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The United Hives: (crosspost from discord)

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Falxodent Herds Cleared From Hive Scylla

A great victory was achieved at the hands of the Scyllan Red Guard as they manned the hive cannons in a grand offense against the falxodent herds which had all but besieged the hive, destroying any possibility of commerce or aid and thus far killing 296 outliers and ruralites centered around the hive. However, with a concentrated effort by the SRG and regional Red Army batallions, the hive was freed and the falxodent herds sent running southwest for new pastures.

Mother of the GRA and now 52-year Planetary Chief, Kresna Stalari, was in attendance of the festivities after the battle and presented a number of medals to military and civilian recipients alike, though was forced to leave early to attend to business in the Capitol.

As always, those within the regions of Deadwood, Kidneystan, or Darkhand are advised to stock up on food and water and stay updated on the location of nearby hazardous wildlife. The Bureau of Environmental Surveillance hosts the POGHAM (Predatory & Otherwise Grevously Harmful Animals Map) online, which compiles satellite and ground-level data on wildlife movement patterns to warn you of nearby macropredators, destructive herds, or supergrazers.

Stay safe, Ovec.

The RPSCR: IC-RP 11/11/2023

The room is candle-lit, walls and windows crumbling. Here is the crumbling Castle of the Valley Hold, the former seat of power of the Lord Protectors government. And now the seat of power of the General Committee. General Secretary Slarol and his government's cabinet meet here, they meet in the very same room, the very same table as the Lord Protectors used to meet at. Tonight they discuss the formation of the two-year emergency plan titled the "Plan to Avert Famine." All is well or was until two provisions were added by Slarol himself, which is causing a debate even from the staunchly loyal members of this committee. One provision being the immediate banning of all immigration to any and all urban areas, to ensure farmers remain on the fields and thus plowing and harvesting crops. Preventing the potential of famine, and greater unrest against Slarols government. Secondly, Slarol is calling for the execution of all farm owning Nobles, high ranking Nobles, and a lifetime imprisonment of all lower ranking Nobility whose numbers are in the tens of thousands.

Slarol: "Comrades, are we do deny progress? Are we to deny the will of the peoples revolution!"

Minister one: "Slarol, we agree with you, however this is to far. The public shall not allow this, revolution fever is still rampant and we must calm the minds of the people!"

Slarol: "It is precisely because the people have Revolutionary fever in the first place that we must do this with utmost haste. If we do not eliminate the rot leftover from the Lord Protector, it will shall latch itself onto the revolution, and seep it's way until we are done with as we did with the Lord Protector. The people right now are overcome with emotion, if we harness it they won't know what happened once it is all over. They will simply excuse any crimes we perpetuate as simply part of the symptoms of this revolutionary fever, and then forgive us with due haste. In this time of great emotion, it is the perfect moment to strike! The perfect moment to ensure final victory for our cause. And, out returned God King Maxaman III, wholeheartedly agrees with my additional proposals."

The room is filled with gasps, as the members whisper to themselves. They then agree to the two additional proposals.

The RPSCR: IC-RP 13/11/2023

Slarol walked along the semi-outdoor corridor inside the Valley Hold Castle. He eventually gets to an open courtyard a few stories high in the Castle. The courtyard is one of the few locations untouched by the decay, and ruins caused by the revolution. The courtyard is stunning, plants, grasses water all over. It's a mismatch of things from across the planet. Today there is a podium, and 30 soldiers sitting facing said podium. Slarol makes his way to the podium, clearing his throat well carrying a paper with some notes. Slarol is known to not prepare speeches, instead being able to make some of his best lines off the top of his head. Today is one of those unprepared speeches, yet it is also one with a clear goal in mind. Slarol: "Comrades in arms, today is a glorious one I say. As for you, you shall become important, in fact critical pieces in an organization far above one person's might. With our steadfast convention and passion for the new state, we shall drive us forth into a new age!!! However order is necessary for progress! That is why today I am announcing you thirty shall become the founding General's of the state's newly organized Royal Soviet Armed Forces, the RASF. Each of you shall be appointed a posting in one of thirty military operation districts, and you shall be assigned a minimum force equal to an organized battalion. With this force, you shall be in charge of ensuring order through military governance until we can peacefully and succesfuly install civilian police authorities. Which we can only do once we advert the looming famine of whom cast's a long draft and menacing shadow upon our glorious state. Your role in our government in these early stages of reform is by far the most important! Upon the completion of the two-year emergency plan, you shall all be rewarded accordingly! As shall all the people of our state, that is if you do not fail."

The new generals attending this speech are all staunch loyalists to Slarol, they all stand up applauding and cheering Slarols speech, as they each feel the pride of duty to the state above all else.

Nation Name: The Royal Peoples Soviet Confederated Republics of the Ocean Systems. (Nicknames- RPSCR & Ocean Systems)
Government Type: One Party Socialist state, Crowned Republic, Civil Dictatorship.
Species: Oceanin Coastal Giant Frogs.
Specializations: Ship Building, Societal Engineering, Robotics.
Habitable Planets: Ocean Systems (Capital & Homeworld), Rock Systems, Plains Systems.
Population: 303 Million.
Leader: General Secretary of the Central Committee, Jarred Icilius Slarol (De Facto) + God King Maxaman III (De Jure).


History (In brief overview):
-Ancient History:
For the majority of the known history of the RPSCR, the kingdom has been ruled under the dictatorship of the "three Houses, one Crown system" for over 6,000 years, with the oldest Royal house dating its origins back over 20,000 years ago. Back then the history of the first Royal House was born by the Concorer King, Malaman the First who sieged the three Sea Cities and gained control of the world's wealth in part, this house would be known as the "Warrior House." Later dating back 15,000 years the origin of the second house was born by Queen Narbal, through her political and economic understanding she led her Queendom to glory and rapid expansion, this house would be known as the "Political House." Meanwhile dating back 8,000 years ago the third house was born from the discovery of religious relics dating back over a million years back. Through much travel, this house under its first known ruler "Maxaman the Explorer" discovered the Corals of the Hidden Reef. Here they found the tomb of what they know as the God of Kings, an ancient beast that once supposedly ruled the Galaxy and beyond in a time even before those who left the ancient hyper lanes across our galaxy ruled themselves. There Maxaman found himself a Chalice filled with the blood of the offspring of this ancient god, whom themselves have long been gone, and forgotten by time. Maxaman after acquiring the chalice had begun feeling a conviction, one of a fleeting power from within the chalice. One slowly fading as the very universe continued to age. Thus Maxaman as if the gods themselves demanded it, called onto thee to drink from thou chalice and become reborn as the living mortal embodyment of the god's dying ember. That brought the creation of the third house known as the "God's House." Members of the God's House have an unnaturally long lifespan, that can span upwards of 4,000 years. That said, 6,000 years ago the Warrior House and Political House consolidated their power, forming two power blocks across the entire world, each gearing up for war. This potential for war caused great worry for the God House, which at this point became worshiped by people across the globe, they worried if one side dominated the other, their own house would eventually be destroyed. To stop this they used great political power and demanded that the Gods themselves ordered the leadership of the two houses to come together in the Holy City of Tea Town. From there they demanded the two houses unite themselves under one crown, one nation, all worshiping the gods and obeying the Coral Scrolls of Tea ensuring peace. All sides agreed to this Peace, forming the "three Houses, one Crown system" that would last for nearly 6,000 years before collapsing altogether.
Starting 500 years ago began what modern historians dub the "Stormy Seas" or "The Longing Troubles." This period saw the rapid succession of heads of household in the Warrior House, meanwhile, while the Political House was ruled by a sadistic cutthroat kleptocrat capitalist whom was ruthlessly sacking the resources of the Kingdoms colony on the planet Rock Systems. What cumulated this into a true crisis was the fact the head of the God Household began to rapidly decline in health, while being young for the God Household standards. It was later discovered the House head was being given poisoned tea with each meal at the behest of the Political Houses leadership to further drive their hunger for power and wealth. Over the span of 200 years and 2 generations, the Kingdom was at a breaking point. A coup was launched by the Warrior House once the treachery of the Political House was unearthed, and the poisoning of their god, the head of the God House was brought to the public. The eradication of the Political House was almost certain yet in one last attempt to retain the "three Houses, one Crown system" by the head of the God house they instead had the Political House exiled to the space colony on Rock Systems. With the exile of the Political House, the Warrior House seized power on the Capital planet of Ocean Systems and enacted a wide set of draconian reforms coined the "Peace Prospering Plans" to ensure peace would always remain, by ensuring a constant state of oppression the return to an agrarian-based economy. Over 100 years the entire deindustrialization of both the colonies and the capital world commenced, the entire space fleet was scuttled in the depths of the asteroid belt (besides three spaceships), the banning of any and all knowledge, ownership, and books related to any machinery post-industrial age became punishable by death. Eventually, religion was banned altogether with the God House exiled to the third planet in the Solar system that is habitable with 1,000 servants, while all other colonists on the planet were either killed or sterilized to ensure the God House could never mass power and challenge the Warrior House which crowned itself the "Lord Protector of Order" across the kingdom. Over the next 200 years leading up to the revolution the Kingdom suffered from famine after famine, but many held onto the history of the land, religion and stories of the people's industrial past. During this time the Warrior House also exterminated all members of the Political House from Rock Systems Colony.
-Revolution and Modern Times:
25 years prior to the start date of the RP the kingdom was ruled under Lord Protector of Order, Lance XVII. Under his rule, the second great famine crippled the world, and rebellion has become more common all throughout. Lance XVII used brutal oppression and tactics not seen ever before to put down these rebellions as even Lance felt the tides were changing and his family's 300-year legacy was in true danger of being undone. 20 years prior to RP the rebellion began, tens of millions of peasants organized into peasant armies behind the popular Comrade Peltneen and within just 16 weeks the Vally Hold Castle burned and Lance XVII was burned alive tied and nailed to a tree. Comrade Peltneen reversed the laws of the Peace Prospering Plans and envisioned a free anarchistic democratic society but Comrade Peltneed succumbed to illness before that vision was put forth. In his passing Slarol consolidated power (10 Years before the RP start date) and reformed Comrade Peltneen's vision into his own (based loosely on Stalinism.) 5 years before the RP start date, the revolutionary army managed to get the three spaceships remaining working once more, they used those ships to re-contact the two lost colonies, rediscovering Rock Systems and Plains System. Religion was still banned at this time, yet Slarol met with the current God Houses leader on his exile planet of Plains System, Jaxaban II. The two swiftly became friends and Slarol's vision changed once more to an even more Stalinist one, but one rooted in tradition and religion. He unbanned religious practice and learnt that Jaxabans God House had kept hundreds of thousands of documents, blueprints, books and ext safe thus not totally erasing the entire industrial era's many technologies, including the schematics and understandings of FTL travel... 2 years before the RP start date, Slarol and Jaxaban now great friends proclaim the formation of the RPSCR across the entirety of the solar system, and plans to reindustrialize at rapid speed is being drawn up in order to repair the 300 years of decay and rotting forced onto all by the Lord Protectors of Order.

Current Politics:
The Kingdom today is under the dictatorship of General Secretary Slarol, with all forms of centralized governance under the careful watch of Slarol to ensure no member or ministry slips back into the ideals of capitalism. Under Slarol's rule, his personal relationship with the now unexiled God King Maxaman III has grown into a deep and personal one. This has caused the unbanning of religion and Slarol's own personal religious awakening. However, Slarol has ensured the shaman of Wave Run Corals has been put in their place and does not test the state, furthermore with the God King in agreement, they have mended the religious scrolls and teachings to have obedience above all to the state.

However, even with the growing power of the Central Committee and Slarol himself, there is opposition from three groups, The Cult of the God Monarch, a radical group that hides in the shadows aiming to reform the Kingdom back to the old and empower the God King Maxaman III whether he wants that power of not. The Towninins are the second opposition group, they are radical disorganized communists who wish to create a state void of centralism and instead embrace the idea of atheism, devolved government, and centred around empowering small towns. Lastly the joint alliance of the former Nobility and Army command who wishes to bring back the ousted Lord Protector under the banner of a distant peasant relative of Lance XVII, simply named Archeon Valanmant "the farmer."

Moreover, in how the Kingdom is changing, Slarol in the last few days has formed many new ministries, such as the: National Political Police Bureau Divison, simply called the NPPBD a new police force made up of Slarolist supporters and is tasked with rooting out decent with legal scrolls to empower them and ensuring the political loyalty of armed forces, and workplaces, thus they serve the purpose of HR representatives as well as party officials. The Royal Soviet Armed Forces or RSAF, the newly organized military of the state. The Ministry of the Plan to Avert Famine or M-PAF, to ensure the 2-year emergency plan is progressing on time. The Land Liquidation Organization or LLO, is tasked with redistributing land to farming peasants, collectivizing former estate farms, and seizing urban land for state redevelopment. Under the LLO's governance the new Liquidator Shocktroop Force or LSF, is given sweeping law scrolls to use any force necessary to enforce the will of the LLO's decisions. Lastly, the most feared organization the State Taskforce of Authority, Security, and Intelligence or STASI is an internal spy and investigation agency tasked with enforcing the 2-year, 5-year and political laws, and judicial laws of the State, unlike the NPPBD the STASI has the added task of acting as federal detectives in relations of federal investigations of terrorism, mass murder, coup plots, foreign interference, and helping local police whenever they request investigative support.

The Kingdom's culture well scarred from the Peace Prospering Plans of the Lord Protectors, is now healing in part due to Slarol's belief in culture and religion as a tool to unite the workers and masses and mend the damage to the pride and patriotism to the populous. In time Slarol hopes to use the future industrial power to rebuild temples, museums, science centers and schools to empower the people with knowledge.


Starting Economic Situation in Depth:
The RPSCR is in a dire state, once more titering on famine, with the explosion of the urban population caused by lifting the ban on cities' + concentrated population (which was a relic of the Peace Prospering Plans.) The agrarian and midlevel ways of farming that are practiced today cannot supply cities or towns, with the exodus of the rural for the urban a national farmers shortage is quickly forming. And without an industrial complex, the modernization of farming is proving difficult... Hard choices must be made to save the state, and that is why General Secretary Slarol has put together an aggressive 5-year plan dubbed the "Great Industrial Leap" to ensure the survival of the RPSCR above, all, else, with no cost to great, nor to tolling. However, before this Great Leap Slarol had put forth an interim emergency 2-year plan called the "Plan to Avert Famine."

Population Per Planet/Habitat (Major locations only): Ocean Systems (Capital)- 302 Million. Rock Systems- 1.038 Million. Plains Systems- 3,009.

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The Conclave of Khordehlia:

Factbook on the Khordehli:

Faction Name: Conclave of Khordehlia

Government Type: Federation of Clans

Species: Khordehli

Homeworld: Khordana

Population: 5.6 billion
(by subculture: 3.2 billion Hearthworlders, 1.2 billion Varhesi, 500 million Ariphorans, 350 million Khordanans, 200 million Phadaki, 200,000 Shendi.)

Specialisations: Sensors, Metacognition, Agriculture

Biology: The Khordehli are a species of intelligent and highly mobile carnivorous plants that rose to sapience amongst the humid jungles and expansive marshes of Khordana, a hothouse planet orbited by the molten moon of Sarna.

Constantly basked in high energy radiation from Atheo, the bright blue star it orbits, Khordana’s biosphere is populated entirely by photosynthesising plants. Many of these species are mobile, with several evolving to prey on their stationary cousins, and in turn other predatory plants (like the Khordehli) evolving to prey on these ‘grazers’ - thus creating a complex eco-system and mirroring the food chains seen on other planets.

Clockwise; Khordana and its ring system, pictured from orbit. Sarna, the fiery red moon, was long associated with destruction and death amongst primitive Khordehli cultures. Atheo is clearly visible in the night sky of nearby systems appearing as a brilliant blue light.

The large plates, or frill, around the species’ jaws acts as a biological radar - Khordehli being extremely sensitive to even the most microscopic vibrations in the air. In ancient times this keen sense of hearing allowed them to evolve into ruthless and highly successful pack hunters, and still today allows Khordehli to communicate with one another across many miles.

Standing at around 7ft, the Khordehli is a highly evolved pack hunter

Though hearing remains their primary means of perceiving the world around them, and despite their lack of eyes, the Khordehli are capable of perceiving light and colour - albeit faintly - through light sensitive patches of cells across their body.

As with all life on Khordana, they have evolved a thick, hard epidermis in order to cope with the high levels of solar radiation from their star which provides a level of natural armour. Despite this, they can move deceptively quickly in pursuit of prey - though only in short bursts of energy - Khordehli favouring persistence hunting in a manner similar to humans. A powerful snapping jaw and sharp slashing thorns on their front limbs are their primary means of incapacitating and consuming prey.

Sometimes described as ‘living radars’, the intricate and chaotic soundscape of their lush, jungle homeworld deeply impressed upon Khordehlian culture. Able to pick out the leafbeats of an insect like plant hovering in mid-air, or even a whisper in a crowd, from many miles away, it is perhaps unsurprising they often speak of the universe as one single, continuous song. A cosmic melody that all beings contribute to, but was started long ago by a being known as ‘Aeo’ or the ‘first singer’.

Deeply spiritual beings, Khordehli worship this Aeo as a divine being, and traditional belief hold that this first singer intended for them to live in harmony between the two fundamental aspects of their being – that of plant and predator, Sho and Ano.

On one hand, there is the ‘patience, stillness and inner contemplation’ of the Sho, on the other the ‘decisiveness, justice and action’ of the Ano. Both are seen as virtues, though a Khordehli is expected to walk the tightrope's balance between the two. Too much of the Sho, and one risks becoming like the legendary and reviled still-stalks of old; unmoving, unfeeling, relying only on their photosynthesis and unaffected by the outside world – indistinguishable from the trees.

Too much of the Ano however, and one becomes little more than a ravenous beast, no better than a wild animal, barely living beyond the hunt and the present adrenaline filled moment.

Alongside their belief in the mystical Aeo and their ordained balance, another cultural factor uniting all Khordehli is the primacy of the family and clan. Arising from the tribes of hunter gatherer's who stalked their prey across the jungles of their homeworld, large size familial clans numbering in the thousands became the foundation of all Khordehlian organised societies.

Though clans would bind together into many federations, nations, empires, and city states throughout history, a Khordehli is expected to first and foremost value their clan and family. Many Khordehli civilizations of antiquity would rise and fall as the result of interclan conflict and diplomacy.

Brief History: The Khordehli are an intelligent species and, though most records have been lost, it is believed that the first of their species was placed into orbit a mere 3,000 years after the advent of agriculture on the planet below.

Despite this however, the Khordehli were never able to unlock the secrets of faster-than-light travel. Despite Khordana periodically launching ‘seed-ships’ towards nearby systems believed to be habitable since shortly after the discovery of atomic power, the colonies they produced were essentially cut off from one another, separated by the vastness of space and time and evolving independently of one another as the species slowly spread cross the region of space now known as the Skyllian Shock.

This era ended with the discovery of the ruins of an advanced, spacefaring species on a small Khordehli colony on the frontier of their space - the Firstborn. Study of this ancient race would finally reveal the secrets of superluminal, or faster than light, travel. With their newfound knowledge, these Khordehli were able to re-establish communications with the rest of their scattered species spread across the stars.

Holding a monopoly on FTL technology, they were able to reunify these scattered Khordehli colonies through a mix of both conquest and diplomacy - eventually retracing their ancestor’s journey in order to return to their ancestral homeworld.

Khordana was found by its returning children however, to have long devolved into a pre-industrial level of society, following an event known as the catastrophe, that had devastated a considerable portion of the planet and whose resulting dust storms that had blocked out the blue sun and created a dark age known as the ‘great silence’.

The returning Khordehli began efforts to restore the world to its former glory and uplift their fallen siblings. Khordana was declared as the seat of the newly formed Conclave – an assembly consisting of representatives of all major clans of the newly unified species, and bringing together the incredibly diverse Khordehli cultures for the first time under a single government.

Though the ruins discovered on that distant world have confirmed that intelligent life was not a one-time event in this galaxy’s long history, the Khordehli are yet to make contact with another intelligent species. Though most believe it is only a matter of time until they do so.

Territorial extent of the Conclave of Khordehlia within the Skyllian Shock, 50 years after the Unification.

Prior to the unification, the disparate Khordehli lived isolated from one another, scattered islands of civilization amongst the silence of space. Though they had all originated from the great seedships launched from Khordana on their century long journey through the stars, they were separated by vast and insurmountable distance. Contact between worlds was practically non-existent and, with many not even knowing of the existence of any sister worlds and in some cases even the memory of the homeworld itself slipping from memory, large scale cultural divergence followed. As such 6 distinct cultures of Khordehli have emerged.

Though the foundation of the Conclave declared a co-equal federation of six peoples, with equal representation on the elected Conclave, intercultural friction runs deep and many have not forgotten the often bloody period of unification.

Vardhesi: The Vardhesi hail from the moon of Vardhes, once a scarcely populated frontier colony that is now the most developed and important Khordehli world.

The discovery of Firstborn ruins on the moon by the Vardhesi, and their subsequent discovery of faster than light travel, allowed them to subjugate (either diplomatically or violently) the other Khordehli worlds, and with the ‘rediscovery’ of the homeworld, establish the Conclave of Khordehlia, uniting their species for the first time in millennia.

Though all cultures are officially recognised as co-equal members of the Conclave, it is an accepted fact that Vardhesi still make up the vast majority of the nation’s political and administrative leadership.

With FTL drive manufacturing remaining the sole 'responsibility' of their homemoon, it seems this situation of Vardhesi cultural dominance is unlikely to change any time soon.

Valuing scientific knowledge and progress, the Vardhesi clan leaders tend to be scientists, philosophers or a mix of the two. Orbiting a yellow star, their foliage tends to be green in hue.

Hearth Worlder: The Hearth worlds, refers to Khordehli hailing from the worlds of Coranis or Mue. These worlds were the first to be colonised by Khordehli seed ships and were the only ones to have had any communications from Khordana prior to the catastrophe.

The relatively short distance between the two worlds allowed for frequent communications to be maintained and later, the infrequent exchange of Khordeli and goods between the two worlds.

Before the ascent of the Vardhesi, the Hearth Worlds were the most successful and advanced of the Khordehli colonies scattered across the region, forming their own space fleet centuries before the discovery of the firstborn ruins on Vardhes- albeit it a slower-than-light one. Nevertheless the Hearth Worlds established a presence throughout the star systems of their two worlds and even scouting and settling mining colonies in the nearby, metal-rich Dhenen system.

The Vardhesi first fleet encountered the Hearth Worlds whilst attempting to rediscover Khordana, and despite being by far the most advanced culture they had thus encountered, nevertheless demanded their integration as they had with all previously 'rediscovered' colonies.

The conflict that became known as the 'Hearth War' was a two year long conflict that saw the FTL capable Vardhesi fleet outmanoeuvre and slowly whittle down the much slower, yet much more technically advanced Hearth fleet.

Though they would be conquered, the war is still remembered bitterly by many Hearthworlders. In spite of the orbital bombardment they endured in the closing weeks of the war, only the Hearth Worlds and their impressive industrial and technical capacity stand as the only culture that could one day challenge Vardhesi dominance.

Hearth world clans usually directly elect their leaders through democratic means in a manner they claim was prevalent on pre-catastrophe Khordana. Khordehli from Coranis, (orbiting a blue star) tend to have purple foliage like those on the homeworld, whilst those from Mue (orbiting a yellow star) tend to have green foliage.

Ariphorans: Ariphora is a verdant forested world, a would be gaia for the Khordehli species. Unfortunately the red light of its sun proves difficult for Khordehlian biology to effectively utilize in photosynthesis.

The result was that the colonists who landed there found themselves orbiting a star unsuitable for them, but nevertheless on a world teeming with life. With photosynthesis difficult, Ariphorans would slowly lean into, and eventually fully embrace, their heritage as carnivorous predators. The hunting and consumption of prey across Ariphora plays a central and spiritual role in their culture – a fact that often sees them labelled as ‘barbarians’ by other Khordehli, for straying so far from Aeo's anointed path.

Ariphorans closely value loyalty to their clans, to an extend that is considered extreme even amongst Khordehli. Valuing strength in combat and tactical cunning, Ariphoran clans tend to be lead by great warriors and hunt leaders.

The first culture encountered by the Vardhesi, hostilities broke out soon after first contact. Though armed with primitive pre-industrial weapons, Ariphoran clans were able to defeat the Vardhesi scouting mission, but were quickly subjugated upon the arrival of reinforcements.

Both admired and feared for their supposed military prowess many have risen high in the ranks of the military, making up a considerable portion of high command. Ariphorans are notable for their dark red foliage.

Phadaki: In contrast to their siblings on Ariphora, the colonists who disembarked on Phadak found themselves walking amongst a vast desert, largely void of complex life and beneath the burning brightness of twin stars. If the Ariphorans are seen as barbarians for indulging in their carnivorous nature, the Phadaki are seen as savages for indulging in the stillness of photosynthesis.

Most colonists that arrived on that world would wither and die in the first few years, though eventually a hardy and deeply spiritual civilization would emerge, surviving through long periods of stillness and intense and focused photosynthesis.

The Meditation, as the Phadaki call it, has deep cultural and spiritual significance for their clans, even whilst it is seen as abhorrent by outsiders who cultures who draw comparisons to the still-stalks of antiquity, who still infest most culture's myths as reviled monsters.

Despite the attempts of the surviving civilization on Phadaki, no reply was ever received from the radio transmissions towards their home star some 50 lightyears away. Slowly the colonists forgot their origins and regress to a low technology society, the first of many to do so.

Largely pacifist in nature, the Phadaki did not oppose integration by the Vardhesi shortly after contact was made. Phadaki are known for their orange and brown foliage, their clans tend to be led by spiritual and religious leaders.

Khordanans: At its height, the homeworld represented the peak of Khordehli achievement. The world launched several dozen SLT colonial ventures towards neighbouring stars, most ultimately failing but nevertheless seeding the stellar region with Khordehli life, and they possessed technological wonders that have still not being fully understood to this day.

This high technology was also their undoing however. The Catastrophe threw large amounts of ash and dust into the atmosphere of the homeworld and ushered in a nuclear winter known as the ‘age of silence’. Advanced society collapsed, and within a few centuries the remaining Khordehli had regressed to a pre-industrial existence of feudal realms, nomadic clans and city states living amongst the decaying ruins of their ancestors, the ‘old times’ becoming myth and legend.

This state of affairs would only change when the Vardhesi rediscovered Khordana, shortly after the conclusion of the Hearth War. With the mythological homeworld now secured, the Conclave of Khordehli was finally declared on the planet and the seat of government moved from Vardhes.

A process to ‘uplift’ the fallen Khordanans as had been done with the Shendi, and to restore the homeworld to its former glory, was met with open hostility by some clans triggering a short lived war. Though organised resistance was quickly crushed, and the vast majority of Khordanan clans would agree to join the newly declared conclave, several rogue clans and groups still wage a low-level insurgency in the jungles of the northern hemisphere to this day - the most notable of which is the First roots movement which routinely carries out attacks on the Conclave's planet side military infrastructure - a state of affairs that has plagued the homeworld for decades now.

Khordanans possess foliage that ranges from blue to purple in hue, they tend to have the most variation in how clan leadership is decided ranging from hereditary, to varying degrees of democratic leadership.

Shendi: The great seedship that stumbled upon the cold tundra world of Shendi, soon found itself disassembled by its former crew who utilised its reactor cores to create cradles of warmth and energy around which civilization could survive.

Despite their best efforts, the harsh climate of Shendi would see only a handful survive the first decade there however. The inhabitants of Shendi would regress to a simple pre-iron age existence, though remarkably in many cases the reactors and other technological wonders of their ancestors (including robotic assistants) would continue to be used. Though the true nature and inner workings of this advanced technology was lost to time, they would be maintenance and utilized through religious ritual and rite, as clans on Shendi developed a spiritual view of the leftover technology.

Centuries of inevitable erosion would see these technological marvels inevitably begin to fade however, and more and more clans would depart for lives as wandering nomads in the harsh wilderness of the planet. By the time the Vardhesi made contact, only a few scattered settlements remained huddled around the last remnants of a past age, long fallen from their former glory with most of the population now living in the planet's wilderness.

The Vardhesi would 'uplift' the Shendi, with many going on to be inducted into the engineer corps, where their reverence of, and ritualistic approach to, technology led to them being used on projects whom the Vardhesi largely wished to remain secret.

Noticeably, they are the only group outside the Vardhesi that has regular access to FTL technology, attending to the drives aboard ships through similar 'rituals' that their ancestors once practiced in the tundra.

Shendi possess light cyan to white foliage, and their handful of representatives on the conclave tend to be techno-priests who have risen to the highest ranks of the nation's engineering corps.

Though most pre-catastrophe knowledge has been lost, the following timeline represents the Khordehli's best guess at their collective history, as such dates of historical events are to be considered rough estimates.

5,000 years ago – It is believed that Khordehli hunter gatherer clans on Khordana started to adopt agriculture and domestication of other plant species around this time, marking the beginning of Khordehli civilization. The first city states and later nations develop over the coming centuries.

3,500 years ago – A series of large scale religious wars establish Aeothism as the dominant spiritual authority on Khordana. Though most records of the rival religious movements was destroyed some groups like the Still-Stalks remain as reviled legends to this day.

2,000 years ago – Around this time is considered to be the ‘Golden Age’ of Khordehli civilization on Khordana. The Khordehli population is believed to have peaked at around 13 billion and had unlocked the secrets of atomic power and space travel.

It is during this period that the homeworld begins launching ‘seedships’ (slower than light vessels containing a cryogenically frozen skeleton crew and thousands of pollinated seeds) towards star systems believed to contain habitable worlds. These voyages often take several centuries to complete.

1,750 years ago – The Hearth Worlds are colonised by seedships, becoming the first Khordehli colonies on alien worlds.

1,600 years ago – The Hearth Worlds lose all contact with the home world.

The ‘catastrophe’ - believed to potentially be the accidental detonation of an experimental nuclear fusion drive- throws a large amount of dust and ash into the atmosphere of Khordana, blocking out the sun and resulting in a nuclear winter which becomes known as the 'great silence'

It is believed that upwards of 95% of all Khordehli on Khordana perish, with the survivors returning to a pre-industrial and nomadic existence.

1,500 years ago – A seedship colonises the world of Phadaki.

1,300 years ago – A seedship colonises the world of Ariphora.

1,000 years ago – A seedship colonises the World of Shendi.

850 years ago – A seedship colonises the moon of Vardhes.

500 years ago – The Hearth Worlds has grown into an interstellar civilization, developing space travel of their own, connecting their two worlds, and even colonising the nearby system of Dhenen.

250 years ago – The Vardhesi discover the ruins of the Firstborn civilization on the moon of Vardhes.

150 years ago – After a century of studying the Firstborn ruins, the Vardhesi are able to develop FTL capable drives of their own.

130 years ago – The Vardhesi make first contact with the Ariphorans. The Vardhesi are horrified by their cultural practices and violence breaks out beginning the short lived First contact war. The more technologically advanced Vardhesi quickly conquer and integrate the Ariphorans.

110 years ago – Determined to discover other lost colonies, and eventually the legendary homeworld, the Vardhesi settle the Padu system using it as a base for future expeditions.

100 years ago – First contact is made with the Shendi, who are uplifted by the Vardhesi.

90 years ago – First contact is made with Phadaki, whom voluntarily integrate themselves into the growing Vardhesi star nation.

52 years ago – First contact with the Hearth Worlds descends into the Hearth War following their refusal to unify with the Vardhesi. The war rages for two years before the Vardhesi bombardment of Coranis and Mue forces the surrender of the worlds.

50 years ago – The Vardhesi fleet lands on Khordana and declares the formation of the Conclave of Khordehlia, with all major clans receiving a co-equal voice in the newly formed conclave.

The Vardhesi commander of the first fleet, Khordaxhis, who conquered the Hearth worlds and rediscovered Khordana is elected First Speaker of the Conclave. They go on to rule as executive until their death 3 decades later.

The first root insurgency begins on Khordana against what they describe as an 'alien invasion' of the planet.

46 years ago – Serenis is settled in the frontiers of space, the system is to be used by the Conclave's scientific elite to test the next generation of FTL drives and other cutting edge technological pursuits far from prying eyes.

30 years ago – The Asar system, the closest to Atheo, is charted by the Conclave who rediscover several derelict research outposts dating back to the golden age of Khordana. Efforts to research, restore and eventually permanently settle the outposts begin.

2 years ago – Relay 17 is destroyed by the First Root Movement on Khordana in a co-ordinated bombing.

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Debate grips the Conclave following First Speaker’s address!

After calling a special meeting of the governing conclave and summoning all major clan leaders to the home world, First Speaker Verdas has revealed that the reason for the gathering is to a recent report by scientists working out of the distant Serenis system, who have made a breakthrough in their study of Superluminal Communications.

Early tests have allegedly show that through large applications of energy, warp bubbles, in which the local speed of light is significantly heightened, can be generated around both electromagnetic and gravitational waves, in additional to physical objects such as spacecraft.

Though the technology has little domestic application, with most worlds now already linked by quantum entangled communicators allowing for the near instantaneous transfer of information, researchers have pointed out that such an ‘FTL signal’ would be by far the ‘loudest’ such signal our species has ever produced.

The Superluminal Signal as it has become known by scientists, wrapped within its warp bubble, would travel much further and immeasurably faster than the traditional radio waves that our species has long being emitting into the silence of space, whilst also experiencing much lessened decay relative to distance travelled.

Scientists have thus requested permission to utilise energy production across the Serenis system in order to create just such a signal. They propose that a powerful wave targeted ‘westwards’ across the galactic disc would spread out dramatically as it travelled, creating a wave front that would pass over several hundred, if not thousands, of star systems on its journey in a matter of mere weeks. Such a signal would easily be detectable by any sufficiently advanced civilizations inhabiting these systems that possessed the means to do so.

This announcement, and the First Speaker’s fully vocalised support for it, immediately caused a frenzy in the conclave. Many immediately declared that such an action – potentially alerting countless unknown and highly advanced civilizations to our presence - amounted to nothing more than a ‘suicide signal’. Other more idealistic clan heads meanwhile declared that the signal would herald the start of the Khordehli’s ascension to the galactic community.

Speaking to the conclave. Clan Representative Fundha of Vardhes stated:

Any species capable of detecting such a signal in the first place will have to be extremely highly advanced both technologically and morally – for technological progress cannot occur without the spiritual progression of a species and the conquest of their own primitive instincts. These fears of aliens waiting in the silence to exterminate us are both unfounded and irrational.

Besides, our species has intentionally or not being putting signals into space for millennia now. Khordana has shown signs of an active biosphere for billions of years. Hiding in the quiet was never an option.’

This proved a rallying cry for pro-signal members who loudly voiced their approval. However the response from Clan Representative Hhido of Ariphora, who derided Fundha as a ‘naive and wilted fool’ would go on to cause chaos:

‘If the previous speaker wishes to know the harm that is inflicted upon the technologically inferior civilization when two cultures meet, they only need to look back to the subjugation of my own people at the hands of theirs less than a century ago.’

Following this, an open brawl broke out between the two sides with three clan representatives seriously injured, one of which noticeably losing one of their front limbs during the fray.

The session would resume a few hours later after being temporarily suspended following the incident. Heated debate continues in the conclave, and is expected to do so for several days at least, with the First Speaker requiring a majority of votes in the conclave in order to go through with the planned signal launch.

Proposed signal path:

With aid from his Royal Highness the God King, funding for a official newspaper has been procured for global distribution.
With the aid of his highnesses the God King, a new age of knowledge is at our doorstep. With the return of technologies such as the "Manual Printing Press" one thousand newspapers have been produced in this first batch, and shall be delivered to locations across the globe to share information directly from the capital. In the following editions we shall publish public knowledge of food stores and population data, and the efforts across the globe to avoid this looming famine. All praise our God King, and Glorious General Secretary Slarol!
Federal Fears of a Harvest Shortage fuels panic across Monomashes Northern Continental shores. Leads to Piracy.
Out of fears of food shortages and a repeat of the southern starve as seen during the second Famine, has brought a wave of piracy to the Great Slosh Channel. The Central Committee has decreed that all grain seizing pirates shall be executed for treason against the state. The Central Committee stated they shall distribute emergency food stores as needed, and piracy only complicates the issue and only makes tracking grain more difficult and prevents it from arriving at destination's that need it most.
Central Committee forms Ministry of Agriculture, Food Quality, and Food Distribution.
The Central Committee has given up a portion of its powers to form a new Ministry related to agriculture, the new ministry shall ensure through the two year emergency plan the state's harvests remain effectively counted, and food in storage remains inspected and safe for consumption. Furthermore the new ministry shall be given resources to ensure effective food distribution as needed, as well as in the case of dire food need the employment of the state's space ships can be utilized to quickly shuttle food to remote villages, and large towns.
Slarol facing backlash after breaking the "Good Mallita Agreement."
General secretary Slarol is facing backlash from a number of now defunct people's Mallitas after announcing an unanimous vote from the Central Committee to form a unified military structure and the federalization of those said now defunct people's Mallitas. On the other frog, Slarol stated that "The federalization of military units will allow a unified and coordinated response in relation to state projects, defense and efficiency." Members of the Central Committee who brought up concerns related to the decision to federalize the military into a unified force, stated after the adding of provisions ensuring additional kelp and compensation to the new ministry units to ensure an easy transaction they agreed to pass this bill as a unified committee.
Continuation of last story.
Newly organized Military force to be supervised by National Political Police Bureau Divison (NPPBD.)
As par to the agreement for added kelp and compensation to a last minute stipulation was added to furthermore ensure the loyalty of the military now includes one NPPBD officer being stationed with each battalion, and will act as a HR and safety official in addition to there NPPBD duties.
Mass arrest of Nobility witnessed across the state.
Nobles who opposed the revolution are being arrested in the name of people's justice! There food stores, resources and lands are now being redistributed to those who've they robbed from the most!
The State plans five year industrialization program after completion of the two year emergency plan.
Even in this time of worry and looming famine the state is looking far into the future! And over the next two years as the emergency plan is put into order. The state is already thoroughly planning the beginning actions of the five year plan, and intents to use large public work programs, the military and prisoner's to uplift the nation once more and undo the damage caused by the Lord Protectors!

The Unity of the Secondborn

When the Firstborn passed on from our universe in one way or another, they hadn't completely vanished. Like all great and vast civilisations, many signs of their existence scattered all across local space survived to the modern day.
One of the sites home to these relics was the 5th and final planet of the 172-Tana system. At least, that is what the red dwarf star was known as to nearest nationstate. Separated by 4 parsecs was the southwestern edge of the Unity of the Secondborn, a society spread across 15 suitable stars that held the icy globe in high regard.
Some hours after passing "above" the 4th debris belt at the system's rim, a vessel locked into a distant orbit over the lifeless world.
"Monitoring position reached. Calibrating surface observers." Within the craft's darkened interior, multiple lifeforms tended to the operational instruments.
"Dispatching observer capsules in 15 pass sequence." A chitin coated arm danced over a screen, its display shifting into a circle connected by numerous curved lines splitting apart. A large symbol shifted into another every second or so.
External plating began to shift as a ridged pillar emerged on the underside of the vessel. On the structure, a quartet of panels began to part.
"Ports are open. Ejecting capsule cluster."
A flash and an expulsion of gases accompanied the launch of the four probes, rushing towards the sides of the planet.
"Launch achieved. Awaiting disconnect and reports. The far northeast zone has promise for excavation."


6 days later, 7 parsecs east of the eastern border of Secondborn territory...


[Video feed begins transmitting. Center of the display is a terrestrial planet. Pale blue oceans and landmasses dense in green vegetation are barely visible below a thick cloud layer. Atmospheric data indicates that the composition would be fatal to the standard water solvent oxygen breathing lifeform]

"Radial scan of planetary body in progress. Last reported location of survey observer was in vicinity. No current detection in orbit or on surface."

[Feed continues for another 46 minutes, showing nothing of interest. Suddenly, a patch of the planet flashes yellow on the display]

"Information addendum. Possible location of downed survey observer obtained. Decreasing orbit radius for closer observation."

[The planet gradually fills up more of the display over 29 minutes. Something is detected on the same continent as the crash site]

"For command. Large structure detected. Does not match known Firstborn structures. Hold."

[A small area of space to the planet's right distorts before flashing, the light engulfing the display. The feed stops]

"Situation issue has arisen. Observer has been destroyed. Likely concealed vessel or orbital weapons platform."

[Feed switches to external visual sensors of the Secondborn craft investigating the system. Two unknown vessels exit warp ahead, immediately opening fire with energy weaponry]


[Craft tries to launch drones to retaliate, but are quickly destroyed. Hull starts to rapidly deteriorate]


[Flames erupt across the ship as the feed cuts out]


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The Conclave of Khordehlia

The Superluminal Signal sent!

The conclave, after days of prolonged (and oftentimes violent) debate, has voted to approve the launch of our first faster-than-light signal out into the silence of space - the motion dramatically passing by a single vote.

Whilst the Superluminal Signal was supported by Vardhesi clan leaders and to a lesser extent representatives from the Hearth Worlds, it was staunchly opposed by Ariphoran and some Khordanan clans.

In order to win over the support of the more cautious clan representatives in the conclave, much of the original intended message to be embedded within the signal has been removed, and as such the signal will not contain any information regarding neither the position of Khordehlian space or Khordehli biology.

Instead, the signal will be a simple one, consisting only of a self-repeating string of the first 144 prime numbers, enough it is hoped, to indicate to any potential receivers that it intelligent in origin.

Following a grand ceremony, in which the transmitter was blessed by religious figures, the signal was sent - causing a blackout throughout the Serenis System as all power was diverted to the colossal transmission array.

In spite of the large fanfare, scientists have stated that it could take years, if not centuries, for any return signal to arrive. Nevertheless, this is to be considered a historic day for the both the Conclave and our entire species.


Edition Two
Riot dispelled in Conocu Town.

Peasant farmers in the Conocu Glistening Star Plato's Region organized into an illegal convoy in order to seek a better life in urban areas, the bulk of which approached the town of Conocu, now organized Soviet Army forces set up Abatis along the forested outer core of the town, and a temporary town gate and Palisade along the three major roads leading to the town. Once the convoy approached a riot broke out along the eastern roadway, Soviet Army forces used spike units to force the convoy back. 3 people died during the riot, with the large majority of convoy members returning to their farms once informed about the order by M-PAF banning all farmers from leaving their farms until the current harvest concludes.

Penal units amassed from noble mass arrests.

Slarol in a speech last week announced a major industrialization effort in the Capital city of Vally Hold. Using knowledge given to the state from the books brought over with the God King after their exile was ended. Using the knowledge Soviet Army units and Penal Prison units shall be used to build the state's first industrial factory which will supply local miners with new equipment to improve mining efforts tenfold, after which the additional resources will supply the construction of a second factory in order to produce revolutionary equipment known as "Tractors." The state is asking expert blacksmiths and metal smiths across the Kingdom to head toward the Capital, experts in the field will be in heavy demand in order to make some of the complex iron workings necessary to create industrial equipment. Blacksmiths and Metalsmiths who choose to make the trip to the capital shall be rewarded with a choice of high-quality mineral water for healthy tadpole growth, or a certificate of one tractor to gift to there local city, town, village or hamlet.

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