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Home Office


What is the Home Office?

The Home Office is comprised of the people responsible for making Europe a better place. Anything which happens inside the borders of the region is under the purview of the Home Office, such as polls in Europe, maintaining the RMB, preserving the security and stability of the region, retaining residents, and operating our democratically-informed governmental structure.

The Home Office is where you'll see most of the decisions in Europe which affect you, since it is the Office which directly affects residents of Europe. With malice towards none and charity towards all, the role of the government in the region is nothing more than to facilitate a better time in the world of NationStates for all players.

News Portal

The European Gazette
State-sponsored newspaper

Home Office Reports
Official state broadcasting

Private regional newspaper (inactive)

LinkEurope Media Union
State media (inactive)

Building a Better Europe

The Home Office's main mission is to build a better Europe. To that end, it runs polls, retains residents, and helps new players find their footing in NationStates. If you want any assistance or have any complaints about Europe, please telegram the Delegate or the Home Secretary immediately!

If you want to get involved in the mission to improve and better Europe, telegram the Home Secretary or the Delegate today! If you have any poll recommendations, we are always trying to inject new conversation into the public discourse (and you'll get your name on the poll as well, so recommendations)! If you want to get involved in the security of the region, there are steps you can take to protect the region and defend it from any possible invasion as well.

Currently, the Home Office is active through four different initiatives:

  • Law and Order, continuously monitoring the RMB reprehending offenders, welcoming newcomers and helping residents in need;

  • Culture, fostering the community development through regional monthly and yearly events;

  • Transparency and Communications, keeping the residents informed on how the government works, on what its officers do, and organizing electoral debates;

  • Education, helping new players in their first steps through a tutoring programme and vademecums.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Europe have an endorsement cap?

    No. Europe is one of the regions which has long decided to preserve its security and its safety through endorsement swapping rather than a mandated endorsement cap. This works due to the large number of WA nations in Europe and the integrity of its own residents, making it unlikely that a bad delegate comes into office. You are free and encouraged to pursue as many endorsements as you would like.

  2. Does Europe have a constitution?

    Europe has a constitution in the form of the Government Act 2017. This has also been extended upon in an ad hoc basis by further legislation, such as the Government (Reform) Act 2017 and the Government (Council) Act 2017. A Government Act is a stock title for Acts of reasonably constitutional nature.

    The Government Act 2017 lays out the form of government, effectively, as a parliamentary constitutional monarchy. It recognises the in-game powers of the Founder, Delegate, and regional officers as part of 'executive discretion', possessors of which are part of the executive. It creates the European Parliament, made up of all WA members in the region (also known as electors, because they elect the Delegate) and grants it the power to create new laws. It also creates a European Council to adjudicate and interpret those laws.

    The Government (Reform) Act 2017 creates a Commission, which is granted authority to call polls before the European Parliament. They are the officers of that Parliament and elected by its members.

    The Government (Council) Act 2017 empowers the European Council to exercise judicial review powers to prevent illegal or law-breaking actions by other parts of the government.

    You can read all Europe's laws in Linkthe Statutes.

  3. Is there citizenship in Europe? Why can only WA members vote in Parliament?

    Yes and no. Unlike many other regions, Europe regards citizenship and electoral enfranchisement as a question of a person's ability to vote in policy polls. This voting ability is the European Parliament. All WA residents in Europe may also be referred to as Electors or Members of Parliament; they enjoy such protections afforded to them by law.

    Suffrage is restricted to WA members to prevent puppets from voting since every player can only have one WA nation.

  4. How can I get involved?

    We have a nice dispatch which details those things right here! If you want to get involved with the government, simply telegram the Delegate, Imperium Anglorum, or other members of the Cabinet for more information! There is always something to do, from writing dispatches such as these to creating exciting poll topics or joining in our WA programme!

    Foremost, however, you should join our Linkcommunity forum. It is where we handle the majority of our more fine-grained discussions about the government. There are also lots of roleplaying opportunities and other fun things in our sister community as well!

    You can also get involved in European legislative affairs by election to the Commission! The Delegate sends out a message on the 15th of every month calling for candidates to the Commission. To apply, you must be a resident and a WA member.