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Arms Control Treaty Now In Effect
No Targeting / No Launching
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1.Totally Not the AAFlag124,9232,132 NationsAugustin Alliance
2.UPPERCUTFlag113,8441,698 NationsThe North Pacific
3.Potato AllianceFlag40,814537 NationsSpiritus
4.ForestFlag31,447318 NationsForest
5.Friendship and Explosives27,922170 Nations
6.UDS Nuclear Defense TreatyFlag25,913587 NationsThe Union of Democratic States
7.Bend the KneeFlag20,129195 NationsThe Allied States
8.United Free AllianceFlag13,733250 NationsThe Free Nations Region
9.European Defence ForcesFlag13,289180 NationsEurope
10.Dangerous StationaryFlag9,43739 NationsPencil Sharpeners Puppet Storage
11.Nuclear Winter AllianceFlag8,270110 NationsWintreath
12.The Horsemen of the ApocalypseFlag6,779105 NationsHell
13.Axiom Interstellar CommandFlag5,35842 NationsAxiom Supercluster
14.Third Harmonic Concordat5,05151 NationsThe Galactic Federacy
15.Syberian Badgers with CaekFlag4,7521,296 NationsOsiris
16.North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationFlag4,032262 NationsNorth Atlantic Treaty Organisation
17.UNOE Nuclear Defense ForcesFlag3,15343 NationsUnited Nations of Earthlings
18.United Empire of IslamFlag2,52657 NationsUnited Empire of Islam
19.Dragon Knights of AenarothFlag2,44633 NationsAenaroth
20.Genesis Corporation Nuclear Sales IIFlag2,37630 NationsThe Genesis Corporation
21.The Region of Environmental Nations2,3664 Nations
22.Glitter SquadFlag2,08556 NationsCaer Sidi
23.TIR Strategic Military CommandFlag1,99731 NationsThe Insane Region
24.Fire & FuryFlag1,84017 NationsEquilism
25.The Rejected RealmsFlag1,81267 NationsThe Rejected Realms
26.Neon DreamsFlag1,68019 NationsTeremara
27.PUWA56824 Nations
28.Hocherlan's TigersFlag39411 NationsKrumpelberg
29.Oatland Regional Defense AdministrationFlag3589 NationsOatland
30.Brotherhood of NodFlag3078 NationsCommand and Conquer Universe
31.AIRDANAFlag2911 NationSouth Asia
32.Copyright EnforcementFlag2411 NationMyopia
33.Second United Nations901 Nation
34.SCUTFlag5284 NationsArcem
35.Kill 'em Dead2452 Nations
36.Dominion of Gerburtsug110 Nations
37.The Triple Blade Syndicate100 Nations
38.DFA Storage81 Nation
39.First Order base21 Nation
40.Elric Faction01 Nation
41.Macallan01 NationThe Order of the Ezic Star
42.Forth Eorlingas01 Nation
43.Aperture Science Thermonuclear Division01 Nation
44.The Defense of Tropics01 Nation
45.Infidel Mountain Boys01 Nation
46.Modorra Nuclear CommandFlag01 NationModorra
47.Emperor Protects01 Nation
48.BarbariaFlag00 NationsBarbaria
49.McJagger00 Nations
50.JasonFlag00 NationsLand of Turtles

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Factions are scored on Strikes minus Radiation.