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WA Delegate: The Democratic Geniocracy of Ceffyltir (elected 243 days ago)

Founder: The Scandalous Revelations of Camelza

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Welcome friend! To THE ANGELS OF DERP! A region for all those easy going lassies and lads out there.
And a companionship devoted to spreading the word of the derp-eyed mare to all those wishing to hear it as well as to celebrating her life and times.
~May peace, friendship, and just a hint of chaos, reign in Equus Me and beyond~

-Quid is our princess and co-founder.
-Ceffy is our honorary Eternal Lord Protector. (reign: 616 days)
-This is the song of our people Link...hit it Derpy!

Awesome LinkPMVs are made by our madly talented Hatters.
We even have a map!, thanks to our beloved Ceffy.
Also, Linkmusic is provided in large quantities by Immo and Cammie.

Link...and leek spin.

If you wish to move to AoD, please contact one of us to get the password.

Embassies: Weed, Vissella, The Ascendancy, The Empire of Friendship, Pony Lands, New Lunar Republic, Minecraftia, France, The Great Kingdom of Prussia, Unified Skaian Syndicate of Rulers, Sacrum Romanum Imperium, Black Mesa Islands, Yerushalem VI, The Derpy Dominion, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Sagittarius Arm, and 15 others.The Epic Pony Region, The Illuminati, The Legions of Heaven And Hell, Pirate warriors, Realm of Unrestricted Science, United Samson Republic, New Republica, Continent of Opica, The Great Chili, U R N, Union of Confederate Regions, the Realm of Discord, Holy Realm of Equnox, Bloodbender Heaven, and The Commonwealth of Independent Nations.

Tags: Democratic, Surreal, Map, Password, Snarky, Medium, Multi-Species, Steampunk, and Magical.

Regional Power: Moderate

Angels of Derp contains 17 nations, the 736th most in the world.


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The Most Eco-Friendly Governments in Angels of Derp

The following governments spend the greatest amount on environmental issues. This may not always be reflected in the quality of that nation's environment, however.

As a region, Angels of Derp is ranked 195th in the world for Most Eco-Friendly Governments.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Eternal Hellfire of Sunset shimmerLiberal Democratic Socialists“Burning is magic.”
2.The Scrunchy Derp of QuidomneWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“In Derp We Trust”
3.The Empire of EquestiaWA MemberCorrupt Dictatorship“Love and Tolerance”
4.The Scandalous Revelations of CamelzaCivil Rights Lovefest“A tongue in cheek prevents foot in mouth.”
5.The Holy Empire of SlorchWA MemberCorrupt Dictatorship“BELIEVE IN HIM BELIEVE IN HIM”
6.The Sleep of Mad hatters in jeansWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“Melodies make music”
7.The Scientific Meritocracy of XimeaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Scientia Per Ullus Sumptus”
8.The Democratic Geniocracy of CeffyltirWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Friendship Is Victory”
9.The Mmmm of Rogue SyrupInoffensive Centrist Democracy“PINKIE PIE”
10.The Seriousness of SeshepheWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Hamsters. FROM SPACE!”
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Angels of Derp Regional Message Board

Apparently one of my favourite children's stories from my childhood have been turned into anime.

The Harpy of Immoren wrote:Apparently one of my favourite children's stories from my childhood have been turned into anime.

what's it called?

Ronia the robber's daughter is English namd


The Harpy of Immoren wrote:What?


The Harpy of Immoren wrote:Ronia the robber's daughter is English namd

ah I see.

Post self-deleted by Immoren.

Spesh Marines.

"Orbital assault detachment is most common military unit in Marine Corps of the Immorean Start Concordiat. Usually smaller warships carry one, while larger can carry several of them with them. It consists of single senior subaltern officer, 4 senior non-commissioned officers and 12 junior non-commissioned officers, 17 smart AIs and enough semi-disposable drones to give effective sensor and signals coverage to whole detachment. And bunch of knife missiles, vicious small blade like drones with agrav units, for soldier on top of that.

Detachment is divided into three sections, with serjeant and two four man fire teams, two soldiers and their suit AIs consisting making one fire team, with captain commander and faajunkari leading the bunch. Job of AI is to help process comms and sensory data, handle electronic warfare, manage camouflage of the suit, and other things to leave flesh bag to worry about fighting.

Section serjeants and commander captain are equipment with tactical nuclear projector with beyond line of sight capability, targeting with either telemetry from sensory network of the detachment or larger force, or missile’s own sensor. Faajunkkari and junior non-commissioned officers are equipped with dual capability weapons system that also can fire beyond-line of sight munitions, but chemical HEAT-MP munitions instead of atomic munitions or in close quarters in can use kinetic energy component, to give close protection to the heavy weapons of the detachment.

Suit gives marines protection from enemy fire and elements. It also helps with load gearing and enhances strength and endurance. There are also housings for comms and EW suites and AI-block. Depending on gravity it also has enhanced manouveribility unit, which allows wearer to hop longer than he could. Suit also has active camoflage that tries to blend with surrounding environment.

Individual marine’s frontage can be up to 2 (6 for those with atomic munitions) kilometers optimum conditions, and for entire detachment that can be 30 kilometers. But weather, terrain and ECM environment can greatly reduce those. At maximum range opponent is engaged with nuclear arms, if closing in is need JNCOs join in the fight with their own HEAT-MP projectors, and if extreme closes quarter JNCOs engage with KE projectors and knife missiles starts to harass anyone whom might’ve survived.

Marine corps doesn’t directly recruit or commission from civilian populace, but they recruit among junior non-commissioned officers and senior subalterns of the planetary defense forces, to ensure the quality of the candidates."

Camelza and Quidomne

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