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Breaking:Empress Xemptoworth is starting to appear nervous as Jim Fontain continues to lead. Let’s listen in to a Xemptoworth rally happening right now in Cobalt City...

Xemptoworth: The recent political climate has been starting to worry me about what path the FE is wanting to take. Do we want a nation filled with militia on the streets instead of police?! Do we want a future where our kids cannot get a decent night’s sleep because there is some crime happening somewhere? No! Do we want another Greene in the Emperial Palace?! No! No we don’t! Our rights are almost on the brink of going out of style. We are not Laissez-faire! We are not war-mongers! We are a peaceful nation who wants what is right for the world. There are 3 million of you out here today! Raise your voice. Make it heard! “Franconia for All”!

Newscaster: We will return in a moment.

Breaking: Xemptoworth gains leads in the polls and now has 100% of the Christian vote, which says a lot. She has gained some traction again with agricultural communities and the youth. Here are the current polling numbers:

Xemptoworth: 68%
Fontain: 29%
Amazonia: 2%
Other: 1%

More later.

Breaking: Several AI fried today as a wire to power the wireless cloud was cut by accident. The government is now making a push to modernize the power grid. This decision, made by the Empress herself, is now pushing poll numbers up and up. After. Xemptoworth is, hopefully, elected again we’ll be able to see a very healthy power grid and separate underground lines for the AI cloud again....

My boss told me that I’m fired for making FENN polarized. Tom Winters, signing off...

Breaking: 200,000 without power this morning as one of the biggest freezes happened overnight. An ice storm that came from nowhere leaving trees in roadways, black ice, down power lines, and a 12 car pileup on FE Highway 15 towards Portertown. At around 1 this morning Central FE Time temperatures read -10 in some spots, but most of Northern FE State read at 0 degrees. More updates in the power later.

Is Tech Going Too Far?: The first human to ever have one of their limbs replaced with robotic limbs is showing off their new upgrades today. Ever since then, InstaChat has blown up saying the the FE is moving too far ahead in tech. One user says “This should be illegal. Cosmetic surgery should only be for silicone, not metal.” What are your thoughts? Tell us at

BREAKING: Vice Leader Andrew Molop is going against Xemptoworth’s word and is allowing arrests to be made for people trying to get a better life here in the FE. Chrpr is blowing up today with people saying “Impeach the VL”. Tonight, the southeastern border is closed in response to this. Xemptoworth is saying that this is only temporary and punishment for this will be issued.

Xemptoworth Chrp’t: “The people that are trying to get into the FE are trying to find jobs. They are trying to get out of their own home to get away from suffering. Trust me when I say that VL Molop will not have a home in three months time.”

More news later

BREAKING: Scandal rocks the FE early this morning as VL Molop Chrp't "These foreigners are trying to live ff of us. Empress Xemptoworth and the predecessor Emperor Lars should have never let these people in."

Empress Xemptoworth chimes in and said "VL Molop is now on the way out. My administration is all about love and peace, equality, and focus in the nation as a whole. Molop will be impeached on Thursday for breaking international law that we have made with other countries carefully to make sure that we would not break their morals and values."

As you can tell, this is making Xemptoworth look good in the polls. Amazonia is backing Xemptoworth on her efforts to protect the FE and the Conservative candidate, Jim Fontain, is backing Molop. This is a dangerous time we live in.

FE in Shambles: The Franconian Government was informed that the Giovonnan Government was coming to San Juarez after peace talks. Xemptoworth and President Yin Bu Sung agreed time hold the last behind us and making forward attempts to establish peace. Giovanna’s land was stolen by the Empire during the Alex administration, when the FE recurved most of its land.

Breaking: Economists have declared that the FE may have a recession looming in the coming years. This is all due to the very small increase in GDP this last cycle. In November, GDP only grew 1%. For this month, only 0.2%. Franconians are saying that focus needs to be changed from infrastructure to where the recession may hit. The Agricultural communities are now struggling more than ever as urban expansion and modernization of technologies for farming is making it worse to farm. Automation is where we need to focus. FENN News...

Breaking: WHO has issued a health warning for Southern Franconia Empire. Over the course of the decade, the flu has been increasing in severity because of mutations. WHO is now working with the FE to issue all 4.2 Billion earthlings in the Empire to get a flu shot. This year, HBV2 (Heavy Breathing Virus 2) has already killed 45 in the state and it was just discovered. Be aware and stay healthy, FE.

Entertainment News: A new channel on WhoTube is making videos to “share the rich culture of the FE”. It is under fire today as a new video was released that is called “Franconia the Wrong”. Take a listen...

Video: “The FE is taking a stand to what they have known and loved forever, but this year it seems like the Emperial Candidates want to change the values of voting. We as a nation seem to have gotten more corrupt than ever and all of it has to do in part to Empress Xemptoworth and her semi-capitalistic ways of running the nation... that is wrong.”

Reporter: The nation is shaking their heads at how someone so humble with great economic policies, such as Open Door, Cracked Market Policy, is getting attacked in that way. No slander ads have been placed on FE internet pages in about 4 centuries. Xemptoworth will issue an address tomorrow night.

It is the dawn of a new decade and that only means that the election is drawing closer. In March, Sector One will be voting. That is at least 5.3 Billion registered voters will make their choice. March 3rd voting will take place in San Juarez, New East, New East Coast, Eastern FE State, and Middle Franconia. March 5th voting will take place in Southeastern Franconian State, the Southern City-States, and all of Western FE (not including Vexto or Lopex City-States). March 7th is that last day of voting on Earth and Will include Vexto Coty and Lopex City. That is 2 billion voters alone. Phase one will end on March 11th and Phase Two will begin on March 15th. Votes should be done being counted on March 14 at 3:30pm SJ time. Happy voting and Phase Two plans will be announced in February.

BREAKING: Beloved politician, father of three, and former recording artist, Richard Braxton, has passed away due to complications from surgery after he was sent to the hospital for a heart surgery that could’ve saved him. Doctors are saying that Forest Leerie-Michaels, M.D. has a track record of successful surgeries on his patients. This was not the case. Leerie-Michaels stated “There was a massive clot in the aorta and we were not able to make it in time. My team and I worked on the patient for 2 and a half hours until the massive clot blocked the valve. Our condolences to his family, friends, and the Nation who loved him.” More news later.

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