New Lunar Republic RMB

WA Delegate: The Principality of Fralinia (elected 315 days ago)

Founder: The Federal Republic of Empress Luna

World Factbook Entry

The NLR or 'New Lunar Republic', is an alliance for supporters of Princess Luna against the tyrant Princess Celestia. This alliance provides economic and military support to all nations that join our cause. The Apple family is welcome too. We also welcome anyone who supports Nightmare Moon.

Steam Group:LinkThe Lunar Citadel

Leader:The Principality of Fralinia

Minister of warfare:The Lunar Alliance of Starlightia

Minister of diplomacy and affairs:The Grand Duchy of New Willow

Minister of science and economics:The Interstellar Knights of The Order of the Teutonic Knights

Minister of recruitment: The Interstellar Knights of The Order of the Teutonic Knights

Minister of Everything Else:The Eternal Army of Lunas Legion

Infection Rate: 2.8% (1.14 billion infected, 40.18 billion survivors)

Cure Status: Distributing to infected

Infection Status: -51.7 Under Control

Embassies: Pony Lands, Equestria, The Empire of Friendship, Trojans, Prussia, Orbital Friendship Cannon HQ, Angels of Derp, Minecraftia, Leninist Russia, Vissella, Unified Skaian Syndicate of Rulers, Sagittarius Arm, The Epic Pony Region, The Discord Dominion, Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Liberty Galaxy, and 10 others.The Federation of Dethklok 1000, The SOP, Jamieshire, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, Ivory Tower, The Solar Reign, Yerushalem VI, Republic of the Sphere, the Realm of Discord, and The Red Autumn Sun.

Tags: Future Tech, Password, Role Player, Medium, Post-Modern Tech, and Serious.

Regional Power: High

New Lunar Republic contains 32 nations, the 357th most in the world.


Password required

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Trout Fishing Sector in New Lunar Republic

As a region, New Lunar Republic is ranked 16,090th in the world for Largest Trout Fishing Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Kel-Morian Dominion of Noxian HirogenWA MemberCompulsory Consumerist State“We are Paragons of Futuristic Power and Economic Might.”
2.The Kingdom of KaliforuniaWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Do not do of what is right, but do what is necessary ”
3.The Confederacy of The ArchmagesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Sequi Fugiente Crepuscula”
4.The Lunar Republic of ManhatCivil Rights Lovefest“Vivas Noctus”
5.The Federal Republic of Empress LunaCapitalist Paradise“The night will last FOREVER without your sun princess!”
6.The New Lunar Republic of Lord ArtemisInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The Prince of the Night”
7.The NLR-Ministry of Science and EconomicsCivil Rights Lovefest“Do you have completed this form in triplicate?”
8.The Kingdom of RovanperaIron Fist Consumerists“En fleira er m÷nnum til hugganar en fÚbŠtur einar.”
9.The Coalition of TerstotzkaWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“All Your Votes are Belong to Us”
10.The Queendom of AricanaCorrupt Dictatorship“All Hail Moony Butt”
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Last poll: “Minister of Science and Economics?”

Regional Happenings


New Lunar Republic Regional Message Board

Sorry who needs a curing just send me a pm and I will send a cure missle

The Republic of The night railroad wrote:Sorry who needs a curing just send me a pm and I will send a cure missle

Focus on this guy
Since he's embracing the zombies and thus will have a higher infection rate than everyone else.

I have a question how do I emlimate the infection

The Republic of The night railroad wrote:I have a question how do I emlimate the infection

Kill all the Zs in the region and get the infection rate to below 0. We've already done the latter, so now all we need to do is the former.

Let convinnd all forces to save him/her

Who is the former

Just fire cure missiles at anyone with a high number of infected.

Ok right now I'm working on the top fourth in our group

Who ever shot that at me I'm saying thanks

Mom is making me go to bed so can you guys cover me for the night

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