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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Social Commonwealth of Sailsia (elected 109 days ago)

Founder: The Ellorean Republic of The Ellorean Caretaker

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ELLOREA, a region blanketed with fields of endless verdure cushioned between the warm oceans of Etreu and Triec, is a diverse, stunning, and heavenly region. Housing both democratic utopias and tyrannical dystopias, Ellorea remains a home for many diverse political systems bound together as a community of geographically linked nations and an intertwining political community.

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Embassies: Maredoratica, Pardes, Greater Dienstad, Great Southern Ocean, Elysium, The Axis Commonwealth, and IOU LowSettlement Colonies.

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Ellorea contains 12 nations, the 917th most in the world.


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The Best Weather in Ellorea

The following nations were determined to have the best all-round weather.

As a region, Ellorea is ranked 14,704th in the world for Best Weather.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of ShazbotdomAnarchy“Veritas Omnia Vincit”
2.The Imperium of LaneigeAnarchy“Āve Maria”
3.The Religious Democracy of TrivvalInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Belief is in the mind; faith is in the heart!”
4.The Ellorean Republic of The Ellorean CaretakerCivil Rights Lovefest“To Protect and Serve Ellorea”
5.The Ascendant Domain of TrescottCivil Rights Lovefest“Libertatem per sapientia”
6.The People's Socialist Republic of WewtlandemFather Knows Best State“Not one step backwards!”
7.The Federative Noocracy of SolmCorporate Bordello“Sapiens natio intelligit optima”
8.The Social Commonwealth of SailsiaWA MemberCorporate Bordello“Liberty and property.”
9.The Righteous Imperial Dominion of TergnitzCapitalist Paradise“Bellamus ut Concordemus”
10.The Constitutional Fed Republic of AurensiaAnarchy“Uti Nemo Alium Regnet”
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Ellorea Regional Message Board

The Social Commonwealth of Sailsia wrote:So in just a few days, there will be a terrible outbreak in Ellorea, due to a rogue lab rat escaping the Sailsian Biological Weapons Labratory. Of course, Sailsians are too clean a people to actually get infected from a rodent, but a tourist from the dirty shores of Solm will carry the filth back to their own country. From there, Z-Bola will wreak havoc on our fair region. The best minds in Sailsia will be put to work to find a cure for the mutated Z-Bola outbreak ravaging the world. As World Assembly Delegate, the President of Sailsia will enact legislation to close the regions borders in an attempt to keep the disease from spreading any quicker than we can avoid.

SailsCorp Pharmaceutical, LLC encourages all of the other nations of the world to put their own scientists on the job of finding a cure as soon as the outbreak happens. You may be wondering how we know what will happen in 9 days. Well, the answer is simple; we do not. It would be TERRIBLE if such an outbreak were to, by chance, occur. SailsCorp would stand to gain hundreds of billions of dollars due to the infection, but PUBLIC SAFETY is always our #1 concern, so we would never ever even consider intentionally releasing such a plague as Z-Bola on the region. Never. In fact, if any Ellorean citizen suggests such non-sense, we recommend that the appropriate authorities detain such rabble and send them to their local SailsCorp Security compound.

I'd close my boarders to you all and then drop napalm everywhere. That'd fix you damn Sailsians from screwing up everything. ;)

Why damn me?

I swear I'm just gonna invade everybody and kill as many civilians as possible.

The People's Socialist Republic of Wewtlandem wrote:I swear I'm just gonna invade everybody and kill as many civilians as possible.

Bring it...

*Readies radioactive super nazi soldiers*

And how old are we again? I support Sails

The Noble Erstes Kaiserreich of Tecknoko wrote:And how old are we again? I support Sails

I lost track. But I am not sure if I will be on at around midnight on the 31st. I work nights that whole weekend.

According to the news thing that Max posted. it will start on the 27th. I got the 9 days wrong.

So I'm not totally sure if that means midnight sunday or midnight monday. I dont really want to stay up that late but I also dont want to miss out on all the fun because half my population died over night.

The Social Commonwealth of Sailsia wrote:According to the news thing that Max posted. it will start on the 27th. I got the 9 days wrong.

Bollo actually wrote it. And it says 6 days on my end, which would put it as starting on the 29th.

Oh they set it to change with the passing days, I didn't notice that. So then the 29th then. That STILL isn't Halloween but it makes more sense.

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