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Welcome to the Frozen Realm of Wintreath!

Established on October 17th, 2013. Home of friendship, meritocracy, and opportunity. Refuge for warmth and hospitality in the frigid, frozen land of eternal winter...

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  • December 1-7 Underhusen and Thane Elections

Embassies: New Hyperion, Nowhere, International Northwestern Union, Canada, The Versutian Federation, 10000 Islands, The Allied States, Lands End, the West Pacific, New Warsaw Pact, Enadia, Renegade Islands Alliance, Paradoxia, The Coalition of Democratic Nations, Nesapo, Agora, and 9 others.Equinox, Ainur, Warzone Airspace, The Bar on the corner of every region, LGBT University, Dauiland, the Rejected Realms, The LCRUA, and Warzone Australia.

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Regional Power: High

Wintreath contains 367 nations, the 31st most in the world.

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The Largest Soda Pop Sector in Wintreath

The World Census recorded sales of fizzy syrup water in order to determine which nations have the largest beverage industries.

As a region, Wintreath is ranked 8,783rd in the world for Largest Soda Pop Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Free Republic of PonderosaAnarchy“Live Free”
2.The Allied States of AtilionCivil Rights Lovefest“We die, we survive”
3.The Corporate Superpower of Club StoicFather Knows Best State“Business before business.”
4.The Democratic Republic of ThalasusLeft-Leaning College State“Freedom lies in being bold”
5.The Kingdom of WarwikInoffensive Centrist Democracy“In the name of the Dark Lady, kill them all!”
6.The Federal Republic of KlugerlandCivil Rights Lovefest“Unsere Freiheitswillen erfüllt werden”
7.The Free Land of BarbarossCapitalizt“Wealth, Weapons, and Women”
8.The Corporate Paradise of IndustrieCorporate Police State“It's just good buisness”
9.The Kingdom of Entereaurryanah IslandsMoralistic Democracy“One for all.”
10.The Resurgent Grace of IdantirLibertarian Police State“The First and Original Nation of Wintermoot”
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The military is experimenting with magnetorheological dampening system to reduce recoil in shotguns. Due to the increasing developments in armor, the military is trying to make the 8 gauge shotgun to counter improving armor technologies. A big problem with 8 gauge shotguns is the immense amount of recoil the gun has, making it very uncomfortable to the user.

If we can develop a magnetorheological dampening system in shotguns, we will have the upper hand in Azuran arms manufacturing.

Nova Xandet wrote:Now why is that?


Jihadi john

Death to the western infidels!

Good thing we live in the North

Factbook has been updated btw, with the new AK-HMG "Lawnmower"

I just lost 1 point in economy and 1 point in civil rights because of a very vague issue about a sport and how people were getting concussions. All it said, which was what I chose, was "We need to stop this!" and it didn't specify how it would stop this. And also, I believe there were only two options, stop it or let it go. Nothing else. Well then, I think I got screwed over by a vague issue.

-Southern Master Airbase, Cote Azure-
A group of four dozen pilots are gathered in a circle discussing the day's operation, four Squadrons of Messerschmitt Me-640s (resembles an Me-262) will accompany a group of YSS-100 Sabres in a search and destroy mission of enemy F-18s. A squadron of Focke-Wulf FW-390 Interceptors has reported contact with enemy aircraft south of Adia, they were ordered to break contact and return to base due to being outnumbered. The Me-640 is the Luftwuffe's work horse, providing the perfect balance of Firepower, Speed, and Maneuverability and durability making it one of the most feared aircraft in the Luftwaffe's arsenal. The pilots finish their briefing and walk over to their aircraft. "All planes clear for take off, good luck" said air traffic control. Each squadron took off and made their way south of Adia.

This is a list of all small arms and light weaponry used by Altaria

AK-SR "Dragon"

The Altarian Korporation Sniper rifle, or AK-SR for short, earned it's nickname "Dragon" for the large columns of flame that erupt from the barrel after the firing of one of it's 14mm rounds, soaring forth towards an unfortunate enemy. The weapon boasts incredible range and accuracy, and can utterly eviscerate human foes, especially when it's HE rounds are used, taking out small groups at once and even damaging light vehicles, while it's AP rounds allow to function as an anti-tank rifle, piercing light tanks with ease and with luck, even MBTs. The rifle is semi-automatic, possessing a high rate of fire for it's size, however it must be firmly secured with it's bipod to prevent injuries from recoil, especially at higher rates of fire.

AK-HR "Reuxks"

The Altarian Korporation Heavy Revolver "Reuxks" arose from a need for heavier firepower capable of piercing modern body armour even at long range, whilst still serving as a compact backup weapon if needed, all with higher accuracy and damage than a standard assault rifle. Chambering a massive .600 round, the "Reuxks" lives up to it's namesake, being the most powerful handgun ever made, only due to and incredibly advanced system is the recoil manageable, although it still severly limits RoF, but the sheer damage caused it certainly worth it, killing most foes with a single shot and crippling any lucky enough to survive. The weapon also uses an innovative system where a clip is loaded and then the rounds are passed through into the chamber, allowing considerably faster loading, and even extended clips, carrying multiple sets of ammunition for more sustained fire.

AK-HMG "Lawnmower"

The Altarian Korporation Heavy Machine Gun is a lethal weapon, chambering the same lethal 14mm rounds as the AK-SR, while maintaing it's high RoF with it's inovative twin barreled design, earning it's nickname "Lawnmower" for it's ability to cut down foes like blades of grass, utilizing a similar system to artillery to control recoil, where the barrels while recoil into the gun itself, one barrel firing while the other recoils and reloads from it's massive twin 150 box mags, giving it incredible sustained fire, making it ideal for suppressing enemies, and making sure they retreat to harder cover that it cannot perforate. The weapon is brutally effective when vehicle-mounted, mowing down waves of infatry without worrying about running out of ammo, owing to it's use of autoloaders. The weapon also remains accurate at range, making it a terrifying beast to face it combat, raining down a hail of lethal rounds, cutting through cover, and near impossible to escape from in time, the AK-HMG has certainly earned it's reputation.

AK-AR "Firestorm"

The Altarian Korporation Assault Rifle is the primary weapon of Altarian infantry, capable of deadly precision, high RoF, and impressive damage, however it does posses high recoil, make it most effective when burst fired, or when prone. The weapon fires 8mm Altarian standard from a 70 round drum mag, allowing sustained fire at the cost of a longer reload time. The AK-AR has earned it's reputation for it's effectiveness at all ranges, owing to it's accuracy, damage, fire rate, and surprising agility in close quarters combat.

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AK-AR has been added to the factbook

Alinek wrote:I just lost 1 point in economy and 1 point in civil rights because of a very vague issue about a sport and how people were getting concussions. All it said, which was what I chose, was "We need to stop this!" and it didn't specify how it would stop this. And also, I believe there were only two options, stop it or let it go. Nothing else. Well then, I think I got screwed over by a vague issue.

Just dismiss the issue, it's that simple.

Hey y'all! I've put out another edition of the Underhusen Weekly Report! Be sure to go check the report out on the forums:

or in NS dispatch form:

Underhusen Weekly Report

Hey y’all! It’s Katie coming to you live from the 30th Term with your weekly Underhusen news! Pretty slow week this week, but be sure to check back next Sunday for more on what's going on in your Legislature!

This Week's News
  • Nothing here but us chickens!

Speaker - Chanku
Speaker Pro Tempore - Syraj
Officer of Information - Katie


Quick Bill Overview

Bill Title


Introduced On


LinkFundamental Laws Amendment XII1




LinkDeclassification Clarification and Expansion Act2




  1. Makes some wording and grammar changes to Section 7 of the Fundamental Laws.

  2. Changes the process of declassifying Storting private discussion chats.

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Be sure to tune back next week for more news on what's going on in your Legislature!

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