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Welcome to Anaia! Anaia is a region formed by an alliance of like-minded nations, moving into their own new home via the Declaration of Foxchester.

Embassies: The Bostopian Empire, Rushmore, Sonnel, Esportiva, Emirates of Futurnia, NS Sports, Melayu Archipelago, Tropicorp, India, Asian Archipelago, and The Hodori Archipelago.

Tags: Large, Role Player, and Sports.

Anaia contains 64 nations, the 315th most in the world.

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The Longest Average Lifespans in Anaia

Nations ranked highly have lower rates of preventable death, with their citizens enjoying longer average lifespans.

As a region, Anaia is ranked 5,645th in the world for Longest Average Lifespans.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Halcyon Archipelago of Ko-orenDemocratic Socialists“Dragonfly Nation”
2.The People and Government of LegaleseLeft-wing Utopia“Earn your own legacy”
3.The Galactic Commonwealth of CosumarLeft-wing Utopia“Explore, Excel, Exceed Expectations”
4.The Commonwealth of The Plough IslandsDemocratic Socialists“Golden age, revealed today”
5.The Nation of MertagneInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ama, Anaia, Aurrera!”
6.The Chromatik State of ChromatikaDemocratic Socialists“Aequalitas enim omnia”
7.The Federal Kingdom of KryteniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“¡Adelante, Anaia!”
8.The Protectorate of StarblaydiaFather Knows Best State“Fides, Gloria, Sanguis”
9.The Unbidden Free Republic of YesopalithaDemocratic Socialists“Perseverantia Saeculorum (Perseverance without End)”
10.The Allied States of AthearaCivil Rights Lovefest“The Place of Dawn on the World!”
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Anaia Regional Message Board

(OOC - Hello, it's good to be on board. I am RPing the Ochre Islands as having a population of around 3.2 million people and is a part of an archipelago of islands, similar to the Canaries off the north-west African coast

(The following is IC and gives a bit of background to the founding of the place and the politics to be expected)

A Bostopian warship, on a routine reconnaissance and oppression patrol in unchartered waters.

The bridge was its usual hub of quiet activity, when a junior officer suddenly became very alert.

'Admiral?' He called. 'We've discovered uncharted islands.' A quiet sigh went proceeded the Admiral's response. 'Well, yes' Admiral Millingworth started. 'That's likely. This is an uncharted area. There will be uncharted things within it, man.'

'Absolutely, Sir. But this actually looks uninhabited and unclaimed as well.'

A hush fell around the hastily-written-in characters on the bridge.

'Then we'll claim it for Bostopia and Emperor!' The Admiral cried jubilantly. 'And we'll deface that blasted flag half of them have been flying as well.'

After a few years of the central Government pouring money into an organisation called the 'Bostopian Movement Foundation' there were finally areas of the islands which were both well inhabited and brought up to date. Unfortunately for the Government of the Twin Isles though, they didn't quite expect the Bostopian Movement Foundation to be made up of people who were quite frankly 1) sick of Bostopia 2) sick of its policies and 3) damned chuffed to have taken advantage of the morons in charge.

While Bostopia herself owns the land, it is so far cut off from the rest of the Empire that the Ochre Islands are near enough independent, operating largely autonomously of the Empire and, thankfully, Emperor. The Government of the Ochre Islands is committed to remaining a peaceful, co-operating member of Anaia. The Government is committed to changing their flag eventually and apologises for any upset caused by the arrogance of the estranged motherland in defacing the flag belonging to the region.

I, for one, welcome our Bos-noper overlords


Dear friends - the Ochre Islands needs some help getting a favour from the morons. Please could you fill this form out (for GDPR purposes no personal information will be collected) as it will greatly assist?

(Ooc: I'm really sorry about the sketchy-looking link but please do visit and fill out the form. Thank you)


"Dear Emperor Boston

We have conducted a survey of our fellow nations and discovered lots of them are quite threatening. Please could you protect us? Some of them have threatened to park their navies on the lush lawns you initially helped to pay for, and so graciously put statues of yourself on!

A couple of aircraft carriers and some submarines patrolling well out of our line of sight should do the trick. Also don't have any of your troops actually visit our islands as we all have lurgy and we wouldn't want them to catch it.


Senator Lucy Ginsley
Prime Minister, Ochre Islands"

"Should do the trick" she said, turning to her rather idle (though not by choice) Minister for Defence, Gary Tannard. "Most likely" Tannard sighed. He realised all he had now was a few bolt-action rifle armed goatherds in the interior to try and command - along with a particularly aggressive crab he'd tripped over on the beach during his commute to work. "Come on, Gary" Lucy said. "It'll save us plenty of money we need to put to more proper use like welfare, healthcare, education that isn't basic propaganda... all the things we lacked before escaping the dump." Gary nodded in agreement. "There's that" he said. "And if we're going to defraud Governments, we might as well defraud the ones we're trying to escape."

(ooc: thanks for filling out the survey)

FYI, last call on Inaugural CAFA Cup signups -- anyone signing up now will be accepted only in pairs. Deadline in about six hours


I think most people here already know me, but if you somehow don't...
I am Atheara. Pleasure to be here :]

Atheara wrote:Hello.

I think most people here already know me, but if you somehow don't...
I am Atheara. Pleasure to be here :]

Hello Ath! It's me, Eshia. Nice to see you here!

Aleirave wrote:Hello Ath! It's me, Eshia. Nice to see you here!

Ah, a puppet of yours, i presume?
Nice to see you here too.

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