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The Rejected Realms RMB

WA Delegate: The Jack of All Trades of Dead I Jack (elected )

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Most Nations: 9th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 142nd Largest Black Market: 1,806th
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Welcome to The Rejected Realms: NationStates' only ejection-free zone!

Please endorse our Delegate, Dead I Jack.

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  • We've started a new Pokemon event with our allies in Forest and Wintreath called Forwintrr League. All the different things you can do are in dispatch.

  • Send your submissions in for our May Art and Photo Contest. The theme is "Light".

  • We rebooted the regional map. LinkClaim land today!

Stop by our Regional Message Board for some interesting conversation and delicious Hedgehog Burgers Taquitos at our BBQ and Grill.

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    The Rejected Times: Issue LVII

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    Pokemon Forwintrr League 2020

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    Join the RRA!

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    TRR art and Photo contest - May 2020

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    Rejected Realms RMB Guide

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    The WA Ping Program: Sign Up for Notifications

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    RMB Awards | April 2020

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    Pros and Cons Index

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    The Rejected Times Information

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    The Rejected Times Index

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    Join the World Assembly!

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    Helpful Links for Newcomers

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Regional Power: Very High

The Rejected Realms contains 6,633 nations, the 9th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Devout in the Rejected Realms

World Census Inquisitors conducted rigorous one-on-one interviews probing the depth of citizens' beliefs in order to determine which nations were the most devout.

As a region, the Rejected Realms is ranked 6,189th in the world for Most Devout.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Armed Republic of Knowwear in YoutopiaIron Fist Consumerists“Give pea... ummm... war a chance.”
2.The Prophecy of The Almighty LennyPsychotic Dictatorship“Oh yeah, it's all coming together”
3.The Holy Orange Primitocracy of Western ScientificumIron Fist Consumerists“Please don't go to our eastern neighbors, alright?”
4.The Commonwealth of GenlannNew York Times Democracy“Mission Accomplished”
5.The Duchy of QurimIron Fist Consumerists“Non timet[e] messor[em].”
6.The Holy Empire of ByzantFather Knows Best State“In hoc signo vinces”
7.The Military Order of The Knights of La LloronaFather Knows Best State“Do you hear her crying? We shall appease her.”
8.The Theocracy of AlerijonaMoralistic Democracy“Pakilk kaip feniksas i pelenų”
9.The Prettiest Nation in TRR of Miss HungaryIron Fist Consumerists“Isten, ldd meg a magyart! 𝕄𝔼𝔼ℙ!”
10.The Aalapapaloopicracy of AalapapaloopilandPsychotic Dictatorship“Lorem ipsum la biblioteca”
1234. . .663664»

Recent polls: “Forwintrr League Beauty Contest: Super Rank!”“What is the best Harry Potter movie?”

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The Rejected Realms Regional Message Board

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Strangely enough, Im redoing my overview factbook for the second time this week.

Minskiev wrote:Strangely enough, Im redoing my overview factbook for the second time this week.

Mine got deleted at some point. I have to do those again.

The Church of Satan wrote:I was kicked from XKI by Grub as a victim of religious persecution. I've since grown from refugee to proud Reject. ^_^

My region closed down. So now I sit in the corner and document the occasional anomalous events that happen here.

Golexald wrote:Mine got deleted at some point. I have to do those again.

If it's time-consuming to do so, make sure you have a copy in your docs just in case.


Minskiev wrote:No seriously, suggest a region and Ill tell you if Id move there or not.

The Rejected Realms


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I'd also like some opinions on the fabulous logo idea Kyorgia created for the dispatches.
See below :>

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