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How to Play


How to Play Nation Challenge

Find an opponent and CHALLENGE! The winner is decided by comparing stats on randomly-selected World Census rankings.


Your starting Level is the number of world trophies you have (of any type—top 1%, 10%, etc). You can gain more levels by winning Challenge games and accumulating Championship points.

Round of Five

Games are usually played to the best of 5 rounds. If the dueling nations are not the same level, the higher-level nation begins on a number of points equal to its level advantage. For example, a Level 5 nation will have a 1-point starting advantage against a Level 4 nation.

Nations always have a chance to win any Challenge: the game will play at least as many rounds as is necessary for the lower-level nation to finish ahead, assuming it wins every round. For example, if a Level 1 nation challenges a Level 10 nation, the higher-level nation will begin on 9 points and the game will play up to 10 rounds, all of which the lower-level nation needs to win to claim victory. So it's possible. Not easy. Not really practical. But possible.

Championship Ladder

#NationLevelPointsSpecialtyWinsLossesWin Rate
1The Normal-Weirdo Empire of Zamri1138702,201,153Average Income of Rich50,0791,58496.9%
2The Kingdom of Bacopa661,492,041Economy35,3237,42482.6%
3The Jolly Lucky Christmas Dragon of Demoness721,320,987Population24,1791,17395.4%
4The Nomadic Peoples of Kriegiersien531,104,678Nudity25,1621,68693.7%
5The People's Paradise of The United Good61936,020Taxation22,3599,79069.5%
6The Free Land of Kurkiana61885,563Business Subsidization21,4491,60493.0%
7The Lovely Happy Jewish Republic of Sea Dolphin Lovers65883,373Population17,9897,03771.9%
8The Confederated Districts of Treir64864,802Rudeness21,6604,20383.7%
9The Althing of Ratateague70846,642Integrity12,19412,44449.5%
10The Great Empire of Kandorith60814,268Influence17,79113,23957.3%
11The Velocracy of The Anaerobic Republic64721,747Inclusiveness18,2006,48673.7%
12The Klingon Imperium of IKV Nemesis67670,730Scientific Advancement13,37663895.4%
13The StateCrapitalst NationStates of AnarchoEarthlings59642,518Integrity20,91055197.4%
14The Simulnation of Matrixulated73629,432Inclusiveness12,4231,47389.4%
15The Empire of Alakazia57622,525Rudeness18,9267,19472.5%
16The Crony Republic of Genistan60599,739Industry: Retail16,1993,01084.3%
17The Republic of FedRabbistan64576,656Influence12,5814,58773.3%
18The Solar Expanse of Oasisa49543,012Industry: Information Technology7,94310,24143.7%
19The 👀👀 of Spudlandia71526,496Cheerfulness9,25323597.5%
20The Godly Meme Haven of Pakistanistanistan69515,525Rudeness5,54586286.5%