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1.The Arbanic Empire of French AlbaniaFather Knows Best State“Shtet, Detyrė, Nderim”
2.The Holy Empire of BregoniaCorporate Police State“A posse ad esse”
3.The Gigantic omnipresent army of Z0mbiezIron Fist Consumerists“Brainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnns”
4.The Holy Imperial Commonwealth of Southern GralendIron Fist Consumerists“For The Commonwealth Of The Empire”
5.The Holy Empire within an Empire of ImperialItalyCorporate Police State“Foedere et Religione Tenemur”
6.The Confederacy of Tyrador VIIICompulsory Consumerist State“Strength. Pride. Discipline.”
7.The United States of ThalasusInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Freedom lies in being bold”
8.The Empire of EscantheaFather Knows Best State“We shall never back down”
9.The Dominion of FarkloreIron Fist Consumerists“Death to the barbarian!”
10.The Resurgent Grace of IdantirLibertarian Police State“The First and Original Nation of Wintermoot”
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The Socialist Republic of Tara Taranilor Romani wrote:It isn't bad.
I never had an emotional reaction on any of the terrorist attacks.
I mean I feel sorry for the victims, but I don't have emotional reactions or something like that.

It's sad when it's become staple and parcel to urban life, to expect terrorist attacks.

-Front lines- "we were like any other fresh graduates when the war broke out. We rushed to the local recruiting office to enlist. We all had a sense of duty to our country there was 30 of us. Now there is 5. *before the young Allouxian soldier can finish the order to charge at the enemy lines is given*

The United Kingdoms of Danceria wrote:It's sad when it's become staple and parcel to urban life, to expect terrorist attacks.

I'm not sure why we should be alarmed by this. Terrorist acts have been happening for as long as explosives have been relatively accessible. There were rashes of bombings in Paris in the late 1800s, for example, and I doubt Britain was ever as inflamed about the IRA as it seems to be about the threat of ISIS or Al-Qaeda. The threat of any form of attack on people in an urban environment is massive simply because we have more powerful weapons than ever before to use on a population packed in tighter than its ever been wanting to live with greater conveniences (and thus less 'security') than have ever previously existed, and considering the sheer quantity of weaponizable implements in our day to day lives, there is no conceivable way to stop it.
The only reason it's a big deal at all is because 1) people are bad at figuring out probabilities and instead just fixate on memorable occurrences, and 2) political leadership, in the absence of a villain to unite people against, would much rather do it against the safe villain of 'minorities' than have to figure out a new way to keep people on their side. Just look at the success right-wing political parties have had ever since 9/11, 7/7, or any other day in which a nation suffered a terrorist atrocity. They are the safest villains of all, because they're always going to exist because the default, crowd-pleasing, populist method just generates more, and more, and more of them, and they're never going to serve as a legitimate threat against the integrity of a state.
Muslims are the bad guys because they were the first people to pose a credible 'danger' since Russia that weren't a crucial trade partner. If it wasn't for Deng Xiaoping, we'd have just moved straight from Russia to China after the Cold War ended, but all those trade ties are just too painful to the financiers of the political class to even conceive of attacking. There are far safer targets than China, for all Trump's posturing, and safest of all those targets is Islam, since we've have 1400 years of history of fighting them at every turn.

Thalasus and The United Acarian Empires

The United Kingdoms of Danceria wrote:

Palumpolum Symposium, Palumpolum, Duchy of Alexia, Danceria
1347hrs Local Time:
Danceria had prided itself in it's uniqueness. It's sovereignty was evident in it's history, it's culture, it's art, technology, and way of life. Despite being shut off during the Times of Troubles (Circa 1930-late 1960s in game-when everybody and their brother was experiencing communist uprisings/political kerfluffles), the backwater buffer state between Escanthea and Nargothond emerged as a rising world power. This was evident in it's new Symposium, an old Dancerian tradition modernized with the internet. Tens of thousands of Dancerians, whether they be from Solin or Harad, Christian or Valarist, Zoroastrian or Sikh, Old or young, Native-born or naturalized after generations, partook in Symposium. The topic burning on everyone's lips a hashtag.
Symposium, for those who are unaware, is similar to an American caucus, only less partisan and more civilian guided. There were politicians there, as well as members of every Dancerian political party, but they were mostly there to provide experience and suggestion, or gauge the issues future Dancerian voters will talk about. The younger members of the Symposium (roughly mid to late twenties), sympathized with the Thalasian. Their argument was that the evidence against the imprisoned Thalasi was simply based off of the notorious Morozov, and the desire to take down the notorious gangster family. He was collateral damage. Highly controversial collateral damage, but an unwitting pawn nonetheless. Some of the older judges would concur with this statement, citing the noteworthy San Martin v. Sol Invictus, almost mirroring the events occurring in Donbass.
Roughly twenty years ago, the Thalasi ambassador to Danceria at the time and his son sparked up a couple of joints in the Embassy's plaza. A harmless action in Thalasus sparked a nationwide outrage, especially with recent legislation that clamped down on drug distribution. The issue continued to be sensationalized with the newly made mass media, as telivision and websites veered to both sides of the issue. However, it proved the effectiveness of an older law, known as the Ignorance Clause. The Ignorance Clause stated "[so] that any and all foreign persons residing or visiting in the realm are still subject to the laws, and are made full aware of the laws in Danceria." If they were brought to trial and were not made aware of these laws, but complied with the investigation process, the crime is considered a misdemeanor and the accused is fined roughly half of what a "belligerent" criminal would be. The key word was "belligerent".
To some Dancerians, Matteo Ferez was belligerent due to being connected and casually associating with a known criminal. Willingly associating and complying "in an uncivil act against upheld law". The San Martin case also brought up how sensationalized media could be used as a tool to influence jurors and thereby create bias in the justice department, and both would compromise a case where facts and cool judgement ought to prevail. The consensus was that hindsight was 20/20. On one hand, Rus was condemned for not educating foreigners on their laws and customs, to prevent any incidents such as this. Even this slight action could prevent bystanders from being taken advantage of. However, Thalasus's media campaign was also ill timed and in poor taste. Thalasus should have at least considered the Eurasian's point of view. "What about THEIR hotbeds?" came an irate response. Thalasi drug trade was among the lax in the world, and it dared to assume that every nation would want to become a gang war-ridden paradise?
Conversely, the politicians offered their input. Eurasia was close to Maxtopia, a nation that Thalasus and Allouxia were currently invading. Danceria also foresaw economic opportunities in Eurasia and Acaria, so the situation needed to be presented in a way that would cause the least amount of diplomatic fallout.
Phone calls to both nations were made, as Danceria retained a friendship with Thalasus, and cases were reviewed, and an option was proposed. Danceria would act as a legal third party to observe the evidence, and determine the involvement of Ferrez with the Morozovs. The only catch to find a way to prevent the media from over-sensationalizing the case.

Excerpts from a text conversation between Ricardo Cortez and Thomas Baker:

Cortez: something interesting just happened that i thought you would get a kick out of
Baker: im listening
Cortez: Danceria has gone apesh*t over the teo incident for some reason lol
Baker: Danceria? wtf why
Cortez: bc something similar happened there with us like 20 years ago
Cortez: tl;dr the Asardo administration picked a jackass as their ambassador and he decided to spark up in state property. I cant really remember what exactly happened next but i remember that it wasnt pretty
Baker: youre kidding me 😒
Cortez: the Asardo administration was infamous for it's corruption, and nepotism makes wonderful things happen 😂😂😂
Cortez: anyways they're offering to send Ferez legal help and to act as a go-between. I told them to f*ck off (politely of course) and i expect the Rus to do the same
Baker: good move 👍
Baker: the Thalasi legal team is about to arrive anyways. Having a random kingdom suddenly get involved would be too much at this point
Cortez: what i don't get is that i have been trying to arrange a visit from their royal family for ages and havent gotten a call back
Cortez: but then some Thalasi kid gets arrested for being an idiot, we get in a bad spot, and suddenly they are VERY interested in Thalasus 🤔🖕
Baker: lol
Baker: thats aristocracy for you. Their priorities are completely f*cked sometimes
Cortez: and ours arent?
Baker: tru 😅
Cortez: im calling them now to arrange a royal visit sometime in the next year. Hopefully they respond this time. Wanna go?
Baker: i have a feeling that im going to be a little bit busy with this case for the next
Baker: well
Baker: forever really. Thanks though. Make us look good and keep on that diplomatic fight for democracy 👊👊👊 🗽
Cortez: haha dont worry i will. Just thought id ask. Take care ✌️
Baker: cya later. I'll keep in touch 📱

The Thalasi International Department politely declined Danceria's offer, stating that "both parties are more than capable of coming to a satisfactory arrangement without third-party help". However, the Dancerian government should fret not, as their royal family just received a call from President Mercer inviting them on a tour of the scientific and cultural scenes of Thalasus.

The Arbanic Empire of French Albania wrote:-irrelevance-

According to NS you have a much bigger black market than I do and I am personally offended

Whoo! MADE A wintreath wide olympic stadium, and all children are trained to win!

The United States of Thalasus wrote:-texteversation-

OOC: In my defense, there's this thing called Midterms

IC response will occur shortly


The United Kingdoms of Danceria wrote:OOC: In my defense, there's this thing called Midterms
IC response will occur shortly

Also OOC: response, this is the SYMPOSIUM (IE, civilians/average Sheamus Scotch-drinker) who are intrigued, NOT the aristocracy, the politicians are there as well. (Plus, thanks for working with me on that little improv, I now have a backstory for one of my cornerstone laws!)


The United Kingdoms of Danceria wrote:Also OOC: response, this is the SYMPOSIUM (IE, civilians/average Sheamus Scotch-drinker) who are intrigued, NOT the aristocracy, the politicians are there as well. (Plus, thanks for working with me on that little improv, I now have a backstory for one of my cornerstone laws!)

Glad I could help. ;)

The United States of Thalasus wrote:According to NS you have a much bigger black market than I do and I am personally offended

Drugs may be legal in Thalasus, but we're a narcostate (among other things).
More pragmatically, it's because apparently state-owned industry doesn't actually seem to run anything in NS, since every time any sector of my economy grows, the black market grows right alongside it.
Probably the moment I privatize everything, the black market will collapse.
Which would deeply disappoint the corporate nobility, because now the plebs would own things.
I mean, not that the plebs don't own things, but when they own enough things, we have a little sit-down and 'discover' genealogical records indicating they were nobility all along.
It's a win-win system.

Thalasus and The United Acarian Empires

The United States of Thalasus wrote:Glad I could help. ;)

Another question: Thalasus became Communist in the thirties, correct?

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