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A little place of forgetting. NationStates oldest and original neutral community, founded September 16, 2006. All are welcome, pets too.

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Absolution contains 23 nations, the 713th most in the world.

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1.The Grand Imperium of Divinity of Mexican LiberationLeft-wing Utopia“Lord,let us reign under the stars of liberty & equality”
2.The Republic of DiallandDemocratic Socialists“Freedom, Liberty, Human Rights”
3.The Biker Gangs of GaspaciaCivil Rights Lovefest“United in independence.”
4.The Multiversal Empire of PetzConfederationFather Knows Best State“Loyalty leads to Glory !”
5.The Militaristic Federation of The SheikaDemocratic Socialists“Freedom. Justice. Peace.”
6.The Imperial Islands of RiechamDemocratic Socialists“As one, or none.”
7.The Confederacy of BeedwardLeft-Leaning College State“Illiud Latine dici non potest.”
8.The Republic of FreeoplisLeft-Leaning College State“I won't do what you tell me”
9.The Capital City of LuandaCorrupt Dictatorship“Angola Avante!”
10.The Sinistre Mouroir of Krippling LamentLeft-wing Utopia“Μικρὸν ἀπὸ τοῦ ἡλίου μετάστηθι”

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We did celebrate it but it was a small affair with a couple family friends which is enough for me. While Hillop central command resides in Texas the rest of the family is back in Australia so a get together is hard.

I second Sheika's support for a big community dinner in her memory, that sounds like a wonderful idea!

The Sheika, Atlantigria, and Mechisla


I know this is pretty late but Happy New Years everybody of Absolution! Hopefully life has been treating y’all alright as of late.

Unikon and The Sheika

Every now and then I get a yearning to feel some nostalgia. Most of the time people look at things in the past through rose-colored glasses and often times skimp over the less than desirable things that took place or were around during whatever time they are feeling nostalgic for. Once instance, I have a place in my heart (figuratively speaking of course) for 80s music; playing a song from that decade brings up awesome memories from my childhood but looking at the decade through the lens of history it was anything but entirely awesome. The music was good, the movies...well, there were some good ones and a TON of horrible knock offs, but historically it was a very rough period given it was the waning years of the Cold War. That's just an example.

I mentioned nostalgia because there had been a time where I had wished I could look back through the RMB without forever scrolling through all of our conversations. I recently found the "Forum View" and just my luck, it has a search feature. I went cruising through different time periods, remembering roughly what was going on at the time but not all of the details. We had a lot of good times, but there were also some troubling times. One event being the discussion of Absolution's identity. Neutral, Independent, and Sovereign. That's who we are and strive to be, and when we work toward that collectively it is our greatest strength. I don't know if you all remember, but there had been a time when it was proposed that we change our identity for the sake of the region as a whole. What could have been a reasonable debate turned into an argument, albeit a one-sided argument where one of our members would present their case, various members responded, but those who presented their case opposing the idea were then accused of attacking the region member. We had members on both sides of the debate, and that isn't a bad thing.

It was a very good thing to have people on differing sides. It present different points of view that each side may not have considered before, which is good. It got us all talking. In the end, the idea of changing who we are was ultimately shelved. It was a tough time, but not because of members having opposing views, just the accusations of attacks changed what could have been a productive debate into a total mess. We still have our policies in place, and we still have members here. Just as then, I still stand in support of whichever direction our region takes.

Atlantigria and Mechisla


Some of you guys probably remember when I brought up my relationship, just here to say that we broke up. We were arguing a lot more than usual and our moral values conflicted so I thought it best to break off. Even though I'm the one who broke it off it doesn't mean I don't love her. In fact yesterday I was crying my way into school and had to go to the counselors for a little while. One of my friends offered me drugs and alcohol, I politely decline him but it was sweet in it's own way. That was two days ago we broke off and now I'm just left feeling a hole in my heart. Me and my friend describe the emotion as "don't". Meaning I don't really feel like anything, I don't want to get up, I don't want to sleep. I don't want to work, I don't want to relax, it just feels like life lost all it's color. Think of it like this, my life for the past five months has been defined by my time with her and now that she's gone a significant portion of my day to day life is gone. I habitually check my phone regularly for new texts, that never arrive and I play video games late at night wishing I still had someone to talk to. I can't help but feel regret for my decision especially when I think about all of the good things. But, I know things wouldn't have worked out at the end of the day.

Besides, I should be more worried for her. She suffers from pretty bad depression and is suicidal. It's not like there was ever a "best" time to break up because she's always like this, and she's never willing to improve her life situation, she's the kind of person who won't take the thoughtful advice of somebody else and then wonder "Why does my life suck!". I know it seems like I'm beating up on her, but I do still love her and I just want to make everything better. But it got to a point where I can't help her anymore and I've tried contacting counselors to help her but to no real avail. It gets exhausting y'know?

I love y'all, I know I'm not one of the OG members but right from the get-go I've felt welcome here and like I have a little sanctuary floating in the internet that will always be here for me.

Unikon, The Sheika, and Atlantigria

Break ups can be a very tough thing to go through. The circumstances behind it don't matter, they are going to be tough because it is such a vastly different reality than what you had been used to. Even when the circumstances are not so great before the break up, it is absolutely normal to feel like there is a huge part of your life missing. The good memories do give you something fond to look back on, even though there were moments that were not so great.

I know that it isn't easy to share a topic like that, but thank you for your insight into the things you are facing in life. I am sure that you know this, but in time the pain of the break up will go away. Even if you know that, it's good to have confirmation that it will pass. It will get better as time goes on, and when you reach the other end of the journey you as a person will have grown and matured (please note, I am not saying that you are immature, but it is a form of building character so to speak).

I am glad that you feel that you can come here for refuge. Absolution, the little place of forgetting. It helped me get through the rough patch of last year, and I certainly hope that it will help you. If there is anything that I can do, feel free to shoot me a telegram.

Unikon and Mechisla


Yeah, thank you very much for your words of wisdom. Last night we talked and made up, i think it helped us both feel better to know that there’s no grudge and we’re back on friendly terms.

Unikon and The Sheika

In The Forrest wrote:Hi.

Hello. Welcome to Absolution.


Sorry for the quiet here, folks. I have been pretty busy with work and trying to stay afloat, but I am doing well. Finally reached a couple of days off to allow myself a bit of a breather. Anyway, with my mind free from being occupied by work I found myself exploring some of the oddest ends of YouTube. Yes, even the weird part but I won't go into details on that because I know we've all been to that part before. If you haven't, I'm sure you eventually will be.
Where was I? Oh yeah, the oddest ends led me down the proverbial dusty boulevards of nostalgia. That can mean a lot of things for a lot of people; what some are nostalgic for others might find not so great, but at the same time what some might find boring could be great to others. Hence the dusty boulevards because it's a good thing to keep in mind that nostalgia is often viewed through rose-tinted glasses, so what might have looked good then could show a little bit of wear and tear, possibly even not meeting the expectations of epic levels that you might recall. However, there are a few exceptions to that.
HBO, or Home Box Office, was one of (I'm not sure if it still is a leading premium channel or not) of the biggest premium channels that money could buy. Months after movies had left theaters, and right around the time they'd be released for home video, HBO would air box office films with their full content intact. No editing for time, no censorship, just the movie as it was released. This of course meant prompting movies with their respective ratings prior to their presentation. Rated R meant you were going to see a Rated R movie, not the PG-13 cut, or the butchered PG cut. Just R. That's neither here no there, and HBO is much different entity than it was back in the 80s and 90s. Moving right along, I know you are probably wondering "Sheika, why are you explaining all of this? What's so nostalgic about that?". We're getting there, I promise.
Before airing a movie, with the aforementioned movie ratings notice out of the way, viewers were treated with an in-house made introduction to their feature presentation. In the 80s they could have gone with a simple "And now for your feature presentation" title card with their little logo and maybe some cutesy music number accompanying it. They could have, but HBO took it up a notch. Possibly two or three. You'll see...

HBO Intro 1983

I didn't matter what movie it was. It could have been a train wreck of a movie, but that train wreck would seem a little less disastrous when pre-empted by this. Quite a few people who I have spoken to about this all share how it seemed like something exciting, just a auditory build up of music slowing rising with intensity until the appearance of the logo. I think it could safely be said that for some, the reaction is much like this...

We now return to your regularly scheduled program currently in progress.

Unikon, Krippling Lament, Atlantigria, and Mechisla

Sur le thème de la nostalgie...

Les beaux Dimanches de Radio Canada, 1985

In the 80s we were young, and this theme was my Sunday bedtime.

Ah le bon vieux temps... la vie était si simple!
...ou peut-être étions-nous juste trop jeunes pour voir venir le bourbier?

The Sheika and Mechisla

It's always fun to watch the influence rock when I forget to exist irl and in game.

Unikon, The Sheika, Riecham, and Mechisla

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