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Welcome to Vesta!

Vesta is the fifth planet in the Selenid System and is the homeworld of humanity, a species known for its ingenuity and eagerness to explore the unknown. Following the end of the Great War the remaining world powers established a World Society to ensure global peace, but as tensions continue to rise and countries begin to venture into outer space there is no telling whether a new conflict might erupt.

The Setting


Events take place in the midst of a period where world powers are competing to establish their presence in outer space through research bases, military outposts, and mining operations. See the following summary of major events in the 21st century:


Outbreak of the Great War


Nuclear Bombings of Austra and the Union | Invasion of Austra and the Union


Signing of the Treaty of Messelia | Foundation of the World Society | Signing of the Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty


Dissolution of Austra


Launch of Home One


Signing of the Space Exploration Treaty


Signing of the Aerospace Treaty


Launch of Home Two


Foundation of Apollo City


Signing of the Treaty of Merritt | Foundation of the Valentian Union


Launch of the Eagle Missions

[OOC] Time in roleplay passes three times as fast as it does in the real world. Read the spoiler below for more detailed information:

Since time in roleplay passes three times as fast as it does in the real world, we experience three years in roleplay within a single year in the real world. The table below offers a practical example of how time passes:

Real World


Year 1

January 01

Year 1

January 01

February 01

April 01

March 01

July 01

April 01

October 01

May 01

Year 2

January 01

June 01

April 01

July 01

July 01

August 01

October 01

September 01

Year 3

January 01

October 01

April 01

November 01

July 01

December 01

October 01

Please consult Linkthis resource to see the current roleplay date and calculate what the roleplay date would be depending on the real world date.


Events take place in and around Vesta, the fifth planet in the Selenid System and the homeworld of humanity. There are nine other planets in the Selenid System, two of which are also capable of sustaining life but have no intelligent life of their own. See the following summary of each planet:

Planet 1

The smallest planet in the system has a cratered surface and reddish appearance that make it an attractive destination for exploration.

Planet 2

The second planet in the system has a highly hostile surface, permanently covered by thick clouds, and caused by a severe greenhouse effect, all which make exploration a risky, if enticing, endeavour.


The first planet within the system's habitable zone is best known for its vast oceans and large islands which could potentially sustain life.


The second planet within the system's habitable zone is tidally-locked, with one side facing towards the star, the other facing away from it, and a thin strip of twilight between both that could be ripe for settlement.


The third and final planet within the system's habitable zone has vast oceans and continents and is full of diverse flora and fauna, making it an ideal home for humanity.

Planet 6

The largest planet in the system and the first past the Asteroid Belt is a gas giant that boasts prominent storm systems and a large amount of moons.

Planet 7

The seventh planet in the system has a reddish colour due to high tempratures that also make it visible in the night sky and have inspired many an astronomer throughout the centuries.

Planet 8

The second largest planet in the system has a blue colour due to high levels of methane and boasts prominent storm systems not unlike those of its larger sister planet.

Planet 9

The smallest of the gas giants stands out for its green colour due to high concentrations of ammonia, methane, and other icy gases.

Planet 10

The smallest planet and farthest planet in the system is a rocky world perpetually covered in a highly reflective ice surface, making it one of the most intriguing destinations in the system.

If you are interested in reading more about the history and map of Vesta, please review the links below.

How does one apply to appear on the map?

In order to appear on the map of Vesta one must submit an entry to the Global Information Survey (GIS), a form that lists a few basic nation facts for easy reference and lets the applicant select their location on the world map.

Generally those wishing to participate in world events have three primary avenues for involvement, once they have applied to appear on the map:

  • Post on the Regional Message Board to share updates about from their nations and interact with others, either to increase cooperation or participate in existing or emerging conflicts.

  • Publish a Dispatch to craft the mythos of their nations and provide detailed information so that others may know more about their histories, governments, cultures, and recent news.

  • Join the LinkDeep Space Gateway (also known as the Discord Server) to discuss recent news, and plan past and future events with their fellow leaders.

[OOC] Please note that failure to have a nation in Selene or to roleplay on the RMB at least once a month are causes for removal from the map, but you may reapply at your earliest convenience and expect to be accepted. If you were expelled from the region due to rules violations, please contact a government official before reapplying.

Government of Selene (Est. 2016)

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