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WA Delegate: The Republic of Fralinia (elected )

Founder: The Federal Republic of Empress Luna

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The NLR or 'New Lunar Republic', is an alliance for supporters of Princess Luna against the tyrant Princess Celestia. This alliance provides economic and military support to all nations that join our cause. The Apple family is welcome too. We also welcome anyone who supports Nightmare Moon.

Steam Group:LinkThe Lunar Citadel

Leader:The Republic of Fralinia

Minister of warfare:The Lunar Alliance of Starlightia

Minister of diplomacy and affairs:The order of the teutonic knights

Minister of science and economics:Noxian hirogen

Minister of recruitment: [nation]?[/nation]

Minister of Everything Else:The Eternal Army of Lunas Legion

Embassies: Pony Lands, The Empire of Friendship, Trojans, Prussia, Angels of Derp, Minecraftia, Vissella, Unified Skaian Syndicate of Rulers, Sagittarius Arm, The Epic Pony Region, The Discord Dominion, The Federation of Dethklok 1000, The SOP, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, Ivory Tower, The Solar Reign, and 9 others.Yerushalem VI, Republic of the Sphere, the Realm of Discord, The Atlas Union, The Novus Teronia Galaxy, The Legions of Heaven And Hell, Avadam Inn, The Derpy Dominion, and The Brony Union.

Tags: Future Tech, Role Player, Medium, Post-Modern Tech, and Serious.

Regional Power: Moderate

New Lunar Republic contains 37 nations, the 300th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Happiest Citizens in New Lunar Republic

A recent survey attempted to measure the average happiness of citizens in various nations. These results should be treated with caution, however, as results tend to fluctuate from day to day.

As a region, New Lunar Republic is ranked 1,606th in the world for Happiest Citizens.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Changling Socialist Republic of Velvet nationScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Equality for humans, changelings and ponies alike.”
2.The Empire of Dragon IslesWA MemberCorrupt Dictatorship“Others are living because we allowed it”
3.The United States of New Universe OrderCivil Rights Lovefest“We'll fight for peace and freedom!!!!”
4.The Lunar Alliance of StarlightiaWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Vivet Noctus, Hail Princess Luna!”
5.The Rogue Nation of Legion of DiscordInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Chaos is Power”
6.The Socialist Democracy of Luna the SaviorWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“The darkness comforts us, the shadows conceal us”
7.The Lunar Republic of ManhatCivil Rights Lovefest“Vivas Noctus”
8.The Unified forces of Independet State Allied ForcesDemocratic Socialists“May Luna guide us,Feet First into Hell”
9.The United Socialist States of Nou principiLeft-Leaning College State“?”
10.The Republic of Pachaca IINew York Times Democracy“I don't know”
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aaah god dang it i hate when i go left behind for so long

The Republic of Fralinia wrote:Better it be dead than alive, that would be most unusual indeed. There's still lots of discussion to be had as to how the interaction between the regions is to work, and it may be some time before things really get worked out. It would seem that the three of us (Derpy, The Solar Reign, and myself) invented a somewhat Herculean task for ourselves.

Well, it is doable. It is a worthy task though and will provide the foundation for all Brony nations to thrive on eventually.

The Crystal North and Legion of Discord

well, i think the biggest brony should act as princess

The Crystal North

um... ok then and why would you suggest this?

Also what would you consider the criteria for being the "biggest" brony?

The Crystal North

The Democratic States of That guy that totally is not a puppet wrote:well, i think the biggest brony should act as princess

The Socialist Democracy of Luna the Savior wrote:Also what would you consider the criteria for being the "biggest" brony?

If we're going on a purely physical definition, I'd like to point out that I'm over six foot tall. Just putting it out there ;p

The Democratic Republic of The Crystal North wrote:If we're going on a purely physical definition, I'd like to point out that I'm over six foot tall. Just putting it out there ;p

Welcome to the I'm-Too-Tall-To-Ride-Buses-Comfortably Club.

The Crystal North

The Republic of Fralinia wrote:Welcome to the I'm-Too-Tall-To-Ride-Buses-Comfortably Club.

I'm on the Small-Enough-To-Fit-In-A-Dryer team :P

The Crystal North

The Socialist Democracy of Luna the Savior wrote:I'm on the Small-Enough-To-Fit-In-A-Dryer team :P

Might I add that this makes for several short jokes every day at my construction job

The Crystal North

The Republic of Fralinia wrote:Alright, so you may have noticed that I accepted an embassy request from the Derpy Dominion, despite long-standing rivalry. The more astute will be wondering why. And I have an explanation.

Derpy has contacted me recently, as well as the Solar Reign, with desires for more communication and interaction between the regions. Derpy herself has been very genial, polite, and understanding, and openly admits that she was hot-headed and brash earlier. I wanted the embassy so that she could come here and explain herself to you guys, and I'll get rid of it if anything happens. Basically, she wants a chance, and from what I've seen, she deserves it. If it turns out that she hasn't changed, the dirt is on me.

Which brings us into ou next topic of discussion- a planned meeting. The Solar Reign and Derpy have requested a formalization of the canon between our regions- a sort of Cold-War style uneasy peace. We were planning on hosting a little roleplay on the forums in which the leaders of our factions came together to discuss things (somewhat to see how Derpy's rp skills have progressed, she says she has been working on them) and also to try to figure out what the bloody hell is going on. They both insist on interacting the Princesses, so I was hoping that you all would be ok with me roleplaying as Princess Luna just to sort things out. If not, I understand, and I'll work something out.

May I ask how this has progressed so far? Any updates?

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