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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Royal Commonwealth of Kingdoms of Cal

World Factbook Entry

Invaders will be laughed at

The commonwealth is a loose grouping of furry, pony, scaly, feathery, mystical, mechanical, etc sovereign people, who may have little in common. There is no real central philosophy or creed. All welcome, what ever your political philosophy, creed, or people.

Note: Except spammers and recruiters, who are less than welcome.

LinkThe Forum is here
LinkIRC is here, just put in a nick.

Please endorse:The Imperialist Empire of Deterria

They have been elected as our WA bod, we have an electoral system please don't try and bypass it.

Infection Rate: 0.0% (zero infected, 153.76 billion survivors)

Cure Status: Distributing to infected

Infection Status: -94.3 Safe Haven

Embassies: The ACSN, Gay, Philosophy 115, Allied States of EuroIslanders, Cymru, Novels and Plays, The Ascendancy, New Dinosaurtopia, Pony Lands, Hinduism, Eastern Roman Empire, Leninist Russia, The Vast, The Alliance Pocket Universe, Israel, Viking Europe, and 52 others.Benevolent Capitalism, New Suffolk, Oceanside, The Nation of Nations and Friends, New Europe, United Empire of Islam, Scandinavia, FurNation, Federation of Free States, South Pacific, Laissez Faireholm, The Region of Industrious Nations, The Western Colonies, Black Mesa Islands, The Federal Islands 2nd Gen, Minecraftia, Futaba Aoi, Pokemon World, Groland, Islam, Nationalist Commonwealth of Free Regions, Austritaria, Entity, Horses and Bayonets, Fort Zoutman, League of Christian Nations, The Darwin Allied Republics, Shadow Proclamation, The Furry Federation, The Federation of Dethklok 1000, Sagittarius Arm, Lower Canada, World Alliance, The SOP, Land of Israel, Yerushalem VI, The Derpy Dominion, Atheist Empire, The United Feline Commonwealths, New Lunar Republic, The Forest, Ivory Tower, The Island of Mythology, Armagedox, Smiley Faces, Trainsylvinea, Allied Independent Nations, The Second Empire of Arrakine, The Illuminati, Region Felix, Militaristic and Economic Alliance, and Zero Beta.

The embassy with Islam is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 2 days 2 hours.

Tags: Free Trade, Fandom, Password, Offsite Forums, Role Player, Medium, and Multi-Species.

Regional Power: Moderate

The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples contains 30 nations, the 384th most in the world.


Password required

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Manufacturing Sector in The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples

As a region, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples is ranked 408th in the world for Largest Manufacturing Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Royal Commonwealth of Kingdoms of CalAnarchy“Freedom is a risky business.”
2.The Armed Republic of OverbearFather Knows Best State“Claws and Teeth are natures way.”
3.The Reich of DeterriaCorporate Police State“We put the 'fun' in 'no fundamental human rights!'”
4.The Stellar Republic of The Anean Star EmpireWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Fax Ultima Lux in Ienebris Inanitatis”
5.The Squeaky Black of Zee-KlawCorporate Police State“Zee-Klaw will choose!”
6.The Protectorate of Fenexia and holochromeCapitalist Paradise“Together strong”
7.The Dictatorship of 0tis-tPsychotic Dictatorship“Nothing exists in the absence of trust”
8.The Commonwealth of FoxcooniaCorporate Bordello“United as one Hybrid”
9.The Dominion of FoxconoNew York Times Democracy“Large tails encompass all.”
10.The Imperial Federation of AatuylvaFather Knows Best State“Kovneghka gudaghtho hahri aataye ravae aatya”
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Recent polls: “zombies”“Should we allow posting rights to the rmb to founders and WA reps from embassy nations:”

Regional Happenings


The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples Regional Message Board

Alba, you were mad infected last night. I bloew up most of those zombies for you though. Sorry about the mess <_<; haha

Looks like as a region we're on the verge of victory! Zombie numbers are deindling fast as my military cleans up what's left of the zombies in each Nation :3

As an update, more than half of the nations here are now free of zombies. Keep firing those cure missiles and zombie squads though!

Hmm I think we've got all of em now.

Well done ppl!

VICTORY! We have completely eradicated all the zombies from the Region!

So, whose Presidential Mansion are we going to to celebrate the zombie cleansing?

Oh btw we are currently in 82nd for number of survivors and 30th for number of survivors with no zombies.

i was absent, dam it


To be honest, the zombie plague didn't really manage to get a hold. This was largely thanks to people moving early.

Despite the fact that organising anything in this region is like herding cats (and wolves, skunks, foxes, etc) we do appear to have done rather well. Totally clear with lots of time to spare and not too bad a death rate.

Put it this way compared to the furry fed and a number of other furry regions we have played a blinder.

Guys and girls, give yourself a well deserved pat on the back, but keep an eye out for reinfection risks.


( Your friendly zombie free regional founder)

Small note, don't leave the region to help out others, you will get infected. I sent a puppet to help out the fed and within less than 5 mins had 20 mil zombies. I obviously clean the nation..but as tempting as it might be don't try and help out.

It's messy out there.

Ps did a check my puppets didn't infect anyone. All nation's @ zero zombies.

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