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RegionNationsWA Delegate
New Odessa42--None--
The Genesis Corporation50The 'Tröller Tanz' Ghost Dance of The Star of Jorj
Probulus Minimus50--None--
Sondria50The City of Varnheim
International Socialism50--None--
Rome49The Res Publica Sanctus of Deus Sol Invicto
The Apartment Block50The Armed Republic of Bone Fort
Das Kommune50The Bordigist-Maoist-Trotskyite of Soviet East Japan
Kingdom of Rosary49--None--
Central Pacific Empire49The Dominion of Aanon Bay
Parkerican Lands28The Nomadic Peoples of Teekistan
Kingdom of Alexandria49--None--
Eternity49The Most Serene Republic of The Astral Eternals
Commonwealth of Allies49The Allegedly Edgy of Nordenwald
Pardes49The Kingdom of Belfras
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by Max Barry

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