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Our Government

Selene has a small government, capable enough to handle basic functions but focused first and foremost on ensuring that the region is friendly and open for roleplaying. While the Founder has full powers over regional administration, they always make sure to consult with all members before making big decisions, except in case where urgency might be of the essence. In that sense, all members of Selene have a voice in regional matters and have the right to bright issues forward for discussion.

Who is the Founder?

Justinian Kalominos is the Founder of Selene. In this capacity they have full powers over the region, including on matters of regional and roleplay administration. Constantine Lambros is the Co-Founder of Selene and has similar authority over the region, working with the Founder to ensure that Selene adheres to its ideals of friendliness and openness.

What is the Privy Council?

The Founder may appoint certain members to the Privy Council and task them with discharging certain government duties, such as foreign affairs, roleplay moderation or general advice. Currently the following members sit on the Privy Council:

  • Parthenopias, Roleplay Councillor

  • Qastari, WA Delegate

Interested in knowing about our laws?

The Founder, Co-Founder and the Privy Council can issue laws and other regulations, all of which are deposited in the Library of Alexandria. These laws must be consistent with Corpus Juris, the basic law of the region. If you are interested in reading Corpus Juris and all other regional laws and regulations, you are welcome to click the following box.

Government of Selene (Est. 2016)

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