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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Hemithea50The Grand Republic of Silverfield
Arctic50The Archduchy of Aexalla
No region50The Hylian Kingdom of Grey Earth
International Socialism51--None--
The Atheist Empire50The Democratic Republic of Beazlend
Icarus50The Queendom of Basseemia
La France50The People's Republic of Maoist People
The Region That Never Was52The Commonwealth of The United Dark Republic
The Red Fleet Conning Tower49--None--
Saddleland Archipelago Nations49--None--
Zero Beta49The Intergalactic Empire of Stormwrath
New Socialist Bloc48The People's Republic of Narishanka
The Graveyard48--None--
The Coalition of Fascist Nations48The New Fascist Empireium of Wolflandil
Africa48The Theocratic People's Republic of Patricant
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by Max Barry

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