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February 24, 2021

Tortilla Chip Day

Tortilla Chip Day is best celebrated on a comfy sofa and a favorite film with a selection of tasty dips! Why not go all out and add some cheese into the mix, grilling or melting it on top to form a stringy, tasty tortilla chip maze!

Today In Sports History

1980 - In Lake Placid, NY, the U.S. hockey team defeated Finland 4-2 to win the gold medal at the Winter Olympic Games.

Current Betting Games

• Link6 Nations Handicap Game (Pick the winner of each game in the 6 Nations tournament for big Sportsbucks)
• EPL Betting Game (join us on Discord and pick against the best of The Sportsbook every week from the best English Premier League games)
• LinkNHL Fantasy Hockey League (play daily against the best Fantasy players in NationStates)

• Daily Bet Poll (on the regional World Factbook Entry)

Upcoming Betting Games

• NCAA Bracket Game (March)
• MLB Futures Game (late March)
• MLS Futures and Betting Game (April)
• Champions League Betting Game (June)

Yesterday's Poll Results

Tomorrow at 3pm EST we have a Champions League match between Atlιtico Madrid and Chelsea. A true champion will know how this game turns out.
Chelsea won 1-0.

Winners (adding SB185 to their totals)

Davelands, Syberis, Goraria, Big Bad Badger, and Ubekibekibekibekistanstan

Six Nations Tournament

NHL Fantasy Hockey
Regular Season Standings

Division 1            W-L-T   Pct    Div    Pts
MIZZOU River Otters   5-0-0   1.000  3-0-0  752.70
Duluth Lake Pirates   4-1-0    .800  2-1-0  703.80
Syb's Swag Team       3-2-0    .600  3-2-0  735.40
Mundane Redhawks      2-3-0    .400  2-1-0  668.00
New Petrograd Wolves  1-4-0    .200  0-4-0  547.35
Dalimbar Vikings      1-4-0    .200  1-3-0  522.20

Division 2            W-L-T   Pct    Div    Pts
Adorable Davelands    4-1-0    .800  3-0-0  751.90
THL Cosmonauts        3-2-0    .600  3-1-0  602.65
Marksburg Mustangs    3-2-0    .600  2-2-0  563.50
Adelaide Adrenaline   2-3-0    .400  2-2-0  649.35
TEAM MILLER           1-4-0    .200  1-3-0  620.05
B e n                 1-4-0    .200  0-3-0  481.95

February 2021 Handicapping Standings

Final January 2021 Handicapping Standings

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