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Welcome to the Frozen Realm of Wintreath! A three-time featured region!

Established on October 17th, 2013. Home of friendship, meritocracy, and opportunity. Refuge for warmth and hospitality in the frigid, frozen land of eternal winter...

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    Government of Wintreath

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    ARTS CC: Home Page

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    Voting History in the World Assembly

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    New Player FAQ

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    Things to do in Wintreath

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    Etiquette and the RMB

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    The World Assembly in Wintreath

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Regional Power: Very High

Wintreath contains 329 nations, the 65th most in the world.

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The Most Politically Free in Wintreath

These nations allow citizens the greatest amount of freedom to select their own government.

As a region, Wintreath is ranked 14,163rd in the world for Most Politically Free.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Free Land of FREEDOMSVILECivil Rights Lovefest“Freedom means you can do whatever”
2.The Republic of Retro WaveAnarchy“The suns always on the horizon.”
3.The Forest Tribe of TreeguardCivil Rights Lovefest“Ex Arboribus, Vita.”
4.The Democratic nation of WlnkyNew York Times Democracy“Hong kong”
5.The Holy Union of The Greenlandic NorthAnarchy“The Cold Can't Stop us Now!”
6.The Not Zombie Hippy Haven of NewvanadaLeft-wing Utopia“Peace and NOT BRAIIIINSSSSSSS!”
7.The Progressive Republic of MegacarsLiberal Democratic Socialists“Move swiftly towards the future, but remember your past”
8.The Republic of Why Do people have all names I wantNew York Times Democracy“If you don't like it here... LEAVE ”
9.The Quick Foxes and Lazy Dogs of HavadiaNew York Times Democracy“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”
10.The Republic of GeramundoCivil Rights Lovefest“Wisdom, Reason, and Truth”
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Wintreath Regional Message Board

Hildegarde wrote:Hi~ I'm kinda new here. Nice to meet you all~


Hildegarde wrote:Hi~ I'm kinda new here. Nice to meet you all~

Welcome! How goes?

Hildegarde wrote:Hi~ I'm kinda new here. Nice to meet you all~

Hi Hildegarde, Welcome to Wintreath!! i like your flag. :p

if you need any help, or have questions, ask our glorious founder Wintermoot, or me of course. we hope you enjoy your stay!

The Stigyan Triumvirate wrote:Welcome!

3 Stigyan destroyers arrive ahead of the Pacificus. The offocer in chsrge hears of the planes and brings out red canisters. They are shot out of one of the AA guns. The rounds explode with a bright red flare, trmporarily lighting up the sky to find the bombers.

Wait, who's bombers? Because the Operation i just did was a skirmish, the Cloudwalkers already left by the time the Pacificus arrived.

The First Mexican Republic wrote:The mayor dying didn't have that much of a impact.

wouldn't that hurt national unity?

Sakiria wrote:"Sir! Our supplies have been attacked!" The soldier runs to his commanding officer, somehow miraculously surviving a bomb explosion to the face. "By what?" The officer answers. "I don't know. It just...came out of the darn sky and blew up our supplies!" The soldier responds. "We're dealing with planes, then. Luckily, the newest of the Colony-class AA cruisers is arriving with escorts." The officer replies. "The ISN Pacificus?" The soldier replies. "Yes. The ISN Pacificus. The (supposedly) deadliest Sakirian ship to ever sail." The officer replies. "It'll take a time to get here, though. So we have to arm our own AA." he continues. He comes out of his command tent and orders his men to arm the AA guns and keep watch for the supplies.

The ISN Pacificus (pronounced pa-si-fi-cus) is a Colony-class anti-air cruiser. Unlike the rest of it's bretheren, it was able to dish out some destructive firepower on sea and on air. It was armed with a total of 3 Mk.III CL main gun AP-loading twin turrets (arranged in AB-X. For a faster rate of fire and more space for AA guns since the triple Mk.II CL turrets were bulky and a bit slower.), 12 twin dual-purpose secondary guns, and a whopping 30 single turret, fast-firing AA guns. To carry all this weaponry, the ship had to be a bit longer than the rest of it's class. Of course, the ship is still a light cruiser. It doesn't have the thick armor plating of battleships (obviously) or even heavy cruisers, and it doesn't have 203mm guns. So while it might be a big as a heavy cruiser, it lacks the firepower (it doesn't have 203mm main guns) and armor (the thickness only ranges from 16mm-100mm).

"Interesting, a anti-air cruiser. Sakirian tech truly is inspiring." - Alex Windwalker says as he sips his coffee. "But even the greatest ship can fall to sheer power, release the new class of planes and ships."

Name: UES Megalodon
Class: Megalodon-class
Ship Type: Ekranoplan
Preceded by: Crocodile-class
Succeeded by: not disclosed yet
Built: 1912 - 1918
In service: Active
Planned: 50
Completed: 19
Cancelled: 0
Retired: 0
Details: A widely known fact about the Ursian Navy is that we use hydrofoils way too much. Because of our emphasis on speed and firepower, a general increase of speed fascinates Ursian Admirals a lot. Hydrofoils were made about 13 years ago, which was an amazing addition to the aging Ursian Navy at the time. Thus it is military protocol to ask all shipbuilding companies to put hydrofoils on any ship. While heavier ships have less of an impact, the extra 2 knots is extremely appreciated, especially considering a duel between two nearly identical ships (Admiral Raktas-class and Sakiria's battle carriers come to mind). Now, some scientists have begun to wonder, "why don't we just give a boat wings and let it glide along water for an even faster speed?" This brilliant but crazy idea was tested for 6 years, and now in 1918, the Megalodon was born. Looking more like a plane than ship, it boasts a huge airframe that is bigger than the Cyclone. Also equipped with 4 engines of the Cyclone, it reportedly has the same speed as the Cyclone as well. The only bad side of this is the bad turning speed, however a rudder significantly helped in this problem. What's more fearsome is its weaponry, a whole 203 mm Stormbreath cannon and 8 heavy machineguns. This turns Megalodon into the world's smallest and fastest platform to carry the longest ranged artillery weapon of the Ursian military. This class is quite literally the epitome of Ursian naval doctrine. A Megalodon can even unequipped its cannon, drop it in the ocean, and configure its wings to fly if the situation demands it. Now it patrols the several oceans of free trade in the world, however Alex Windwalker has taken some from their duties.
Read factbook

Trashkanistan73 wrote:The tanks take heavy blows, but with Ursian technology the tanks beat the artillery and the tanks starts to head toward town hall. Meanwhile Trashkanistan are sill at a draw in the dogfight above, your turn

"with ursian technology" cliché [chuckles can be heard from the back of the movie theatre]

XXURBANXX wrote:"with ursian technology" cliché [chuckles can be heard from the back of the movie theatre]

i mean tbf, im the third most advanced country in the world. Only behind ImperialRussia and the Triumvirate in this 1912 roleplay. While some have a better military (like Greenlandic North and you) I have a better think tank. Considering ImperialRussia's sheer might and productivity, with his help i can supply Trashkanistan very easily. However, I kinda agree with you about something. My doctrine is specialized combined arms and guerilla warfare, my tanks are not supposed to survive an artillery onslaught.

The Greenlandic North wrote:wouldn't that hurt national unity?

We just got the city and he was a random volunteer.

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