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What are the reports?

Every month the Home Office issues a report on the state of the region. These reports contain information on regional population changes, legislative and executive activity, world assembly activity, approvals rates and much more. In this page you can find links for the current and the previous report, see here for our LinkReports Archive.

Latest Report


European State of the Region Report
February 2021

Regional Population Data
Total Population: 1207 (-42)
WA Population: 480 (+9)
Delegate Endorsements: 363 (-5)
Yield Rate: 0.756 (-0.025)

Regional Officers Update
After the resignation of Einswenn, Republic of Satherland was appointed Second Deputy Commissioner. St Scarlett replaced Republic of Satherland as Second Deputy Commissioner on March 1st, winning with 48% votes in a race against Libertandonien, Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire, and Walfo.

Moderation Activity
The Moderation Committee, after a long discussion, approved the RMB Moderation Regulation 2021. Greater Bahland was banned for four month because of hate speech and spam. Eldorado2 and Tigamore were banned for two months because of hate speech. Drew Durrnil was muted for five days because of sensitive contents. The following were punished for spam: Javya a one month ban, Socialist Soviet Union of Russia a seven days mute, and Magyarostan a five days mute.

Cabinet Activity
The revision of the judicial branch is in progress. The Home Office made the new regulations for the official sponsorships of events. The Statute Law Revision Act 2021 proposed by the Cabinet was passed.

Commission Activity
Commissioner Rivierenland is working on amendment of the RMB Moderation Act 2019. First Deputy Commissioner The Kingdom of Denmark proposed to rewrite the welcome telegram to include more information on rules.

World Assembly Activity
Delegate GA Votes:



Delegate Vote

Repeal "Freedom of Assembly"



Repeal "Death Penalty Ban"



Right to Assemble



Right To Secure Digital Communication

Greater Cesnica


Whistleblower Protection Act

Boston Castle


Supporting People with Disabilities

Free Las Pinas


Repeal "Fairness in Collective Bargaining"

Sylh Alanor


Delegate SC Votes:



Delegate Vote

Commend King HEM



Commend 1 very fast endotarter

Noahs Second Country


European Government Approval Rates
Valid votes out of total votes: 15/18
Imperium Anglorum: 7.4
Regnum Italiae: 8.8
The Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth: 8.2
Rivierenland: 8.1
The Kingdom of Denmark: 5.9
Overall Rate: 13.3% Very Good, 46.7% Good, 33.3% Mixed, 6.7% Very Bad

Updated on March 1st. Population data from

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Previous Report


European State of the Region Report
January 2021

Regional Population Data
Total Population: 1249 (-18)
WA Population: 471 (-11)
Delegate Endorsements: 368 (+14)
Yield Rate: 0.781 (+0.047)

Regional Officers Update
The Kingdom of Denmark replaced St Scarlett as First Deputy Commissioner on February 1st, winning by a three vote margin against St Scarlett and Walfo.

Moderation Activity
A number of trials for spam have been carried on: a five days mute to Javya, a three days mute to Boyyyyyy and Gerlandics (which included their know alts), a one day mute to Estellan, a one month ban to Hermanduch, and a three days mute to Greater Bahland.

Cabinet Activity
The Cabinet is discussing a revampment of the whole judiciary. The Foreign Office started recruiting ambassadors and diplomats for the following regions: The Pacific, 10000 Islands, USSR, Europeia, and Osiris. The Home Office is discussing a Tutorship Program for new players. As assigned magistrate, Regnum Italiae sentenced a three months ban against Aryan Homeland for impersonation.

Commission Activity
The Commission discussed the Statute Law Revision Act 2021 (formerly known as RMB Moderation (Amendment) Act 2021) and the proposed new RMB Regulations. The Commission was informally consulted on the ban on Bulgoaria.

World Assembly Activity
Delegate GA Votes:



Delegate Vote

Regulating Remote Election Administration

Boston Castle


Repeal "International Criminal Protocol"

Greater Cesnica


Fair Treatment of Prisoners

Greater Cesnica


Death Penalty Ban

Imperium Anglorum


Protecting Sapient Life



European Authorships:
Death Penalty Ban, by Imperium Anglorum.

European Government Approval Rates
Valid votes out of total votes: 25/29
Imperium Anglorum: 8
Regnum Italiae: 8.3
The Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth: 7.7
Rivierenland: 7.5
St Scarlett: 7.5
Einswenn: 7.9
Overall Rate: 44% Very Good, 36% Good, 20% Mixed

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Electoral Debates

This page additionally hosts a link to the most recent Electoral Debate transcript. Debates are originally hosted on the #comm-debates channel on Europe's Discord and then transcripted into a dispatch. An archive for all the transcripts is currently in development.


European Electoral Debate
February 2021

The European Home Office brings you the full transcripts of the European Electoral Debate, held on the 20th of February at 5.30pm GMT+0 on the #comm-debates channel on Eurocord between Libertandonien, Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire, St Scarlett, and Walfo. The transcript was edited removing discord's quotes and tags to facilitate the reading.

The moderator's names are highlighted in orange, while the candidates' names are highlighted in blue. Questions are highlighted in italic. Editor's notes are enclosed between []. Naughty words are censored if present. The questions posed by the moderator in the first round were prepared by the whole Home Office staff.

Dizgovzy: Hello everyone, sorry about jumping the gun earlier. This is the debate for the Second Deputy Commissioner election. We'll be speaking with St Scarlett, Libertandonien, Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire, and Walfo. This election is looking to be pretty spicy so today's debate should be very important! First I'll ask that each candidate give a brief welcome, then I'll ask some questions. After the moderator questions are done I'll open it up to the floor.

Libertandonien: Hello

Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire: greetings!

Walfo: Hello, I am the Autocratic Empire of Walfo!

St Scarlett: Hello
I'm the red one [Her name on Eurocord is colored red because of her COE award]

Walfo: Are we going to answer one at a time to your questions?

Libertandonien: I hope y'all are feeling good :)

Dizgovzy: So let's get started on the first question. This one's for everyone. Let's take a short view back to the past. Last year, punishments had been handed out by the virtue of individual judgement + public opinion which made the whole process of punishments easier as one cabinet member could just ban a person without too much consideration from the rest of the cabinet. Nowadays, you have people saying that modcom is too lenient as it takes a long time to get a punishment served to a wrongdoer. A question for you all, do you think modcom is too lenient or not? Does it need change or is it good as it currently is?

Walfo: First of all, what is the topic? Of banning for spam?

Dizgovzy: "Do you think modcom is too lenient or not? Does it need change or is it good as it currently is?"

Libertandonien: It does feel like it's too lenient.

St Scarlett: I think its power should be expanded beyond simple mutes, but obviously careful consideration would need to be taken and it would likely make the process even slower

Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire: Well it definitely seems like the modcomm is perceived to be too lenient with regards to punishing spammers. As far as I can tell, people think that the modcomm is too slow to deal with spammers and isn't giving out harsh enough punishments.

Libertandonien: I agree with Sicily here

Dizgovzy: (try not to talk about spam walfo, that's the next question)

Walfo: I do believe that they are too lenient
I had more, but it was about spam, I will save it for later

Dizgovzy: Okay, so following up on that question, this is for everyone: In relation to the first question, as well as recent events, there has been confusion about what classes as spam. Such confusion led to an argument between government officials on the RMB and the Commissioner at the time leaving the region. Do you believe that spam needs to be better defined? Or is the current definition more than suitable?

St Scarlett: What's the current definition?
I assume it's the whole "content that doesn't add anything thing" but I don't think there's a clearly stated definition tbh
Which maybe needs to change

Dizgovzy: Current definition is unsolicited or meaningless posts.

Libertandonien: The meaning of spam should be better defined

Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire: I definitely think people have a problem with enforcement rather than the definition itself.

Dizgovzy: See RMB Regulations 2021, section 2.9 for the official definition.

St Scarlett: It's a delicate thing, you don't want to ban stuff completely but it is annoying to see the same single word posts over and over again or people spamming deliberately despite being told to stop
Maybe we should add a basic RMB rules section to the WFE so people who don't want to look through all the laws can get a grasp on how we run things

Dizgovzy: We already have one

St Scarlett: Oh yeah, it's pretty new too
Then it's more fixing the definitions

Libertandonien: If not already added, we should explicitly mention the point of not interacting with spam-nations

Dizgovzy: So the candidate is suggesting updating the WFE to include more RMB rules?

St Scarlett: For something that is so highly debated "posts whose contents are meaningless and unsolicited" is perhaps not detailed enough

Libertandonien: Agreed

Walfo: Spam is the act of purposly peppering public communication areas with offensive, or meaningless dribble/comments. Spam must be defined as people who make comments, or purposly break the rules for there own enjoyment and to the detriment of others. I belive that Modcom should receive support to combat this larger than life problem. If somebody makes a spam or spammy comment, the comment should be reviewed, and if it is a first time infraction, a warning. But if a person that has been given SEVERAL warnings continues, they should recive a mute or ban. If anyone makes a racist, homophobic, or attacks someone on purpose, they should recive a immediate mute for a investigation, and in a obivous situation, a ban.

Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire: [To Diz] I'm sorry for being a bit ignorant here, but I can't seem to find that particular thing

St Scarlett: There is already a separate section for defining 'defamation' in much greater detail, so why not add another for spam?
The defamation explanation also includes details on what doesn't count as defamation which might also be useful for spam

Dizgovzy: So would the candidate amend the RMB regulations to add such a section if elected?

St Scarlett: Yes
With help and discussion from others because we really need to get a solid definition down
and I don't think that's a one person job

Walfo: Nations should be educated immediately when joining the region (Welcome Telegram) on what spammy activity is, and taught why not to engage in it more explicitly.

St Scarlett: Maybe community input too

Libertandonien: I agree with Scarlett here

St Scarlett: [To Walfo] Kind of hard to do that with how many we get in every day, but we should maybe have more welcome posts with a link to the rules

Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire: I'd like to reiterate my position that I think people are more concerned about enforcement than the law itself

St Scarlett: Terminus Lambda used to do big welcome posts for every new nation every few days or so
Maybe we could set up a home officer to do something like that

Walfo: [To Scarlett] Fair enough, this is what I am thinking as well.

St Scarlett: Or multiple home officers to take it in turns

Dizgovzy: Noting the claims of hypocrisy by some, would the candidates opt for the punishments of "regulars" and other old nations for spamming?

St Scarlett: Nobody's above the law :sunglasses:

Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire: Everyone is equal before the law

Libertandonien: Everybody should be treated equally

Walfo: One of my ideas is to create specific positions in the Home Office to combat spam, as well as creating a Eurocord channel for explicitly investigation and reporting spammers.

Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire: [To Walfo] So you believe that the current report system is insufficient?

Dizgovzy: Forgive the hypothetical I am presenting, but say IA were to spam by posting "asdfghjkl" or something else that falls under the definition of spam that is implemented in your term. What would you do?

St Scarlett: [To Walfo] We already have the mod comm channel though, I feel like it would become redundant to have two channels of that nature

Walfo: [To SICE] No, I just belive that more action should be taken to make a larger system.

St Scarlett: [To Diz] We'd have to mute him, or ban him if it got bad enough
Then we'd have to deal with the chaos of getting a new delegate
But IA isn't a god appointed king so he isn't above the rules

Walfo: [To Scarlett] Well then, positions should created to help the system along, as well as help Modcomm deal with the massive amounts of spammers.

Libertandonien: [To Diz] Telling him to not post spam

Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire: I'd say that if IA were to spam to a degree that gets others banned, then he would get banned. After all, to reiterate, nobody is above the law. Nobody

Dizgovzy: Walfo, you say that positions should be created to help the system along. What do you think the role of commissioner should be if those positions are created instead?

Walfo: [To Diz] These positons would be new, and created to combat spam above anything else to help Modcomm. The commissioners could act as moderators to the postion, relay messages to officals, as well as partake and run elections for said positions.

Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire: [To Walfo] That just sounds like appointing more commissioners tbh

Walfo: [To SICE] These officals will not hold positions on the region page, but run and watch the channel for spam comments on Eurocord, as well as create ideas for combating spam itself.

Dizgovzy: One more minute and we need to move on, please.

Walfo: I also am currently putting in the works a conference to be created to discuss spam as a NS community. Representatives from major regions will meet and share ways they combat spam, and work together to find new more efficient ideas for the good of the future of NS.

Dizgovzy: Okay, this question is for everyone
"The last election saw a popular regular being replaced by a new player, do you think Europe is ready to replace the officials it has known for so long for new members that don’t pack as much experience compared to the regulars? Do you see this as a good time for change?"
I saw that :yum: emoji >:(

Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire: Honestly, if the people of Europe think a long time official needs to go, then it's their choice.
Who am I to challenge the democratic process?

St Scarlett: That's due to a change in demographics, I personally don't see it as the sole reason to replace someone. Whoever is the best candidate should win and that depends on who the people want

Dizgovzy: I should note I have created NONE of these questions. They were all written by other HO staffers.

St Scarlett: Experience is valuable too but new faces should be able to get a foot in the door

Libertandonien: I personally believe that there should be some change

Walfo: Change is nessesary, and having new blood inducted into the system should be reguarded as a triumph not a detriment. If you are elected the people trust you to do good, and if you win, you work as hard as your predecessor. Also, me and KoD have similar ideas, and are working together on this election.
[To Scarlett] You put up a good fight!

Dizgovzy: Funny you mention that Walfo, as that's the subject of the next question:
This question is for Walfo "In the last election, you told your voters to switch to KoD, helping him jump Scarlett in votes and win the election. What influenced you to make that decision?"
And here's a related question for Scarlett "With a strange twist of events, you lost your previous election to KoD thanks to Walfo’s action. Do you think that this is partly due to your lack of a clear program, to a decrease in your popularity or to a mix of more causes? Do you think that your pro-establishment stance helped you or worked against you?"
St Scarlett in case you didn't see it yet ^

Walfo: [To Diz] Simply this, a political stratagy used by the United States of America is for decades, that when a president runs, and you lose your party nomination, you ask your supporters to join the party ticket to take down the other (As shown in the 2020 Election). I knew that either of us had a slim chance if we stayed apart, so working together was the key. I know that he would have done the same the other way around. I am back to gain my position, and work to become a offical in Europe to make it a better place.

Dizgovzy: A question for Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire: "You disclosed that you have previously participated in raids with The Black Hawks. What is your opinion on raiding, and Europe’s neutrality in the NS community?"
And while we're at it, a question for Libertandonien: This election, like last one, seems centered around the issue we have with spam and newcomers. What exactly is your opinion on this situation? What motivated you to present yourself as a candidate?

St Scarlett: I had a clear program, it was just that I wasn't being harsh enough. I know I initially lost votes from people like Orient because I was being too lenient on spammers and trying to keep the status quo despite the degrading quality of the RMB. It was also because many of the voters are new and do not know me, while a lot of the people who do know me have become a lot more inactive on the RMB and so there was less reason to re-elect someone who's been around a while

Dizgovzy: So do you think you've learned from that and have a refined gameplan this election?

Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire: [To Diz] Ah. Well first, I'd like to mention for anyone currently tuning in that my last raid was 4 years ago, before I CTE'd for 3 years. Now, in terms of raiding, I think that raiding is an unfortunate event that plunges regions into chaos and destabilizes NS as a whole. I only partook in it back in 2016 because I thought it was "fun." Now, on Europe's neutrality, I think it's great that Europe is a strictly neutral region. It means raiders aren't going to target us, and it means we won't provoke raiders or other regions into attacking us. This policy also stops hostile Europeans from invading other regions with their fellow nations, which I think is great for everyone. So overall, I approve of Europe's neutrality, as it ensures peace at home and abroad.

Dizgovzy: There's one more personal question I have to give, to Walfo: "Looking at your election disclosure, you say you "led a region for a school purpose for a couple of months and then it fell out of order and collapsed. Do you believe this collapse was to do with your leadership?"
Not sure about that question ^ but I wanted to give them all

St Scarlett: [To Diz] I have taken a harsher view on it because I always felt it was somewhat necessary but wanted to keep up a more tolerant appearance. I see now that harshness is what people want.

Libertandonien: [To Diz] I want to decrease spam with explicitly adress of it and a faster process of punishing if one has broken the rule.
Sorry for the late response

Walfo: [To Diz] No, it simply collapsed for lack of interest.

Dizgovzy: That's what I would have figured. That wasn't the greatest question.
Okay. So it looks like that's all the moderator questions to give.
If anyone wants to ask anything, ping me in #commission!

Libertandonien: Also, after seeing all the elections Europe held, I myself wanted to participate in one and show the region my ideas for it

Dizgovzy: A question from Republic of Satherland for everyone!: "To everyone: How important do you feel endorsements are to one's competence as a Commissioner, and why?"

St Scarlett: They're irrelevant, they've got nothing to do with the job and neither does the influence they generate.

Libertandonien: A commish shall not be judged by the number of his endorsements, but by his character

St Scarlett: Considering people endorse you just for endorsing then it hasn't got much to do with how competent you are

Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire: I feel like endorsements are more of a symbolic gesture than one that marks competence.

Dizgovzy: And a question for Libertandonien from the Hon. Commissioner Rivierenland: "Lib, do you think that the more newer demographic will be more keen to vote for you, considering that this is your first election?"
That question also applies to SICE btw

Libertandonien: I think so

Walfo: [Referring to Diz’s previous question] This is probably for me, because I made a comment in my election statement. Endorsements elect our delegate, and although in these elections that does not matter, to get endorsements you need support, and you gain that through endorsements. K, no need to brag.

Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire: Ehhhhh. Not really. I think new players see me trying to act like a regular and think that I'm one of them. I don't exactly act like a new player, after all. At the same time, though, to touch on something that was never asked, I think my appeal to regulars is limited at best, since I'm still too "new" to really be part of Europe's regulars (which imo are a club of older or more established Europeans)

[Rivierenland interrupts the debate with some comments]

Dizgovzy: Riv.
No talking here please.

Libertandonien: [Referring to his own previous post] I'm arguably also one of the more popular nations in Europe, which will likely affect it

St Scarlett: [To Walfo] I don't think you need support for endorsements, most people endorse anyone

Dizgovzy: Walfo, you say that people gain support through endorsements. If that is true does that mean over 300 people support GanymedEuropa?

Walfo: [To Scarlett] True, but as shown in the past with Jim, sometimes you need the respect of others.
[To Diz] No, it is a number, but the support for the endorsement is just a button and a game mechanic. You need to support someone by giving them a endorsement, but I does not tie you to any promises.

St Scarlett: [To Walfo] Jim lost respect by asking for endorsements

Walfo: I removed it from the dispatch, it is kinda misleading.

Dizgovzy: To everyone: What is your opinion on the current state of the Statutes, and would you aim to amend any existing pieces of legislation?

Walfo: [To Scar] Once again removed it, that is the end. My mistake, we are Europe the endorsing capital of NS, and we endorse everyone not for respect. GOT IT!

St Scarlett: They're ok, I personally would write them in more simple English but that's not how this region runs things and nobody wants to re-write them all
I don't think anything needs re-writing right now
except maybe the definitions of the RMB rules

Libertandonien: Agreed

Walfo: Agree with scarlett everything seems in order.

Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire: [To Diz] I'm going to be honest here and say that I'm not knowledgeable enough to have an opinion on every piece of legislation. In general, I think it's fine since most people think it's fine. It's just that people seem a bit uppity about spam as of late, and if that means they want stricter spam laws, then so be it.

Dizgovzy: Okay, thank you everyone for participating. I'm getting called up to do some chores so good luck in the election, and keep campaigning! this concludes the debate

Walfo: Make sure to read my statement, that you all! page=dispatch/id=1508552
Interesting debate everyone!

Libertandonien: I wish everyone good luck in the election! [blush emoji]

Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire: Thank you to the people who watched this debate. I'd like to quote Vermin Supreme here for my final statement since this debate ended early, "a vote for me is a vote completely thrown away."

St Scarlett: May the best win :smile:


Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire
St Scarlett

Additional Questions:
Republic of Satherland

Read dispatch