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The land of SECFanatics was originally founded by the mighty nation of Boxvicland on 24 August 2016, with original constituent nations of Boxvicland, Chomping Gators, Dare you to come and take it, Dawgindallas, Kashmirian Zeppels, Resinante, Texasfight, and last but not least, RBBF. However, the great Region ceased to exist.

The SECFanatics Region was recreated by RBBF on 6 April 2017. Despite the past devastation, and abandonment of the region by the previous nations, the return of people is bringing a new hope and exuberance. As stated at the re-founding of SECFanatics by RBBF's Leader: "Onward ever, backward never, in ourselves our future lies!"

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Comoros, Sudan, Pitcairn Island, Republic of Congo, Tonga, United Assembly, Isle of Anglesey, Michigan, Gloucestershire, Maldives, Kingdom Of England And Wales, Empire of Anne Princesse Goddess, Arizona, Nekoist Federacy, Fiji, Yukon, Cosmic Storm, Mozambique, Antigua and Barbuda, Despotic Europe, Trade Confederacy, Gucci RP, The Rose Garden, Arlington Tech, Corprosal, Nova Historiae, 224s Polling Region, Disney Pixar Cars, Corporation States of Alirus, The Rich, The Realm of Gondor, Viking Europe, Florida Peninsular Treaty Organization, World Conference, The Warden World, The Region Of Allied Nations, Marist Federated States, Warhammer 40000, The Assembly of Sovereign Nations, Audacity, Team 10, Turning Point, Conservative League, Loam, Califato Andalusi, Trashcan, Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, The Realm of Neerod, Tanah Melayu, Kalavia and Jevonia, The Glorious Nation of Arstotzka, United States of Goddess, Melayu Empires, Forgotten Caribbean, Assassins creed brotherhood, 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Basement Colonies, Newingtonia, land of the redpandas, The Charlemagne Convention, Confederate Cartels of Nexis, The Moskva Pact, The Constituency of the Mighty Huah, Knowhere fast, Westphalia, The Monarchist World League, Vespulti Powers, Oafian Region, Universal Pact, Yo Mama, ISAF2, Campcamp, The Western Isles, Haptian Alliance, Auralia, Cazbeez, Diverse Regimes Project, Aerilia land, Interdimensional Alien Zone, Novapax, Skell, the AnCap Empire, The Smithery and Poffin Shop, The International Polling Zone, Astyria, Nevada Forever, The Fellowship, Unified Doofania and the Tri State Area, The Atlantic, Pangea Oceania, Natan Region, Crodown, The Dogeland Alliance, Ethievania, The Euro Arab Union, Christ, The OFFICIAL Funny Dog Eat Pepsi Region, Serendipity, Evangelical Christian Countries League, Belvast, Scarlet Dominion, Pawnsilvania, Gubihl Islands, Oblitus Realm, The World Alternative Union, iPolitics, Old World Union, Devia, AAAAAAAAAA, Dont come here youll probably die tbhfam, Atonement of Harmony, Nations who think anime sucks, Omega Assassins, Antifa Luxemburgist Communist Collective, The Lexicon, Jesus, The White Shoe Association, COSAAN, The Unified Christians Alliance, Union of KingMakers, Micro Union, Union Of Kaziland, Island, Superiorem Merionem Region, Minoa, Maximia, Anti Moderator Alliance, NS Region Fleet HQ, The Grand Imperium, Middle Ages, British Colombia, Kingdom, Green Hill Forest, Grand Duchy of Oudenburg, The Federation of NS Sports, the UN, Common Sense Alliance, The Empire Of PoodleTG, Towering Byzantines, The Franco Spanish Empire, The Great Chili, The Unified Territories of Earth, Albankania, Dune, The Military of the United Shrayan State, The Swaerds, The Southwestern Alliance, The Western World, Neu Anterra, New World Union, Force, Fraternal Benevolence Compact, The Real United Micronations, Germanica, Palatial Christian Socialist Puppet Regi, epic region, Machtpolitik, UNCAR, Commonwealth of Liberty, United Valhaven, Geminorum Archipelagus, HoH SiS, The Dictatorial Paradise, South Balkan Island chains, The Freespace organization, The Land of the Fluffles, Terra Puns, Clusterhecc, Owenlandia, Enterprise Association, The Feline Alliance, Raylore, Middle of no where, Holy Austrian Confederation, Central Akania, The Kingdom of Calponia, Viraatistan, Atlantic Accord, Konohagakure Republic, The Imperial Consortium, New East Berlin, The Pact of Hesse Saxony, The Middle Sea, Megalosian Empire, The Confab Of Synod Veranda, City 17, 2Fort, QTSM Opportunist Front, Kerfloomphler, The Liberty Entente, Cloudotropa, Math Talent Union Of Sixth Grade, BackRub, The World Commonwealth, The House of Magic, The Dead Meme Alliance, Doraith, Bean Institute, THE RISING STORM, The Royal Imperial Directorate, United Empires of Ticondaroga, Walter Payton Region, The Suicidal Union Of Mcgilistan, Greater Koaland, UNSC INFINITY, fairy tails dope cake, Vathorst College Nations, FunLand69, The Good Place, The Purgamentum Republic, this is pointless ill just get banned y, Reddit Malaysia, The United Nations of the United Kingdom, Holy Alliance of God, The Gas Gas Gas, Asiana, The Penguin Foundation, Union Of Free Republics, 6S the Holy Region, Libertarian Capitalist Zone 716, The alliances of Yoko, Brothers in Law, AU912 zombie survival bunker, South Shore League of Progressives, Quantum excellet, Mortuus Terra, The Great and Mighty Region of Morshu, Rational united regions, The Hedopian Union, ExtraFlags 2, Ataki Technocratic Commonwealth, The Alliance of Grandfather Anrico, Western Ballers, The Oceanic Conglomerate, Rinnderlands, True Left Movement, The Boicelands Legion, Founders Pub, Anacovia, The TurtleDragon Isles, The Consolidated Nations of Rubrum, The LAGC, Alvalenia, The independent region of Ametsang, Junta de Halfdan, Regnum Hierusalem Novus, The Visegrad Union, Novum Eden, The Alliance of Iron willed powers, MexUsCan dominion, The Real Pacific, Oay, Union of Socialist Eurasian States, Anti Communist Alliance Group, The Gaza Strip, The New Intergrated Allied States, The Disunited States of America, The Jupiter Pact, The Disputed States of America, Venezuelan Archipelago, Orbis, Streptococcus, Lusiteria, The Holy Roman Empire, The Hellenistic Empire, The Drawception Community Domains, Soviet Onion, The South Pacific Alliance, Leachlandian Empire, R Moose Empire, The Republic of India, South Atlantic Military Alliance, Worldwide Muggles, VCG, NEKO, The Delegation Of Gallifrey, Minors Revolutionary Alliance, Loritae, Region Anti Populistas Dictadores, Jenn Jones mouthhole, The CeruleoAguarian Commonwealth, Region of HPB, Meatpackers union, The Sol System, The Republic of Sovereign Nation States, Forum of Independent Thinkers, The Mid Rim, North Atlantic Economic Confederation, The Union of Centralist Powers, Summa Cum Laude, Misanthropic Bloc, Orbis Secundus, The True Soviet Sanctum, Nyan Nyan Nyations, Mathoria, Greater Khafka, Medizam Group, Hapes Consortium, Point Reyes National Seashore, Order of the Eastern West, The Hundred Worlds, The International Free Union, Lindon, Leftist Collective, Unko Gang, Cat Empire, The Union of the Axis Powers, Central Quark Puppets, The Mob, Fredericka, Northern Utopia, Der Sozialistische Aufstand, ITALIA, Eientei Gensokyo, Ultranus, Mittelongcorda, Marxlandistan, Nova Antarctica, South Pacific, Christadelphia, Valley of the Dark Lords, Scoria, Test Region of Examination, The United Federative of the UCE PUPPETS, Padradis II, Vaal Hakia, The Northeastern Lands Erudain, Department of War, Furby Island Puppets, The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Union of Liberal Nations, Annex of Allied Federation of Nations, Korovia, Imperial Force, New United Region of Greater Verona, LSWest, Infinitus, Loneliness, The Republic of 5c, NationStates World Regions, Penguia, The Interplanetary Federation, The Pacific Northwest, One big Island, RAMS, Anti Calvinism, The Cascade, Association of Liberal Democratic States, The Confederate States Of Antarctica, democratic union of free states, Robloxian Joint Accords, greater Egypt, The Siberian Outback, The Glorious Alliance of Ymkan Nations, The Land of National Interest, International Security Organization, Low Earth Orbit, Golden Dragons, Catatopia, Free Coalition of Governments, The United Sovereign States of Ecuador, The Dominion of Allamandin, International Economic Union, nasunia, Fredonia, United Soviet Shoine Republics, The Glorious Union of the Collective, The Confederacy of His Imperial Majesty, The Democratic Union of Stento States, The Hungry Caterpillar, North Stindan, Edyn, American Patriotic Front, Sexy Pony Lands, Hooplans, Longsword, The Equator, The Slide Countries, Southern Confederation, I want to figure out something, He Qixin Puppet Storage Region, Union of trutlelanda, Woonfland Isles, For the Confused and Unknown, The Free Nations Region, The Liberty League, The Disco, Unitum Gentibus, Greater Windchia, Siro, Independant Osla Confederation, Depeche Mode, Canborat, Sheevate Coalition, Skullyna, Trenadian Puppets Alliance, Greek Islands, Independent Powers of the New Earth, Derpingham Peninsula, Commonwealth of Populists Nations, Greater Nova York, The Armed Federation of Abington, The United Empire of Mortemia, Flag Commission Position, Under the Ladder, League of Capitalism, Glass Gallows, SaturnMemes, The Orokin, Llama Lava Lake, The Greater North Atlantic Empire, Westerosi Social Peninsula, Wings of Asnia, Farkasfalka, West Fawooistan, The United Continents of Eternal Glory, Erethia, Lotions Puppet Storage, Sector 12, Tarthantopiarat, The Indian Subcontinent, Evstotskan Alliance, Nova Norrlandia, The Dominion of Dillie, Council of stem, Blackdog Forest Collective, Association of the Countries of the Free, Universal Fringe of Terror, The Nations of the Former Union, OH Federation, Owl World, New Atlantic Europe, United States of Garfield, Mahtomedi, The Wolf Legion, The Ruclax Clan, Yertania City, Pandoratus, KAISERREICH, Chavel, The Golden isle, The Germanic Greek Republic, Laotis, South pacific gyre, Reformed Austinus, Free People of The Democratic Federation, The Bhunkster, Hogarahoiprash, Glitter, Association of South Asia Nation, Jade Order, Virgo Centauri, Mors Atra, Warzone Sandbox, Micronational Assembly, Federation of Yugoslavia, Akamatsu, New Telegos, Most Popular Girls in School, We want you, Kingdom Of Austria, The Ocean Commonwealth, FM and AM, GREAT SOUTHERN REGION, Union of Efwazopia, Central Perk, Vesperia, The Puppetbox, The Allied League of Nations, North Conquest, Bob The Best, United Sanctuary, United Mediterranean Nations, Democratic States of the United Republic, The Orion Arm, Southward Islands of Liberal Faith, The United Glitter Chods, THE X FACTOR, United Federation Of Edwards, The Hidden Tribal Lands, Pangea Proxima, Fancy, Empires United, Sea of Aeolus, Central Homeland of Louisiana, HiberNationStates, Allied states of people, Doanese, The Vassals and the Oppressed, It Really Do Be like that Sometimes, Japan, Kingdom of Vesterlund, Teletubby land, Prophet Underground, Despotic Asia, Libertatis Profectum, The Schierlmann Empire, The dominion of Lower Canada, The Confederacy of Unified States, Imperialistic PHAT Formation, The Land of the Rising Sun, The Kaltaraa Pact, Apathy, United Sanity, World Stage, The Retirement Home, Pagaro, Polls center with drinks, Rockmount rock, The Fatiman Peninsula, Weston Imperium, Unknown Regions, North Gloucesterstania, Middle East, Skull and Bones, Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, The great german lands, United Nations of Millbrasia, The City State of Singapore, The International Assembly of Nations, Intisar, Our Town, NS Vortex Private Region, Court of International Law and Justice, The League of States, Void, The United Coalition of Nation States, The Mathornian Commonwealth, Elemental Realms, The Alliance of Gloria, Westeros Total War, Argust, The Combination of Controversial States, Outlands, Moose Knuckle, Union Mundial, The Geometric Equanimity TGE, The Mysterious Raiders, 911 gotta go, World Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, Union Europa, Judgement brigade, Dark Stars, Booty, Celestia, The Ascendancy of the Clyde, Allied America, Bilderberg Group, The Big Boys, Shizei, Missouri Republic, NovaPublica, MY DREAD POWER IS ETERNAL AND I RULE ALL, The Eastern Front of the Atlantic, Kingland, Switz, Union of the Seekers, House of Nassau, The Empire of Iberia, Porekas Empire, South Atlantico, German Federation, Principality of Petrus, Maple Cookies, The Allied Reign Of The Laboryht Empire, Athiris, United States Federation, 42 Douglas Adams, Ganymedya, Land of Orcs and Goblins, Social Front, The Inferiority Complex, Union of Union, Dictatorial Nations Alliance, fluffy squishfish, Foyle College land, PMNU, Genuan Rebirth, The Bonistrein Crow Alliance, Fascist Workers, Dynasty of Yikestopia, Free Politics, The Middlest East, Spookvooper Unoffical, The Persian Empire, Arganorh, Run My Nation, Rumanus, Halogen, venomoye, Giaussia, The Union of Totalitarian States, The Land of The Scandinavians, Alliance of the Island, Cinderia, The Greater Nazi Empire, The Commie Confederacy, The Lands Of Guacamole, The Grand Confederacy of Atlan, The land of Group Zero, The West Pacific Island Chain, Stoners, Orthanc at Isengard, Liberal Board, OmniOne, Allied Federation, The Holy Empire of Bawrai, Emberian Crappy Confederation, Peaceful Region, Pagan Rose, Earth 2080, Realm Royale, Kingdom of Marbasia, Halloween, Pax Britannia, The Large Swath of Unclaimed Territory, The Council of Nations, New Schoolland, Citadel of Ricks, Other Earth, The Cemetery, Danubia, Moneylania, Slobolob, The Democratic Republic of Freedom, United Republic of Octavia, Chicken overlords, Graveyard, The Greater Milkshakean Empire, The Lutheran Craft Beer Confederation, Union of Assistance to Free Nations, 0000000000 The League of Evil, Popular Culture, Imperial Galactic Republic of Andarios, The Greater World, Legion of Dictators, Worlds End, Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Ekaterinburg Arena, The Grand Council of Brookfield, Kazan Arena, Ibero America, The New Founding Fathers of America, The Northeastern Territories, Pact of Independent States, The United Federations of Free Countries, Spartak Stadium, Kaliningrad Stadium, Penguin League, Samara Arena, The New Scandinavian Union, Krokswed Assembly, The Regional Nation, Mordovia Arena, Saint Petersburg Stadium, Transcendia, The Northern Isles Of Kapucha, Oceanian Imperial Federation, Hippies, Ema Skye, Loony Bin, Eagles of Germany, Pakistan Municipal, and The Land of Subtopia.

The embassy with League of Regions is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Glass Gallows is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Construction of embassies with Happy Nations has commenced. Completion expected .

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SECFanatics contains 11 nations, the 1,390th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Information Technology Sector in SECFanatics

World Census staff compiled lists over Smart Phone related traffic accidents to determine which nations have the largest Information Technology industries.

As a region, SECFanatics is ranked 3,832nd in the world for Largest Information Technology Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Armed Republic of Sweet Baby JonesNew York Times Democracy“There is nothing better than getting shot at and missed”
2.The Football Playing Confederacy of RBBFNew York Times Democracy“An Elephant Never Forgets!”
3.The Free Land of Kashmirian ZeppelsScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Do What Thou Wilt, So Mete It Be”
4.The Republic of DinolandoniaAnarchy“Rawr”
5.The Commonwealth of Chomping GatorsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Go Gators”
6.The People's Republic of South hellasCivil Rights Lovefest“Peace and Justice”
7.The People's Republic of Tree smokeCivil Rights Lovefest“Smoke trees in tree smoke”
8.The Village hidden in the wind of The Wind NinjaIron Fist Consumerists“The wind leads a ninja to their lord”
9.The Empire of FulmerFree-Market Paradise“Go Vols!”
10.The Borderlands of ResinanteCorporate Police State“Death Wins the Race”

Regional Happenings


SECFanatics Regional Message Board

A basket of goodies for you.

**Sends over waffles, strawberries, syrup, butter, whipped cream, orange juice, coffee**

A friend to us always. Enjoy.

Gypsy Lands wrote:A basket of goodies for you.

**Sends over waffles, strawberries, syrup, butter, whipped cream, orange juice, coffee**

A friend to us always. Enjoy.

Thank You! It seems we often see our friends from Gypsy Lands at the faraway embassy locations.
*Enjoys the breakfast treats*

We thank SECFanatics for a positive relationship in terms of embassies

RBBF wrote:Hello, our good friend, The Wind Ninja. Very glad to see that you still post. As a Rep, feel free to keep us updated on your Home Region's important activities.

so far we're still in the building phase but we're fine how is everyone here?

The Wind Ninja wrote:so far we're still in the building phase but we're fine how is everyone here?

Still nervously watching the 28-day clock on some of our nations. So, we haven't reached a building phase yet.

The NewsStand wrote:That's great to know that feature gets used! There are always interesting polls going on, but it can be so difficult to find them. Thanks for the feedback.

By the way, speaking of polls, we do have a donkey in the The Royal Ass Côte Race (vote for RED!).

Skundi wrote:We thank SECFanatics for a positive relationship in terms of embassies

We value our friendship with The Democratic Republic of Freedom and its great nations.

RBBF wrote:We value our friendship with The Democratic Republic of Freedom and its great nations.

revivi :V

Wealthgertina wrote:revivi :V

It is always enjoyable to have someone from Nasunia posting. The Nasunia Nations always have some unique comments on their RMB.

Welcome to the new Regional Ambassadors from the recently constructed Embassies! All of your nations have been granted the ability to post here.

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