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Welcome to the New United Kingdom! A proudly British themed region, founded in January 2017!

~~ HM Government ~~
The Sovereign: Edward XI of Powerul Penguinz
~~ Important Links! ~~
LinkJoin Our Offsite Forums! || LinkApply for Citizenship! || LinkApply for a Diplomatic Visa || LinkJoin our Regional Discord Server!

~~ BBC News ~~
• Elections for June 2018, have been announced!
• John Laurens-Wessex of Sting Stung becomes HRH the Prince of Wales!
• Privy Council assumes Executive Powers

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Embassies: The Britannian Kingdom, The Allied States, Pax Britannia, and The Kingdom of Great Britain.

Tags: Democratic, Medium, Monarchist, Neutral, and Offsite Forums.

Regional Power: Moderate

New United Kingdom contains 36 nations, the 403rd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Crime Rates in New United Kingdom

World Census interns were dispatched to seedy back alleys in order to determine which nations have the highest crime rates.

As a region, New United Kingdom is ranked 12,370th in the world for Highest Crime Rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Incorporated States of LlongborthCorporate Police State“Byddwn yn parhau!”
2.The Psychopathic Family of Insane Clown PosseInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Whoop whoop!”
3.The Pharaoh of the Old Kingdom of VychodCompulsory Consumerist State“We are the Morning and the Evening Star.”
4.The Holy Empire of WorcesterburyConservative Democracy“For the Empire”
5.The Holy Empire of MarrianoRight-wing Utopia“Foreign Secretary For Hire”
6.The United States of MerriguetteCivil Rights Lovefest“Without God, People go to Hell”
7.The Republic of William Bettingham IIIInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Hello”
8.The Kingdom of GeordiniaCapitalist Paradise“We Will Endure”
9.The Republic of Sting StungFather Knows Best State“Every Move You Make”
10.The Federation of Ryzalia IITyranny by Majority“Forward unto the dawn”

Regional Poll • Repeal "liberate the Monarchist Entente'

The Sprawling Green Empire of Harmony Cafe wrote:The Security Council,Noting that SC#253 Liberate The Monarchist Entente was passed at a time of great peril for The Monarchist Entente, it at the time being occupied by over 110 raider nations from various internationally blacklisted regions;Taking Further Note that since the passage of SC#253 the raiding forces, having occupied the region for 39 days, withdrew from their occupation and have been replaced by a coalition of defender forces bent on returning The Monarchist Entente to the displaced native community;Believing that it is the right of the native community, with the help of defender forces, to place a password upon their region to better protect their community and help prevent future raids from occurring;Hereby repeals SC#253 Liberate The Monarchist Entente.

Voting opened 2 days 5 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Recent polls: “WA Security Coincil resolution”“Condemn the league of conservative nations”

Regional Happenings


New United Kingdom Regional Message Board

Welcome to New United Kingdom [nation]The State of Lovian![/nation].

Yes welcome back Lovian

Thank you

Notes that Guy has been a prominent force for good for more than nine years. During this time the nation has been held in great respect across the ideological spectrum of NationStates.

Recalls that in 2009, Guy joined 10000 Islands and within a short period of time received one of the highest honours of TITO, becoming a TITO Knight. In addition to this esteemed honour, Guy served two terms as 10ki Senator and one term as WA Delegate.

Observes that during Guy’s service as Delegate of 10000 Islands, Guy led efforts to collaborate with World Assembly resolution authors and clearly delineated the position of 10000 Islands’ WA nations on major topics before the consideration of the World Assembly. This watershed moment facilitated the greater engagement of subsequent 10000 Islands Delegates with the NationStates Forums and resolution authors, with the region quickly becoming a leading voice on World Assembly matters.

Appreciates Guy’s expertise in military leadership, intelligence gathering, and regional security, as demonstrated through regional service as the Chief of Defence, Arch Chancellor, and Intelligence Minister of the Founderless Regions Alliance.

Applauds Guy’s many years of commitment to the defence of regional sovereignty and the rights of natives to self-determination. Guy’s leadership on the international stage in advocating for the defence of natives has led to the defence of more than 1000 regions, including the masterminding of the liberation of Lazarus from the control of the New Pacific Order.

Believes that another prime example of Guy's military excellence is the liberation of India. India was a region colonized by The Dominion, and was only freed thanks to the fact that Guy had sleepers in the region. Thanks to Guy, defenders were able to quickly refound the region when the founder went inactive.

Affirms that Guy’s service as Speaker of the Assembly of the Rejected Realms has facilitated significant legislative improvements to the Laws of the Rejected Realms, assisting in the minimisation of legal loopholes and bureaucracy for a more efficient and effective legislative foundation for future nations of the Rejected Realms.

Commemorates Guy's longtime service to Spiritus as Chief Justice, RA Representative of five terms, Vice President, and as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Guy was also awarded the Exaltation of Spiritus for their service, which is one of the highest awards a nation can receive.

Admires Guy’s remarkable diplomatic skills, as evidenced by the negotiation of major interregional treaties during their lengthy tenures as Delegate of the Rejected Realms, Delegate of 10000 Islands, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spiritus, and by their service as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the North Pacific and as Foreign Affairs Officer of the Rejected Realms. During their time as Foreign Affairs Officer of the Rejected Realms, Guy oversaw the development of a distinct foreign policy, facilitating close ties with regions and organisations across the ideological spectrum.

Acknowledges Guy’s contribution to the activity, culture and community spirit of the Rejected Realms, as demonstrated through Guy’s multiple terms as Delegate, three terms as Speaker, and six terms as an Officer where the growth and development of the Rejected Realms was fostered.

Contends that Guy’s contribution to the multiverse is exceptional and worthy of praise.

Hereby commends Guy. Please kindly take part in the regional census

If you are interested in the position of foreign secretary and culture secretary kindly telegram Me or message me on discord

I put up a poll for the current WA Security Council resolution, while it does not affect our region directly we should still have our voices heard! Please vote in the poll I put up on the main page so that I can make an accurate vote for our region.

Diplomatic relationship is hereby terminated with Inner Mongolia and The Commonwealth Of Gyflada

Foreign Secretary here

And so is the Culture Secretary.

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