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The Home Office makes available for all new players a number of tutors to get acquaintant with the region, our community and its customs. Among their duties, a tutor will assist you in your first steps and answer to all of your questions. For more basic needs you'll find our official Vademecums at the end of this page.









Do you need a tutor? Just send them a telegram stating your intention and your tutoring will begin right away! Alternatively, you can always contact Regnum Italiae for having one assigned to you ex officio.


Vademecums are, as the name itself suggest, a collection of basic informartion on a specific subject. Here you can find our assortment of vademecums for easy finding and reading.

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    Law and Rules Vademecum

    Europe is a large region with over 1,000 nations. In order to keep the region welcoming and a good place for nations to settle down, Europeans must abide by a few rules.
    This vademecum will define in detail what the main laws and rules are in Europe so you can get the most out of the region without causing a fuss.

    What are the main rules of Europe’s RMB?

    There are two signature rules that nations must obey on the regional message board (RMB). They are no triple-posting, and no roleplay.

    Contrary to many other large regions, we do not prohibit double-posting on the RMB, but we draw the line at triple-posting. Europe is a large and active region, so to ensure the RMB is not oversaturated with single nations, we limit posting to two consecutive messages. If you’ve already posted two messages, it shouldn’t take too long before someone else posts a message so you can post again. Alternatively, you can always edit your post to include more information.

    Roleplay is also not allowed on the RMB. We aim to keep the RMB a place that is easily accessible by newcomers who could find large amounts of in-character (IC) posts dealing with pre-established lore intimidating. Roleplay is allowed off the RMB, such as in private telegrams, on Europe’s off-site forum, or in the dedicated channel in Europe’s Discord server, Eurocord.

    Other important, though less broken, rules include: no hate speech, no threats, no defaming of others, no linking to malicious content, no joking about or exalting of violent acts, no malicious quote-editing, no spam, no flaming, no sexually explicit content, no recruiting players to other regions, no harassment or doxxing, and no solicitation or encouragement of other players to break any of the above rules.

    What other laws are present in Europe?

    Europe has a long history, and part of that history includes extensive development of the region’s laws. In a detailed Google Doc looked after by our delegate, Imperium Anglorum, there are close to 90 pages of European law. These laws cover everything from government transparency and judicial integrity, to electoral procedure and interregional treaties.

    In most circumstances, these laws don’t affect the day-to-day happenings in the region and not being familiar with these laws shouldn’t be a problem for most players in the region.

    However, for players who are interested in running for office as part of the Commission or for players who wish to submit a bill for the region to vote on, it may pay to have an exploration of the laws that are currently in place.

    What are some Helpful Resources?

    Explanatory Notes on the RMB Moderation Regulation: page=dispatch/id=1526018

    European Statutes:

    Written by Yahlia

    Read dispatch


    Community Vademecum

    Europe is one of the oldest regions on NationStates that is still active! We have an active WA Delegate and Regional Government since our inception in 2002! Our region is home to over 1,000 nations and is always busy!
    This Vademecum will define in detail what our community is about, how you can get involved, and helpful resources for community engagement in general!

    What can I do in Europe?

    Good question! Europe’s active RMB is usually a good place to start. We also have a Regional Forum and an active Discord server.

    The Home Office hosts events for the community as well. Monthly Events (typically on Discord — Trivia and Games) to Yearly Events (such as writing contests or flag contests), with Sponsored Events thrown in for good measure (such as Eurovision).

    Roleplaying is also an enjoyable experience that anybody may enjoy! Please keep in mind that roleplaying is restricted to the use of factbooks and references. This is done in order to make the RMB clean and simple to read. You may also roleplay with individuals through telegram and factbooks, as well as other methods! That includes using our Discord or Forum as part of that.

    Elections and governance are another thing to undertake in our region! Every month, Commissioner elections are held, and anybody can run if they follow the easy processes outlined in the statute. Commissioners have the ability to organize exciting polls in which anybody can vote! There are also the Home and Foreign Offices that assist in the management of the region; if you want to get involved with any of these, make sure to identify the correct persons to inquire if they are recruiting (typically the Secretary of Undersecretaries for that roles)!

    Oh, and there's one more crucial piece of information! Europe has the most number of endorsements! Endorsements are a way for players to increase their influence and their Delegate. That is to say, endorsements are both a tool to safeguard Europe's security and a way to build influence to protect that security. Each endorsement further strengthens Europe's position in the World Assembly, since the Delegate receives an additional vote for each endorsement. As a result, Europe's interests will be better represented, and the region's prestige will be enhanced. They also foster camaraderie and a sense of belonging among all members of the European community in order to foster friendship and a more cohesive society.

    How can I get help if I need it?

    There is a diverse community ready to assist you whenever you want assistance! There are various methods to ask for help if you ever need it! On the RMB, you can always ask others your questions. Another option is to contact individuals via Discord. We also have a competent Regional Government to whom you may direct any questions you may have.

    When you have a question, don't be hesitant to ask it. We're here to help you! If you need anything, just send us a telegram.

    What are some Helpful Resources?

    Information on the Regional Government: page=dispatch/id=502154

    Useful Sites and Utilities:

    Useful NS Codes:

    How to Endorse:

    Discord Server (Eurocord):

    Community Forum (Europe Game):

    Read dispatch

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