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Welcome to Europe


What is Europe?

If you haven't already heard this from the Delegate, people on the RMB, &c., Welcome to Europe! Europe was founded in November 2002 shortly after the emergence of NationStates. We are an extremely ancient region, but that doesn't mean an old dog can't learn new tricks. By the way, if you want to learn more about the history of our region, click here!

Quite clearly, we are named after the real-world continent of Europe. In many ways, the people who come to Europe hold those values dear, as does our government. We are committed to freedoms and liberties and here is the place to be part of that endeavour, that European project.

Why Europe?

Why should you stay in Europe? What is there to love about our region? Well...

  • We are one of the oldest, most influential, and most powerful regions in NationStates. Here, you can be part of one of the few and only legacies which stretches back to the foundation of NationStates!

  • We are one of the few regions with a free endorsement policy! Europe entrusts its security to its residents, not to some artificially created and rigorously enforced endorsement cap. We encourage you to endorse and be endorsed by your neighbours to both elect the Delegate and maintain Europe's freedom!

  • Europe is neutral! We stay out of the eternal interregional conflict and the gameplay of raiders and defenders. Peace and neutrality reign in Europe (guaranteed by Europe's immense endorsement system and our active founder).

History of Europe

Europe was created in November 2002 in the days and weeks after the creation of NationStates. Unfortunately, nobody is available to tell us more about the early days. Regardless, Europe is so old that when we were founded, we had no founder, since regional founders had not yet been added into the game.

In the early days, Europe was a massive region, with over 700 residents. As part of the first wave of regions, it was also part of the early days of raiding, and after a particularly nasty raid, the Delegate at the time, Schumania, was appointed Founder of the region.

However, after Schumania ceased to exist, the raids restarted and EuroFounder, the current Founder, was appointed Founder of the region. Since those fateful days in 2003, he has remained as Founder ever since, watching and protecting the region as it grew and contracted, reaching highs of over 820 nations and lows of just 310.

Europe has always been neutral, uninvolved with the conflicts which wage outside. The region remained at peace while the fires of the 'Great War' between the New Pacific Order and the Pacific Army. The region has remained at peace while Pacifics fell, as Pacifics were recaptured, as the first DEN organised, as the raiders gave way to the Black Riders, and as the Black Riders themselves have fallen.

We survived those early days, never refounded, never ending. From the Delegacies of Gallantaria to Alsted, Europe has remained forever and we shall always until the sands of time have wiped the silicon of NationStates's servers into the dust.

Europe has influenced the United Nations and the World Assembly. Our Delegates have come up in the questions of NationStates, so far as TV Tropes saying that 'Present WA superpowers (Type A) include Just Guy and Alsted', the latter being one of our most illustrious former Delegates.

The current and former Delegates of our glorious region have kept the peace and have build a region of hundreds of nations. So, welcome to Europe and see what part you can play in one of the most ancient and exalted regions of NationStates. Together, we can make history.