFather Knows Best State“The Emperor Protects...”
3.The Corporate Superpower of Club StoicFather Knows Best State“Business before business.”
4.The Free Republic of PonderosaAnarchy“Live Free”
5.The Allied States of BrekenwedeFree-Market Paradise“Progress Is An Undefeatable Notion ”
6.The Master Race of New HatfieldCompulsory Consumerist State“Wir Sind Legion”
7.The Constitutional Monarchy of Grand Land of BLargInoffensive Centrist Democracy“If we can't be ourselves, you can't be yourself.”
8.The Kingdom of AlukoaIron Fist Consumerists“Mi o le waku jare”
9.The Queendom of ItslandiaNew York Times Democracy“Meep meep.”
10.The United Kingdom of Fields ChronicleInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Aegroto, dum anima est, spes esse dicitur...”
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Wintreath Regional Message Board

Pantoufle wrote:Just Recently President Markus Jäger got a message from the President of Cote Azure, in response he calls forward his Generals in the DoD, Navy and Air Force to plan the blockade and Assault of Goopyy's fleet that is advancing on Cote Azure.

Preliminary Measures have been taken and we have sent our a few of our Boeing P-8 Poseidon's to track the goopyy fleet, aboard our A340MRTTs headed for an undisclosed location in Cote Azure is our soon to be retired F18s.

Since Cote Azure is in a alliance with me and you're helping him, would this make us allies? (I'm fighting Goopyy too ya know)

Pantoufle wrote:
While we condemn some actions of Allouxia

What actions?

Allouxia wrote:Since Cote Azure is in a alliance with me and you're helping him, would this make us allies? (I'm fighting Goopyy too ya know)

What actions?

im suprised im not on the list, tho sanctions wouldn't really hurt due to my string of allies and treaties

Ursian Polar Tiger
The national animal of Ursia for its deadliness and ferocity but also known to care for its young dearly and will do anything in their power to protect themselves and their young. This animal represented the people’s duty for Ursia.

The Ursian Polar Tiger is one of 4 subspecies of Ursian Tiger, along with the Ursian Wind, Leaf and Finned Tigers respectively. They live exclusively in Ursia as they don’t migrate and has evolved for over 1 million years. The Ursian tigers are the product of a mass-breeding effect of polar bears and Siberian tigers. The product became the Ursian Primus Tiger, ancestor of all Ursian Tigers. They then became extinct but gave birth to the 4 subspecies of the Ursian Tiger. The Polar Tiger was discovered by the 70 explorers after the founding of Ursus Majoro. They found this amazing but ferocious creature that protected its young at all costs. They soon lived in harmony and the Ursians managed to tame the beast. They were used in the First Army of Ursia. Now they are as smart as an Ursian but serve the country. They live as pets and are given the same rights as humans. They are revered by many.

They look like a white tiger but they are the size of the polar bear. They are much more furry than the bear and are colored white, black or its more rarer color, grey. They have claws the size of a humans finger and a jawbone that could easily crush diamond. They can also cause frostbite when their icy saliva reaches their teeth. They are very fast, as fast as a lion, and are very strong, strong enough to take down an elephant with one swipe.

The Ursian Polar Tiger is omnivorous, meaning it eats both plants and meat. They rarely hunt as they climb trees and eat the leaves, or they go to the valleys and eat grass. But when they do hunt, they sneak in the forest waiting for the right time for an Ursian Bull to come around. They give chase and depending on factors, either lose or kill the Bull. If they do they jump on the Bull’s back and bite it. The reason why they crush diamond very easily is because of many muscles working together to crush any onject in the mouth. They are extremely defensive of their young and most reports of Ursian Polar Tiger attacks are due to humans being too close to cubs.

Polar Integration Program
This program helps teaches Ursian Polar Tigers to be self-functioning citizens of the empire. The Ursian Polar Tiger is as intelligent as the average human being and are given the independence and rights of the people. They can go in factories and work or go to the military to join the army but it is entirely up to them.

Read factbook

The reason why Ursia chose this animal as its national animal.

Allouxia wrote:Since Cote Azure is in a alliance with me and you're helping him, would this make us allies? (I'm fighting Goopyy too ya know)


Allouxia wrote:What actions?

Namely the affirmative action

Thalasus wrote:President Mercer exhaled quietly. Less than a sigh, still an audible voice of disappointment. “I’ll see if I can’t get Goopyy to agree to concessions or a status quo ante bellum. They were next on my call list, as a matter of fact. I intend on making contact with everyone today.”

He looked up at the officials gathered around his table, faces grim but not defeated. “In any case, I appreciate you taking this seriously. It takes a man of true moral integrity and strength to consider peace when the rest cry for war, and you have my deep respect for this. Thank you, Aiden.”
Adonijah looked up at Yuliana and smiled. “And I will be sure to pass your regards on to Yuli, I’m sure she will appreciate it. You give Marcella my absolute best in return, alright? Have a good day, Mr. Autarch.”

President Mercer hung up the phone. “Take five, everyone. I need to switch gears to talk to Cote Azure. Meet back here at... 9:55. I’ll make my call then.”
As the executive staffers shuffled out of the office, flanked by high officials and security, Mrs. Mercer approached the desk. “The way you spoke to Autarch Allo was... interesting. Quite intimate Should I be worried?”
Adonijah rolled his eyes, laughed, and kissed her. “I’d be careful, if I were you. Keep suggesting things like that and I just might leave you for him.”
Yuliana laughed back, embracing Adonijah. “Is that so?”
“No, of course not,” he replied, nestling his head in her shoulder. “I love you too much to even joke about something like that...”
“You’re too loyal, Mr. President,” said Yuliana. “But that’s why I married you...”

The two looked up from their embrace to see the execute staffers returned, waiting awkwardly.
“I’ll be going now,” said Yuliana, with a smile and a final kiss on Adonijah’s forehead. “Good luck, honey.”
“Thanks, sweetstuff...” Adonijah said quietly. “Time to call President Dates, I suppose. Here’s hoping this one goes as well...”
President Mercer picked up the phone and dialed the number to reach the leader of Cote Azure.

Dates, while still presidential dictator, was very busy trying to weed out the corruption in his government. It was a dangerous task. There were already 3 failed assassination attempts. Because of this Dates had 2 marines guarding his door and one marine inside his room.

He had taken a short break, when his son came in his room. His son was on the path to joining the military in two months. He had been against it, but he eventually gave in, and supported his decisions. His relationship with him had improved since then.

"Hey dad, you got a call. Some president from Thalasus. Ever think I'll deploy there?" His son said.

"Maybe. We are neatral with that nation. What a surprise. Thanks kid." Dates said. He picked up the phone on his desk. "Hello Mercer, what brings you to call today?"

-Faith Park, Erusiia-
An Imperial Marine looked up at the awe inspiring sight of Raner Sk2 Bombers flying over head, "Otto get your head out of your ass, we're moving out" said his captain. Otto and his fellow Imperial Marines walked down the streets of Faith Park which was now in rubble. "Why don't they just give up already, the war is over for them" said a Imperial Marine. "This is their turf, they'll fight to the last man" replied another Imperial Marine. Just as he said that the whistle of a bullet pieced the air hitting one of the Imperial Marines right in the plate carrier causing him to fall, luckily the round didn't penetrate. "DOWN" yelled the captain, mortal shells begun to hit the ground. Otto and his fellow Imperial Marines lunged for cover behind piles of rubble. "GODAMMIT" Shouted a Imperial Marine as he took aim at a building where the fire came from, he mag dummed the windows but then took fire from an MG emplacement, the hail of gun fire barely missing him as he ducked. "240 second story of the building directly ahead said the Captain. "Raner, Dinter get see that pile of ruble ahead?" Asked the captain as he pointed at the pile ahead of them. "When we start cover fire you make a dash for it, you should get a good shot with the Panzerfaust from there" said the captain. The two Imperial Marines prepared to book it "NOW, COVER FIRE" Yelled the Captain, the whole platoon begun to unload on the building temporarily suppressing the M240 Bravo position. Raner and Dinter made it to the pile and placed an HE warhead on the Panzerfaust 3, Dinter took aim and fired. The rocket hit the side of the window shooting debris everywhere. The gun fell silent, Erussian soldiers with blood covered faces and dust all over themselves walked out with their rifles in their hands, most of them still disoriented from the blast, the whole platoon of Imperial Imperial Marines opened fire, the Erusiians fell down as bullets went straight through them kicking up mists of blood. All across Faith Park, close quarters battles like this happened.

OOC: Time for the Shadow Marshals to come into action.
This goes well with the atompshere of this post when reading:
-30,000ft, Southern Cote Azure-
A lone Ar-3 cargo plane flew in the night sky of Cote Azure behind Goopyyian lines, at 30,000ft the Ar-3 was not able to be detected or intercepted without a fair amount of time to fly away. "Drop in 30 seconds" said the pilot. Only one passenger sat in the cargo plane, a Shadow Marshal. The Shadow Marshal's name is Udo Bussler call sign "Shadow 2-8", Bussler's assignment is to HALO jump behind Goopyians lines and gather intelligence on the enemy force at Camp Pike, secondary mission to sabotage enemy air defenses if possible. Shadow Marshals are one of Allouxia's top tier special forces second only to the 4th I.G. Regiment. Unlike most special forces the Shadow Marshals deploy only one of their own for their missions."Red Light, get your mask on". Bussler stood up and equipped his mask, the door lowered the freezing air flooded the back of the aircraft. "3....2....1....Jump" said the Jump Master next to him the red light turned green. Bussler dove out and plunged down, he looked up and saw the Ar-3 disappear into the night sky. For 30 seconds Bussler dove, once he hit 3,000ft he pulled the cord on his parachute and slowly descended down. He hit the ground, and quickly got his gear ready. Bussler was now deep in enemy territory and he is on his own, his training in the Shadow Marshal Academy will be put the ultimate test now.

For many reasons could I be taken off the map? One reason is that my workload has increased from one to a hundred and I can't keep up with the RMB. Sorry for any inconvenience... If there even is any.

For a person to permanently live or be a citizen in the Peaceful Democracy of Symboli a person must be aware of the following criteria.

The person must have a diploma and degree ( at least nine subjects preferably one should be Science and Technology )
The person must have a continuous residence over 3 years
The person must have basic or preferably intermediate knowledge of the Symbolian Government and Symbolian Historical events
The person must have the ability to read, write and speak English, Japanese or, French
The person applying must be 21+
The person must have civic morality

Read factbook

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