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WA Delegate: The Grand Duchy of Van Luxemburg (elected 304 days ago)

Founder: The Mandate of Shikarta

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Welcome to Maredoratica.

Four continents stretching from the Arctic Circle to the Tropic of Capricorn huddle the Maredoratic: civilisation at its centre, fading at the fringes. At its heart – a clash of cultures.

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Embassies: Haven, Tyrrhenia, Minyang, Ellorea, Greater Dienstad, Astyria, Nova, and Elysium.

Construction of embassies with Sondria has commenced. Completion expected in 20 hours.

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Regional Power: Moderate

Maredoratica contains 48 nations, the 233rd most in the world.


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The Largest Furniture Restoration Industry in Maredoratica

As a region, Maredoratica is ranked 112th in the world for Largest Furniture Restoration Industry.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Glorious Shogunate of KagetoraCorporate Police State“影虎、諸軍、軍、家族、自分”
2.The Free Republic of Neo-EruseaCorporate Police State“Forward to Success”
3.The Most Serene Noble Republic of SantheresAnarchy“Patria Fideles Defendit”
4.The Proletariat of Varnia PrimeIron Fist Consumerists“Wat?”
5.The Islamic State of TraxaWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“Justice He bids me do, as He will judge me”
6.The General Social Republic of QuestersWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“For common good and common gain”
7.The Republic of The Wolf HoldInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Exitus Acta Probat”
8.The Mandate of ShikartaCivil Rights Lovefest“Ame futte chi katamaru”
9.The 6 Time Double Champions of Vitaphone RacingInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Looking up, there's always sky”
10.The Republique of OseatoWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“Liberté, Unité, Dignité”
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Maredoratica Regional Message Board

Ahlan, Geanna!

The General Social Republic of Questers wrote:It's better if you can stay on the IRC for more than seven minutes.

I was once on IRC for seven months, it was an awful time to be had. I was running low on food and water, I had contracted the ill fated 'Yohannesian Fever' which gave my the runs that could only be rivaled by that of Mexican food. Alas, the cunning Questers seemed to escape my grasp for the several months I remained marooned, my attempts to kill the gallant beast remained futile - I soon realized however that I was never the hunter, I was the hunted. I was fearing for my life as day in and day out I was ruthlessly stalked by a Ruccola, finally though I smitten the beast that it was, ending my predisposed fears of becoming the next snack for a troll.

By the seventh month, I had all but forgotten my name it seemed, the IRC had enveloped me, like that of a cocoon, my mind was that of a wild man. I'd long forgotten the necessity of clothing that was hammered all too often into our heads by society outside of my new found world, and my hands remained the blisters and calluses from the horrendous typing and work I had to achieve to sustain myself. Finally, near the end of my journey I had out smarted my prey, the prey I had sought soo many months ago; Questers.

He had come into the open, ever watchful of the others as he spoke in a foreign tongue to my ears, he discussed many things but I could not hear him, I could not understand him, my fingers ready I typed in those fateful strokes, strokes that'd lead to the demise of the great beast. ''/kickban Questers for teh lulz'', oh how beautiful it sounded as I took aim, it was primed for the taking, the opportune moment, I remained quiet, watchful of the creature's movement. BAM. I squeezed down on enter and alas, the great beast had fallen, there was no scream, there was no sound, the other beasts around him scattered like the memories of my life long ago.

I had succeeded. I had triumphed. That day - I was the hunter. That day - I was the predator they called, Admin. I was later recovered by Panaire and Yohannes, who were struck with disgust of what I had become, they called me ''fgt'', and ''Abuse'', it was true, I had become these things, I had lost my mind and values. It took them years to rebuild who I was, my memories slowly came back to me and I began to realize the most important thing about myself and my journey. I was never out to find Questers; No, I was out to find myself - and thus I realized after reintegrating into society. The most important lesson that had finally epiphanized in my mind - I spent seven bloody months on an IRC channel, the hell is wrong with me.

[[Lol, you're welcome]]


I don't have a reply to that.

Where is Yohannes even?

he was on a couple of days ago

I swear I didn't have anything to do with that one @Kat Questers >.>

Welcome, Hasmonea! :D

Welcome Hasmonea :p

Welcome, Hasmonea! :D

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