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Embassy Policy

Embassy Policy
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Our Policy

We are open to partnerships and embassies with regions that share our views and meet our minimum activity requirements, provided that they first send a telegram that clearly explains why they wish to open an embassy with Selene. We will deny requests from embassy collectors, from regions whose telegram was declined or from regions that have failed to send a telegram.

What do we expect from our foreign partners?

Generally we will consider embassy requests from all regions, but only as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • Send a telegram to explain why our regions should share embassies before sending the embassy request.

  • Reject any and all bigoted, hateful or offensive views, as explained below in this dispatch.

  • Refrain from embassy collecting or having embassies with a large amount of regions without being particularly close with any.

  • Be minimally active, defined as having at least one Message Board post per day.

What do we consider bigoted, hateful or offensive views?

Any support or tolerance of the following views will be considered disqualifying for an embassy exchange:

  • Nazism, Neo-Nazism and the Third Reich, including its views, policies and actions. This includes any denial or equivocation on the Holocaust.

  • Fascism and other totalitarian ideologies.

  • Homophobia, transphobia or any other view founded that denigrates the LGBT community or relies on discriminating others on account of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • Misogyny, harassment or any other views that reject the equality of men and women, including their worth, dignity and right to contribute as equal members of society.

  • Xenophobia, including any offensive, aggressive or dismissive treatment of people on account of their nationality, ethnicity, culture or country of origin. This includes the refusal to reject unfair stereotypes or characterisations.

  • Discrimination or mistreatment on account of religion or the lack thereof. This does not preclude the legitimate criticism of religions or the actions of the members of any religion.

  • Racism or any offensive treatment on account of race, including the denial of the effects of racism in past events and the existence of racism in modern society. This includes any support for the Confederate States and any denial or equivocation on the role of racism and slavery in its existence.

  • Bullying and mistreatment for any reason not included in this list.

Under what circumstances would embassies be closed?

Embassies would be closed under any of the following circumstances:

  • Mutual agreement.

  • Failure to meet the requirements for an embassy. An advisory may be sent as a matter of courtesy if there is a risk of closure.

Interested in an embassy or partnership?

If your region is interested in sharing embassies or forming a partnership with Selene and meets the requirements outlined in this dispatch, you are welcome to send a telegram to start discussions with our government officials.

Government of Selene (Est. 2016)

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