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WA Delegate: The Militaristic Federation of The Sheika (elected )

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Free region of the people since 2006. All are welcome.

Absolution, a little place of forgetting. Where no matter a states political alignment nor history all will be forgiven then quietly forgotten where no voice goes unheard.


*** Neutral Independence and Sovereignty ***
Embassy requests will be declined as we're impartial.

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Tags: Independent, Large, Isolationist, Anti-Security Council, National Sovereigntist, Casual, and Neutral.

Regional Power: Very High

Absolution contains 56 nations, the 230th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Primitive in Absolution

Nations were ranked by World Census officials based on the number of natural phenomena attributed solely to the unknowable will of the gods.

As a region, Absolution is ranked 16,675th in the world for Most Primitive.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Confederacy of IndustrielliaCorporate Police State“Silence is golden.”
2.The Republic of Sarah de MalynsLiberal Democratic Socialists“I Shall Rule This World”
3.The Free Nord Kingdom of The Children of SkyrimFather Knows Best State“All Hail To Ulfric! He is the High King!”
4.The Crumbled Imperium of AdauchiFather Knows Best State“Purify the unclean”
5.The Republic of NSTrackerFather Knows Best State“Please, I'm a puppet”
6.The Republic of JetStarInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Go Forth Boldly”
7.The Founding Nation of AssorroInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Semper Paratus Pro Patria”
8.The Apathetic Unwashed Masses of Fidei DefensorsLibertarian Police State“What fresh hell is this?”
10.The Republic of Harold the MaimedFather Knows Best State“Sugar and Spice are NOT all that nice!”
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Regional Poll • Explosive Remnants of War

Poll called by The Militaristic Federation of The Sheika

Voting opened 2 days 11 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Recent polls: “Promotion of Clean Energy”“Right to sexual privacy”

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Absolution Regional Message Board

You never fail to intrigue me. That needs discussion now for inclusion by next Xmas. That's brilliant actually. And now I have that "everything else is in the way" feeling wanting to dig into that. Thanks Atlantigria! <3<3<3

Have you any particular campaigns or situations in mind? If you could widen that idea into a concept, you should know I'll run with it.

I have opened the pub dubbed "The Swamp" and listed Wandering Wallabies as the Proprietor. You're next Tigs. That is, would you please consider returning to run Cafe Gramarya?

Absolution Avenue is now Gyntavian Avenue and will house store-fronts; once I build them later in the year. Proprietors will be Moderators of the Avenue and it's my hope to build it up over the next two years with concept ideas, such as those I've been exploring now, that are controlled by actual players with actual stores. The Pub and Cafe would become beta models to create menus that could be used in a variety of ways.

NSTracker already calculates economy. Great! Let's do something with it.

One idea of mine, which is a 2017 idea, is to grant members an "allowance" for them to spend on the avenue as though they were a real person. I think it rather funny to think you'd have this money you could buy a drink or a meal with. A suit or a dress or a gun down the street. Idk, it's a concept, get it? I need to finish what I've already started but this is what you guys help manifest. It's been mentioned once or twice in the past.

That's enough to gnaw on I suppose. We'll definitely be discussing all of this a year from now. I do declare!

Atlantigria and Wandering Wallabies

We might have to change the name of the cafe lol it never quite stuck. We should probably come up with alternatives and let everyone else decide. But yes, I'll defend the kitchen again. I mean... Um... Make cookies?

As for situations, perhaps having two teams of sorts, evenly numbered if at all possible, one team is backing such and such who has inadvertently caused an international incident with the faction behind the other team (I'm thinking these two will have to be premade so as to not impact the results) the players then have the options to work out the problem or devolve it into a war.

It's early, I just woke up, don't judge me.

Post self-deleted by Atlantigria.

Also, because I like double posting and I'm not smart enough to finish my thoughts before sending things, I have a friend who built a forum sort of like ours was, with games and such included, the difference was you earned money from the games for successful completion or reaching some milestone, as well as earning money for tiers on the posting number, first post got ten coins, tenth got 100, etc. Perhaps we could implement something similar. And then of course the pub and cafe could have an integrated system where they could purchase whatever and take away from that number, perhaps that itself being an opportunity to earn? Buy a certain amount and get rewarded?

That is indeed, a concept. That concept needs it's own thread in News and Development to be explored. That way, it'll never get lost.

I guess it comes down to how much money does any individual nation leader have? How much should they have? It's as simple as creating a column in the users database table where the accounts are stored titled "bank_account" once we figure that out.

The easiest thing to do would be to not look at players as NS leaders but as players in this instance and have the server control this system via a simple script it would run on its own every week that would pay everyone evenly. Say $1,500/week? Then we'd have an actual banking system within the system and you can see just how complicated that looks perhaps. No worries. It's actually very simple. It balance then +/-.

Establishments would then be earning money on sales. Maybe even competing with each other. Be given actual market value creating even more ideas concerning real-estate. Idk...

Huge, HUGE, never-ending concept right there and it all boils down to the current framework being completed this year. No biggie. I was looking for a fight. I've now got one. So let's win it. It may take some time but that's the thing about constant development. There's always time.


Games have moved from Flash to HTML5 and the jury's still out on the idea of "games". They're coming, but HTML5 games are little libraries in themselves where Flash took just a few files to run. I know nothing of the overhead concerning bandwidth either. So there's that. I also haven't looked that closely at what's out there either. I just know they're there and from what I've seen, they're a lot more impressive than Flash ever was.

I've come across Flash scripts that you could set up to do things depending on outcome and that does seem like a nice bullet point in the whole bank account concept.

Proprietor's get to name their establishments anything they choose though I'll need a name first before I can open the shop.;)

Is wallabies the only one planning to stop by the new Pub? The doors open.

Assorro what his needs is nice dispatch, or some telegrams to the abolitionists or whom ever. NS Tracker has some new cool things. Stop by and check it out

I do have that planned but in truth, I like the peacefulness of not promoting too much right now so I can finish what I've already started without feeling the anticipation of an active audience. I want a finished tier to the project complete first so I can say what there actually "is" rather than just what is actually planned for the future. I am always feeling behind schedule and really hoping for a productive weekend. Having said that, you're absolutely right. People do need to know there's an event happening that's at least worth watching.

I rarely promote the site to anyone other than here. I've addressed issues and concerns on the NS board but rarely would you find me directly promoting it there. That's mostly because I'll defend a person's right NOT to use any site if it's not to their liking. I still run into people on the NS board that are surprised to learn that it's back up and running some 5-6 months along now. I prefer the work to speak for itself and allow others to promote it by just bringing it up on their own. Until 2013, no one even knew who I was since my comments all said "Site Administrator". Most still don't and to me they're drawn to it because of the work and not just because some personality who happens to have designed the thing tells them that it's cool. That's just me being me really.

I can't say how many players are still around today that have no idea NSTracker has been fully restored but would be enormously happy if they did. You are right that something has to connect to them and inform them all and I'll welcome anyone that chooses to do it on their own. For me, my mind wants only to connect systems and resolve issues right now. Promotional marketing is an entirely different frame of mind to me so I'll let it wait. April, to me any way, feels just around the corner.

I really do want to release this next big feature by the end of this weekend. It's literally killing me having to wait day by day because keeping it inside is really not my style. This feature ties SO many things together just like the rug did in The Big Lebowski. It also opens the doors finally to a much larger world than we currently know. I can't wait. I suppose there's enough going on to draw a small crowd at least to a word or two about fresh features and future planning phases? I mean, it's possible.

Now, GBC, why were you moving back to LI? Where exactly have you been to? Remember, I've been oblivious to everything lately. Was it Gypsies again? Did you happen across any Mules that felt inadequate or insecure with their Muleness? Inquiring minds need to know this stuff dude and I just can't be held responsible enough to turn a key and promise not to break it off. You know?

* Rifles through GBC's jacket pockets. Finally pulling out some Doritos. *

I've been fairly hungry too dude. Like, all the time too. You think anyone's feeding me around here?

* Reaches back in for the salsa. *

Assorro, you just asked for Irish Coffee. Please if you want snacks, just ask.

An empty Pub? . . . did someone say an empty Pub? have I been to this Pub? have I graced it's presence? . . . sometimes I dunno whether I'm just contributing to the profits or pitching for my sanity?

Now Irish Coffee you say? . . . I think you'll find I am the most qualified amongst the group in the category of drinking such a beverage, if you wanna throw in a some peanuts fine, salted or roasted, I don't mind, as long as the whisky/coffee ratio is correct, you know what I mean??

Wandering Wallabies

Tis an empty Pub Freeoplis. Tis!

Here, it's short but it's about the extensions released today including Timelines, Friends and YouTube. I've plenty to comb through now but I've also not yet finished putting things together. You Know?



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