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Welcome to New Hyperion. It pays to pay attention.
~Founded October 29th 2014~
"New Hyperion, and its companion Foundation at the other end of the galaxy, are to be the seeds and founders of the Third Galactic Empire."

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We are now a vassal of Wintreath. Though we remain active, all citizens are encouraged to join their region and Linkforums using a puppet.

All WA nations should endorse the WACom Delegate, Empirical Science. The current endorsement limit for all other nations is 0, and is enforced by the Inquisition.

Embassy requests will not be accepted without first applying for a consulate on our forum.

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New Hyperion contains 65 nations, the 213th most in the world.

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1.The Democratic Republic of BloodAndMurderstanCorporate Police State“18 is pension age”
2.The Corporatocracy of EsterlonCorporate Police State“Omnis Teubneriana.”
3.The Loose-Confederacy of AnarcousCapitalist Paradise“Those who do not work do not eat®”
4.The Sovereign Federated States of The United Terran RepublicsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unus est populus, univit”
5.The Liberators Faction of Terra NovamMother Knows Best State“Sola equitat spes”
6.The New Hyperion Autocracy of GenesisAnarchy“Mors ultima linea rerum est”
7.The Expanse of The Orion PrimacyIron Fist Consumerists“...”
8.The Holy Empire of Twelve TitansCapitalizt“Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”
9.The Republic of Global Corporate CongressCorporate Police State“Strength Through Compliance”
10.The Harvesters of The Collector HivemindIron Fist Consumerists“We are the harbinger of your perfection”
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Terra Novam wrote:The Covacs Remnants
The Covacs boarding crews were quickly met by the Drekrekkr complements of the Aesir ships they set foot on, the lightly armored and underequipped sailors being no match for the nigh-invulnerable Xenos. The Navy Armsmen fared better, holding the line and shielding the sailors with their carapace armor and Viper MASER rifles, chucking grenades and explosive charges everywhere. The Naval Infantry, with their power armor and heavy personal weaponry invoking the popular image of “Space Marines”, fared much better against the Xenos who were trying to contain the Novan boarders, shrugging off enemy small-arms fire and actually advancing towards the Xenos, only going down to protracted concentrated fire or the mighty railrifles of the Aesirs’ super-heavy Einherjar “walking tanks”. The regular sailors had it worst, being cut to ribbons by the enemy, their shell-based Infantry Rifles being little use against their heavily armored foe, with only the officers’ plasma pistols doing any real damage.
In space, the Covacs escort ships were down to a handful of vessels, and to make things worse, all of their smallcraft cover had been destroyed by the superior Xenos fliers. Aesir bombers were reaping a deadly harvest as their ordnance disabled guns and destroyed armor, making it easy for Aesir destroyers and capital ships to get penetrating shots with their railguns.
Destroyer 533, seriously damaged and faltering, closed on an Aesir battleship and rapid-fired all its remaining torpedoes and anti-ship missiles at point-blank range, rather spectacularly killing this enemy capital ship, before succumbing to railgun shelling with all hands lost.
Destroyer 557 used its gunnery to shell 3 enemy cruisers for long, bloody minutes, pumping dozens of shells into them before being sundered by these very same vessels.
Frigate 630 rammed one of the titanic Longboat dreadnoughts full on the broadside, its bow cleaving through the Xenos midships and the small ship coming to rest half-lodged within the Aesir vessel – at which point it detonated its own reactor plant, the resulting antimatter explosion temporarily tearing a hole in spacetime itself. When reality repaired itself back to normal a split second after, both ships had vanished without a trace.
Destroyer 608 loaded beehive shells into its main guns and focused entirely on anti-aircraft gunnery to protect the remaining vessels from the marauding Aesir bombers, single-handedly taking down 53 of the smallcraft before taking 11 direct hits and being disabled. Some of its crew got to their escape pods before an Aesir torpedo hit the small ship right on the nose, pierced through her prow and internal armor, and exploded dead center, blowing the ship in half and vaporizing the middle third.
Frigate 413, one of the last command ships in the fleet’s remnants, seemed to have preternatural luck as it took hit after hit without losing critical systems, while itself disabling an enemy gun, crippling a subluminal engine, or destroying a fighter or bomber with every shot. But after a few minutes with mounting casualties and growing fires, the ship’s commanding officer decided to throw in the towel.
“All remaining Covacs personnel: this is Commodore Thomas Johnston. I have just been informed… I am the last officer alive. All remaining ships, cease fire and stand down. Boarding parties, return to your vessels. We’re going to see if they’re feeling courteous today. In case they don’t… Prepare to self-destruct. If we have to die today, then so will they. Johnston, FF-413, out.”

Drekrekkr lined the corridors, aggressively pushing where resistance was light in the hopes of flanking the heavy Naval Infantry or forcing them to pull back to a defensive position. The Drekrekkr directly fighting the Naval Infantry took defensive positions, angling their helmets and pauldrons to deflect and absorb incoming fire while taking little to no damage, just trying to mostly contain them while the Einherjar were able to move in with their heavy armor shrugging off enemy fire and heavy autorails tearing through the Naval Infantry power armor. Naval Armsman grenades had little effect on the heavily armored Drekrekkr, but the MASER rifles were doing work. About as much work as the Aesir autorails which penetrated the carapace armor of the Naval Armsmen with every pull of the trigger unleashing three rounds into the same spot, the first hit softening up the armor with the second or third hit punching through and taking down the Covacs soldier.

The constant pounding of Covacs ships went on and on with autoloaders throwing shell after shell into railgun breeches and bombers launching bomb after bomb until the Covacs suddenly went quiet. It took a couple of seconds to notice, but once they did, the Aesir stopped their attacks. Covacs boarders ceased firing and withdrew, and the Drekrekkr allowed them to. According to the Aesir code, the Covacs were to be taken as POWs. But all of that had to wait until after the Terrans were dealt with.

The Aesir Empire of Aragonn

Terra Novam wrote:Schwarzkopf’s Assault Fleet – east wing
As the eastern frigate group moved to take up positions on the Aesir fleet’s flank, the main body of the Terran fleet’s east wing closed in to engage the Xenos head-on, hoping to tie down their attention so the frigates could swing around back and move in for the kill. Unlike the Terran elements moving to attack the Novan-Dysonian joint fleet to the North, the eastern wing had kept its original formation, since they planned on defeating the Aesir in a head-on fleet battle rather than try and break through them. The capital ships and their escorts advanced behind the cover of their torpedo, ASM, and smallcraft screen, the Terran interceptors engaging their Aesir counterparts at long range with their plasma pulse and particle cannons while attack fighters covered with Hydra cluster rockets and Tusk armor-piercing missiles, which had optical close-in sensors and were thus much more difficult to confuse than the Novan types. The full-sized ships pointed their bows towards the enemy, hoping to deflect any railgun round that made it through their shields with their sloped bow armor and heavily slanted dorsal citadel armor belt. Even if the Aesir counterfire would pierce the flat deck armor, their shells would still have to penetrate multiple layers of armor belts, internal compartment armor, and the heavily protected, heavy-angled citadel armor. Each capital ship was escorted by destroyers and corvettes, who all shared their shield power to create one powerful protective bubble. Air defense fighters escorted the ships to intercept any enemy smallcraft and tubulars, further aided by combat drones that would use their own bodies to absorb hits meant for the capital ships. The Terran cruisers and battleships fired their particle cannons through the forward screen of fighters and frigates, said frigates peppering down the Aesir frontline with subnuclear shells, all the while corvettes launched volleys of self-guided anti-ship missiles and ACLOS ant-ship rockets. The interspacing between ships was such that even the Aesirs’ mighty Odin Guns could only strike one ship at a time, any splash damage negated by the distance between. Fighters clashed with Aesir smallcraft as Terran bombers launched torpedoes and rocket bombs at the Aesir carriers, trying to disable their flight decks, as the destroyers focused on their Aesir counterparts and larger capital ships tangled with Aesir cruisers and battleships, every Terran battlegroup focusing fire on a single target while defending against incoming fire from other ships with their close-in weapons systems: PD-MUSIER electro-masers, particle pulse cannons, and “beehive” autocannon rounds able to intercept anything from anti-ship missiles to individual cannon shells.
As easy a time as the Aesir had had destroying the Covacs fleet, Rear Admiral Schwarzkopf’s Imperial Terrans would be a far tougher bone to chew on.

The frontal armor of the lead ships took most of the pounding, shells and torpedoes detonating on their heavily armored bows and doing no real damage. With the Covacs surrendering, more ships began to add themselves to the defensive wall to absorb incoming fire, but most were picked off before they could bring their bows around, the subnuclear shells of the Terrans making short work of the side armor and blasting huge holes in the broadsides of ships to create floating hulks and debris. A wall torpedoes was fired in retaliation with all forward lancers firing. Laser lancers and plasma lancers were fired, focused to try to bring down the shields of leading capital ships, and the infamous Odin Guns fired their own AP-N (Armor Piercing - Nuclear) shells designed to effectively mimic the damage Novan subnuclear shells achieve. Flanking frigates were met with heavy railgun fire from ship broadside guns as autoloaders quickly rammed shell after shell into the breeches, but the frigates were soon able to lay waste to the flank with their subnuclear shells and other weapons. The twin linked 50 mm autorail point defense turrets of the Aesir ships continued to send hypersonic AP-I and flak shells at incoming smallcraft, missiles, and torpedoes in a desperate attempt to stem the tide. Fafnir, Nidhogg, and Svartalf squadrons were getting picked away at as they opened fire on the Terran smallcraft, the Aesir getting torn apart by the superior numbers of Terrans. Shields were finally going back up all across the fleet with generators vented of extra energy only to have them quickly go back out due to the sheer force being applied.

And out of seemingly nowhere, thousands more openings from the Warp appeared behind the Terran fleet as the Aesir reserves, the second half of the Aesir forces in the area, came into the battlefield. These new forces quickly acquired their targets and fired all of their lancers and torpedoes to hit the Terran rear armor before maneuvering to encircle them. All fighters and interceptors were launched by this new force, quickly forming clouds of smallcraft cover to defend against incoming smallcraft and missiles/torpedoes. Lieutenant Kommander Grimmr had now completely dedicated himself to winning this fight even against the odds.

I'd just like to take this moment to congratulate the completion of our Embassy and hope that New Hyperion and the Confederation of Athis continue to have diplomatic success and cooperation.

Terra Novam, Aragonn, and Esmerel

As it has been a week and nobody else is interested in the job, WACom asks that all nations endorse Empirical Science as Delegate.

Thank you, and Ave Hyperion.

Huh. So apparently yesterday was Anarcous' First birthday.

something-something lower taxes to nonexistent levels in celebration

how do you endorse Empirical Science?

The Republic of REI wrote:how do you endorse Empirical Science?

First off, you have to join the World Assembly. Go to "World Assembly," click "Apply to Join," then check your email for a confirmation (click the link on the email to join).

Then, go to Empirical Science's nation page, scroll to the bottom, and click "Endorse Empirical Science."

I'm not allowed to use my e-mail so sorry no can do

Would anyone here advocate for eugenics?

The Bureau of Embassy Affairs has been authorized by the Bureau of Communications to deliver a letter from the Bureau of Bureaucratic Holidays. It reads as follows:

FROM: Bureau of Embassy Affairs
ISSUING BUREAU: Bureau of Bureaucratic Holidays
Greetings and salutations nations of New Hyperion. The holiday season in Corcetia is beginning to ramp up and the national day of giving thanks is upon us where we sit down and enjoy the company of our families and loved ones, share stories of the year, and feast. Today is a day for enjoying each other and giving thanks for all that we have. Friends and family are important and we wish this day will be devoted to spending time when loved ones you might not see very often. From our planet to yours, we would like to wish everyone a wonderful Day of Thank this year.

- Bureau of Bureaucratic Holidays -
Ruhr, Corcetia


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