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★🌹 -- ‎‎‎‎‎Welcome to the Provisional Republic of Asterya! -- 🧅★
~ Est. August 5th, 2022 ~
Risen from The Union of Great Onionist Nations and Union of Ever Socialist Republics, Asterya is a new, left-leaning region that seeks to build a welcoming community for all who believe in solidarity, equality and freedom.

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Regional News:
  • Asterya has merged with Soyuz, please move to Aurora

World Assembly:
Please endorse our temporary WA Delegate comrade Lasga
⚖️GA recommended vote: n/a ⚔️ SC recommended vote: n/a

Security Level: Green
Proud member of InterLeft
Ever Socialist, Ever Onionist, Ever Free!

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    Transitional Roleplay Guide and Map | Asterya (Major WIP)

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    Diplomats Needed!

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Tags: Anti-Fascist, Democratic, Eco-Friendly, Egalitarian, Feminist, LGBT, Liberal, Medium, Offsite Chat, Regional Government, and Social.

Asterya contains 15 nations, the 1,264th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Patriotic in Asterya

World Census data collectors measured the fervor with which citizens believed their own nation was the greatest of all.

As a region, Asterya is ranked 5,967th in the world for Most Patriotic.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The State of KesmariaFather Knows Best State“Towards the National Awakening”
2.The People's Republic of ApparatchiksPsychotic Dictatorship“Kowtow Before Us!”
3.The Islamic Federation of Gora-gariDemocratic Socialists“Of−gân3 nafað libban de weargbr¯æde onfæreld, hûru su”
4.The People's Republic of CainaanDemocratic Socialists“Serve The People!”
5.The Republic of RabierFather Knows Best State“Free Rabias”
6.The Republic of RiathfordIron Fist Consumerists“Strength Through Compliance”
7.The People's Republic of ArtotzkiyaDemocratic Socialists“glory to Artotzkiya”
8.The People's Randosic Republic of RandosistanLeft-wing Utopia“An alt of Onionist Randosia, Sovetskiy Luk Navsegda!”
9.The Loving Couple of WhoaCrikeyAuthoritarian Democracy“Lumity”
10.The Republic of THE-Communist OnionFather Knows Best State“Strength Through Freedom”

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Asterya Regional Message Board

Hihi asterya,

Please see the latest installment of TRTHNBB’s regional newspaper. Including an update on SummerFest, TRTHNBB's 7th Anniversary, and general regional affairs!

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🌹The Region That Has No Big Banks🌹
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The Social Reformer
Eleventh Edition
Sunday 27th August 2023

Edited by: New United Common-lands

New United Common-lands, 27th August 2023

We are excited to bring to you the 11th Edition of The Region That Has No Big Banks official newspaper, The Social Reformer.
Please remember to upvote this Edition if you enjoyed reading it. Thank you!

Thanks for joining us nearly 10 months since our last edition!

TRTHNBB hosts SummerFest
New United Common-lands, 27th August 2023

Over the Summer months, TRTHNBB government took on the challenge to host a Summer Festival (aka SummerFest), this ambitious plan saw the region host; three games nights, two trivia nights, three debate nights, a chess league, a drawing competition, weekly DnD session and daily polls. I’m very happy to report wonderful engagement from the community, welcoming TRTHNBB Citizens and Citizens from Embassy Regions to participate.

SummerFest Games Nights

The main attraction for SummerFest was undoubtedly the Community Game Nights. Our first games night saw around 10 nations participate over the duration, playing, Gartic Phone, Chess and Town of Salem. Our second games night was our highest turnout with around 12 people in our discord voice chat at it’s peak. We had a completely chaotic Gartic phone session alongside and Putt Party. Finally, our most recent and final SummerFest games night consisted of Gartic Phone,, Cards against Humanity and spamming the Discord Soundboard. I recommend checking out our discord #Gaming-General channel to see some of the cursed Gartic Phone creations from the events - see some of my favourites below!

A big thanks to everyone who participated in our games nights. It was great to see representation from 6+ of our embassy regions over the course of the three games nights including; Democratic Socialist Assembly, Sol Aeternalis, Forest, Wintercrest, Northern Utopia, Asterya and of course many Citizens from TRTHNBB too. Ardeyn, The Washington Federation,Socialistic Britain, Lawid, Aya Democratic Republic, The Craggo Republic, Venesia Grande, Mjau, Gine Caruttiva, Lemona, Kyrgyzstanistan, Student Loan Debt, United Democratic Christian States, Roless, Jutsa, The Independent States of Allied Forces, Gundun, Arstotskiano, New Tyranniaa, Onionist Randosia, sorry if I missed anyone!

SummerFest Trivia Nights

In addition, as part of SummerFest we held two trivia nights. The first quiz night was Flags of the World, we had nine participants battling it out and testing their knowledge on over 30 different world flags. The winner undoubtedly of the flags quiz was The Washington Federation, they got all the flags right, making it nigh on impossible task for anybody else participating to compete for 1st place, especially a few nations who joined the quiz late. Overall however, the region's flag knowledge is highly impressive. Our second trivia night had the highest turnout with 12 participants, it tested people’s knowledge on; Geography, Film and TV, Music, and Science. The second quiz was more competitive, well done to Vordoslavia for winning, and The Washington Federation and Student Loan Debt for finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. Thanks to The Washington Federation, Socialistic Britain, Ardeyn, Yodle, Venesia Grande, Lawid, Neo-socialist brazil, Aichi islands, Aya Democratic Republic, Vordoslavia, Sicario Mercenary Corps, Student Loan Debt, Arstotskiano, Onionist Randosia, Anxiety Cafe, Soviet Federation of Eurasia and The Independent States of Allied Forces for partipcating in our Trivia Nights.

SummerFest Chess League

In our SummerFest chess league, we welcomed 8 nations to participate in weekly chess matches, the format of the league was a robin robin. Those who finished in the top 4 within the chess league would then go forward to the playoff stage. At the time of writing this article, the league is almost finished with only 2 games remaining. However, it is clear from the league table that New United Common-lands, Lawid, Venesia Grande, and United Democratic Christian States will be taking part in the Chess League Playoffs. Thanks to all that have taken part in the league (Lawid, Venesia Grande, United Democratic Christian States, Roless, The Washington Federation and Uponda) it has been great fun and made for some good friendly competition. The playoff matches will take place in the coming weeks.

Artwork Credit to The Washington Federation

SummerFest Daily Polls

We had 40 polls over the duration of the event which received 605 responses, an average of just over 15 responses on each poll. Each week saw a different theme for polls including; General, Movies, Sports, Politics, and Would you Rather. Some of the polls did certainly spark some debate. In the poll “Whats your favourite Beverage?” nations weren’t happy that Milk was not included within the beverage options! One tightly contested poll was “What's better Marvel or DC Universe?” we narrowly concluded by 2 votes that the Marvel Universe is better than the DC Universe. Interestingly in the poll “Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses?” the majority of nations would rather fight 100 duck-sized horses. These SummerFest polls have been highly inciteful :), thanks to your participation throughout the event.

Artwork Credit to The Washington Federation

SummerFest Drawing Competition

In addition, we also had a SummerFest drawing competition. Our theme for the drawing competition was to make a country ball meme or just general country ball-themed artwork. I’m very pleased now to announce the winner and the top 3 submissions! Our judging panel for this drawing competition was New United Common-lands, Ardeyn, Lawid and Aya Democratic Republic. Each of the judges was asked to give the submission a rating out of 10. Congratulations to the first place submission Spamary, their submission had an average rating of 8.5 / 10, in second place was Socialistic Britain with 8.25 / 10, and in 3rd place with a rating of 7.1 / 10 was The Washington Federation. Thanks for all the submissions and see the artwork below:

Drawing Competition - First Place Artwork Credit to Spamary

Drawing Competition - Second Place Artwork Credit to Socialistic Britain

Drawing Competition - Third Place Artwork Credit to The Washington Federation

The 7th Anniversary of TRTHNBB
New United Common-lands, 27th August 2023

In a vibrant celebration held on the 5th of June, the community of TRTHNBB came together to commemorate its 7th Anniversary. This milestone not only allowed participants to marvel at the might and inspiration drawn from Bernie Sanders, but also provided an opportunity to reflect on the remarkable journey of The Region That Has No Big Banks within the unique realm of NationStates.

The roots of TRTHNBB trace back to its predecessor, The Place That Has No Big Banks, which was founded in February 2016. While the former region experienced a raid and faced challenges, it paved the way for the emergence of The Region That Has Big Banks under the leadership of Yodle. The transition witnessed the migration of many prominent members from the original region to the new one.

Among the esteemed figures who have left an indelible mark on TRTHNBB are leaders such as Yodle, Bernie Nation, America the Greater, and Aya Democratic Republic. These figures, along with other stalwart 'Old Guard nations', played pivotal roles in shaping the region's identity. It's important to also remember the contributions of the nations that have since vanished, as they too contributed significantly to the fabric of our vibrant community.

A pivotal force driving the region's success is the current cohort of citizens who exemplify the essence of TRTHNBB. Over the past few years, this united community has ushered in what could aptly be called a 'Golden Era' in the region's history. Notably, the region has experienced an impressive influx of new nations, witnessed the launch of innovative role-playing initiatives, and enhanced its standing on the broader NationStates platform. This progress is evident in our achievement of the status of a Very High Regional Power, a testament to our active and engaged community.

Marking the 7th Anniversary, TRTHNBB showcased commemorative art by Socialistic Britain. Additionally, The Washington Federation took the lead in hosting the InterLeft Olympic Games (successor to the TRTHNBB Summer Olympic games), further fostering camaraderie and friendly competition among the region's members. Check out all of the 7th Anniversary regional artwork here.

Artwork Credit to Socialistic Britain

July / August Census Report
New United Common-lands, 27th August 2023

Over the summer months TRTHNBB held a regional census, which saw 17 nations take part. Some of the key takeaways from the regional census are as follows; Overall we saw a dip in the number of newer nations in the region, but saw an increase in the number of long-term residents with 3+ year residency higher than the previous year. Left-wing ideologies continue to dominate in the region, with Social Democracy and Socialist being nation's top self-described ideologies. Our moral consensus against Big Banks continues with a majority of 88% of Citizens united against them (as I guess you should expect in a region with no big banks). The total average government approval rating is 8/10, slightly up from the 7.8/10 rating last year. The Census reported that interest in running for office was moderate, with nations showing more enthusiasm for ministerial roles. When it comes to regional politics half of the nations who responded were part of political parties, most members in the Socialist Alliance. There was clear popularity for more Community Games Nights. Games like and Gartic Phone have emerged as clear favorites. Saturdays, from 8 pm to 10 pm (UK time), have been identified as the most suitable slot for these interactive events. In addition, respondents wanted to see more regional Roleplay and see more frequent editions of our regional newspaper (The Social Reformer).

Read the whole census report here.

Based on the insights and feedback gathered from the July / August Census results, the Regional Government outlined several commitments and next steps.

1. The development of one new RP initiative
2. Committment to Monthly Games Nights going forwards
3. Committment to the release of The Social Reformer 11th Edition after Summerfest

TRTHNBB Summer Elections
New United Common-lands, 27th August 2023

The regional elections saw 18 citizens cast their votes to elect their new PM and DPM. In the Prime Minister elections, both New United Common-lands and Little Debbie ran as candidates. New United Common-lands received 15 votes to Little Debbie's 3 votes. In the equally compelling Deputy Prime Minister election, The Washington Federation secured the DPM position with a substantial 10 votes. The other candidates who participated were Lawid, United socialist republic of eurasia, and Aichi islands, who received 4, 4, and 0 votes respectively.

Following the re-election of Prime Minister New United Common-lands and newly elected Deputy Prime Minister The Washington Federation, they proceeded to finalise their TRTHNBB Cabinet. The announced cabinet saw the majority of ministers and officers retaining their positions. Notably Socialistic Britain and Lawid both received promotions to Ministerial Roles. See the full cabinet below.

Prime Minister: New United Common-lands
Deputy Prime Minister: The Washington Federation
Minister of Culture & Arts: Socialistic Britain
Minister of Defense & Conduct: Sicario Mercenary Corps
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Lawid
Deputy Minister of Defense & Conduct: Lkandria
RP Administrator: Lemona
First Secretary: Ardeyn

InterLeft Joins JEFF
New United Common-lands, 27th August 2023

In a significant step towards strengthening inter-regional cooperation, the InterLeft has enthusiastically voted to become a member of the "Jellyfish Elite Fighting Force" (JEFF). The proposal, introduced through the TRTHNBB Government, has garnered resounding support from the InterLeft community. JEFF is an inter-regional organisation that is essentially a joint faction in NS "Game Created Events" like N-day or Trade's Fair. I’d personally like to say, I’m very happy that TRTHNBB alongside the InterLeft is joining JEFF, helping to make new bonds and deeper ties with member regions involved and better organise our NS events.

Notably, the next N-day is scheduled for Saturday, September 30th, 2023. Ahead of this please join the JEFF Discord and check out the organisations region page; Jellyfish Elite Fighting Force.

Many thanks to United Democratic Christian States for inviting the InterLeft, and TRTHNBB to the alliance.

TRTHNBB Establishes Regional Court
Yodle, edited by New United Common-lands 27th August 2023

On July 15th, 2023, the TRTHNBB Parliament unanimously passed the bill 'GL-2 An Act On Regional Court Establishment' as proposed by Yodle with a resounding 10-0 vote. This landmark legislation paves the way for the creation of a dedicated Regional Court system, solidifying a framework for administering regional law.

The heart of this bill lies in the formation of the Regional Court, which is to comprise of three Justices, all appointed for a lifetime term. To qualify, prospective Justices are required to have a minimum of 365 days of residency within the region and relinquish any ongoing governmental responsibilities upon their appointment. In addition, candidates should have served at least one ministerial term or successfully championed four parliamentary legislations as an MP. This ensures their familiarity with the regional government's dynamics and its intricate policies. PM involvement will play a pivotal role in the nomination of Justices. A 'Nomination Act' will be drafted and presented to Parliament, requiring a 3/4th majority vote for passage. This legislation will outline the nominee's credentials and rationale behind their appointment. The precedent set by the inaugural Nomination Act will guide future iterations. Justices are to adhere to a yet-to-be-defined Judicial Code of Conduct, jointly shaped by the governing body and the incoming Chief Justice.

As for the scope of their authority, the Regional Court's power will be context-driven. In instances where no established norms or laws exist, the Court can only offer suggestions. On matters involving existing regional laws or ambiguous issues like moderation appeals, the Justices may exercise their authority within the bounds of reasonable legal measures.The Regional Court will be compelled to address complaints filed by residents, expatriates, or relevant parties. This guarantees a response to grievances, upholding the principles of fairness and accountability.

With the establishment of the Regional Court, the path is illuminated for residents to raise legal concerns. As the Court takes shape, resources will be provided to aid engagement with the region's legal framework, offering a robust avenue for resolving legal matters.

Join the Bankless Football League
New United Common-lands 27th August 2023

The Bankless Football League Season 4 is starting imminently, Citizens of TRTHNBB if you wish to sign up, please do so Linkhere. Good luck to all the nations involved, with BrendenE going into BFL Season 4 as the favourite due to them being the reigning champion of last season's BFL. Thanks to The Washington Federation as always for organising this RP Sports competition.

Artwork Credit to The Washington Federation

The Raid on TRTHNBB
New United Common-lands 27th August 2023

On the 20th of August 2023 a raid occurred in The Region That Has No Big Banks, leading to Yodle holding the position of the region's WA Delegate.

Our investigations undertaken indicated that this incident was conducted by the Lone Wolves United raiding organisation. This was in response to me (New United Common-lands), the WA delegate approving the proposed Countering Agroterrorism bill. All acts required the approval of 5% of delegates before a vote could be held in the General Assembly. During this raid a group of nine nations, manipulated the delegate status within the region, resulting in the substitution of Yodle as the delegate. This maneuver was an attempt to retract my endorsement of the Countering Agroterrorism proposal, effectively disrupting the voting process through a tactic known as quorum raiding. However this bill still remains in the pipeline for a vote in the General Assembly, so overall the raiders were unsuccessful.

It's worth noting, that our region won’t be pressured into capitulation by those attempting to intimidate and obstruct the passage of bills. As a sovereign region, we retain the right to make our own decisions without fearing a childish repercussion (i.e a raid), simply because others hold differing viewpoints. In response to this event, we have banned all nine nations involved in the raid and we are enhancing security measures at WA update times until the proposed act successfully proceeds to a vote. A day later on 21st August 2023, I re-assumed the position of WA Delegate, so overall this caused us only a mild inconvenience.

Artwork Credit to The Washington Federation

September Games Night
New United Common-lands, 27th August 2023

Our next games night is scheduled for Saturday 16th September we will be playing Gartic Phone, followed by and Cards Against Humanity.

You are more than welcome to participate so if you are interested, head to our discord Linkhere! and check out the full games night schedule here!


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Kind Regards

New United Common-lands
Delegate & PM for TRTHNBB

Vote in the regional poll of gravy:

The sutano republic of astreya wrote:Privet Fellow comrades I am The Sutano Republic of Astreya Yes you may realize there is another Sutano They are currently under revolution and I am the replacement

Welcome, comrade!

Soviet Federation of Eurasia wrote:Hey there! Long time no talk! How are you?

I am fine, wbu. I am gonna be inactive as usual

Kesmaria wrote:I am fine, wbu. I am gonna be inactive as usual

Good. Enjoying my existence.

make sure to read the telegram I just sent everyone

Artotzkiya wrote:Greetings.

It has been a long bumpy road, of misery and joy, we have endured a great many crises and had endless disputes. On the contrast, we have had a great many laughs and silliness. I will remember that. I would like to believe that we have all grown a little as people, as human beings, for the better. However sometimes, things happen and people become estranged. That is life. Friends come and go. I have finished providing you with my services and shall now embark on new adventures.

For this occasion, I have written this poem:

Hear ye, comrades! The void may have engulfed us yet fear for none!
For I come with a news piece, for I have a sight

The ever-socialist road stretches on and continues, my fellow onions. I can see a bright future above, Aurora calls!
The free people's road stretches on and continues, my fellow rejects. I can see a bright future above, Aurora calls!

Follow the path of the northern lights, into the abyssal unknowns of the Far North.
May you find peace there, may you at last find mirth.

Aurora provides.

Alas, the road ends here for me as a new path begins for me now. You shall continue without me, and perhaps one day, our paths will cross once again. We'll meet again, but until then I will say my goodbye.

Artotzkiya - 1st of October, 2023

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... and here is a swan song to set the mood:

im back

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