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The vast and mighty remnants of the lost Continent of Atlantis, standing to this day across the great archipelago of Atlas, and the many mighty kingdoms borne of her august legacy.

Welcome to Atlantis! - Founded in 2003

Welcome to the region that lies beyond the pillars of Heracles. Step inside, join the beach BBQ and swig Atlantis Spiced Rum with us, friend.

LinkOur Discord Channel | Join the World Assembly | On the Jukebox: LinkShaggy - Under The Sea

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    Atlantis Winter Games

    AccountSport by Lemmingtopias . 200 reads.

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    The Atlantis Master Dispatch

    BulletinNews by The City of Atlantis . 576 reads.

Embassies: North Pacific, Global Right Alliance, the Rejected Realms, Atlantian Oceania, Antarctica, Founderless, The Commonwealth of Crowns, Esquarium, Hippy Haven, U R N, The Free Nations Region, Tropican Islands, Deutschland, Citadel of Ricks, The Bar on the corner of every region, The Order of the Grey Wardens, and 42 others.Warzone Asia, New Hyperion, Hell, The Dawn of Unity, Libertatem, Underworld, Renegade Islands Alliance, Cape of Good Hope, Greater Dienstad, Gay, Union of Democrats, The NationStates Commonwealth, Greece, Westfalen Westphalia, The Monarchy alliance, The Independent Newspaper, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, Warhammer 40000, Dispatchia, The Grand Dominion, Lardyland, Codex Ylvus, Turkic Union, Oneid, The Slide Countries, Compatibility, Arconian Empire, Hollow Point, Celestian Prosperity Sphere, Liberty Democratic Alliance, The Illuminati, Mariner Trench, The Cult of PCHS, The Pact of Roosters, Sea, The Good Ship Pytheas, Gensokyo Grassroots Federation, Fredonia, Great Aureania, Golden Eco Friendly, Atlantis Diplomatic Lounge, and Res Publica.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Egalitarian, Enormous, Featured, Issues Player, Role Player, Social, and Sports.

Regional Power: Moderate

Atlantis contains 108 nations, the 202nd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Black Market in Atlantis

World Census agents tracked "off the books" deals and handshake agreements in order to study the size of nations' informal economies.

As a region, Atlantis is ranked 1,744th in the world for Largest Black Market.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Spacefairing Federation of The Onyx FrontIron Fist Consumerists“Through Determination and Fire We Always Shal Prevail”
2.The Fiefdom of ElinTolIron Fist Consumerists“Bringin' Crazy Back!”
3.The Democratic Republic of Primal CurrentIron Fist Consumerists“Thou shall serve the country”
4.The Assembly and Demos of MadroceaCivil Rights Lovefest“Ευημερία ανήκει σε όλους (Prosperity Belongs to All)”
5.The Grand Duchy of BettisiaLeft-Leaning College State“We Will Wait.”
6.The Atlantis Protector of Orangutang fictionInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Atlantis”
7.The Never Ending Beach Front of Doctor ZoidbergInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Nobody loves Zoidberg!!!!!”
8.The Atessa Kia'tende of TarligeanDemocratic Socialists“Tanor Tarligean (trans: Honor the Land)”
9.The Lost Civilization of Atlantis of VilitaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Atlantis has been Found”
10.The Kingdom of CushIron Fist Consumerists“My Country”
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Atlantis Regional Message Board

Lemmingtopias wrote:The coast guard are not a part of the special forces, but they certainly are special for all the work they do, including the rescue of the family that was being pursued on a small craft by tropican paramilitaries while trying to escape your islands.

We have granted your scientist and her family asylum and thank them for the information on your dodgy nuclear testing. With her help we will be better able to secure the people and environment of both our nations from the harm caused by your mad dash for nuclear weapons.

Further, we hereby immediately end all aid money and lemmingtopian government financed aid projects in The Tropican Islands, with the exception of the medical corps currently working there, Tropican exemptions from tariffs, free access to our Port for your trade and all other access to Lemmingtopian infrastructure.

Nations that can afford nuclear weapons do not need aid.

Welcome to real world, Mr. President.

"Great Calamity, Presidente," Penultimo exclaims as he storms into the Presidential Office and knocks the desk with such force that El Presidente spill his coffee down his uniform.

"What now, Penultimo?" the Presidente roars as he throws his cigar at him.

"Presidente, I have just received a telegram from the Lemmingtopians. They have...." he gasps, "they have cut us off, Presidente!"

"Penultimo, have you gone soft in the head, the Lemmingtopians and I have danced this dance for the past fifteen years. They publicly condemn us while quietly continuing to pay all our government costs."

Penultimo, raised his hands in the air as if about to wail, "But Presidente, trade ships with goods for Tropico have been turned away from the Lemmingtopian Port, the daily supplies from Lemmingtopias have not arrived, the engineers building the power plant have returned to Lemmingtopias and they have vacated their embassy!"

El Presidente's face turned a shade of purple that Penultimo had not seen before. He reached inside the top draw of his desk and took out a wired phone emblazoned with the flags of the Tropican colours. He pushed the single button on the phone and lifted the receiver to his ear. The line was dead, he had been literally cut off. Out of character, El Presidente calmly replaced the receiver and stood up, turning to the window through which he gazed over the central plaza. "

"Mobilise the National Guard, Penultimo, by sunset the people will know that we have no food or supplies... this peaceful plaza will abuzz with a coup" He turned to face his deputy and friend, "and we will be under siege."

Last night, The Presidential Palace was stormed by the people. The National Guard, realising they would no longer be paid, chose not to resist and to allow the rebels through.

El Presidente was rescued from the Palace by commandos but subsequently handed over to Lemmingtopian Forces in an exchange just off the coast on speed boats for an unspecified amount of Drachmas. He is reportedly under house arrest at his, previously unknown, Lemmingtopian villa while the authorities there decide what to do with him. His deputy, Penultimo, escaped the Palace and is unaccounted for.

An opposition Leader has replaced El Presidente but will not take the presidency, instead being named as Chair of the Interim Government. He is assisted by his deputy who happens to be the cousin of Penultimo and, by chance, looks exactly like Penultimo and, funnily enough, is also called Penultimo.

The first act of the new Leader was to announce the end of the Tropican Nuclear Weapons programme and to invite Lemmingtopian inspectors to oversee the process.

The nations main radio host, loyal to El Presidente, has called the entire affair a "cowardly act of surrender to a foreign empire which hasn't even fired a shot" and called on Tropicans to resist. As yet, no-one seems to have answered the call.

We can confirm that the Former Tropican President was handed over to the Lemmingtopian Coastal Police at approximately 0300 this morning just inside Lemmingtopian waters. While it is the intention of the government to put him on trial for his many crimes, the first judicial issues will concern to what extent the Lemmingtopian courts have jurisdiction.

We express our recognition of the new Tropican Government and look forward to more productive relations in the future. Some aid projects, supplies and finance have already resumed while others are under review.

Our weapons inspectors oversaw the preliminary disarmament procedures and then took direct control over the ongoing disarmament efforts. Lemmingtopian Forces are in the process of setting up a facility on the islands to secure the disarmament project.

We note with relief that the World Assembly's own inspectors have now recognised the Tropican Islands as a non-nuclear state.

Well! Dang!

I popped ALL this popcorn, and then no WAR!
I guess I might as well watch some paint dry.

Last week it was the Richest Poor folks; today it is the largest rich- poor divide.

Well none of the Usual Suspects are at either extreme.
A dubious congratulations to Amma for having the largest divide.
And a more enthusiastic one to Yousphan for having the smallest.

And with that we return to our regularly schedule Monday.

And now for Something COMPLETELY different...

Who do you think drinks the Most Carbonated Beverages in Atlantis?
Why it's Madrocea. (Although I made the top 10.)

Now for the other extreme...
Who drinks the least?
Why ElinTol. She obviously have a country of coffee drinkers. :)

Bettisia wrote:And now for Something COMPLETELY different...

Who do you think drinks the Most Carbonated Beverages in Atlantis?
Why it's Madrocea. (Although I made the top 10.)

Now for the other extreme...
Who drinks the least?
Why ElinTol. She obviously have a country of coffee drinkers. :)

Igor says that the bubbles in soda inhibit the uptake of... something or other.

[Igor: Definitely not thee mind controlling drugth.]

Yes, we would never embark on a campaign of mass drugging of the population, would we Igor.

[Igor: Oh, definitely not mithtress.]

I am not in a very Artsy- Fartsy mood today.
BUT today's ranking is for the Most Valuable International Artwork!

I had questions the last time this category came up, and I STILL have questions.
Such as WHAT classifies as International:
Art by a Bettisian being shown in ElinTol?
Art by a Lemming who is considered a true master by all of Atlantis, but the art is in Lemmingtopias?
If Onyx considered Soup cans to be art, would the trash in Madrocea be international art?
What if Primal Current tie- dyed (ocean safe dyes) international waters?

Four of the Usual Suspects are on the first page; none are on the last.

Congratulations to Morty Smith for claiming the top spot.
And kudos to Atlantean Industries for focusing on more important things than art.

I'm guessing it's because of the value of the trading card deck. I have some rare Season Ones, but one of them was way over-valued IMO.

Morty Smith wrote:I'm guessing it's because of the value of the trading card deck. I have some rare Season Ones, but one of them was way over-valued IMO.

I just collect those with fun names, interesting flags, or members of my region. I pretty much ignore the rarity.
~~Personally expect that some of the 'common' are rarer than the 'legendary'. :)

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