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You'rewatching the Franconian Weather Network... Here is your regional forecast for CENTRAL FRANCONIAN STATE...

*A soft guitar sound starts playing* *Female announcer* Hi! Here's your forecast...

Olidessa: Snow and Wind, 12F

Menlo Park: Snow and Wind, 2F

Lioness Hills: Blizzard, -1

Western Merida: Icey, -1

*Female announcer* Bundle up with some hot cocoa! Buuurrr it's cold! Have a good one!


Horrible Conditions: Mother nature is still going at it on the Central part of the nation. Parts are starting to hit the -10's as morning high temperatures. Blizzard-like conditions are to continue into the latter part of the week, but no warm-ups to come. As for the desert South... still hot and dry. Rain will start to make way into the forecast after about a few days lowering those temperatures into the 90's and 80's. Rain may continue into the next week, but more seasonal temperatures will hit the region.

BREAKING: Empress Xemptoworth has announced a special plan for the Galactic Federation to spread imperialism throughout the Galaxy. Galaxian Officials are not willing to release details, but Xemptoworth wants to. Galaxian Officials will release the news within the next few days.... Kinda leaves us on the edge of our seat, huh?

Election Coverage: After a steep drop in polls, Alexa Amazonia is under fire after saying something offensive to Galaxian Officials.

Amazonia: "These 'officials' are trying to run our lives and take control of the planet. Humans may be ready, or should I say the FE, to see the 'other side of the dimensional drift', but we will never realize how BAD they want to be our rulers. You see how they are suppressing the Empress' speech. IMAGINE WHAT THEY'LL DO TO US!

Amazonia says that she is correct and will always be correct after this statement.

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