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TYRRHENIA | Sic Semper Erat, Sic Semper Erit | Founded: 12 March 2007

An ancient region forged in fire and tempered in blood, spanning four continents and most notable for the diversity of its racial groups, cultural styles and political systems. It is a realm divided by conflicting ambitions, ideals and methods and consumed by perpetual warfare and political and religious machinations, where the screams of the innocent oft go unheard between the clash of the righteous and the wicked.

LinkTyrrhenia Web Portal | LinkMaps | LinkIRC: #Tyrr@irc.esper.net | Contact The Republic of Laysley to apply.

International Incidents RP Region of 2011

Embassies: Greater Dienstad, Western Atlantic, Maredoratica, Paradoxia, Pax Parliamentaria, and Valeria.

Tags: Map, Modern Tech, Small, Password, Offsite Forums, and Role Player.

Regional Power: Moderate

Tyrrhenia contains 10 nations, the 1,441st most in the world.

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Today's World Census Report

The Most Politically Apathetic Citizens in Tyrrhenia

These results were determined by seeing how many citizens of each nation answered a recent World Census survey on the local political situation by ticking the "Don't Give a Damn" box.

As a region, Tyrrhenia is ranked 1,123rd in the world for Most Politically Apathetic Citizens.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Sovereign Imperial Dominion of AschenhyrstCompulsory Consumerist State“Buann é a maireann (He wins who survives)”
2.The Republic of LaysleyWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ne Obliviscaris”
3.The Principality of Sant MiquelCapitalist Paradise“Servint a Déu i el Poble.”
4.The Grand Empire of Ralkovian Grand IslandFather Knows Best State“All Shall Bend A Knee To Our Emperor”
5.The Infinite Empire of YallakCivil Rights Lovefest“Captivus Aem Naeis Hostis”
6.The Plurinational Peoples State of BulgislaviaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Marching Toward an Enlightened & Revolutionary Society”
7.The Ayraratid Confederation of Emperatium DrakonicumWA MemberLeft-Leaning College State“tlēnai mēpote despotēs plēn theos”
8.The People's Republic of StrolingradLeft-wing Utopia“Oppressed Workers of the World Unite!”
9.The Corporatocracy of Elcric KcalbCorporate Police State“Greed is good!”
10.The Fascist Federation of The Grand World OrderIron Fist Consumerists“Omne Ensis Impera”

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Tyrrhenia Regional Message Board

EK, old friend. They were, but now it's official. Because I said so.

well how is everyone anyway? IC'ly and RL'y?

ICly Im pretty inactive, the country is still trying to control a Crimson Fever outbreak in an RP I havnt responded to in a while. As well as shoring up support in the northern polities due to Ralkovian expansion into a northern NPC nation on the map. Bulgislavia is currently ruled by its first female leader and the revolutionary fprces are still in control of the society. A second session of the Revolutionary People Power Assembly is set to take place in April sometime.

RL'y, The wheels are starting to come off a bit, I withdrew from Uni, a guy I met turned out to be a total psycho and at the moment Im high on good old pot and some booze from a night on the town.... just thought Id inject some activity on the board. Wooo life XD

IC is non-existant right now because of RL. I`ve got plans but RL stuff has taken priority.

RL I am dealing with a spouse with health issues, among which are spinal stenosys and fibromyalgia, and is no longer able to work or contribute financialy. Therefore I am working all I can to offset the hole in the budget due to lack of the secondary income. My free time is consumed with figuring how to keep $ in my pocket; as spring is nearing I am preparing to garden, last fall I went hunting for the first time in over a decade. Until such a time that she qualifies for disability (which she paid into for nearly 3 decades), it all falls on my broad shoulders. I check in here periodicly but I think I may be done with RP or at least until I know what`s up with her. I`m afraid anything I tried to RP would sound like the blabbering ramblings of a madman who went comepletely bat-sh*t crazy. My recreation has moved to sleep and the monthly alcoholic binge.

Damn Asch. Sucks man. Life's a b!tch sometimes.

IC, I guess my nation is just going on about its business. Training troops, building guns and continuing the capitalist cycle. RL, well I kind of got arrested and will be going to jail eventually. Not sure for how long though.

Wow, thats some intense RL stuff going on :O I hope things work out well for both of you.

Indeed, Tyrrhenia has seen better days

ICly, my nation has returned to it's self-isolation following the end of the Waldenburger War of Succession

OOCly, I bought a new house 7 months ago but other than that just working all the time. I always think of getting back into RPing from time to time but I haven't as yet because I doubt I could properly commit to responding in anything close to a timely fashion.

Yallak: You mean you don`t have the Gnome in the neighbors front yard anymore? I certainly hope you moved closer to Liquorland! :P

Honestly I'm just impressed we've stuck around this long and I'm glad to hear that ya'll are still alive and kicking; I hope the best for all of you.

IC - since basically all of my RPs ground to a halt a few years ago I'd imagine the wonderful forces of capitalism are continuing to make the Santmiquelés richer and the Hyoprian peasantry's urine more beet-colored. Thank déu that the Hyoprian hospital system is well-accustomed to asking "is it bright red, or brown?"

OCC: Honestly just busy as hell since I'm a full time student and semi-full time (30 hrs/wk) employee. Also I'm not in my home country right now so what free time I do have is not spent in a computerized environment.

Pulse check.... hows everyone doing?

Me? Dandy :)

9th largest manufacturing sector in the region, even after a civil war the revolutionary government can still boast such economic achievement :P

I'll hazard a guess and say I was #2. #1 if Grand World Order CTE'd again.

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