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Vekkla News Now

Leemm Sends Firey Messages to Franconia

President Leemm's disdain has increased for the FE as he sends heated messages to the desk of Prime Minister Fjölden. These messages detailed how they are failing Vesta by offering a "falsely peaceful narrative while the inside of the government is crumbling". Leemm says he sent these messages to "notify the Empire to stand back and watch how the pros do it". This tactic has led to some internal issues across the waters leading to some hate crimes being committed to Vekkelis. The Franconian Government spoke publically on the issue and immediately asked for people to stop committing these crimes, leaving the islanders on lock and key until the end of the week. Franconia says they have no interest in accepting hate for anyone inside of those borders, including citizens from rival nations.

Increased Space Budget

Production for steel is up as the CN is on another space mission. Avalon III is already in progress which means that the VSC (Vekkeli Space Corp) needs funding. President Leemm has said that he will increase funding to start building some parts for reusable rockets. Leemm has even donated 2 million of his own Vekks to help Vekkla create a bigger economy to start building launch sites. Vekkeli Congress has voted 100-17 to increase spending by 30.5 billion Vekks to expand employee living quarters and training facilities so Vekkla can continue to launch into the future.

Green Energy Bill to be Voted On

The first government funded nuclear plant (OOC: Most energy is privitatized in Vekkla) opened it's doors today in Vekkla leaving people wondering if Leemm and Villk finally made an agreement on green energy. Vekkeli Congressman, Thor Levikiv, has some details.

(Thor): "Fellow Congress, we vote on this bill today to start Vekkla's fast track for a better environment. President Leemm has not received the bill yet. This bill includes new policies on solar panels, wind turbines, and nuclear power. This bill also opens new opertunities to start bringing new train lines to help get people from point A to point B with a fraction of the energy used today. It's time to lower electricity bills...

Vekkeli Congress should vote in the green energy bill today and should be at Leemm's desk tomorrow or late today. The outcome will be announced tomorrow.

Consreep Tourism Hits New Low

Consreep, back in the day, used to be a bustling Metropolis filled with designer stores and people walking the streets. 25 years later, it has all gone downhill. Consreep's mayor, Alint Antonov, has declared that the tourism industry in Vekkla is dying. Empty storefronts run along Avenue 36, the very heart of the Shopping District. Some stores are putting up "All Sales are Final" notices due to skyrocketed rental prices.

(Owner of Avenue 36 Deli): "It is sad. I opened up here over 40 years ago and have not had to close my doors more than twice. I have to pay 8,500 Vekks a month for rent just to keep my restaurant here. Unfortunately I won't be here for very much longer because business is down."

(Owner of Denim Express): "Vekkla should do something about their failing retail sect. They've been so focused on fighting for clean energy and social issues, they've been avoiding small business. That runs local economies. Leemm, support small businesses instead of mega corporations like J-Mart. Because of you, I have to close my store, not to mention the almost ten thousand Vekks rental price I have to pay. How am I supposed to do that if my flood of customers is nowhere to be found?"

It is clear Vekkelis are upset that storefronts are closing. Developers say that it really isn't the heart of the shopping district anymore since Vekkelis are doing a majority of their shopping online now.

-Vekkla News Now 10

Sovyonok News Program

Taehung-Sovyonok Normalization

The relationship between Taehung and Sovyonok has always dynamically changed, from minor cold wars in the past to staunch allies. This change in situation has been determined as a unique historical relationship. But today's era marks another type of relationship, which peaked with the Military Exercise between Sovyonok and Taehung previously. The closer trade expansion, easier access due to the border relaxation, historical common ground, and lastly both Sovyonok seeking a closer connection with fellow north ameriga has given larger room for friendly progress and Taehung willingness to start a military exercise with other North Ameriga states now start to show its effects in both nation population and government relationship.

The military exercise itself is an answer to many other nations suddenly starting military exercises. From Trectomer to Hansopol and Albany itself. While Sovyonok does not like to think negatively and is very happy with Sartoria pushing the topic of "competition" toward space exploration that born fruit to Albany "Clique" to start focusing on it with the result of Trectomer launch. A show of capabilities are needed as Sovyonok is a Neutral Nation and need to have a healthy "dosage" of paranoia. In the end we hope more to expand more friendly relationship not only with Taehung, but to everyone in vesta.

Avalon III Launch

The CN successful launch has given a spur of competitive spirit within the nation. Some of the researchers even stated that the launch is a turning point in history, which might lead to a new race of colonization in space. Uniquely most of the comment and opinion of our population has shown suspicion while positively elated. Noting that there is a need for another balance to counter CN achievement to avoid monopoly in space or worse a move by some greedy elite who create a sudden stop toward space exploration due to how unprofitable it is currently. Nevertheless, the Official Statement of the State itself is congratulatory notes.

Robot Fighting Competition

As always, the first 2 months of this year are marked with the annual Robot Fighting Competition that is held in one of the stadiums and sponsored by the national sovyonok academy. Of currently the competition has been advertised heavily for tourism. The National Academy has noted, that with this competition hopefully start to produce a more creative, and capable engineer of sovyonok. All in all the competition who has started accidentally due to some "mistake" are now grow big enough to be considered as one of sport within the nations.

Just introducing myself a bit, I’m a Soviet-Country with a small population, We are very crazy about having a good military and government. Our main goal here is just to RP and get to know you other nations. I have also been wandering a lot and i think i can finally rest here.

There is one thing though, I do not, and cannot get a discord account.

Does dessert=Oil?…

The Great Empire of Soviet Reunions wrote:Just introducing myself a bit, I’m a Soviet-Country with a small population, We are very crazy about having a good military and government. Our main goal here is just to RP and get to know you other nations. I have also been wandering a lot and i think i can finally rest here.

Hello and welcome to the region. Please await a reply on a submitted GIS before beginning RP. Feel free to join us on our discord as well!

قَد يُخلِفُ الوَلَّافيُّ الرَوّازيَّ كَرَئيسِ الوُزَراءِ
Al-Wallafi may succeed Al-Rawazi as prime minister

27th of Kānūn ʼAl-Thanī | After receiving high approval ratings in 2076, Hussein Al-Rawazi was able to retain his position as prime minister for another term until 2080, though people have begun to wonder who might succeed Hussein Al-Rawazi, as no prime minister may serve for more than two terms. The emperor or empress decides whether someone should serve two terms as prime minister, though they may refuse, as Al-Qammarawat did when he refused to serve a second term.

The leader of the political party of the Democratic Unity which is inside the Democratic Alliance and Minister of Justice Laith Al-Wallafi has been earning a large amount of support from the people which created the possibility of him becoming the new prime minister succeeding Hussein Al-Rawazi. The prime minister of Rousania is announced by the emperor or empress. The prime minister is usually announced at the end of the elections by at least a week. Laith Al-Wallafi is a jurist who is serving as the Minister of Justice from 2072 until now. A veteran politician born in Walaf in the governorate of Muji, studying at the Albanese University of Abu Al-Suyoof where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in criminology; he then continued to get his master’s degree in political science at the University of Hayat. He also obtained his PhD in jurisprudence (OOC:the study of jurisprudence and law are the same in Rousania, although jurisprudence is the preferred name. ) at the University of Edin.

تَزورُ الإِمْبِراطورَةُ مَشْروعًا زِرَاعِيًّا وَجَمْعِيَّةَ المَرْأَةِ التَّعاوُنِيَّةَ في الزَّذيرِ
The Empress visits an agricultural project and Women’s Cooperative Association in Al-Zadhir

24th of Kānūn ʼAl-Thanī | Her Majesty Empress Hajar visited an agricultural project and the Women’s Cooperative Association in Al-Zadhir, located in the Southern Lwei region. The Empress was briefed on the agricultural project, which extends over a total area of 1200 dunums, and is implemented by a consortium of cooperatives. The project, which was launched in 2075 upon Royal directives, was established on land provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and creates around 500 seasonal jobs for local community members, 80 per cent of whom are women.

The Rousan Agricultural Cooperative and the Military Retirees Association oversee the agricultural project, while the Al-Aman Charity Association operates and manages the fishery project, which produces about six tonnes of fish annually. Agriculture Minister Nawwar Al-Talali said an agricultural station in the area will be allocated to the consortium to create jobs and to establish an ecotourism agricultural project to benefit the local community. The Empress also toured the premises of the Al-Zadhir Women Cooperative Association, established in 2068, and was briefed on the projects implemented by women in the local community, including pottery and ceramics, sewing, a play-based learning project, and a traditional cooking experience offered to visitors and tourists. The project includes a plant nursery, which consists of greenhouses for cultivating and re-populating endangered plants, such as wormwood, lavender cotton, saxaul, sage, wild thyme, and orache.

أُطْلِعَت الإمْبِراطورةُ على الخُطَطِ لِإنشاءِ المَدينة الجَديدة
The empress is briefed on plans for establishing the new city

20th of Kānūn ʼAl-Thanī | Her Majesty Empress Hajar was briefed on plans for establishing the new city, to be located nearly 80km from Amman’s centre and 40km from Abu Al-Suyoof, in line with economic and administrative modernisation efforts. The meeting, held at Al-Ru’us Palace brought together Prime Minister Hussein Al-Rawazi and a number of officials, as well as the team involved in the new city project. Empress Hajar directed the government to form an advisory committee of specialists and experts in various sectors to benefit from their views on city planning, to ensure the new city will be an architectural and urban model, and to meet the sustainability needs for resources, energy, water and the environment. Her Majesty called for moving forward with the implementation of the new city within clearly identified timeframes, in order for the project to become a key economic driver, while providing an investment-friendly environment to create job opportunities, highlighting the importance of providing the public with clear and transparent information on the project. The Empress also stressed the need for the new city to accommodate current and future population growth in Rousania, improve quality of life, and ease pressure on facilities in Edin and Abu Al-Suyoof, in addition to being a model of effective public-private partnership.

The city will be established on and surrounded by state-owned lands, which would facilitate decision-making regarding various phases of the project. Prime Minister Al-Rawazi elaborated on the government’s measures to complete this national megaproject, noting that studies and plans will be completed in two years, with the necessary funds allocated by the government, expecting implementation to start in 2081 with the infrastructure, as a total of 442 million Rousios will be allocated for the infrastructure from the state budget, at an average of 90 million Rousios annually. He added that a ministerial committee was formed to supervise progress, noting that a government-owned company will later handle the management and follow-up on the implementation of all phases of the project. The prime minister noted that the ownership of new city lands will be transferred to this government-owned company, adding that the government will endorse regulations on urban planning of the city. He said the city will be based on a public-private partnership, and several buildings and facilities will be constructed on a build-operate-transfer basis. Jalal Al-Lumani — resident manager of Dar Al Thamr, the firm tasked with preparing the studies and masterplan of the new city — highlighted the sustainable approach in planning the city, by ensuring the sustainability of water and energy resources, and using modern transportation systems, in order for the city to be eco-friendly and attractive to residents. He expected the first phase of the project, which includes preparing the master plan, to be finalised by early 2081, and for the second phase of building the infrastructure to start in the same year. Al-Lumani said the city’s nucleus will include building a governmental complex that would house some public institutions, surrounded by residential areas, and other entertainment and commercial facilities, expected to be finalised in 2087.

ينْطَلَقَت مُهِمَّةُ الضَّموزَعِ ٣ إلى الجَّكْرَمِ بِثَلاثِةِ روسانِيِّن
Avalon III takes off to Sorana with 3 Rousanis

15th of Kānūn ʼAl-Thanī |Her Majesty Empress-Regent Hajar, Prime Minister Hussein Al-Rawazi, many other government officials, and the smartest Rousani scientists of today, as well as many Rousanis afar on their personal displays, watched from a distance. The Avalon III mission set out to Sorana, whose orbit is nearest to that of our Vesta, carrying three Rousanis: security officer Yasser Darafwa, geochemist Abdul-'Alim Al-Shughlawi, and suit specialist Abbas Al-Kasawradeh. The Avalon III mission is a collaboration of all Commonwealth of Nations members, with a crew of 36 people, mostly Albanese. The most influential Rousani space company, Baḩru ʾAn-Nujumi (literally “Sea of Stars”, abbreviated Baʾnum) was also present, supplying the mission with resources for the planned building of a Commonwealth of Nations base, upgrading communications as well as initiating solar panels.

As the collection of new Soviets organize into a forming nation, they have one thing to say.
“ Слишком долго к нам относились как к гражданам второго сорта… ну, не больше. отныне равенство в оплате труда, жилье и еде будет всем, на чем будет сфокусировано внимание.”

The Great Empire of Soviet Reunions wrote:As the collection of new Soviets organize into a forming nation, they have one thing to say.
“ Слишком долго к нам относились как к гражданам второго сорта… ну, не больше. отныне равенство в оплате труда, жилье и еде будет всем, на чем будет сфокусировано внимание.”

Once again please refrain from participating in RP until your GIS is accepted. If you have any questions DM the RP Councillor or join the discord. Also please refrain from posting in another language without a translation as we are an RP English dominant region.

The Union of Albany wrote:Once again please refrain from participating in RP until your GIS is accepted. If you have any questions DM the RP Councillor or join the discord. Also please refrain from posting in another language without a translation as we are an RP English dominant region.

When i do begin RP can i do it like this?
“ Слишком долго к нам относились как к гражданам второго сорта… ну, не больше. отныне равенство в оплате труда, жилье и еде будет всем, на чем будет сфокусировано внимание”
For too long, we've been treated like second-class citizens...well, no more. from now on, equality in pay, housing and food will be all that will be the focus

The Great Empire of Soviet Reunions wrote:When i do begin RP can i do it like this?
“ Слишком долго к нам относились как к гражданам второго сорта… ну, не больше. отныне равенство в оплате труда, жилье и еде будет всем, на чем будет сфокусировано внимание”
For too long, we've been treated like second-class citizens...well, no more. from now on, equality in pay, housing and food will be all that will be the focus

my brother in christ check here


Introduction to Roleplay

Home | Roleplay | Government | Contact

Welcome to Selene!

This dispatch contains a user-friendly introduction to our regional roleplay, aimed at players who are not fully familiar with Selene or who prefer to take things slow, by providing a simple step-by-step walkthrough with the information that all roleplayers need to begin their journey.

Click the ⛫ icons within this dispatch to see more detailed information about the regional roleplay.

1. Know the World

Events happen in Vesta, one of ten planets in the Selenid System and the only known to have intelligent life, during the late 21st century. The world is engaged in a cold war between two large alliances and countries are establishing permanent bases in other planets, setting the stage for the manned exploration of the cosmos.

Roleplay Facts







Global Forum

The World Society serves as a global forum for the peaceful resolution of disputes and the promotion of human development.


Commonwealth of Nations (CN): supports free commerce and innovation, opposes interventionism.

Valentian Alliance (VA): supports economic growth and prosperity, the promotion of human rights, and mutual defence.

⛫ Planets | ⛫ World History | ⛫ International Alliances

2. Know the Rules

There are six rules to consider before one joins the roleplay. These are simple rules meant to help everyone have a good time.


Treat others with respect. Posting content that is offensive or violates the privacy of others may lead to warnings and, if necessary, expulsion.


Secure permission from others before posting about their countries. You may not attack or otherwise affect other countries without first coordinating with them.


Countries cannot be all-powerful or immune to problems. Countries must also have prior diplomatic and trade relations with the world; that is, they cannot claim that they just came out of isolation.


You can use real world languages and religions, but you must give them different names or take the ones already in use.


Time passes three times as fast in roleplay as it does in the real world.


You will be removed from the map if you fail to have a nation in the region and roleplay at least once per month, but this does not prevent you from rejoining at a later date.


We do not use NationStates figures, such as population and gross domestic product, in roleplay. When in doubt, please message our Roleplay Councillor or join our LinkDiscord Server to ask for help in designing your country.

⛫ Regional Laws | ⛫ Languages and Religions | Link⛫ Check the Date

3. Select a Plot

For your convenience the world map is already divided into 52 plots ready to be selected. There are also maps showing the climate zones, cultural zones, and mountain ranges applicable to each plot so that you can have all the necessary information to select the plot that best fits your country concept.

LinkCountry Borders

LinkClimate Zones

LinkCulture Zones

LinkMountain Ranges

See the spoiler below for the full detail of existing plots and which have already been claimed by a given country:


Area (km²)

Area (mi²)







































































































































































































































































⛫ World Maps | ⛫ Countries

4. Submit a Request

Use the link at the bottom of this section to submit an entry to the Global Information Survey, a short form that will help you figure out basic facts about your country and will let our Roleplay Councillor know more about your country before we can add it to the map.

See below for a detailed explanation of the form:

The Global Information Survey

A. General Information

Equivalent Country

The country or countries most similar to yours, which must comply with the LinkCulture Map. You cannot use the United States as your reference country, but you can use individual states if necessary.


The code of your selected plot out of the ones listed on the map.


The alliance that you wish to join, or none at all. Each alliance is responsible for giving final approval to its members.

B. Government

Full Name

The full name of your country, which may be different from your NationStates account (e.g. Empire of Selene).

Short Name

The short name of your country (e.g. Selene).

Capital City

The capital city or otherwise the city where the national government is located.

Form of Government

The way in which your government is organised (e.g. presidential republic, parliamentary monarchy, etc.).


The title and name of your national leaders (e.g. President John Smith, Queen Mary, Prime Minister Jane Doe).

C. People and Society


The term used to refer to people from your country (e.g. Selenid).


The population of your country, which may not be higher than 250 million.

GDP per Capita

The economic output per person in your country, which may be similar to that of your Linkequivalent country.


The languages most spoken in your country.


The religions with the most adherents in your country.

To submit an entry simply click the button below, replace each xxxx with your country's information, and hit Send. Your submission will be delivered to our Roleplay Councillor, who will contact you if they have any questions before adding your country to the map.

Please do not roleplay until your submission is approved.

⛫ Approved Submissions

5. Get Involved

There are a number of things that you can do after submitting an entry:


Join our LinkDiscord Server to interact with your fellow roleplayers and get any assistance that you may need.


Post updates from your country on the Regional Message Board, but only once your submission has been approved.


Publish a Dispatch with information about your country. You can take inspiration from the dispatch of Sartoria, Majassa, and Hansopol.


Visit the LinkRoleplay Management Portal and use its various user tools, including its spaceflight and sports tournament simulators.


Read about the History of Vesta to know more about the main events from the 21st century.


See the list of Languages and Religions in the world to ensure that yours are listed.


Complete the LinkSports National Self-Assessment to ensure your country is adequately ranked for the next Olympics.


© Government of Selene (Est. 2016)

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Read dispatch


Post by The Great Empire of Soviet Reunions suppressed by The Union of Albany.

Came here to say your all bozo’s and take your RP wayyyyyyyy to seriously.

Out with a Bang

Military drills between Taehung and Sovyonok have concluded. As a signal of friendship, one more ceremony was held in the Border City of Hyegong. Six Taehunian Soldiers and Six Sovyonok Soldiers stood on a massive stage, holding their respective national flag.
A Taehunian General then gave the command. “Salute the National Treasures of Sovyonok and Taehung!” he ordered with sternness in his voice. Veterans and Servicemen and Servicewoman from Taehung and Sovyonok attending the ceremony stood at attention, saluting. The soldiers standing on the stage began to march towards two flagpoles. The stomping of their boots echoed as the banners of the two nations were seen, bringing tears of patriotism to the eyes of all as music played as the soldiers marched slowly.
As they reached the flagpole, the drums of the Royal Army band got even more intense. The Soldiers attached their national flags to their respective flagpoles, and as if in one synced movement, the 12 soldiers acted as one, tossing the other end of their banner into the air, leaving their hands up for a second, guiding the flags to the sky as they slowly began to climb and were displayed in their full glory. The National Anthem of Sovyonok began first, and finished as the flags reached half-mast. As they continued to climb, the National Anthem of Taehung was performed as both flags now wave together in the sky side by side. Both Taehunian and Sovyonok Servicemen and Women sung with pride and patriotism. An artillery salute was performed, along with fighter jets displaying the colors of Sovyonok and Taehung flying overhead.

[Hunton] The Havelock Times

Foreign Secretary Ronald Bennett has expressed concern about the rise of militarism in North Ameriga.

Secretary Bennett participated today in a lecture series at the Long University Law School where he addressed a number of issues related to Hunton foreign policy. When asked about the recent military exercises between Taehung and Sovyonok, Secretary Bennett said that “Hunton sees with concern the increasingly militarised society in Taehung” and encouraged both Taehung and Sovyonok to turn to “cultural and economic cooperation” as a more effective way of deepening international ties.

This echoes a recent statement from Defence Minister Katherine Stewart, who said that Hunton is closely monitoring the situation across the hemisphere and sees with concern the increased focus on military strength by some countries.

The New Gate Herald
February 4, 2077

Late Night Stirs Early Controversy
Late Night Host, John Sullivan, stirred up fresh controversy on his show “NightHawks” when he compared the rampant cultural militarism in Taehung to the old Cambrian Empire’s most fanatical zealots. Sullivan is known for being controversial and his viewership topped nearly 51 million last night with an average viewership in the 40 million range most nights. The comparison drew on how traditionally peaceful symbols such as Santa Claus had been co opted into riding a tank of all things during a holiday parade with militaristic undertones. Prominent political figures from the PM to the Opposition Leader were muted in their responses and most figures simply chose to not comment at all. Public discourse since the scathing segment has seen some calling it too far, while others are latching on and adding memes into the mix.

Navy traveling East
Admiral James Beckett boarded the UNS Philipa I of the Fourth Fleet on a deployment to the Eastern Straight region for three months in a series of naval exercises, freedom of navigation maneuvers and to continue ongoing anti-piracy efforts throughout the main trade lanes. The fleet number some 28 surface vessels with an undeclared complement of subsurface elements will stop in Eirea prior to leaving the Union’s waters in two days. The planned deployment comes at a time of increasing importance of integration and security among the Commonwealth members as the global uncertainties increased over 2075-2076.

Trectomer Times

Mission To Iris

Trectomer's mission to Iris has entered its last few stages and is set to launch in the next transfer window.

The mission will send a probe towards Iris, in order to do research on the Selenid system's largest planet. The probe will fly past Iris, examining its composition, magnetic field and origin and proceed to Pothos, one of its moons to gain a better understanding of its past, geology and will provide high definition photos of both Iris and Pothos.

The mission is a joint project with Hansopol, as the probe's design was heavily influenced by Hansopol and uses mainly Hansopolian technology, allowing it to be light, reducing payload mass without sacrificing function. It will be launched by the new Yunshu Launch Vehicle.

Chaozhe Xingxing, Head of the TSEA has stated that the mission has been a top priority for him and has also called the probe a 'marvel of engineering'

Trectomerian Ships Join Albany Fleet

5 Trectomerian ships, oncluding the PTS Kuon have been sent out to join the Albanese fleet in the Eastern Sea. They will join the UNS Philipa I and will assist in anti-piracy and to improve coordination between the two navies.

Air-Transport Issues

Last week, a P51 passenger aircraft on a route from Haibin to Hangye experienced a rudder malfunction, causing a loss of control and forcing the aircraft to land in Buji.

The issue was attributed to general wear, as the airframe is old, having been built in 2040. This has raised concern, as previous incidents such as this one have occurred before in the ageing P51 Fleet. There are plans to procure newer airframes and all P51s have been grounded for the time being until the issue has been resolved.

Third Cruiser Nears Completion

The third C Class cruiser, Yufu, is nearing its completion and is almost ready to join its sister ships, the PTS Kuon and PTS Zhulo. The C Class is the most advanced ship in the Trectomerian Navy, having advanced EW capabilities courtesy of Hansopolian tech. The ship will serve to improve Trectomer's EW ability, which has shown to be lacking in recent exercises.



The Union of Albany


Zahedan Television News: South Amerigan Archaeological Fever.

Ëndemën aderu!

Following the implementation of the new agricultural innovation projects in the southern arid lands of the country, the various universities and archaeological institutions have had to simultaneously undertake an exhaustive program of archaeological identification, collection and analysis as fossil remains, artifacts and even entire enclosures exposing the lives of the ancient residents of the once fertile valley have begun to be found from all parts of the Zahedan desert. These recent discoveries began with the accidental intrusion of Qhibam Ghanera, a date farmer from the Bir-Alkhazi Oasis, into the family mausoleum of an ancient noble family of the imperial period, finely prepared according to the cult of Sylanna with a humble grove of regal trees representing each life that rests within.

The compensation for their efforts and the surrounding land, according to unofficial sources, amounted to some ten million larkans and with this the citizenship has seen in unraveling the past a new gold mine, which has launched people of all ages and social strata to walk the desert in search of trying their luck, some even applying for border visas to explore inland the dunes of Rousania and the sands of the other neighboring countries.

So far many and very significant discoveries have been unveiled by decades of wind and stone grinding by erosion, as well as varied and elaborate forgeries that have been discarded, however in the national scientific community there is a special interest for what seems to be the main sanctuary of an extinct hieratic cult of which until now only suppositions were had and to which it has been decided to baptize as Moshel-Setza and of which it has not been wanted to specify its location until corroborating its authenticity and to protect the area to avoid the plundering on the part of the different elements of the black market of antiquities, who know that the value of the peculiarities that could be found is immeasurable because many, or so it is believed, would be part of a taboo tradition that practiced self-immolation and human sacrifices for the manufacture of liturgical and esoteric objects, being unique collection material for the most eccentric millionaires.

Adalet Zuheyla of ZTVN from Netanya's Great Library in Yiywa for the World... ¡T'eanast'ëllën!

Sovyonok News Program

Taehung-Sovyonok Military Exercise

The collaborative military exercise between Sovyonok and Taehung has been concluded a resounding success. The military exercise that ended with the military ceremony and artillery salute shows the willingness and capabilities of both nations as prominent nations in North Ameriga. This signifies more the neutrality of North Ameriga nations, that even when they both are close neighbors with great power such as Albany or Sartoria they can still stand strong, independently, and not be chained. While to some the show of force seem unpromising and dangerous, it might simply be a misunderstanding as the show of force is tradition for Sovyonok itself are rooted deeply due to the need to repel pirates, invader, and raider in age past long ago and simply as a show of Sovyonok Resilience toward the unforgiving world.

The Sword and The Knight

The controversial book known as The Sword and The Knight has been re-allowed by the government. The book noted to be monarchist leaning sentiment has been known to be banned by the old failed republic. While some of the content is still filled with many more flaws both in culture and humanities modern moral, the book as literature is considered classic due to the fact it was well received by old nobility.

Some of the elements in Sovyonok civilian society are asking for banning the book again, with the reason of the flaws of the content being dangerous for many people. But the government and states department has been reject this notion, citing that the book itself is a fine study of understanding where righteous and wrong values start and end. In a way, this is a surprising move for many as the government has been known to ban less dangerous books such as "Free under the Sun" and "Elected by the animals". In light of this, some have noted that it was actually a political move to paint the old republic as more evil than the old royals. Something that has been more prominent under the current Head Director since his rise to leadership seat.


Heiden Plans to Redraws Borders

Emperor Heiden, along with the Prime Minister, all the governors and some representatives from Parliament have succeeded in a plan to help the FE REDRAW state borders. The call goes for as the Empire's Main Island's political borders don't match any natural landscape. The current political borders were drawn in 2033, when Golden Cliffs was acquired by the FE as a Native Franconian reserve. Now, Cartographers are wondering if they messed up in the 2030s by splitting the area of the Main Island into straight lines that run through hills, streams, mountains, etc.

(Heiden): "Franconia is filled with straight lines. We shouldn't just draw lines on a map and say 'here is your map'. It should be divided with ample resources, but also follow the flow of rivers, the rolling of hills, and what kind of state border is close to a mountain peak? We need to fix this to netter understand the FE. The problem with the current political borders within the FE's Main Island is that there are too many of them too. City-States will not be completely redrawn, only parts that need to be edited."

It will take about 2 years for the complete redrawing of Franconian State borders, but renaming some may come up in a session in Parliament. From there, a referendum will be held to determine new names of Franconian States.

The New Gate Herald
February 13, 2077

NighHawks Controversy
Political fallout from the Sullivan scandal with his comments comparing the culture of Taehung to the Cambrian Empire’s militant movement. Such comparison had never been made so lightly or to make a joke since the fall of the Empire a half century ago. There were many still living who could remember what life was like under the Nox Secret Police, the Halloran Administration and the Mandated Faith. The furor had been swift as the corporate broadcaster for the NightHawks had chosen to defend Sullivan on free speech but the public had other thoughts as protests erupted days later.

A heavy handed response by Galavant Police Commissioner Marion Grange saw 35 protestors killed when a malfunctioning Aerodyne P-110 exploded with ordinance over the protest and 118 were injured and required medical attention. The response was considered heavy handed due to the use of P-110s which are considered the most heavily armed crowd control drones in use by Union police forces, the protests has to the point been exclusively peaceful. In response to the malfunction, Aerodyne declined to commend. The government declined to issue a black order to ground other P-110s and refused to comment as to whether an inquiry into Aerodyne would be conducted at this time.

As if adding fuel to the flames, Jake Sullivan in his VRCast continued his work by highlighting that the Union wished for change and liberalism but that the Conservative Party just wanted to keep the public pacified so it could gain more control. The rant continued that the people of Taehung are being brainwashed into holding their military in such high regards when they don’t have a foe they fight against. Militant ways beget more militarism. Some in the media have refused to replay snippets from the broadcast as the incendiary remarks are stirring the discourse of the national election as the left under Opposition Leader Poe have taken to defending the culture of Taehung as their own and that the Media must face the truth that the government has no longer become accountable to the public but tot the corporations such as Aerodyne, an accusation vehemently denied by Prime Minister Prescott.

Eastern Naval Operations
Admiral Beckett aboard the Philipa I supercarrier were joined in the Eastern Strait by flying drone carrier Ark Royal under Commodore Jeremiah Edwards. The Ark Royal and the 4th Fleet were joined by several Trectomerian ships for anti-piracy maneuvers across the straight. The fleet was broken into four groups with the Philipa I heading the lead group going after a pirate hub on an abandoned Cambrian sea fort. Embedded in each group were Trectomerian vessels as well to help with local insight and continued efforts of military integration.

Love Day Concert Lineup
The annual Love Day Concert in New Haven has their surprise guests announced with legendary rock group Dragons and renowned jazz singer Geraldine FitzElle as well as several other prominent Union musicians. The festival brings nearly 4,500,000 attendants over two weeks.

Government Criticizes Taehung-Sovyonok
With the two nonaligned nations having conducted their joint military exercises, the government took issue with both nations for implying that the Commonwealth posed a risk to their national interests. The bloc, as the Foreign Minister stated, was a multinational multi decade achievement of consensus, cooperation and mutual benefit of nations all with their own diverse national interests. The Foreign Minister expressed concern that both nations seemed to misunderstand or misrepresent the meaning and principles of the Commonwealth and offered to answer any questions they might need clarification on. The Foreign Minister highlighted that the only reason the Commonwealth would pose a threat is if its own were threatened by an external force.

West Taehung

Ralzawr, Sovyonok, Trectromer, and Hansopol

The Establishment of a new Duchy
February 14, 2077

After the decades of shattered planes and mountains dotted with kingdoms duchies and chiefdoms the new king has united them, rising from the ashes Inhuwaitsaint plans to bring glory to their people and the land.

The King's Speach

The People of this large region have been shattered into small regions. Dispite this just like the Holy Roman empire before us we have united into a coherent nation and Plan to dominate the continent with peace and prosperity!

Visca la Nostraterra

Chronikó tou Rítora
February 16, 2077

Fmr. Archon Architzi Dead
The family of Amalia Architzi, former Archon of the Empire (2010-2020) has passed away at the age of 109. Amalia Architzi was the daughter of Bercollese immigrants who came to Mydia following the 1950s conflict and the resulting economic turmoil of the 1960s across the Thalassic region. Amalia was born in the Mydian city of Persei on the northern coast in 1968 with two older brothers and in the resulting years a younger brother and two sisters. She attended Perseus Academy before going on to graduate from the Mydare National University in the capital with a Master in Foreign Policy and Security Management. After several stints clerking for local politicians in Mydea, Amalia was elected Mayor of Persei at the age of 28 and then regional Senator at 32, Deputy Assistant Imperial Councilor for Mydea by 36 and Deputy Archon on the winning 2005 elections ticket. Amalia Architzi served as her party’s candidate in the 2010 elections and won, subsequent reelection was achieved in 2015.

The former Archon will be remembered for her dedication to lowering the poverty rate by over 8% among the interior states and by achieving a near perfect child graduation rate for secondary education. Archon Architzi is also remembered for her time as War Archon during the first portion of the Great War that coincided with the last three years of her tenure. In those three years the Empire honored a centuries old alliance with the Cambrian Empire following incidents in the Eastern Straight, the war against Sartoria and its allies would devastate the economy and cripple the Empire’s ability to assert its dominance with the lost of three carriers in the opening months of the war. While Architizi would go on to lose the 2020 elections to the opposition, the late Archon is fondly remembered for the great peacetime efforts she achieved and the influence she had on domestic policy and liberalization of the corporate laws to focus more on the human aspect than the investor.

The planned funeral is to be a state occasion as Archon Margot Xedes spoke on national television soon after the announcement was made public stating that the former Archon deserved all honors and customs afforded to someone of her status and that the Empire had lost a great advocate for the common citizen and an example of determined courage. Outpouring of public support has been large with many choosing to leave flowers at the base of her statue that sits in the Amalia Architzi Botanical Gardens at the University of Mydea. Flags across the Empire have been lowered to half mast and will remain there until the conclusion of the funeral next week.

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