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Guide to Blovistanic Elections

How to Vote
Your vote is the essential part of our democratic process, so we hope this government monitored guide will help you vote safely and effectively. In order to vote you must be at least sixteen years of age and must not be under any drug or alcoholic influence, for which you will be given a test upon entering a voting facility. This election, there will be no online voting, as last election saw much fraud and hacking among online voters. On October First, you will need to be in your nearest government polling office before the end of the day to vote for senate seats. The next day, October Second, you also must vote before the end of the day, this time for President and Vice President.

Safety Guide
In order to create a safe, fair, and equitable election, you must follow the following rules and regulations:

- Stay away from any violence.

- Do not engage in political debates before voting.

- Do not force others to vote.

- Do not carry weapons, specifically firearms to your Election Office.

- Report any violence, threats, or harassment to any government official for the safety of everyone, and the security of the election, thank you.

Presidential Candidates:

- Current President, Aleksander Novak (Blovistan Unification Party)

- Former Governor, Josef Havel (Blue Party)

- Senator, Maria Adamov (Red Party)

- Senator, Branko Petrovik (Yurgovian Party)

- Former General, Gergana Borisov (Royalist Party)

- Senator, Marek Holub (Merchant Party)

- Veteran, Trovad Rikov (Independent)

The current political stance of the people according to political surveys.

- Blovistan Unification Party: 34%

- Blue Party: 27%

- Yurgovian Party: 12%

- Merchant Party: 11%

- Red Party: 8%

- Royalist Party: 6%

- Other: 2%


Federal Election Bureau

Post self-deleted by Babwemar.

Naenara News Network SPECIAL REPORT

Kim Jong-Un Wins Election!

Mayor Kim Jong-Un of Pyongyang has been confirmed to have emerged victorious in the 2079 Prime Minister Election. Prime Minister-Elect Kim Jong-Un will be sworn in soon, as Kim Hyo-Soo prepares to assume her role as Royal Advisor to Seol Sun-Hee.

Kim Hyo-Soo congratulated Kim Jong-Un on his rise to power, as well as his running mate, Mi Hyun-Sook. Empress Seol Sun-Hee has met with Kim Jong-Un, who has once again sworn his allegiance to the Kingdom and the Royal Family as per tradition when a new Prime Minister is elected. Kim Jong-Un addressed his supporters, thanking them for their continued support, and that Koryo will continue to prosper with his assistance.

As for Pyongyang, a new mayor has been sworn in, Mrs. Park Chae-Won, Kim Jong-Un痴 then-Vice Mayor. More news as this story develops.

Chroniko tou Ritora
August 31, 2079

Further Uncertainty

After a divisive summer election, the Independents, comprising 96 of the 700 seats, have emerged as pivotal players, casting a spotlight on their role as potential kingmakers in the formation of the new government. In recent days, influential groups and individuals among the Independents have thrown their support behind either the established KKD/KNA Blue-Gold coalition, which has held power since early 2076, or the EKK opposition seeking a return to governance. The battle for control over the Synedrio, the legislative body of the Mydic Empire, intensified as Independent votes streamed in, aligning with their favored parties.

With a current tally of 338 seats supporting the Blue-Gold coalition and the Conservatives securing backing to reach 335 seats, a delicate balance remains with 27 independents yet to pledge allegiance. The looming question of who will command a majority has prompted a gathering scheduled for this evening, where an extraordinary session of the Synedrio aims to break the deadlock and secure a mandate for the upcoming term.

Archon Jaina Jessero, representing the KKD, continues in her role as the incumbent, functioning as a caretaker until either her coalition is reconfirmed or the opposition assumes control. This political impasse has far-reaching consequences, leaving the Mydic government without a functional legislature, unable to commence governance without the formal confirmation of an Archon and the subsequent swearing-in of the new government. Across the nation, protests have erupted, reflecting the frustration of citizens as the political debate rages on, highlighting the incapacity of the national government to form a coherent administration.

Roz Panthiras Recovered
After an exhaustive two-year investigation and an international pursuit, the renowned Roz Panthiras diamond has been successfully recovered in a large-scale sting operation carried out in the picturesque Parthenopian Riviera seaside town of Klemmeno. The operation was initiated following an anonymous tip received by the Mydic Antiquities Bureau, which subsequently collaborated with Imperial Intelligence services to seize the opportunity to retrieve one of the most invaluable artifacts stolen in recent times.

The Roz Panthiras is an exquisite large pink diamond adorning a necklace, presented by the Amazonian Empire to the Mydean Kingdom in 1387, commemorating the union of an Amazonian Princess with the Crown Prince of the Kingdom. This gem has played a prominent role in Mydean Royal history and has been subject to theft eight times, with one audacious thief, known for pilfering it twice, dubbing it "the stone of the world痴 desires" due to its incomparable beauty.

The theft occurred from a hotel safe in Hunton during the 2077 Volleyball World Cup, attended by Prince Elio and his girlfriend. Thankfully, they were not in the hotel room during the theft, being at a celebratory dinner for a Mydic national team victory. Today, the palace issued a statement celebrating the successful recovery of the priceless diamond, along with 84 other artifacts of varying significance and diverse foreign origins, just before they were to be auctioned on the black market.

Imperial Security services managed to safely recover the items, apprehending several individuals of diverse backgrounds. The location, previously on a government watchlist for potential mafia activity, had its suspicions confirmed. Governor of Parthenopias, Paul Stratikledes, expressed gratitude for the government's commitment to securing the safe recovery of these artifacts. Notably, the renowned Akarusian-Huntian Inspector James Clouseau was present, having been invited to the Halcyon Palace as a guest of the Basileus, with former Antiquities Minister Archon Jessero also in attendance.

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Prosecutors move forward with case against former governor

By Yuuichi Ozawa @Ozawa_Y

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Prosecutors with the Niihama District Prosecutors Office have opted to move forward with their case against former Niihama Governor Ryusuke Tachibana. They allege the former governor was involved in the embezzlement of state funds and the exercise of undue influence in the bidding processes of several key redevelopment projects in the province. His home was raided earlier this year in April, when prosecutors seized numerous documents and computers from his home office. The former governor remains under house arrest.

Formal charges have also been laid against aides of the former governor as well as senior members of the Niihama Civic Democratic Party. These charges come as prosecutors initiated a search and seizure raid against the CDP provincial headquarters. The Niihama CDP issued a statement calling the case and the raids a 菟erversion of justice for political gains.

High-ranking members from the Niihama CDP, speaking on the condition of anonymity, allege that the Nationalist Party is retaliating against the CDP for their blocking of key appointments to the board of the Niihama Electric Power Company (NEPCO) and is attempting to weaken the party before the upcoming legislative elections. The CDP痴 allies in the Niihama legislature, the Social Democratic Party and the Progressive Party, have also issued similar statements condemning the prosecutors actions as politically motivated.

CDP lawmakers in the Niihama legislative assembly are expected file a motion of no confidence in order to trigger an early election. However, even with support from the SDP and the Progressives, the motion is unlikely to pass in the Nationalist controlled legislative assembly. Nonetheless, opposition leader Natsuki Okamoto (CDP) may seek to sway moderate Nationalist lawmakers as well as independent lawmakers to support the potential motion of no confidence.

In a brief press conference, a prosecutor with the Niihama District Prosecutors Office stated that 殿ll investigations conducted by our office are impartial and have absolutely nothing to do with the party affiliations of those accused and that they 途emain committed to pursuing criminal investigations and upholding the letter of the law.

Current Niihama Governor Hiroshi Morishita (Nationalist) has not commented on the case, but his office has released a statement stating that 鍍he governor respects independence and work of the judiciary, and does not believe it is his place to interfere or comment on their cases.

Lawyers representing the former governor have stated that 吐ormer Governor Tachibana maintains his innocence in the matters and is confident that the judge will dismiss the case once the facts are known. The former governor remains a prominent member Niihama CDP, having helped build a strong base of support for the party from within the province in the years prior. There had been rumours that Tachibana intended to come out of retirement and run in the next provincial legislative election for his former seat of Niihama-Kasuga.


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Koryo Central News Agency LIVE🔴
Kim Jong-Un Sworn in as Prime Minister

Prime Minister-Elect, Kim Jong-Un is preparing to be sworn in as Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Koryo. At the ceremony as well are his running mate and soon-to-be Deputy Prime Minister, Mi Hyun-Sook, as well as incumbent Prime Minister, Kim Hyo-Soo, who congratulated Mr. Jong-Un for his victory. Empress Seol Sun-Hee is also present at the ceremony to observe.

The ceremony, taking place at the Prime Minister痴 Office in Incheon, was attended by thousands who came out to watch and support the person they elected. The ceremony began with a flag raising ceremony, soldiers scraping the air with a powerful toss of the National Flag of Koryo as it victoriously ascended high above all enemies of the great country, inspiring loyalty and patriotism to the country and the Royal Family for all as the National Anthem ( victoriously resounded.

As the flag raising concluded, a Military Official entered the box, holding a document. Standing in front of Kim Jong-Un, the woman read the following:

適im Jong-Un, will you please repeat after me and place your left hand over your heart and raise your right hand?

Kim acknowledged by nodding and did as instructed as the crowd went silent.

添ou, Kim Jong-Un, swear on your life

的, Kim Jong-Un, swear on your life

典hat you will faithfully carry out the position of Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Koryo.

典hat I will faithfully carry out the position of Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Koryo.

添ou will defend the Royal Family痴 honor, power, and respect to the best of your ability

的 will defend the Royal Family痴 honor, power, and respect to the best of my ability

殿nd defend the Kingdom of Koryo痴 interests abroad and domestically with all your might

殿nd defend the Kingdom of Koryo痴 interests abroad and domestically with all my might

的t is done. Ladies and Gentlemen, your Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Koryo!

The crowd cheered and clapped as Kim Jong-Un officially became Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Koryo. As the crowd simmered down, he began to give his inaugural speech, which included the following:

的n a world where times are increasingly tough, where tensions continue to flare, it is important we stay true to our country, and never forget our loyalty to our dearest Empress, Seol Sun-Hee, leader of the Koryoan People.

That痴 all for election time, we値l see you back here in two years!

Other News

Mydia still without a functioning legislature as elections drag on

Empress Seol Sun-Hee, a leader who is admired globally

Chroniko tou Ritora
September 3, 2079

Jessero Secured Mandate
Defying a robust challenge from the National Conservative Party (EKK), Archon Jaina Jessero of the Social Democrats (KKD) and the New Dawn (KNA) "Blue-Gold" coalition clinched victory with a final count of 361-339. This triumph included 290 KKD votes, 34 KNA votes, and a notable 37 votes from Independents. The National Conservative Leader, Agamemnon Pegasos, led the main opposition, securing 280 votes, with an additional 59 from Independents.

As the results were announced, jubilation erupted from the Blue-Gold's side in the Synedrio chamber, resonating with applause throughout the halls. Taking the podium, Jessero graciously thanked her colleagues and extended gratitude to Pegasos for his service and hard-fought campaign. Unhesitant, she outlined a plan to incorporate diverse voices into her administration, emphasizing a commitment to seek advice beyond party lines. Jessero named Pegasos and four prominent Independents to join the next cabinet, earning applause across the political spectrum. Her declaration to be the Archon for all of Mydia, transcending partisan boundaries, resonated with the assembly.

By evening, Pegasos accepted the invitation to serve as Deputy Archon and Defense Minister. In a joint press conference, Jessero praised Pegasos's wartime experience and successful efforts to revamp the infantry system, highlighting her appreciation for his commitment to strengthening Mydia. A cabinet shuffle ensued, with Markos Vangelid becoming Energy Minister and Defense Minister Katarina Andenov transitioning to Foreign Minister. This strategic reshuffle balanced Jessero's loyalists and elevated key rivals.

A collective sigh of relief swept through the Synedrio as it resumed work after just over a week of election settlements. The new mandate extended until August of 2084, marking Jessero's first elected term. While the possibility of pursuing another term in '84 lingered, Jessero emphasized that she would decide in January of that year, pledging to devote her time and effort to completing her initiatives and securing the future she has promised the people of the Empire.

Breaking News

Koryo Visit

On September First, President Gavrilovik has announced he will be visiting Koryo. This is the first time President Gavrilovik has visited Koryo, and this is also the first time a Karanstikovian president has visited Koryo while in office. Djordje Gavrilovik plans to meet with Empress Seoul Sun-Hee in Koryo痴 capital, Incheon. They are expected to talk about relations between the two countries, the possibility of Karanstikov joining the Commonwealth of Nations because Koryo is a founding member, and more such as piracy and trade. We will see our president again on September Fourth.
-Karanstikov News

The Koryoan Union

New Haven Times
September 09, 2079

Janus Mission Lands
Launched 182 days earlier, the crew of the Janus-bound Commonwealth mission, led by Albanese Commander Agatha Moyer (46), comprised a total of 12 members representing eight Vestan nations, including all members of the Commonwealth of Nations. The crew entered Janus orbit, observed, and conducted initial tests before preparing to land. They arrived in orbit two days behind schedule due to an initial delay leaving Vesta because of poor weather. On August 19, 2079, the Commonwealth became the second Vestan bloc to reach Janus, having been preceded by the Valentian Alliance earlier in the decade.

September 5th was the chosen date for the descent to the surface, having identified a valley along the twilight band in the northern hemisphere. The area received ample light and was sheltered against the dust storms that raged on the light side of the planet. The signal was received, and the initial base was deployed from cargo sent along with the ship in a tethered cargo carrier. Communications were boosted by a satellite deployed in orbit by the crew before landing on the planet.

Excitement filled Albany as the announcement interrupted broadcasts nationwide, heralding the moment of the first Commonwealth mission to land on the system's tidally locked world, Janus. This momentous occasion led to street celebrations and fireworks in New Haven, Springfield, New Gate, and Galavant. Mimir 2 was intended to establish a permanent Commonwealth foothold on Janus and begin collecting valuable mineral and scientific research in this new frontier.

Avalon 4 and Halo 1 Launched
On August 25, the Avalon 4 mission launched from Apollonian Orbit, heading for the ringed water world Sorana to relieve the crew of Avalon 3. The Avalon missions provided groundbreaking research on Sorana, and the gathered information had been relayed to Vesta, aiming to offer useful solutions to terrestrial issues. Despite the loss of three crew members over its two-year mission, Avalon 3 maintained high spirits and morale. Director Faith Freeman of the Commonwealth Space Program (CSP) and her Albanese counterpart, Molly Cobb, consistently prioritized morale following strikes among civilian contractors on Apollo at Prospect Base in the 2050s and 2060s.

Avalon 4, led by Trectomerian Commander Wang Tao, was a 16-crew mission meant to replace Avalon 3 personnel on Sorana's surface. Their mission extended to establishing a secure and stable base, setting up small research monitoring stations along the coast, and deploying three underwater stations with the arrival of the Nautilus submersible, providing aquatic mobility for the research team.

Simultaneously, Halo 1, a 16-crew team, was dispatched to the orbiting Merlin station around Sorana. Initially serving as the main crewed vessel carrying 30 Avalon 3 crew members to Sorana, Merlin Station became an orbiting point around the planet, doubling as an evacuation point for the VA team also on Sorana. Based on the Stellantis-designed Cloud-1 station orbiting Vesta, Merlin featured two rotating rings to imitate Vesta's gravity, providing better living conditions for the crew than zero gravity.

Halo 1 will run expanded experiments and conduct surface surveys of Sorana, utilizing landers for quick transits to the surface for up to a day before returning to the station. Although Merlin Station's crew were part of Avalon 3, the CSP, at Albany's request, created a new line of mission names specifically for the efforts aboard Merlin, now called the Halo missions, meant to be the backup for those on Sorana. The station also served to boost signals from Camelot Base during uplink alignment toward Vesta.

The Koryoan Union
Mahra National Football Team Visits Koryo for Friendly, Training

The National Football Team of the Sultanate of Mahra has recently paid a visit to Incheon to train with the Koryo Men痴 National Football Team, who gloriously placed fourth in the 2079 World Cup. The Mahrani Players reportedly learned a lot from the Koryoans, and the Koryoan Players reportedly said that 典he Mahrani Players have a lot of potential. These days of training led up to an International Friendly Match between the Sultanate of Mahra and the Kingdom of Koryo, which we値l go to highlights of now:


Welcome to the Mahra v Koryo International Friendly, we bring you all the live commentary as the game progresses, so stay tuned on this channel. This is one of Mahra痴 First Ever International Matches.

Koryoan Captain Kim Song-Gi said he 都aw a lot of potential that is not being put to use because of Global Politics so hopefully we get a good match today.

The game started with the National Anthems of the Sultanate of Mahra and the Kingdom of Koryo (, the first time the Mahrani National Anthem was played in a International Football Match.

A skirmish in Mid-Field, Kim Song-Gi has the ball, he痴 running forward with it, slips past his defender, Kim Song-Gi has a chance, and it痴 good!!! GOAAAAAAAAAAALLL KIM SONG-GI!!! KORYO HAVE OPENED THE GAME!!!!

Koryo awarded a corner, it痴 played into the center, drops to the feet of Son Jong-Un, he smashes it to the back of the net, and it痴 blocked by the keeper!

Free Kick awarded to Koryo following a foul, Hwang Il-Chol plays it into the box, and ITS IN FROM A HEADER FROM HAN KWANG-JONG!! GOAAAAAAAALLLL!!!
Koryo 2 - 0 Mahra

Mahra is in, looking to reduce the deficit, it痴 crossed in from the left, AND IT GOES BACK INTO THE NET!!!!! MAHRA HAVE JUST SCORED THEIR FIRST INTERNATIONAL GOAL!!! GOAAAAAAL MAHRA! They have reduced the deficit!
Koryo 2 - 1 Mahra

Koryo are in the box, and an unclean tackle from Mahra means a penalty! Lee Jae-Chan takes the shot, and it痴 enough for a 3-1 lead! GOAAAAAAAAAAL LEE JAE-CHAN!
Koryo 3 - 1 Mahra

Mahra are doing their best to reduce the goal deficit, a shot deflected by Kim Song-Gi!


The game has ended with a victory for Koryo, but Mahra cannot be faulted for effort, they clearly played with effort and heart, but ultimately Koryo has come out on top. Mahra has shown their extreme talent and hopefully we値l see more of that one day.

Blovistan Gazette

Historic Organization Founded

On September 5th, 2079, the Anti-Insurgency Coalition was founded in Jeneskov.

The Anti-Insurgency Coalition, or AIC is a multi-government funded agency that specializes in anti-insurgent operations and in policing certain contained areas such as cities. As stated above the AIC is government funded and practically used and funded as a military police force. The coalition doubles as a protection for government officials, including the presidents of both Blovistan and Karanstikov.

This is the first multi government policing organization Blovistan has been a part of since 1975 with the creation of the Yurgovian Reconstruction Organization which hunted down and killed thousands of Yurgovians suspected to be spies or terrorists (the YRO was disbanded in 1979 after the organization was held responsible for the massacre of hundreds of Yurgovian civilians during the Demitov Square Massacre).

The two leaders, President Novak and President Gavrilovik shook hands in Jeneskov (the new headquarters of the AIC) on the fifth. President Novak stating in a public address that day, 展e hope the formation of the Anti-Insurgency Coalition will help battle piracy, organized crime, and terrorism in the CUBN and Karanstikov better than standard police and military units.

Many politicians on both sides of the political spectrum have expressed their support for this new organization. Many believe this will lower piracy and smuggling as well as better eliminate terrorism and mass violence more effectively and painlessly. Many Yurgovian activists have praised this as a protection of their fundamental rights and believe the AIC will prevent Blovistanic supremacists

On the flip side, there are also many condemning the AIC across the political spectrum. Even in Novak痴 own party there are some concerns over the AIC. Chancellor Laszlo Jankovic has expressed concern to President Novak over the organization. He is known to take a more Libertarian approach to politics, and it is clear he doesn稚 want too much Federal involvement in domestic affairs. Another large antagonist to the AIC is the Blue Party. As true libertarians, they feel the AIC obstructs certain freedoms. Some also feel the AIC will, 套weaponize the Yurgovian terrorists against us. Stay tuned for more.
Other News:
Novak Congratulates Albany for a Successful Space Mission

Violence in Blovistan Over Upcoming Election


Stayed tuned to the Blovistan Gazette, a newspaper you can rely on.

The Union of Albany

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Millions prepare for Harvest Day holiday; PM wishes nation well

By Sumire Uchida @SumireUchidaCBS

Highway, railway, and airport authorities across Chiho are bracing for the millions of Chihoese expected to travel during the autumn Harvest Day holidays. While Harvest Day itself takes place on September 15, the holiday is a week long celebration of the years harvest and consists of offerings to the moon deity Tsukuyomi. The holiday typically sees Chihoese travel home to celebrate with family, thus the concerns for travel delays.

Transportation officials from across the country have assured travellers that everything is being done to ensure safe and reliable services during the holiday. Chiho Railways (⇱ NSX: CR) has increased train frequencies along all national routes, especially on the Chuo HSR and the Chukyo-Niihama Main Line. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has urged travellers to plan accordingly for congestion along its expressways and highways, and to be aware of variable tolls along some expressways. Airlines such as Chiho Airlines (⇱ NSX: CA) have reported that many flights at the beginning and end of the holiday week are fully booked. Many flights to international destinations have also been reportedly fully booked, as many Chihoese are using the week long holiday as an opportunity to travel abroad.

To encourage travel during off-peak hours and during the middle of the holiday week, Chiho Railways is offering discounts on tickets, while highway authorities are offering pauses in toll collection.

Current weather forecasts call for clear skies in Chukyo and most of Chiho for next Fridays moon viewing events across the country. Several cities have announced additional road closures, especially around parks and plazas, in anticipation of increased pedestrian traffic during the moon viewing events.

The National Pavilion in Chukyo hosts this years main Harvest Day festivities, featuring traditional performances, food stalls, and tea ceremonies among other highlights. Other cultural sites and museums in Chiho are also hosting Harvest Day celebrations, many of which are free for attendees.

PM wishes nation well

In a video address, Prime Minister Yuko Hayashi wished Chiho a joyful and fulfilling Harvest Day holiday. She expressed her gratitude to all the farmers and labourers for their dedication and work that brought about this years harvest. She also thanked all the members of the military, emergency services, and other essential workers for performing their duties during the holidays, and extended well wishes to the Chihoese astronauts on the far off Commonwealth missions. Hayashi concluded her address by reiterating her governments commitment to the well-being of the people of Chiho, and how she is blessed to be able to serve them as their prime minster.

Hayashi and several senior government ministers were seen earlier in the day at the Fujiwara Temple dressed in traditional clothing, where they offered customary prayers and offerings in the presence of the temple monks. Hayashi also spoke with many temple patrons, offering them well wishes and words of gratitude.


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🚀Official Website of the National Space Program of Koryo

Article: Koryoans in Space!

Multiple Koryoans have made the ultimate achievement of entering outer space! A Koryoan Woman, Park Eun-Il, has become a National hero, and has made history by becoming the first Koryoan to step on Janus! Celebrations filled the entire country as images of the Koryoan Flag waving on Janus next to the other Commonwealth Flags have been released! The Commonwealth have made great strides by beating the Valentian Alliance to Janus, showing the Commonwealth痴 clear superiority.

There are also two Koryoans bound for Sorana as part of a relief crew to replace the Avalon III Crew, which also has three Koryoans. There is one Koryoan who will also participate in the Halo I mission.

Koryo Central News Agency
The Truth of Koryo

Koryo Seeks TOEC FTA

As the new decade prepares to come around with 2080 right on the horizon, the glorious Empress, Seol Sun-Hee, has shown an interest in expanding the economic growth of the Kingdom, displaying her clear intellect and care and love for the people and country. She has announced Koryo痴 intention to seek a FTA with the recently-formed TOEC to create new opportunities for Koryoans and strengthen relationships with other nations, a clear display of the Empress love and concern for her people. TOEC includes multiple Commonwealth Countries, only adding to the eagerness for cooperation and to work alongside TOEC.

Minister of Trade, Park Geum-Song, has been named the Chief Negotiator by Empress Seol Sun-Hee should TOEC accept the request to enter into negotiations.


Towns hold parades in honor of Seol Sun-Hee

展hen I grow up, I want to serve the Royal Family and my country! the Children痴 Dream

Respected Empress Seol Sun-Hee, a symbol admired by everybody

The Genju Post

CN Missions Launched, TSEA Reveals Plans

Recent advancements in Trectomer's space exploration, within the framework of the Commonwealth, have captured the nation's attention. Noteworthy achievements include the successful landing of the Mimir 2 mission on Janus and the triumphant launches of both Halo 1 and Avalon 4. The latter mission, led by Trectomerian Taikonaut Wang Tao, garnered heightened interest among Trectomerians.

Expanding on celestial endeavors, the Trectomerian Space Exploration Agency (TSEA) has unveiled its ambitious mission roster for the upcoming year. Among the highlights is a probe set to conduct groundbreaking research on Janus's moon. Additionally, the TSEA remains committed to aiding in the construction of the Cloud 3 station, demonstrating Trectomer's dedication to advancing space exploration.

Other items noted in the announcement were plans for upgrades to the Yunshu Launch Vehicle, as well as budget allocations for 2080, which now had to take into account the TSEA's ownership of a 30% stake in Prospect base on Apollo.

MUK MYON - WORLD⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀[AL⌵]
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Fans Protest Name Act
🕑Sep 18, 2079

Fans and expectant parents of the fantasy game series Laikeis Winde took to the streets of Downtown Akranakrs and Wismikil today after the annual extension of approved names did not contain the name 然ubi, a popular character. Since 2024, all Myonnian names must conform to the list of names provided, after the rise of shocking baby names and frivolous name changes.

The 2024 Personal Names Act froze the use of non-Myonnian personal names, and assembled a Committee on Selection of Appropriate Personal Names to systematically review names for cultural and historical value. The initial list was available in 2027, with 12,000 names available to either gender. For those who did not have an acceptable name, a grace period up to 2032 was given to change their name at no cost. The grace period was later extended indefinitely for existing citizens. The next year, about 200 names were further added, with some input from vocal groups. This led to a tradition where names could be submitted by the public each year to the Committee in an online poll.

然ubi had been the top voted name in the list for several years now, with over 15,000 votes in total, with the next highest, 全candi, also from the same series. Fans had conducted a campaign to vote for their favorite characters in the game, which has been popular with children for over 15 years. The leader of the campaign, Stairno Friuris, had this to say: "When I was a kid, nothing captured my imagination as much as Laikeis Winde. I played all the games, watched the movies, collected merch, and even met my husband at a Laikeis Winde convention. Now that we are expecting a child, I can only wish that she can be named after a character who has been such a role model to me. And I'm not the only one who's had a positive experience with this series, just take a look at all the voters!"

Meanwhile, the Commitee on Selection of Appropriate Personal Names responded in a statement that, certain names this year were rejected not only because of a lack of cultural precedent, but also because of concerns of bullying, citing a 2014 incident where a teenager named Banana committed suicide due to being bullied online.

Koryo Central News Agency SPECIAL REPORT

Empress Seol Sun-Hee in Space

Empress Seol Sun-Hee, respected and dear leader of the Kingdom of Koryo, has become the first Koryoan Royal to enter Outer Space! Launching from Fort Casper in the Union of Albany, Empress Seol Sun-Hee arrived at Cloud-1, receiving a tour of the two rings of the station, including a commercial area sponsored by the Kingdom of Hansopol.

The Empress then took a Piercer Shuttle from Cloud-1 to Starlight City on the surface of Apollo, where she was greeted by Commander William O坦yan. The dear leader then received a tour of Starlight City itself, even making a surprise visit to Koryoan Staff on Apollo, who were overwhelmed with emotion and happiness that their leader had come to visit.

Empress Seol Sun-Hee then delivered the first speech by a Koryoan Royal on another Celestial Object, giving the following speech as the Koryoan Flag, Commonwealth Flag, and the Koryoan Armed Forces Flags proudly waved in the Background:

的t has been long overdue, but thanks to the help of our allies in the Commonwealth of Nations, Koryo has joined the ranks of leaders on Apollo. Our Kingdom has big plans for the future of Apollo and Space, beginning with a new Koryoan Cultural Boutique that will be housed in the under-construction Cloud-3. Operation will begin in 2083, and we are very excited to open this to the public.

The dear leader also visited Lin Yan, Trectromerian Commander of the Prospect Base on Apollo, and received a tour of that base as well. This amazing achievement goes to show the absolute power and greatness of the Empress, who has landed on Apollo before the Valentian Imperialists have even landed one rocket on the surface of Apollo!

New Haven Times
September 24, 2079

Innae Treaty Signed in Lavish Ceremony
Albanese Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister, Robyn Green arrived on the Island of Jindo within the Innae Archipelago to sign a basing agreement between the Kingdom of Koryo and the Union of Albany. This capped two years of discussions and negotiations that had been started under the tenure of Prime Minister Oliver Cooper and continued under incumbent, Martha Prescott. This was a momentous occasion as it marked the expansion of Albanese partnership with Koryo while also providing the ability to base 15,000 personnel, the 2nd Fleet and the UNS Vanguard, one of the Union痴 two flying drone carriers.

By the following day, a groundbreaking ceremony was held and elements of various Union based companies brought in to build the facilities got to work. CEO Ryan Lane of Lane Industries and father of Lawrence Lane who had married Elise Prescott, the Prime Minister痴 granddaughter, was in attendance with his son and daughter in law. Mr. Lane gave a speech praising this effort and hailing the success that Lane Industries had achieved by being contracted for this work.

Main facilities were scheduled to take a total of 5 years but the first 5,000 troops and the Vanguard would take up residence here by late 2080 with weather permitting. Minister Green had been clear that this was a purely defensive move by the Union and that it still fully upheld and respected the right of international shipping lanes and that it would not infringe on the vital economic pathway of the Eastern Straight. Many Albanese observers however were concerned at what the Valentian Alliance would think of the matter and if this would signal an escalation in matters. Albany痴 eventual stationing of troops would put a sizable thorn in an already complex and sensitive region of Vesta.

CN Naval Exercises in Providence Sea
Dozens of warships from around the Commonwealth of Nations have taken part in war games and naval exercises in the Providence Sea. This assembling of naval power saw ships from as far away as Vekkla, Yuskia and Chiho joining those of more locally based Albany, Trectomer and others. A contingent of Koryoan surface and subsurface combatants was certain to raise an eyebrow abroad as these were the first war games the CN had held since the Zervos Affair had taken place between Mydia and Koryo. Fleet Admiral Anne Howe stated that the coordination and close combat capability of the CN was vital to securing the Bloc痴 strategic objectives abroad and defending national interests at home. Admiral Howe noted that Albany had dispatched the UNS Elizabeth and 12 of her escorts from their base at Gonias in southern Trectomer.

The Koryoan Union
The Yuskian Union

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