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Welcome to New Hyperion. It pays to pay attention.
~Founded October 29th 2014~
"New Hyperion, and its companion Foundation at the other end of the galaxy, are to be the seeds and founders of the Third Galactic Empire."

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New Hyperion contains 68 nations, the 195th most in the world.

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1.The New Hyperion Autocracy of GenesisAnarchy“Mors ultima linea rerum est”
2.The Gargantuan Galactic Empire of GonorrhesiaNew York Times Democracy“Destroy the floating blocks!”
3.The Shadow Proxy of Wintermoot IIFather Knows Best State“Another nation led by the glorious Wintermoot”
4.The Aesir Empire of AragonnInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Speak softly, but carry a big gun.”
5.The Matriarchy of Salacious MultitudePsychotic Dictatorship“Obey!”
6.The Democratic Empire of Rationalist ScienceLeft-wing Utopia“Truth and Knowledge for All”
7.The Hyperian Protectorate of Empirical ScienceFather Knows Best State“Death to Stupidity!”
8.The Tyros Splinter Government of Terra NovamIron Fist Consumerists“Erő keresztül egység”
9.The Galactic Autarchy of Magna HyperionDemocratic Socialists“Ave Hyperion!”
10.The Corporatocracy of EsterlonMoralistic Democracy“Aurum et Fortunae.”
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Aragonn wrote:Still looking forward to seeing the new RP post.

Afraid that could take a while...

Terra Novam wrote:Afraid that could take a while...

Oh dear. What happened?

Just testing posting on LibreNS++.

Aragonn wrote:Oh dear. What happened?

Nothing special this time, just overloaded with writing assignments.

Terra Novam wrote:Nothing special this time, just overloaded with writing assignments.

Ah. Hope things get better soon.

Terra Novam wrote:Nothing special this time, just overloaded with writing assignments.

I feel it. Got two papers due very soon and havent even started. I am kinda the architect of my own stress.

Terra Dysonia wrote:I am ... the architect of my own stress.

Indeed. In our modern reality, dire challenges are scarce. Continuing to be alive is easier than it has ever been. Only after injecting meaning into life is it even possible to achieve that unique brand of stress.

Is it not absurd? Does one not sigh and smile at the hilarity of electing into deadlines and challenges the likes of which are considered bothersome and tedious—meaningless to/for oneself, but not without a goal, even?

In the middle of writing a paper for the express purpose of having it judged as part of a system of earning a certificate of education sought out solely for the ability to acquire work in a desired occupation, does one feel fulfilled?

I find relief in the idea of the fact that, especially in these matters, we have chosen from among the known options. Do you feel any differently after framing the circumstances as a willful choice? Had you already perceived it that way?

One can see all problems external, but sight is of the mind internal. It's not even that you've chosen to wait to write the papers; it's that you have assigned yourself the papers. How awesome does that feel? Am I alone here?

I just wrote up a summary of my history for Terran Colonies on Planet 4546B, and it turned out to be rather long, so I thought I'd also post it on the RMB.
The next RP post should be up sometime tomorrow!

Summary of Terran History
Sir Arthur von Lewenhaupt University of New York
Institute of Human Anthropology

Prof. Dr. Rose de Graaf, Faculty of History

Before the Terran Empire, there was the Tiberium Crisis.

In 1995, a strange meteor fell on the banks of the Tiber River in Italy, generating an odd crystal that leeched minerals and gases from the soil and made for trivially easy harvesting. The crystal limited itself to a 1-kilometer radius and seemed totally harmless, so before long it was seeded all over the planet. In 1998, things went wrong as "Tiberium" underwent a micro-evolution that turned it into an assimilator that began spreading uncontrollably, and also spewed toxins into the atmosphere that in sufficiently large doses caused biological life to crystallize, mutate, and eventually die. 2/3rd of Humanity was killed off before a cure was found (a synthesis that made Element 133 "Tiberium" work to the benefit of people, increasing lifespan, strengthening senses, and enhancing strength and durability), and Tiberium was brought back under control - from resource, to bio-weapon, back to resource.
In the wake of the Tiberium Crisis, what remained of the world's governments unified under the banner of the Terran Empire, which recolonized the planet and began a period of unbounded research & development. By 2030, relativistic spacecraft engines and artificial gravity were perfected, and by 2038, the Terran Empire had, using Tiberium as a terraforming agent, already colonized over 70 systems.
There were some civil wars during this period, with factions fighting over what direction the Empire would take. In the end, the Federalists won out, with each colony becoming autonomous and Earth serving as a Federal capital.
First Contact with an alien species came in 2078, when a Terran scout group exploring a planet for colonization potential ran into a coalition of other species that also wanted to claim the planet. The Terrans tried to negotiate, but the aliens opened fire instead - Humanity's first encounter with another lifeform was hostile, and this would color the Empire's perception of aliens for the rest of time.
The Empire was at this time a very liberal state, with only a small and undisciplined military and mostly focused on industry and scientific advances. The aliens of the "Ankh Mauta Coalition" invaded the Empire and gave the young state a good run for its money, overrunning the borders and grinding down the Imperial Defense Forces with numbers where quality was in the Empire's pocket. The Terrans then encountered the Belderian species, a warlike, advanced nation that had recently unified itself from hundreds of petty city-states. The Belderians allied with the Terrans, and together pushed the Coalition back into their own space before counter-invading and occupying their territory. The Terran Empire suddenly doubled in size, and with the Coalition's heavy-handedness in dealing with the local region alienating many species nobody was sad to see them go. Treaties were signed, and this was the first beginning of the Terrasphere Alliance.
The next enemy came a few decades later, in the form of the G-Tech Corporation, which it turns out had spurred on the Ankh Mauta to declare war. This was a millennia-old NGO mega-corporation that felt its monopoly on high technology threatened by the Terrans, since the Empire was trading its own tech without restriction and thereby offering better goods than G-Tech, the Corporate keeping its best inventions to itself to ensure its private army was the most potent in the Quadrant. The Corporate now spurred on another coalition, the Viridian Coalition, to invade and take back Ankh Mauta space. The Viridian War was far more terrible; even though the IDF had rebuilt and upscaled since the Viridian War they were spread thin and large areas were lost until the frontline stabilized. With billions dead and no end in sight, the IDF took a gamble: pooling all its remaining offensive forces together, the Terrans broke through the Viridian frontlines and charged the heart of Viridian space, using planet-killer weapons to utterly destroy their most important worlds. Realizing defeat was at hand, the Viridian Coalition surrendered and defected to the Terran Empire and its nascent Terrasphere Alliance.
Shortly thereafter, the Empire and its allies set their sights on G-Tech itself, spread out across a dozen petty states, and launched a campaign to cut them off from supporting each other. The war was still difficult since the Viridian Coalition had heavily depleted the Imperial Defense Forces and Belderian Iron Guard, but the tide turned when the Terrans came into contact with 2 local powers: the Armitin Federation and Kingdom of Doranos, who had been biding their time to strike the Corporate and allied with the Terrans to complete this task. The newly-empowered alliance launched an all-out offensive and G-Tech Corporation's array of puppet states was brought to heel, the Corporate itself put to flight beyond the bounds of the known galaxy.
It was now the turn of the 23rd century, and the Terran Empire and its allies continued to expand. With the Empire having been involved in multiple destructive wars, Humanity's attitude soured. The Terran Empire began militarizing, building up large standing fleets and armies and enforcing strict discipline and professionalism to replace its gung-ho, lax-towards-authority armed forces, based on the Belderian Iron Guard. Belderous, Armitin, and Doranos also merged with the Terran Empire as autonomous subsidiaries.
The militarized Terran Empire struck out in all directions, bringing war to pirates, slavers, and terrorist states, and technological enlightenment and trade deals to proper nations. Humanity's power was on the rise, and the Terrasphere Alliance grew and prospered as Humanity's domain grew from 1,000 systems by 2100 to 40,000 by 2300.
That was when things went wrong once again. Hundreds of species in the galactic East, fearful of the Human newcomer that had catapulted from its homeworld into total dominion over the Milky Way's Western half, unified under the Galactic Assembly; ostensibly as a counterweight to the Terran Empire to keep the Terrasphere Alliance's rapid growth in check, but in reality a repressive regime that did not tolerate any member state's slightest dissent and an overweighted paper tiger, stifled by bureaucracy and corruption. The stage was set for a Galactic Cold War, the Alliance and Assembly staking conflicting border claims that would see constant skirmishes for nearly 200 years. In the Galactic Cold War, the Terran Empire changed. Whereas it used to play a role akin to the United Nations in the Western half of the galaxy, with a liberal, open-minded society, the Cold War shifted it into militaristic authoritarianism, with the Earth government taking increasingly direct control over the Terrasphere Alliance and intervening militarily, attacking its own allies when they did things Earth did not approve of and therein becoming little different from the Assembly itself.
Another probability-defying moment occurred when a wormhole suddenly opened between Earth and Mars, leading to another galaxy, which was equivalent to Messier 33 Triangulum yet existing in another universe. The wormhole was stable and turned out to be a permanent fixture that would not disappear again for as long as the universe lived, giving Humanity access to an entirely new galaxy to colonize - a process that promptly began. This soured relations with the Assembly and Alliance, for Humanity claimed this entire new galaxy for itself. Within 30 years, the wormhole was too small and expansion too great for the Empire to maintain direct control, and the colonies on the other side banded together and formed their own government: the Imperial Free State of Terra Novam, which became an independent nation yet closely allied to the Terran Empire. Terra Novam became what the Terran Empire used to be: a beacon of freedom, liberty, and justice; a marked difference from the belligerent and ruthless Terran Empire, that considered treaties no more than worthless words on paper. Terra Novam did militarize to some extent, wanting to be able to defend itself from any threat that may come its way - although their galaxy seemed devoid of other intelligent life, only a sliver of it had been explored, and it paid to be prepared.
By 2498, it was apparent that the Galactic Assembly was on the verge of collapse. The shadow war between Alliance and Assembly Secret Service units, combined with the Assembly's own corruption and the Alliance's tight-run ship, left the Eastern coalition in shambles and ready to implode under its own weight. The Terrans, now a martial, xenophobic people with a fascist culture, prepared to strike the death blow, but before the invasion could kick off the Scrin appeared.
The Scrin were a collection of species that were based on Tiberium rather than carbon or silicon, and Element 133 was used by them in construction, as food, and energy source. Since Humans were now partially made of Tiberium themselves and had seeded Element 133 wherever they colonized, the Scrin saw Humanity as a resource, and used portal technology to transport an unfathomably huge armada into the Milky Way from their home galaxy, which split up into multiple prongs and invaded the Terran Empire (to harvest) and Galactic Assembly (as a distraction), though leaving the Terrasphere Alliance alone. The Alliance took this chance to also invade the Assembly, defying Earth's orders to aid the Empire to instead gobble up as much territory as possible from the Assembly, which was collapsing under the combined weight of the Scrin invasion and its own ineptitude.
The Terran Empire thus stood alone against the Scrin, who were militarily far inferior but able to operate without supply lines thanks to their portals, and their numbers were so great they simply could not be stopped as they beelined for Earth itself from the North. To make matters worse, the Assembly invaded the Empire from the South, believing the Terrans had created the Scrin as biological weapons rather than themselves being attacked by the enigmatic aliens. The Novans entered the war and drove back the Assembly, freeing up the IDF to concentrate on the Scrin. The invading aliens were finally halted across multiple fronts, but Humanity's combined arms could not prevent Earth from falling under attack. The Scrin Armada put its full weight on assaulting Sol System, and despite taking tremendous losses were eventually marauding across Mars and Earth. Unwilling to allow the Scrin to conquer Humanity's homeworld and to prevent them from moving on to either finish off the Empire or crossing the wormhole into Terra Novam, the IDF chose to blow up the sun, scorching Earth and Mars but also annihilating the Scrin presence in the system.
Further North, the IDF was finally reinforced by the Terrasphere Military, after the Alliance had finished off the Assembly and the Scrin ceased their attacks on the Assembly, settling down on their captured worlds. The Alliance realized that if the Terran Empire fell, they would be next in line for the Scrin to destroy, and thus sent their expeditionary forces to finish off those Scrin that remained in Terran space alongside the Imperial Defense Forces - and when this was done, turned their guns on the Terrans.
With this newest development, the Terran Empire imploded. Already reeling from the Scrin Invasion, the Terrasphere's assault broke their backs. Most of the Empire's 40,000 systems only had tens of millions of inhabitants, and with the IDF unable to defend more than a fraction of these worlds thousands of planets were abandoned as the population contracted to those more built-up worlds that could be properly defended, leaving huge swathes of territory to the Alliance. The Terran Empire was reduced to a mere 800 core systems in the Southwest, far away from Earth, while in the North and West Central a series of splinter states emerged that confederated as the United Imperial Alliance. The UIA and Terran Empire continued the fight against the Terrasphere, the Terran Empire regrouping its forces and striking the alliance's Southern border areas, capturing territory up to the Alliance's main defense belt and digging in, while the UIA was struggling to hold back the Alliance advance and after 20 years was reduced from 2,000 worlds to 800. The Terran Empire committed to a full-scale assault on the Alliance's defense belt, distracting them for the UIA to launch a surprise attack on the Alliance's main stronghold, which was a tremendous success and deprived the Terrasphere of much of their most experienced troops and commanders. The shock was so great that the Alliance Chancellor died of a heart attack, and his successor made peace with the Terrans, at the cost of returning all former Imperial space to the new Imperial government on the city-planet of Novi Soyuz in the Deep South. The UIA was reincorporated into the Terran Empire, meaning it now boasted 1,600 systems and a population of 14 trillion (as opposed to 40,000 systems and 40 trillion inhabitants in 2498).
As the Terran Empire began to rebuild, Terra Novam had its own cataclysmic war in the form of the Machine Wars. This began with the emergence of the Cult Mechanicus, a religious group that believed machines were superior to humans and began replacing as much of their bodies as possible with artificial parts. This was allowed up until the moment the Cult began forcefully robotizing people. The Novan Federal Armed Services were brought to bear against them, hoping to finish off the Cult and its militia quickly, only to find itself in a full-scale war against an enormous army of combat robots the Cult had constructed in secret. The Machine Wars would rage from 2699 to 2802, and even today (3223) Terra Novam still bears the scars from this conflict, which saw the government reduced to a handful of disparate sectors and untold billions unwillingly robotized and forced to fight against biological humans. The Machine Wars would finally end with the destruction of the last of the Cult's great Foundries and its extermination - and a nationwide ban on artificial intelligence.
Meanwhile, in the Terran Empire, it was artificial intelligence that brought the IDF back from the brink as a powerful armed force, with 50% of its troops and vehicles becoming Hunter-Killer autonomous combat robots, and starships given to a mixture of Human crews and True AI, that were Humans in all but biology, the only real difference that True AI have electrical neural nets instead of chemical. With the Scrin returning to aggression, the IDF commenced a full-scale war to reclaim their old Empire and destroy the Scrin Dominion in Via Lactea once and for all - a war which still rages to this very day and leaves the IDF with precious little manpower for other operations.
After the Machine Wars of Terra Novam, there emerged another cult, this one of people believing that Humanity had failed, arguing that sentient life is a mistake to be rectified and waging a genocidal campaign to exterminate all humans in Messier 33. They were called the Children of Ruin, and their numbers were great. For several years they fought the Novan FAS across several major worlds, but they were not professional soldiers and thus unable to do much damage beyond local regions, but still were a major threat to Terra Novam until the Cult was finally uprooted and driven out of Novan space.
The death wrought by this war drew the attention of the Ruinous Powers of Chaos, and a Warp Storm emerged to the Northeast of Terra Novam, sucking 6 systems into it and spilling forth the First Black Crusade of the Forces of Chaos - legions of Daemons and armies of mortal Chaos-worshipers spilling into Terra Novam even as 4 Warp Storms tore open in Via Lactea and the Terran Empire and Terrasphere Alliance were forced to work together to contain the new threat, that not only fought with guns but also corruption of the mind, Chaos taking hold across numerous nations in Via Lactea and giving the Ruinous Powers purchase in this galaxy.
In Via Lactea, Chaos was contained to the twisted space around the Warp Storms, and the Citadel Fleets were created to keep Chaos confined there. In Terra Novam, Chaos launched 2 Black Crusades that were both unsuccessful, and to this day Warp Rifts keep randomly popping up to threaten single worlds with huge Daemonic invasions, meaning FAS has established powerful standing garrisons on each Novan planet.
The Terran Empire now set its sights on the Terrasphere Alliance. The Alliance was in a state of crisis, its Chancellor having died without appointing a successor and two High Councilors running competing bids for this position, which turned into armed conflict. The Terran Empire itself had recently crowned a new Emperor, who took the opportunity to prove her worth by taking revenge on the Alliance's backstabbing in 2499 by supporting the weaker Alliance High Councilor Belash, ravaging his rival Peroz's forces and installing Belash as Chancellor. Belash then set to rebuilding the Terrasphere Military and secretly planned to invade the Northern Empire again, unwilling to see the Terran Empire eclipse the Alliance as the galaxy's premier power once again, but unbeknownst to him Novi Soyuz was aware of his plans, and had in fact been counting on it. The IDF and FAS launched a preemptive strike into the Alliance, knowing that they were outnumbered and unable to occupy even a tenth of the massive Terrasphere's territory. So the key was Tiberium: the Human forces attacked in spearheads, avoiding major combat wherever possible, neutralizing the Alliance's most strategically important worlds via orbital bombardment, and utilizing Tiberium weapons wherever they went - Element 133 infecting biospheres and people alike, people fleeing from infected worlds across the Alliance and taking Tiberium with them. Within the year, the Alliance's capital Avspar was under siege and half the Terrasphere's population was infected and dying from Tiberium. Chancellor Belash known there is no way out and surrenders in exchange for the cure. The extinction of 450 species is thus averted, and the Alliance is forced to sign a treaty that limits the size of their fleet and army, requires them to pay massive sums of money to the Terran Empire and Terra Novam every year, forces them to relinquish all territorial claims in the Western 1/3rd of the galaxy in perpetuity, and transfers control of Alliance foreign affairs to the Terran Empire. The Terrasphere Alliance in neutered and humiliated, and to make the point clear, Chancellor Belash is executed and replaced by a more controllable figure.
The year is 3178 when Terra Novam makes First Contact with other species in this alternate-universe analog of Messier 33 Triangulum, which is called Aura Hyperia by the locals. Exploration groups encounter the Aesir Empire and Romulan Star Empire, as well as the Pseudo-Fascist Bureaucracy of Corcetia, the latter turning out to be a Human state - Aura Hyperia was not too long ago divided between the Hyperian Empire and Great Yamato Empire, both Human nations that split off from the failing Human superstate of the "Central Authority" and respectively gobbling up most of the Northern and Southern halves of the galaxy as the Authority disintegrated. Both these Human nations had gone to war and attracted the Ruinous Powers, Warp Storms tearing the galaxy apart and giving multiple other species, which Yamato and Hyperion either oppressed or tried to exterminate, the chance to rise up and fight back. Yamato eventually destroyed Hyperion, but was then itself smashed apart by the ascendant alien species; although splinters and remnants of both Human superpowers linger. The Forces of Chaos were contained by the new rulers of Aura Hyperia and most of the Warp Storms calmed down, although huge swathes of Aura Hyperia are inhabited by Chaos-worshipers.
A series of comprehensive treaties was signed with the Romulans, and later with the Aesir as the Aesir and Novans were during the meeting attacked by Chaos and undertook a joint operation to hunt down and destroy the source of this incursion - the result being a trilateral alliance that still holds strong today.
As of 3222, Terra Novam is one of the Great Powers of Aura Hyperia, its strength stemming not from force of arms but diplomatic prowess and economic power. Its citizens are politically liberal and democratically republican, and personal freedoms are held sacrosanct. Xenophobia is virtually nonexistent except for extremist fringe groups and the government is highly devolved and severely limited in what it can do. Every planet has its own culture and religious beliefs, which are protected by law as long as they are not discriminatory.
The Terran Empire is a xenophobic, opportunistic Fascist state where personal freedom is great but political freedom nonexistent and religion outlawed and punishable by death, where the highest military commanders sit in an appointed Imperial Senate and the Terran Emperor is almighty. Government is centralized, with Novi Soyuz appointing Sector Governors who in turn appoint Planetary Governors; tasked with carrying out the Senate's will rather than that of the local population. The war against the Scrin continues unabated even as the Terran Empire is preparing to strike the death blow to a resurgent and recalcitrant Terrasphere Alliance to finally finish off this unreliable polity and annex 2/3rd of its territory while leaving its Eastern 1/3rd in the hands of those few High Councilors that support Imperial rule.
There is currently a war ongoing between the Black Hand and Liberator factions, both groups desiring to Federate the Empire and Terra Novam but the Black Hand wanting to conquer and enslave the Hyperian species and implement a stifling dictatorial regime; the Liberators wanting to forge a galaxy-wide alliance and reform the government to be more democratic. A third faction in the form of the Ultranationalist Coalition, desiring both massive military might and friendly relations with other species, is waiting in the wings, ready to side with whichever faction seems to be winning when its opponents are at their weakest. And all the while, the Terrans and Novans are engaged in a joint operation to invade Hyperian Chaos space, capture an array of 14 sectors, and found the Empire of New Hyperion, which is designed to be a synthesis of Terran and Novan cultures and political systems.

Black Box from Bomber KGH-3, Recovered from Pentastar Battle

"Five minutes to the target!" the pilot shouted to the crew. "Terran ships have opened fire!"

"Activating point defense turrets!" announced the gunner as he entered the command into his console behind the pilot. All of the turrets came to life and zipped to face forward. "Enemy missiles and projectiles coming into range!" The turrets opened fire, sending walls of shells out popping the Terran beehive shells and shredding guided missiles as they approached the bomber.

"Four minutes to target!"

A beehive shell got through the defenses and exploded near the right wing, putting holes in the covering and damaging an engine.

"Engine three is hit! Shutting it down!"

Another beehive shell got through, this time damaging a turret.

"Turret two is down!"

"Three minutes to the target!"

"Beginning the arming sequence!" shouted the bombardier as he input a series of codes into his console beside the pilot.

Sensors indicated an explosion on the left side of the bomber and shrapnel scraped against the bomber's carapace.

"Squad Lead is down! Port vertical thrusters are damaged!"

A beehive shell detonated under the left wing, damaging another engine.

"Engine two is out! Two minutes to target!"

Another beehive hit, taking out the belly turret.

"Turret four is down!"

"Bombs are armed!"

Another explosion on the right side of the bomber.

"Another bomber down! One minute to target"

"Opening bay doors!"

"Bombardier, you have control!"

"Targeting a main battery!" The bombardier announced. "Dropping!" The bombs launched in sequence out of the bomber bays, flying quickly to the target and detonating in a spectacular carpet strike. "Direct hit! Target destroyed! Transferring controls back!"

"Looping around! Gunner, target the enemy anti air with your turrets!"

"We're not returning to the carrier?" the gunner questioned.

"We need to help make sure the others do! Now fire!"

"Aye!" The gunner brought the remaining turrets to bear on the ship AA guns and missile launchers and opened fire, shredding the enemy weapons one by one.

About four enemy weapons were destroyed before KGH-3 was focused down and destroyed, the last bit of audio being a quarter second of the crew members screeching in pain.

I'm on my way to a US Navy air show at NAS Oceana, so I figured I'd leave this for people to enjoy.

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