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Welcome to Selene!
A post-modern tech roleplay region for those looking for a fresh start.

    🇺🇦 Selene stands in solidarity with a sovereign and democratic Ukraine. 🇺🇦

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    Welcome to Selene

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    Introduction to Roleplay

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Embassies: Historia Novorum and The LCRUA.

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Regional Power: Moderate

Selene contains 67 nations, the 359th most in the world.

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The Most Income Equality in Selene

World Census boffins calculated the difference in incomes between the richest and poorest citizens, where a score of 50 would mean that poor incomes are 50% of rich incomes.

As a region, Selene is ranked 11,744th in the world for Most Income Equality.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of QastariDemocratic Socialists“Socialism and Revolution”
2.The Union of States and Republic of SovyonokPsychotic Dictatorship“By The People For The People”
3.The Queendom of The Meloetta EmpireLeft-wing Utopia“It is what it is but what is it really”
4.The Federal Republic of The Seven RepublicsLiberal Democratic Socialists“Strength Through Freedom”
5.The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia EmpireLeft-wing Utopia“Giving. Loving. Powerful.”
6.The Commisariat of ChantiaDemocratic Socialists“Always ready”
7.The Federation of South TuraDemocratic Socialists“The Lands of Endless Riches”
8.The Kingdom of KrenchinDemocratic Socialists“Pride and Industry”
9.The Kingdom of SchnorchelLeft-wing Utopia“Do You Fear Death?”
10.The Foreign Councillor of Constantine LambrosCivil Rights Lovefest“Welcome to Selene!”
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Selene Regional Message Board

Transcript from Records of the Parliament of Sartoria

    Paolo Martella (Bercolle) (National Party of Sartoria)
    We have all seen with dismay the images of Yuldoan President Park Eunyoung shaking hands with Seol Sun-Hee, meeting her with no preconditions or care in the world, while Eleni Zervos lies forgotten in a Koryoan prison. Will the First Minister explain why, mere weeks after this injustice was committed, Koryo was allowed to have this diplomatic victory?

    The First Minister (Giuliana Bellucci)
    This government is strongly committed to holding Koryo to account for its unlawful imprisonment of Eleni Zervos. We have imposed sanctions on Seol Sun-Hee and other Koryoan officials, and are in permanent contact with our partners to assess whether further action is needed to ensure that Koryo answers for its actions, and if so then which actions will yield us the best results. If there is any doubt among the public that this government cares for Ms Zervos, it can only be due to the obfuscation caused by the members of the party opposite. [Hon. Members: "Hear, hear."]

    Regarding the matter of the summit between Yuldo and Koryo, we have communicated with the Yuldoan Government and are confident that no concessions or agreements will result from it without prior coordination within the Valentian Alliance.

    Paolo Martella
    I am disappointed, but unfortunately not surprised, that the First Minister continues to refuse the opportunity to speak plainly about this summit's damage. Yuldo attended a summit in Koryo of all places with zero stated goals or preconditions; by all accounts the release of Eleni Zervos was not even a topic of discussion, yet the First Minister expects us to believe that we will have a seat at the table when the Yuldoan Government inevitably decides to host Seol Sun-Hee for further "peace talks"? It seems to be that Yuldo tried to get a quick diplomatic victory, safe in the knowledge that even in the worst case scenario this Social government would have its back. Will the First Minister commit here and now to ensuring that Koryo does not get further chances at rehabilitation until it releases Eleni Zervos?

    The First Minister
    The honourable gentleman seems intent on making a delicate situation all the more dangerous. We have a chance to work diligently on a path towards peace in Hwaryeong, and that will not only lead to the release of Eleni Zervos but also the freedom and security of hundreds of millions in the region. This will take time and dedication, but this government will spare no effort on the goal of delivering peace abroad and security at home.

Extract from Travel Advice for Sartorian Citizens

    Babwemar - ⚠️ Level 4: Do Not Travel
    Do not travel to Babwemar due to terrorism, civil unrest, kidnapping, and armed conflict.

    There is a civil war in Babwemar. Rebels may attack with little or no warning, targeting public sites, transportation hubs, markets, and government facilities. There is a high risk of arbitrary detention and execution by both government and rebel forces. The ongoing military conflict has caused significant destruction of infrastructure, housing, medical facilities, schools, and utilities. There are critical levels of violence throughout Babwemar, including the use of incendiary weapons such as napalm in urban areas by government and rebel forces.

    The Sartorian Embassy in Perelamotse relocated its operations to Mirai no Kuni in February 2079 and the Sartorian Government has limited ability to provide emergency services to Sartorian or Valentian citizens in Babwemar. Citizens are advised to shelter in place and contact the Sartorian Embassy for guidance on future opportunities to depart Babwemar.

    If you decide to travel to Babwemar:

    • Read the Country Report for Babwemar to know more about the current safety and health situation, and any applicable legal requirements before traveling.

    • Draft a will and designate appropriate insurance beneficiaries and/or power of attorney.

    • Discuss a plan with loved ones regarding care/custody of children, pets, property, belongings, funeral wishes, etc.

    • Exercise extreme care in all parts of the country and avoid leaving your shelter without armed security.

    • Do not physically resist any detention or kidnapping.

    • Ensure that your health insurance has international coverage, or obtain an international traveler insurance.

    • Enrol in Traveler Alert Service (SAV) to receive relevant alerts and make yourself known to our consular officers in case of an emergency.

    • Prepare a contingency plan for emergency situations, up to an including leaving the country.

    • Note the contact information for the nearest Sartorian Embassy, in case you need consular assistance.

Readout of First Minister Bellucci's Meeting with Prime Minister Prescott of Albany

    First Minister Giuliana Bellucci hosted Prime Minister Martha Prescott of Albany at Vittoria House today. The two leaders had an honest discussion about their respective priorities and intentions on a wide range of issues while also exploring the ways in which both countries can cooperate on matters of mutual importance.

    First Minister Bellucci explained that Sartoria will continue to support the mandate of the WS Command in Ma'rib and noted that it is in both countries' interests to maintain clear lines of communication to avoid any changes to the 2071 Ceasefire Line that do not arise from a multilateral agreement consented by all interested parties in Ma'rib. First Minister Bellucci also raised concerns about the imprisonment of Eleni Zervos in Koryo and more broadly about the status of human rights within the Commonwealth of Nations, stating that the international community should be united in its commitment to the fair treatment of foreign nationals.

    The two leaders discussed the evolving situation in Babwemar and its implications for security and stability in South Ameriga. First Minister Bellucci and Prime Minister Prescott agreed that the widespread use of incendiary weapons in urban settings is condemnable and resolved to work together within the WS Security Council to evaluate the situation on the ground in Babwemar and issue recommendations on appropriate next steps.

    First Minister Bellucci accepted an invitation by Prime Minister Prescott to meet in Albany in the near future.

Extract from Homily of His Holiness Pope Paul VII

    Cathedral of Saint Gregory
    Ash Wednesday, 08 March 2079

    I see people asking if they truly have to give stuff up during Lent. I say that is an incomplete question because Lent is not only about what we give up, it's about what we gain. We are given an opportunity to learn about ourselves as children of God, to reflect about how we can care for our brothers and sisters, to think of what we can do to be more holy each day. Let us then resolve as one Church to use these next forty days wisely, to pray and help each other make ourselves worthy of our Saviour's sacrifice and of his promise of salvation.

This post references Yuldo, The Koryoan Union, Babwemar, The Union of Albany.

Sorlyset wrote:A journey around Sorlyset - Day 15/16 - Back to the mainland.
Marko Pavlovic writes in the Dnevnik - National Newspaper

We need to make quick time today and leave on the first train back to Litomin at 06:00. Then straight to the ferry. The busier Litomin-Knin route is only 5 hours, so we arrive early afternoon. Knin also looks pleasant, as most of the towns on the west coast tend to be, popular places to retire or live. But we don’t have the time to explore. Straight onto the coastal train to Tantsie.


Tantsie city centre combines a small mediaeval core around the old port with a wider more modern city and is youthful and industrious. As well as the combi-d a large chemical industry steals much of the coastline with docks and berths full of tankers and chemical ships. Tomorrow Chibui.

A journey around Sorlyset - Day 17 - “Elezar-on-sea”.
Marko Pavlovic writes in the Dnevnik - National Newspaper

Back on the huge train and travelling south, we get to Chibui by late morning. Known as “Elezar-on-sea” it is the closest major coastal city to the capital and has attracted free-thinkers, students and those seeking a more alternative lifestyle for over a hundred years. A multicultural city, it is tolerant of different ways of life and the rainbow flags of the southern city centre attest to its welcoming attitude for LGB+ communities.

We could spend days here, exploring the art exhibits, going to parties and meetings, but it is so familiar to the reader, we must move on. We’re now in the wettest part of the sub-tropical zone and heading south, from now it gets marginally colder. But for the moment the palm trees sway in the wind, and those western views give views of the golden sunset over the sea along the long promenade and sandy beaches.

Sartorians Want War

In the latest show of aggression, the Sartorian Parliament has regrettably attempted to stand against the Hwaryeong Summit, hosted in Koryo. Their hurtful and disappointing words have shown clearly that Sartorians are bloodthirsty war-mongering bloodhounds, who only wish to cause suffering and chaos for a little extra money. Koryo remains steadfast in ensuring Koryoan Diplomacy can be conducted without outside interference from the Sartorian war-mongerers.

The Union Ambassador to Koryo has been summoned as well to explain the meeting held between Sartoria and Albany, as well as Albany’s stance on the rightful detention of Eleni Zervos, a criminal who was warned more than she should have been.

Babwemar: Travel Ban

The Royal Government, seeing the further chaos engulfing Babwemar, has acted to forbid all Koryoans from traveling to Babwemar effective until further notice. The Koryoan Embassy will be reduced to only essential staff, as evacuations of Koryoan Citizens continues.

Manse! Koryoans in Space Soon!

The Commonwealth of Nations is soon to achieve massive breakthroughs in space travel! This is massive, especially for Koryo, as the first Koryoan is scheduled to be sent to space! Park Eun-Il, a female Koryonaut from Pyongyang, arrived home in Koryo for a farewell ceremony and to spend time with her family before she heads to space. Park was invited to a flag-raising ceremony at the Royal Palace, where she met respected Empress Seol Sun-Hee. Park was also invited to a Royal Banquet, where respected Empress Seol Sun-Hee congratulated Park for her “glorious achievement for the nation.” Park Eun-Il then spent a day with her family, who will see her off on launch day in Albany. Before departing Koryo and heading back to Albany, she posed for a photo, holding the National Flag proudly high, showing that Koryoans can do anything they put their mind to!


Respected Empress Seol Sun-Hee sends letter of congratulations to Melewai

Republican Party of Koryo President arrested on charges of treason

Chroniko tou Ritora
March 14, 2079

Opposition Leader Hammers Archon
During the weekly Q&A session at the Synedrio, Archon Jaina Jessero faced relentless questioning from both the opposition and members of her own ruling government regarding the recent meeting between the Koryoan Empress and the Yuldoan President. In a press conference the day before, Archon Jessero had stated that she had contacted the Yuldoan Ambassador to express the Empire's dismay about the meeting. She emphasized their disappointment that no preconditions had been set for the summit, especially given that the Empress was on the VA sanction list and that Ms. Eleni Zervos remained wrongly imprisoned.

The intense questioning continued for nearly half an hour, with Archon Jessero struggling to make herself heard amidst the jeers and cacophony. Eventually, the Proedros (President of the Synedrio) had to use the gavel to restore order and decorum in the chamber. Archon Jessero continued her response by asserting that the summit was a bilateral matter between Koryo and Yuldo, but she reassured everyone that the Empire was working closely with Yuldo to address its concerns. She expressed complete confidence in the strength of the partnership and alliance with the Republic of Yuldo. Furthermore, she mentioned that President Park had been in contact with her since the summit to personally address concerns raised by Mydia.

Defense Minister Discusses Yuldo
Kassandra Andonov made a resolute declaration this morning, affirming the unwavering commitment of the Mydic Empire to support the Republic of Yuldo during the current diplomatic challenges they face. The Minister confirmed that the Synedrio had given its approval to expedite the delivery of approximately 80 versatile Arpiya multirole fighters to Yuldo and had extended opportunities for further purchases. Additionally, the legislature granted approval for the sale of 20 state-of-the-art Triarch Air Defense Systems, ensuring robust coverage for Yuldo's major cities. Furthermore, to aid in this commitment, several Minos Medium Tanks and Charon APCs were scheduled for transfer to Yuldo, allowing for their retirement from Mydic service.

Minister Andonov's announcement coincided with the confirmation of rumors that Mydia was actively engaging in collaborative efforts with Yuldo. These projects included the development of a new destroyer class, the creation of a next-generation air superiority fighter, and the production of several advanced armored vehicles. This collaborative effort sent a clear and resounding message that Mydia stood firmly by Yuldo's side. Regardless of any political differences that might exist, the Empire remained steadfast in ensuring that its allies had their defense needs met, leaving no room for doubt about the strength of their alliance.

Pegasos Wins NCP Bid
Agamemnon Pegasos, a distinguished 64-year-old retired General, has achieved a resounding victory, securing his position as the new leader of the National Conservatives (NCP). This momentous event followed the retirement of Louix Hekklas, who stepped down from the Synedrio after an impressive 43-year career. General Pegasos's ascent to leadership was marked by his remarkable contributions during the Egian War, where he earned acclaim as a war hero for his valiant defense of the Lacon Pass against Union forces and his pivotal role in the liberation of Mikti.

Throughout his career, General Pegasos has been a stalwart advocate for military reform, firmly believing that an ever-changing world demands an adaptable military force to keep pace. His dedication to modernizing the armed forces reflects his visionary approach to safeguarding the nation. His votes in the Synedrio have been among the most friendly to the military. There is however no doubt that Pegasos is loyal first to the National Charter and the People and second to any self-interest.

Pegasos is also a prominent figure within the National Conservatives' centrist faction, advocating for a conservative stance on foreign and economic policies while charting a more moderate and pragmatic course on social and domestic matters. His positioning within this faction resonates with a wide spectrum of party members and aligns with the party's broader principles. Across the National Conservative Party, voices of support have emerged for Leader Pegasos, emphasizing the unwavering backing of the party as they prepare for the upcoming general elections next year. With General Pegasos at the helm, the National Conservatives appear poised to navigate the complex political landscape with a strong and united front.

The Koryoan Union

Post self-deleted by The Union of Albany.

Chroniko tou Ritora
March 15, 2079

National Teams to Boycott Football World Cup
For weeks, speculations had swirled around the potential boycott by the Mydic National Football teams, both the men's and women's squads, of the forthcoming 2079 Football World Cup, primarily due to Koryo's hosting of the event. In a powerful display of unity, the two team coaches jointly addressed the press, flanked by senior members from both sides. Giorgio Malas, the Head Coach of the Men's team, extended a warm welcome to all attendees and expressed his gratitude for their presence. Stefanie Giotti, who led the Women's team, then elaborated on the unanimous decision reached through a vote by both teams' players—a resolute choice to boycott the upcoming tournament in unwavering solidarity with Ms. Eleni Zervos.

Captain Marceline Gavros, representing the Women's team, articulated that the players could not, in good conscience, participate in a tournament held in Koryo. She went so far as to state that they would refuse to compete altogether if a formal boycott was not viable. Gavros underscored their collective relief upon learning of the government's endorsement of this principled action. In a tangible show of support for the teams' decision to forgo the opportunity to compete, Minister of Education and Sports Ioanna Nissos stood firmly with the group.

Later in the day, Archon Jessero, in her own press conference, unequivocally confirmed the formal boycott by both national teams of the upcoming 2079 World Cup. She elevated this stance by issuing a call to allied and friendly nations, urging them to join in this unified act of solidarity for the unjustly detained Ms. Zervos and to prevent the exploitation of the tournament for propaganda purposes by a sanctioned regime leader. Jessero candidly acknowledged that at the time when Koryo was chosen as the host for the 2079 tournament, it was a notably different and more promising place than it stands today.

The Koryoan Union

Sorlyset wrote:A journey around Sorlyset - Day 17 - “Elezar-on-sea”.
Marko Pavlovic writes in the Dnevnik - National Newspaper

Back on the huge train and travelling south, we get to Chibui by late morning. Known as “Elezar-on-sea” it is the closest major coastal city to the capital and has attracted free-thinkers, students and those seeking a more alternative lifestyle for over a hundred years.

We’re now in the wettest part of the sub-tropical zone and heading south, from now it gets marginally colder. But for the moment the palm trees sway in the wind, and those western views give views of the golden sunset over the sea along the long promenade and sandy beaches.

A journey around Sorlyset - Day 18/19/20 - The cultural nexus - Dororele.
Marko Pavlovic writes in the Dnevnik - National Newspaper

If Elezar is the beating heart of government and commerce, Dororele is the cultural nexus of the nation. Chosen as the seat of the monarchy of the central kingdom, King Casmir the First developed much of what defines the nation today during the middle ages. It is here that the language was first codified by the scholars of Doroele universities and playwrights, here that many of the great works of art were created and the distinct Sorlyseti architectural styles of onion-domes and tall narrow townhouses were established.

The city centre is simply staggering. Broad public squares framed with churches and townhouses are linked by bustling avenues and tram lines. The main square and old market hall, with the Cathedral on the western side is full of local and visitors, buying, selling, drinking, or just taking it all in.

Most of the tourists are domestic. Making a pilgrimage to the royal centre, viewing the vast fortified castle overlooking the old city on a rocky outcrop in hushed awe or following tour guides explaining the history. The castle’s red brick and stone construction looms over the city a symbol, perhaps the of the nation.

The coast is mainly reclaimed marshland and ports, embankments built in the 1880s. Casmir Avenue runs the length and efforts in the 2040s to remove traffic have made is a haven for cyclists, pedestrians and others. Parklands making up for the absence of beaches.

Dororele is not only the cultural centre, but more or the less the geographical one, at least north-south. Once we cross the parallel we’re in the ‘south’ which stretches another several thousand miles down to the perm-frosts and glacier filled seas of the southern archipelago.

Every Sorlyseti must visit this city.

The Kassel Tribune

Referendum Results In

In a decisive outcome, the recent referendum regarding potential VA membership has concluded with an impressive 78% of voters expressing their favor for joining the alliance. The remaining 22% cast their ballots against such a proposition. These results firmly underscore the readiness of the Zollian public to embrace VA membership.

Prime Minister Müller has affirmed Zollern's intent to become an integral part of both pillars within the bloc, alongside considering the adoption of the Valente should Zollern's membership application prove successful. In a recent statement, PM Müller conveyed, "If we choose to join, we are committed to wholeheartedly embracing this endeavor." As of yet, there has been no formal applications made, and it remains to be seen when one will be produced.

Zollian Teams To Boycott World Cup

In a united and powerful declaration, both the Men's and Women's Zollian football teams have announced their unwavering decision to boycott the upcoming 2079 World Cup, set to unfold in Koryo.

In a press conference that mirrored the raw emotions of the players, Men's team coach Hans Shmidt and Women's coach Anna Wagner stood side by side as they disclosed their teams' collective stance against participating in the 2079 World Cup. The teams' captains, Thomas Götze and Maria Schneider, each conveyed their heartfelt support for the boycott.

Men's captain Thomas Götze articulated the team's sentiment, stating, "We genuinely believe that participating in a nation like Koryo is not the right course of action, and, honestly, the lads on the team aren't too thrilled about the prospect of going there either."

Women's team captain Maria Schneider echoed these sentiments, saying, "Our hearts go out to Ms. Zervos and her family, and we firmly believe that a boycott is just the right thing to do."

Prime Minister Müller lauded the resolute actions of both teams, commending them for their unwavering commitment to doing what they believe is right.

Boycotts: Disappointing

The Koryo 2079 Organizing Committee has come out publicly, stating that the boycotts of the Koryo 2079 World Cup were “very unfortunate politicizing of sports, where politics do not belong.”

KCNA interviewed citizens on the matter, with one man having the following to say: “Ah I think they’re just scared. They’re scared they will get absolutely humiliated by us and don’t want to challenge the might of Koryoan Athletics, and are looking for an excuse not to come.”

Another woman from Pyongyang said “I don’t think the boycotting teams are thinking with their heads on right. This is about sports, not politics. We have worked hard to earn the right to host, and if the Valentians want to boycott, they will just miss out on all the action.”

Yuskian Commonwealth Application

Recently the world has recieved interesting news of the Yuskian Union making a big decision, submiting an application to join the Commonwealth of Nations. This decision has been in the back of the mind of every single Yuskian goverment member for many year and only now has that decision been made.

Chancellor Mikshal Krivkov explained to the public that joining the CN would be the best idea in this case and assured them that no matter how much they could try, Yuskia can't be neutral for ever and if the chance of a civil war like the one in Babwemar ever happen, the people can be assured that the CN would come to their aid.

The Union of Albany
The Koryoan Union

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