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Greater Díenstad is a top flight roleplaying region with a long history of drama-free writing. | Please endorse our WA Delegate: The Free Republic of Lamoni. | TG Morrdh for the map.

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Regional Power: High

Greater Dienstad contains 64 nations, the 192nd most in the world.

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The Most Devout in Greater Dienstad

World Census experts polled citizens from nations worldwide to determine which seemed to be the most religious.

As a region, Greater Dienstad is ranked 17,362nd in the world for Most Devout.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Holy Empire of StevidWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Nos Pugna pro Deus”
2.The Holy Empire of BelhorizonIron Fist Consumerists“A worthy enemy, you say? I have none.”
3.The Mokan Nation of Aqua AnuInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Life By The Sea, On The Sea, With The Sea”
4.The Arab Republic of ShiistanIron Fist Consumerists“Unity, Liberty, Socialism”
5.The National Socialist State of Castille de ItaliaIron Fist Consumerists“The Progress of the State Marches Forward”
6.The Fiefdom of Blood Red MoonIron Fist Consumerists“The Don has the final word.”
7.The Grand Theocratic Empire of Holy MarshInoffensive Centrist Democracy“For the Holy Marsh! Death to the Vile Lard!”
8.The Islands of An tOileanPsychotic Dictatorship“An té a luíonn le madaí, eiroidh sé le dearnaid.”
9.The Republic of KinsgardFather Knows Best State“Ex Gladio Libertas”
10.The Empire of CaynadiaCorporate Police State“Forever North”
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Greater Dienstad Regional Message Board

The United Commonwealth of Esalonia wrote:A few things that are #Trending in NationStates:

6.5 rounds. Some say it's the optimal round for modern combat, anything with a diameter of within 6 -> 7 mm. And caseless. I'm catching up with mah 6.5 Whiteclaw.

Dragon Skin-like body armor, consisting of various ceramic plates tacked on each other. Don't forget the gradual shift from Kevlar to non-Kevlar.

Hard-shelled helmets, possibly a throwback to the ol' days of steel helmets. I use silica nano fibers in my helmet for one.

Tanks with reactive armor everywhere, from the roof to the sides. My tank has NERA on the sides and entire turret, HERA up front. Been thinking of NERA at the back. And electric reactive armor, with each brick having their own power source, only activated by the computer.

140mm guns, with ETC slammed on. ETC and 140 combined the best of both worlds (except for the smaller "magazine" size, that is). Don't forget the AMP rounds currently being developed by the US.

ATGMs with penetration values of 1000+ mm RHAe (Rolled Homogenous Armor Equivalent)/IRHAe (now with I for Improved). RHAe is equivalent to one millimeter of rolled homogenous armor, so if my tank provides 2000 mm RHAe of protection then that means it's equivalent to being protected by 2000 1-mm-thick plates of rolled homogenous armor (which is, as you know, VERY VERY VERY heavy.)

Chobham-ish armor, now with Titanium-Ceramic.

220-mm rockets, and one vehicle carrying 32 of them (yep, that's my Zeus-R, now with the 200-mm Horas-B on the Zeus-A variant.)

Most of these haven't been heavy trends on NS for years.
In fact, some of them last really trended almost 5 years ago.

Doujin class dreadnaughts lol

Lamoni, Stevid, and Dostanuot Loj

The Qutbist Republic of Deamonopolis wrote:Doujin class dreadnaughts lol

Dreadfire-class dreadnoughts lol

Lamoni and Deamonopolis

Damian Dreadfire has about the same scarefactor as Skeletor ahahaha

The Matthew Islands

The Qutbist Republic of Deamonopolis wrote:Damian Dreadfire has about the same scarefactor as Skeletor ahahaha

The National Socialist State of Castille de Italia wrote:Dreadfire-class dreadnoughts lol

Longswords. Like, Longswords with long swords.

The Techno-Induscracy of Haishan wrote:Longswords. Like, Longswords with long swords.

How did I know someone was going to bring up Longswords when I said Dreadfire?

Lamoni and Haishan

The Qutbist Republic of Deamonopolis wrote:Doujin class dreadnaughts lol

Almost bought one or two of those back in the day.

Protip, Urulandia.

I basically state what I understand about doctrine and its context to NS designing but anyway. That link will explain more on doctrine better.

After so long planning, Haishan now have a national doctrine!

It's for OOC purposes though. :D

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