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Free region of the people since 2006. All are welcome.

Absolution, a little place of forgetting. Where no matter a states political alignment nor history all will be forgiven then quietly forgotten where no voice goes unheard.

Ambassador: The Republic of Freeoplis

*** Neutral Independence and Sovereignty ***
Embassy requests will be declined as we're impartial.

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Tags: Independent, Large, Isolationist, Anti-Security Council, National Sovereigntist, Casual, and Neutral.

Regional Power: Very High

Absolution contains 70 nations, the 166th most in the world.

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As a region, Absolution is ranked 80th in the world for Largest Publishing Industry.

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1.The Invasion of Furious GrandmothersCivil Rights Lovefest“( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”
2.The Free Land of Tara puliiAnarchy“Live free or die!”
3.The United Democratic Provinces of EserlandWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“To be free is to have the freedom to do what you want.”
4.The Republic of DiallandWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“Freedom, Liberty, Human Rights”
5.The Global Alliance of Mexican LiberationWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité”
6.The Fire House of GretoCorporate Police State“24/7 service with a smile!”
7.The Federal Republic of LisduffWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Peace, Liberty, Strength”
8.The Nasty Side of Child Care WorkersCorporate Police State“Why spare the rod? Hit the Little Brat!!! ”
9.The Most Serene Republic of MaleperduysInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Thou shalt perish ere I perish.”
10.The Drunken Hathist Fiefdom of Coffee CakesAnarchy“WA TG's not sent to War Eagles WILL be ignored.”
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Poll called by The Militaristic Federation of The Sheika

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Recent polls: “Repeal "The Gem Trading Accord"”“Repeal "Nuclear Power Safeguards Act"”

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Hm.... I too require your assisstance for a short bit.

Harris, my old friend, good to see your face again
More welcome, though, yon trap and that old mare
For the wife is in a swoon, and I am all alone.
Harris, fetch thy mare and take us home.
The wife and I came out for a quiet glass of stout
And a word or two with neighbors in the room.

But young Clary, he came in, as drunk and wild as sin
And swore the wife would leave the place with him
But the wife as quick as thought said, "No, I'll bloody not"
Then struck the brute a blow about the head
He raised his ugly paw, and he lashed her on the jaw
And she fell onto the floor like she were dead

Now Harris, well you know, I've never struck an angry blow
Nor would I keep a friend who raised his hand
I was a conscie in the war, cryin' what the hell's this for?
But I had to see his blood to be a man
I grabbed him by his coat, spun him 'round and took his throat
And beat his head upon the parlor door

He dragged out an awful knife, and he roared "I'll have your life"
And he stuck me and I fell onto the floor
Now blood I was from neck to thigh, bloody murder in his eye
As he shouted out "I'll finish you for sure"
But as the knife came down, I lashed out from the ground
And the knife was in his breast and he rolled o'er.

Now with the wife as cold as clay I carried her away
No hand was raised to help us through the door
And I've brought her half a mile, but I've had to rest a while
And none of them I'll call a friend no more.
For when the knife came down, I was helpless on the ground
No neighbor stayed his hand, I was alone.

By God, I was a man, but now I cannot stand
Please, Harris, fetch thy mare, take us home.
Oh, Harris, fetch thy mare, and take us out of here.
In my nine and fifty years I've never known
That to call myself a man, for my loved one I must stand
Now Harris, fetch thy mare take us home.


That's so sad GBC :(

Indeed, sorry if it brought your day down. Perhaps this'll brighten it up?


The Sheika, Atlantigria, and Wandering Wallabies

:D *dances*

Holy Cow!


The Founding Nation of Assorro wrote:Everything Wrong With Pacific Rim In 9 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Skyfall In 4 Minutes Or Less

Everything wrong with Pacific Rim in the films runtime or less.
Plays the entire film

I got to meet a my district's US Congressman today.
Voted against him both times he won, but he's a classy fellow.

Pacific Rim tried to put me to sleep unfortunately. Coffee Cakes, why do you never have a melon on hand for important events such as that, huh? Melons dude. You have to Boy Scout this stuff for real yo! Meeting gifts are important.

The Wine Loving Unified Tribes of Wandering Wallabies wrote:Holy Cow!


Have you ordered through them? Would you? Could you?

There are 2 vendors here in the states. Thats as far as I got

It's interesting how they almost share the same name as your nation. I'm certain that if anyone could procure a bottle, it is you.

National Geographic: The Story of Aaron Swartz

Here's a story that should, if nothing else, demonstrate to you why sitting back and simply being a respondent to life isn't enough. Information should never have a price tag associated with it. The work Aaron Swartz did wasn't even illegal yet he was hounded and criminalized by his government to the point that a reclusive depression took over which lead to him taking his own life at the age of 26 just two years ago.

You've never heard of him? Have you heard of RSS? Reddit? Just two in a long list of items this man was associated with. When he was thirteen CEOs were listening to him on the issue of Creative Commons which is a licencing application that allows online authors and artists to say who can manipulate their work and in which ways. Revolutionary at the time which by now, we just take for granted.

The legacy of Aaron Swartz is reviewed near the end of the documentary. This is a story of how one man allowed others to research miracles based on the information he had liberated from a corporate mindset and an oppressive government's ideology of pure exploitation, manipulation and control. Research that would otherwise not have been possible but indeed holds benefits for all of Humanity. This is the lesson we all of us need to learn. It should never have cost so much for us to have obtained so very little yet very few are even daring to ask why is information being held at a cost to begin with?

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