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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Hyperian Protectorate of Empirical Science (elected )

Founder: The Galactic Autarchy of Magna Hyperion

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Welcome to New Hyperion. It pays to pay attention.
~Founded October 29th 2014~
"New Hyperion, and its companion Foundation at the other end of the galaxy, are to be the seeds and founders of the Third Galactic Empire."

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We are now a vassal of Wintreath. Though we remain active, all citizens are encouraged to join their region and Linkforums using a puppet.

All WA nations should endorse the WACom Delegate, Empirical Science. The current endorsement limit for all other nations is 0, and is enforced by the Inquisition.

Embassy requests will not be accepted without first applying for a consulate on our forum.

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    The Covenant of Fellowship Between New Hyperion and Wintreath

    BulletinPolicy by Magna Hyperion . 191 reads.

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    Law Codex of New Hyperion

    BulletinPolicy by Magna Hyperion . 251 reads.

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    New Hyperion Update #1 - 10/29/2015

    BulletinNews by Magna Hyperion . 147 reads.

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    World Assembly Requirement Act

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    The Governance Act of New Hyperion

    MetaReference by Laurentus states . 283 reads.

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Embassies: Wintreath, Aura Hyperia, Warhammer 40000, New Hypertension, Hyperian Guard, The Land of Power, The United States of Europe, The Confederacy of Free Nations, and Atlantis.

Tags: FT: FTL, Featured, Future Tech, Imperialist, Independent, Large, Multi-Species, Offsite Chat, Offsite Forums, Outer Space, Post Apocalyptic, Regional Government, and 2 others.Role Player, and Social.

Regional Power: Moderate

New Hyperion contains 55 nations, the 253rd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Scientifically Advanced in New Hyperion

World Census researchers quantified national scientific advancement by quizzing random citizens about quantum chromodynamics, space-time curvature and stem cell rejuvenation therapies. Responses based on Star Trek were discarded.

As a region, New Hyperion is ranked 2,566th in the world for Most Scientifically Advanced.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Megatropolian Technocracy of EsmerelDemocratic Socialists“Corvus oculum corvi non eruit.”
2.The Tyros Splinter Government of Terra NovamMother Knows Best State“Erő keresztül egység”
3.The Atomic Empire of NukatopiaFather Knows Best State“war never changes”
4.The Empire of The Imperium of LogicFather Knows Best State“For science, for logic, for The Imperium!”
5.The Corporatocracy of EsterlonIron Fist Consumerists“Aurum et Fortunae.”
6.The Commonwealth of RationalaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Reason and ration over everything”
7.The Imperial Dominion of Romulan Science DirectorateDemocratic Socialists“The Empire shall Advance!”
8.The Democratic Empire of Rationalist ScienceLeft-wing Utopia“Truth and Knowledge for All”
9.The Pseudo-Fascist Bureaucracy of CorcetiaIron Fist Consumerists“Community, Identity, Stability”
10.The Republic of AdrinianInoffensive Centrist Democracy“With the pen and the sword, we are mighty”

Regional Happenings


New Hyperion Regional Message Board

Terra Dysonia wrote:I never discounted the effectiveness of 40k Power Armor, but unless we’re talking about Terminator Armor they are not specialized. Jack of all trades, master of few. The suits provide more strength and equivalent speed compared to Mjolnir, but the versatility of Mjolnir is what will give it an edge in certain situations. The best way I can explains this is if 40k armors are a Bowie knife, Mjolnir is a Swiss Army knife.

You could get all tactical for maximum efficiency and all that, or you could just walk through enemy fire and obliterate your foes head on. Just sayin'.

Aragonn wrote:You could get all tactical for maximum efficiency and all that, or you could just walk through enemy fire and obliterate your foes head on. Just sayin'.

The difference is in approach, you’re right.

The only reason I have stealth and incredible optics for my Saekjar is because I mixed Tau tech with Imperium tech. Berserker AMS (Advanced Movement System; jetpack) is based more off the Tau jetpacks. The main weaponry, rail rifles, are toned down and sleek versions of the Tau rail rifles. My armored vehicles and drones utilize antigravity technology like Tau vehicles and drones do. Their weaponry, again, are sleek versions of their Tau equivalents. What I've essentially done is combine the Imperium's ability to soak up damage with the Tau's ability to reach out across the battlefield and knock your head off your shoulders.

Hyperion Conflict
Ballista Crew 74893AG
Planet 356B
Sector (-4, 8)

"Orders received. Driver, take us to Hill 785U."

"Yes, Sir."

The Aesir tank destroyer began to move, the antigravity working perfectly to keep the ground untouched as the vehicle moved through the air towards its destination. The driver kept awareness using the vehicle's topography sensors which displayed the information as a translucent layer on his helmet's own visuals like he was actually looking around without the tank destroyer encasing him. The gunner looked around with a similar system, watching for any Hyperians which might try to destroy them. Upon reaching the hill, the driver moved them to a position they could fire from with relative safety.

"Lower support legs and prepare to disengage the antigrav system."

Parts of the lower hull extended down to the ground to form a supportive structure for the Ballista.

"Support legs are locked in place. Powering down antigrav and disengaging from the generator."

The humming of the antigravity system died down and went silent, and the vehicle's support legs sank into the dirt beneath them a bit as the weight of the tank destroyer came to rest upon them.

"Disengaging weapon capacitors and linking the weapon directly to the generator. Taking aim. Opening fire in"

The loading arm from the autoloading system rammed a shell into the gun breech as the gunner pulled the trigger, and the gun sent the shell flying with a horrific screaming bang. A new shell was automatically fed into place for the loading arm, and the new shell was thrust into the breech and fired. Keeping up the firing rate of 20 RPM, shells rained upon Hyperion forces leaving crippled tanks and mangled bodies everywhere the shells landed.

After all shells were fired, the weapon and antigravity systems were restored to their original state. Then the driver raised the support legs and backed them out of there before retaliation could occur.

Hey, everyone still here?

Adrinian wrote:Hey, everyone still here?


Technically. I keep checking every now and then. I'm sorry for not posting in the RP. I'll try to get something up soon.

Aragonn wrote:Technically. I keep checking every now and then. I'm sorry for not posting in the RP. I'll try to get something up soon.

It’s okay, just the board isn’t normally this quiet.

Adrinian wrote:Hey, everyone still here?

I’m still alive, I promise! Just hoping that Terra Novam shows back up soon. What good are us clowns without our ringleader?

Adrinian wrote:Hey, everyone still here?

Obligatory response.

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