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The commonwealth is a loose grouping of furry, pony, scaly, feathery, mystical, mechanical, etc sovereign people, who may have little in common. There is no real central philosophy or creed. All welcome, what ever your political philosophy, creed, or people.

Note: Except spammers and recruiters, who are less than welcome.

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Note: We have an electoral system here so please nominate our currently elected WA bod, The Free Land of Draconia2

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Regional Power: Moderate

The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples contains 30 nations, the 424th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Lowest Overall Tax Burden in The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples

World Census financial experts assessed nations across a range of direct and indirect measures in order to determine which placed the lowest tax burden on their citizens.

As a region, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples is ranked 15,633rd in the world for Lowest Overall Tax Burden.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Royal Commonwealth of Kingdoms of CalAnarchy“Freedom is risky, but everything worthwhile is.”
2.The Armed Republic of OverbearInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Claws and Teeth are natures way.”
3.The Principality of LillagalaWA MemberCorporate Bordello“Veritas et Fortitudo”
4.The Grand Den of FuruborCompulsory Consumerist State“ Ut superveniat tibi benedictio ab ursis”
5.The Empire of Fascist VampodiaCorporate Police State“Sieg Heil Mein Phuna!”
6.The Imperial Republic of The Anean Star EmpireWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Fax Ultima Lux in Ienebris Inanitatis”
7.The Ginormous Furry Planet of Grand TraysandorDemocratic Socialists“Macro Sized in more ways than one!”
8.The People's Republic of Lightfire UnionScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Capitalism makes no sense.”
9.The Free Land of Ohu generation IIFather Knows Best State“He is near defeat! This is our chance! Crush him!-Riki”
10.The Protectorate of Fenexia and holochromeFather Knows Best State“Together strong”
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Last poll: “How do you vote in your nation?”

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The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples Regional Message Board

*steps up to podium* "Well we had a good run and i'm glad you all voted but we can't win them-" *bodyguard lean over and whispers in ear* "what? I won?" *bodyguard nods* " I can't believe it, I even had the loosing speech all written and everything. Ah well screw it." *tosses speech over shoulder* "Well I don't know what you are still doing here i'm going to party all night!" *rips off pants and dives in the crowd*

There is no need for voting in the Stratocracy.

The glorious chain of predetermined leaders shall lead us to victory over the lesser species.

Ave homines! Human Supremacy!

I am surprised at the number of nations that still use a paper based system, I thought I would be the only one. Then again it is actually more difficult to subvert a paper based system due to the bulk of paper required to do so and the logistics of stuffing physical ballot boxes.

The easiest one to subvert would be an entirely electronic system, especially an Internet based system, where there is no physical paper trail.

Just MHO.

Ps: not at all surprised that deterria doesn't do elections.
Pps: I am surprised that no one uses STV (option 2).

The Issue
Your personal assistant, Charlotte Sweet, has threatened to tell the newspapers that you had an affair with her unless you give her lots of money.

-Oh, I smiled when reading that one.
My leader, sitting the comfortable chair of his office, would have THE most chilling of smiles possible slowing creeping up his face, hearing this 'Charlotte' formulate her threat. She would be, metaphorically speaking, ''pissing her pants''.

She would likely not ever be seen exit the building.

(It disappoint me a good bit, that there's not an option saying : ''The chief of your 'Unnamed' Spy Department suddenly appears behind you, whispering things to your ear, before retreating to the shadows.'')

You know having options that only unlock if your have x or y in your state or high or low ratings would be really cool.

Hmm, PM Eye Salato en would be very much..."I'm Not like your the first time I've tried that and you did have the security clearance till you tried that. Bye.

You realy think you could blackmail me? Ha most people think I'm gay any how and don't care." (Salato is female).

Foreign Minster Al would be "Please like they would care? The people and the media would be surpised if I hadn't".

"Oh yeah your fired for trying that, I thought you had brains?"

Greetings from the Breen Confederacy.

Wotcha Breen Confederacy,

Welcome to the furry commonwealth, pull up a toadstool, grab a slice of pizza / cookie and a beer / glass of milk or any combination there of. Join the forum, chat on irc, post here or just keep yourself to yourself.

Basically welcome!

( Your friendly regional founder )

Ps is your nation's name a babylon 5 reference?

The Royal Commonwealth of Kingdoms of Cal wrote:Wotcha Breen Confederacy,

Welcome to the furry commonwealth, pull up a toadstool, grab a slice of pizza / cookie and a beer / glass of milk or any combination there of. Join the forum, chat on irc, post here or just keep yourself to yourself.

Basically welcome!

( Your friendly regional founder )

Ps is your nation's name a babylon 5 reference?

It is a Star Trek reference.

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