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Rudest Citizens: 497th Most Avoided: 606th Highest Wealthy Incomes: 645th+22
Most Valuable International Artwork: 694th Most Rebellious Youth: 705th Largest Soda Pop Sector: 786th Fattest Citizens: 848th Highest Disposable Incomes: 986th Most Armed: 1,006th Largest Retail Industry: 1,043rd Highest Unexpected Death Rate: 1,176th Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 1,426th Highest Crime Rates: 1,456th Most Secular: 1,741st Most Nations: 1,841st Largest Black Market: 1,969th Highest Economic Output: 2,073rd Most Corrupt Governments: 2,137th Largest Mining Sector: 2,191st Most Cultured: 2,255th Largest Information Technology Sector: 2,374th Highest Average Incomes: 2,458th Largest Publishing Industry: 2,486th Largest Gambling Industry: 2,513th Most Scientifically Advanced: 2,801st
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"Where the money is fake, but the sports are real"
The one place for real-world sports and sports gambling in NationStates!

LinkTalk sports 24/7 and join our sports betting games on the Discord server! (

Some of our sports games: Fantasy Football • Fantasy Baseball • Fantasy Hockey • NFL Pick'em • NFL Survivor • Super Bowl Prop Game • College Football Pick'em • College Bowl Pick'em • MLS Handicapping • World Cup & Olympics Soccer Games • NHL Bracket • NBA Bracket • March Madness Tournament • AND MUCH MORE!!!

NationStates Featured Region: November 21, 2021 & January 10, 2020

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    Intro to NationStates

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    The Commended and Condemned

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    The Daily Line

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    Hobbes' Handy Guide to Military (R/D) Gameplay.

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    The (Un)Official NationStates Guide to Budget Friendly Bourbon

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The Sportsbook contains 10 nations, the 1,841st most in the world.

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The Most Eco-Friendly Governments in The Sportsbook

The following governments spend the greatest amounts on environmental issues. This may not always be reflected in the quality of that nation's environment.

As a region, The Sportsbook is ranked 3,926th in the world for Most Eco-Friendly Governments.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Adorable Nation of DavelandsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Live, Love, Laugh”
2.The Federal Republic of MonemoniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
3.The Free Land of Winnie-the-PoohCapitalist Paradise“Oh, bother”
4.The Constitutional Monarchy of Zhuo-luojaPsychotic Dictatorship“It's all right”
5.The Founder of The SportsbookInoffensive Centrist Democracy“A winning bet a day keeps the collection goons at bay.”
6.The Burned Out Mobile Home of Great GonzoFather Knows Best State“Adventure, Danger, Romance”
7.The Republic of Escape FromInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unity, Discipline, Work”
8.The Loving Couple of I-Ship-It-Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Shipping Fan.”
9.The Community of Adorable DaveCivil Rights Lovefest“You Can't Stop Progress”
10.The City States of ThaulandiAnarchy“We Believe In Us”

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It's Update time! Here's the latest edition of India's newsletter, The Monthly Tabloid. Give it a read and upvote. There's a fancy giveaway for card collectors out there.

December 2023 | Issue XV

The Monthly Tabloid

India's Official Newsletter

Editor: Indusse
Writer: Vajji, Marvellia, Indusse

Editor's Desk
It's been thirty seven months (2 years 3 months ago - October 2021) since we released the last edition of our newsletter The Monthly Tabloid. So after such a long time and while this year is about to end, we are back with our fifteenth edition of our wonderful newsletter. We hope you will enjoy reading this edition of TMT and make sure you upvote it! To read the previous editions of TMT, visit here. We are also looking for citizens who can write for the newsletter, if interested please contact the editor.
Wishing everyone, Happy Holidays!

The RainDrop Pact: A New Beginning
Written by Indusse

N-Day⁹, the recent edition of the N-Day event where nations can unleash their nukes on each other, saw the emergence of a new faction that was able to make a notable movement in the standings. The RainDrop Pact, a coalition of six regions which included India, finished sixth in the overall standings, beating many larger and more experienced factions.

The RainDrop Pact was formed by the regions of Africa, Alcris, and India, and later joined by Arcesia, Mandala, and Golden Eco Friendly. The name was inspired by Operation RainDrop, which marked the refounding of Africa in 2019 and the last official cooperation between the founding regions. The Faction, which was made for interregional activity and fun, soon proved to be a formidable force in N-Day. The RainDrop Pact defended itself against all attacks, securing a score of 1,224,354 points. The faction also achieved the remarkable feat of having zero radiation, meaning no nukes landed on its territory.

The RainDrop Pact announced that it will take part in the next N-Day and expand its roster to more regions in their aftermath statement. This was also the first time after being part of the Potato Alliance that India had participated in a planned faction and the government of India believes that this is marking the beginning of an upcoming streak of inter-regional cooperation.

Find the official update of The RainDrop Pact below and make sure you upvote it:

Activity Fallout: Emergency Announced Indefinitely
Written by Indusse

The Founder's office declared a state of emergency and dissolved the existing government and constitution of the region due to the long prevailing inactivity and resignation of the former President Hindu Ram Rajya. According to the announcement, the region has been facing a long-time instability due to the resignation of the former president, Hindu Ram Rajya, who resigned from their responsibility in August 2023. Since then, no elections have been held and then Prime Minister Indusse was appointed as the acting President. The founder decided to remove the constitution from circulation and initiate a constitutional convention to establish a new and flexible constitution.

The announcement also ordered all military activities of the region to cease immediately and all nations using their World Assembly nation for military operations to return and endorse the acting president, who is appointed by the founder for stability purposes. The founder has also launched an investigation into several complaints regarding unauthorised military involvement, unauthorised use of official infrastructure, mass puppet stacking and more. The offenders were also punished after the investigation ended.

The announcement also stated that the region will be under the rule of the founder until further notice and that the rules set by the founder will serve as the constitutional set of regulations. However, the basic constitutional laws will remain in effect. An Announcement regarding the constitutional assembly followed within the conclusion of the investigation that was announced.

IAF Back to Business
Written by Indusse and Marvellia

The Indian Armed Forces [IAF], India's official military went through rejuvenation after a long hiatus it had due to lack of activity. A few new citizens were recruited into the military and the IAF conducted detag runs from their jump point at The South Asian Union. Multiple detag runs were hosted during the first few weeks of November as to train the new soliders as well as to polish the unattended skills of former soldiers in the military. The Government has reopened applications for joining the Indian Armed Forces as to increase the activity from the military side of the community. A few members of the IAF was also promoted for their participation in the detag runs that was conducted. They're as follows:

Captain Marvellia
Captain Ignasian
Lieutenant Legendenex
Lieutenant SRVy
Second Lieutenant South Kerala

Having been founded in 2020, The Indian Armed Forces has conducted a lot of successful operations ranging from serious fash bashes to fun detag runs and there are bound to be some epoch-making operations, one such feat is Operation Rudra, lasting over 2 years the longest operation IAF has ever done resulted in a grand slam. To honour the soldiers who participated in Operation Rudra, the Military Command has decided to award Operation Rudra Ribbon to the participating nations on 27th of December, 2023.

Meet the Citizen: Purvanchal
Interviewed by Marvellia

Presenting a recent addition to the community is Purvanchal [P], an individual whose matured outlook positions them as a promising and influential member in the future of the region. They are getting interviewed by TMT Journalist, Marvellia [M].

M: What do you think of the region? Did you find this region, a place to call home?

P: Upon my return to NationStates after a year-long hiatus, I encountered the region of India. Previously having served as an active member of The East Pacific, I initially found myself with relatively little engagement in this new environment. However, the realm of role-playing within the region captivated my interest, prompting me to become modestly involved. While I hold a positive regard for the region, I hesitate to unequivocally label it as my "home" due to the perceived absence of certain potential elements that I consider integral.

M: Can you elaborate on the elements that India seems to lack?

P: From my observations, it is evident that India currently experiences limited engagement with foreign regions, albeit maintaining a nominal level of interaction. Additionally, the absence of recurring special events akin to an Infobox, where weekly themes centered around topics such as military, government, history, etc., used to transpire in my former region, is notable.

M: About foreign relations, India is recently taking steps to mend relationships it had in the past and to forge new ones. What are your thoughts on this?

P: Nope, I never knew about the information and the said information wasn't posted anywhere so that info wasn't accessible for me.

M: Can I confirm your statement as to whether the current emergency government headed by Indusse is inefficient in notifying the citizens of the development in the region?

P: Considering the state of government (emergency) it's understandable that the updates weren't given. But as far as I'm aware, as long as it isn't an emergency government Indusse would never fail to give us an update.

M: As you are aware the Founder of India, Nirupama declared an emergency citing inactivity and a constituent assembly was formed which will soon adopt the new constitution which is being drafted. Naturally elections will soon be conducted, what do you expect in the upcoming election? From your perspective as the general populace, what do you think the candidates should do to win the hearts and minds of people?

P: A critical criterion for prospective candidates seeking victory in the upcoming elections is the formulation of authentic plans and programs designed to foster the development of the region across diverse domains, including administration, interaction, and roleplay

M: Considering that you are a critical member of our community, do you see yourself contesting in the elections?

P: I don't think I will be participating, although I may be very efficient for any ministry posts dedicated to a specific domain.

M: What do you think about India's RP? At least when it had one and do you have any plans or changes you would like to see implemented in the roleplay?

P: The previous iteration was lacking, with only a few members claiming territories on the Indian map and exchanging embassies, lacking a moral dimension. I am optimistic about the new RP, especially with the excellent new map crafted by South Kerala. To enhance the RolePlay experience, I propose implementing a weekly event similar to that I have seen in my former region. Each week, a topic spanning various fields like sports, history, military, economy, inventions, etc., could be introduced. RPers would then have a week to provide details about their nations in relation to the chosen topic. Submissions could be reviewed by a designated board, potentially including members like myself, specifically dedicated to RP. Approved submissions could be shared on the NSIndia Discord or the regional board, fostering a more engaging and immersive RP environment.

M: I see. What do you think about the members of our community?

P: While certain community members are actively contributing to the region's development, there are others, whom I prefer not to mention, engaging in immature behaviour and contributing to chaos within the community. Additionally, it appears that some potentially valuable members, again whom I don't want to mention, are experiencing limitations in accessing better positions within the region.

M: What sort of limitations might that be?

P: The limitations in question may involve barriers or challenges that hinder certain members, including those present for a substantial duration, from attaining more prominent or influential positions within the community. Limitations might include potential members being ignored for some better posts in the community. These limitations could be attributed to factors such as unclear selection criteria, internal policies, or decisions made by the region's leadership.

M: What do you think about Former President Hindu Ram Rajya or Aryaman's resignation?

P: Have never interacted with HRR or known much about the said nation so will abstain from commenting on this topic. But as far as I remember, I reached India soon after HRR's resignation.

M: Are you part of the Indian Armed Forces?

P: This one's gonna be a very short answer - No, I am not a part of the Indian Armed Forces.

M: Do you plan to?

P: No, I do not wish to be a part there.

M: Thank you for your patience throughout the interview. We wish you all the best ahead.

A Culinary Canvas: Exploring Indian Cuisine
Written by Vajji

It is common knowledge that India is a land of diverse cultures and vibrant traditions. From the majestic Himalayas to the sunny beaches of Kerala, every corner of this vast nation carries a unique story, steeped in history and tradition. Yet, there is one aspect of India's cultural tapestry that often takes center stage and resonates with people worldwide—the enchanting world of Indian cuisine.

Indian cuisine is like a colorful canvas woven with spices, flavors, and centuries-old traditions that have been passed down through generations. It offers an explosion of flavours. From that dazzling tang of tamarind to the warmth of aroma of spices like cumin and coriander, each dish is like a party of tastes that dance on your palate. Contrary to what a lot of people think, the use of spices in Indian cooking isn't just about heat; it's about creating a perfect blend that tantalizes the taste buds.

And India's culinary landscape is vast. Each region boasts its own distinctive dishes, influenced by geography, climate, and cultural nuances. Whether it's the fiery curries of the south, the hearty lentil-based dishes of the north, or the seafood delights of the coastal regions, every corner of India (even the damn streets!) offers something unique.

Another fascinating aspect of Indian cuisine is it's deeply ingrained vegetarianism. It's not impossible to have tasty food without meat you know? For generations, wizards in Indian kitchens have been creating utterly remarkable dishes with just vegetarian ingredients. Options galore!

And lastly, let's talk about those sweets! Indian food is not just about spices and masalas. No exploration of Indian cuisine is complete without indulging in its sweet treasures. From the heavenly gulab jamuns to the delicious barfis, Indian desserts are a delightful conclusion to any meal. Pretty much every festival of India has at least a bunch of sweets associated with it. And as you know, festivals happen all year round.

Indian cuisine is more than just a collection of recipes; it is an art form that reflects the spirit, history, and diversity of a nation that takes pride in its flavorful heritage.

In the coming articles of this series, I'll try and unravel the layers of India's gastronomic wonders, exploring little known history, wonders, features, and aspects of this vast cuisine. Join me to go on this culinary journey that promises to be as diverse and vibrant as the nation it represents.

Festive Card Frenzy: December Edition
Christmas Special Card Giveaway

It's holiday season again, which means it's also time for some fun. This December, we are giving away S2 Legendary Wallenburg to the folks out there! Make sure to join the giveaway by filling the Google form attached below. You just need to upvote the newsletter and fill the form to enter in the pool of nations for the giveaway.

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We will be having more giveaways soon and a more valuable card would be given away with the next edition of the Monthly Tabloid as part of the twelfth anniversary of the founding of India. Telegram Indusse or send “indusse” a DM in discord to get subscribed to the newsletter.

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