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WA Delegate: The White Sands of Yoh-en-Boeit (elected )

Founder: The Nomadic Peoples of African Bushman

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Most Nations: 714th Most Rebellious Youth: 882nd Most Cultured: 985th+18
Most World Assembly Endorsements: 1,110th Largest Black Market: 1,268th Highest Economic Output: 1,279th Most Influential: 1,443rd Most Devout: 1,512th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 1,737th Most Advanced Public Education: 1,795th Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 1,831st Smartest Citizens: 1,834th Highest Poor Incomes: 1,849th Most Beautiful Environments: 1,850th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 1,855th Most Inclusive: 1,924th Largest Governments: 2,051st Lowest Crime Rates: 2,119th Nicest Citizens: 2,153rd Healthiest Citizens: 2,155th Most Corrupt Governments: 2,165th
World Factbook Entry

Welcome to North Africa!
We welcome peoples of all races, colours, and creeds to our lands!

Regional Government



  • Minister of Defence: Swaithlying

  • Minister of Mediation: Open

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Open

  • Minister of Economics: A New Liberia

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Embassies: The Sea Of Love, East Africa, South Sudan, Arab League, West Africa, Rojava, Worldly Debate Region, India, Central Africa, The Great Universe, The Arab League Congress, The Turtle Isles, Minnesota, United States of America, Somalia, The Graveyard, and 5 others.Jerusalem, Israel, Africa, Association of Liberal Democratic States, and Middle East.

Tags: Mercenary, Featured, Medium, Neutral, Casual, Independent, Role Player, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Moderate

North Africa contains 21 nations, the 714th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Greatest Rich-Poor Divides in North Africa

Nations ranked highly have large gaps between the incomes of rich and poor citizens. Nations low on the list have high levels of income equality.

As a region, North Africa is ranked 3,232nd in the world for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Tsarist Empire of BlumariaCapitalist Paradise“Patriotism Purity Prosperity”
2.The Corporate Oligarchy of YouhavediedofdysenteryCorporate Police State“All your base are belong to us”
3.The Friendly Pricing of Khat DealerCapitalizt“Khat sold here”
4.The Empire of AbrinamIron Fist Consumerists“Prosperity Can Only Be Achieved By Faith In Sacrafise”
5.The Nomadic Peoples of African BushmanLibertarian Police State“The Gods must be crazy....”
6.The Rogue Nation of KazanakCivil Rights Lovefest“Ave Mars”
7.The Nomadic Peoples of Saif Al-Islam GadhafiFather Knows Best State“Long live Green Libya”
8.The Democratic Republic of AljazaireFather Knows Best State“State Of Aljazaire”
9.The Nomadic Peoples of African TaxiInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Yes we have room!”
10.The Democratic People's Republic of A New LiberiaLeft-wing Utopia“Pro libertate et salute omnium.”

Regional Happenings


North Africa Regional Message Board

Statement of the Selim of Foreign Affairs

We regret the actions of President Sukovic concerning the eviction of Dorianterrasian citizens and the shutting down of the Dorianterrasian embassy. The Ambassador of the people of the Free Parliamentary Republic of Dorianterras has been treated with disrespect and not shown proper diplomatic etiquette. Need I remind, soon to be former, President Sukovic that he is the representative of the people of Dorianterras? A slight on him is a slight on the nation.

President Sukovic holds the government and the people of Dorianterras responsible for the acts of an internet group that is not publicly affiliated with any nationality or governmental entity. As far as the government of Dorianterras is concerned, Incognito neither represents the people of Dorianterras nor has it broken any laws, whether local or international. They are merely people who are sick and tired of autocratic regimes dictating their lives.

Whereas the government has been officially neutral regarding the conflict in Blumerico, war criminal Sukovic has gone rogue and just as we interfered before with his mad plans, we are interfering again. Sukovic has made enemies in the region and has even alienated his friends. Dorianterras is committed to peace in the region. We believe that Blumerico has a bright future ahead of it; a future where Sukovic is not necessarily a part of it. Therefore, we have decided to evict all Blumerico diplomats from Dorianterras, while observing the laws and basic etiquette concerning foreign officials and provide free satellite internet to the people of Blumerico

Thank you. The floor is open for questions.

Earlier that day in the special government meeting for the crisis in Blumerico.

First Selim: "Interfere with his communication. Use the backdoors. Shut down his government and his military as best as you could."

Official One: "We will do what we can. If he finds out that it's us then he might declare war."

Official Two: "He might declare war, but his military is too occupied at home."

Official Three: "Can we reach out to Incognito? Maybe they can take the blame for this?"

First Selim: "They operate independently. We cannot rely on them. Also, I do not want the government to be in touch with this group. They have been causing problems for us since that fiasco with Swaithlying."

Official Three: "We will start with providing the rebels with military intelligence then."

BREAKING: Tsar Mobilizes Blumarian Military, Drills Underway Near Blumaria-Blumerico Border

The Empire has become increasingly disturbed over the situation unfolding within our southern neighbor, Blumerico. We have enjoyed an interesting history with our interlinked peoples, but the violence and instability could have serious and threatening ramifications on our border regions, which includes major economic centers and cities. Recognizing this, Armed Forces of the Empire are activating in immediate readiness with a division and several mechanized battalions set to drill along the border.

We tacitly accepted the No-Fly Zone initiated by President Trump in -america, but continued foreign encroachment in our sphere is considered an unacceptable escalation. Let it be known, we are ready and willing at moment's notice to intervene in our interest, to protect our citizens and territory. We are not calling on President Sukovic to step down, but his reaction has been unwarranted and we demand an immediate cessation to violence.

SBC News: In a shock upset for pollers everywhere, the USSS public today voted in Katherine De Franco as the newest Premier of the nation. Her right-wing party, the SNA, has wrested control from the Socialist parties for the first time in the 85 year election history of Swaithlying. There are many fears of what may happen to the nation following this, as mass unrest was reported following this announcement. De Franco's first order as Premier was a surprise to many; she declared that Swaithlying would increase the size of its military, altering Mark Zist's budget cuts to the armed forces the year before, which she stated was intented to protect Luskia, a protectorate of the Swaithlying Socialist Union, though many political opponents are claiming this move to be merely appeasement for left-wing followers, as De Franco would likely be more interested in fully absorbing protectorate's like Luskia, which is still suffering from heavy firing within its major cities, into Swaithlying. She also announced her plan to move combat troops into the troubled nation of Blumerico, with immediate effect, though De Franco was keen to emphasise that this was a police action to protect the "beleaguered and suffering" people of Blumerico, and followed this up by saying that she was hoping to co-operate with President Sukovic on restoring order to the nation and instilling peace. Whilst glossed over by the SNA party and Katherine De Franco, it is also worth noting that the name of the nation of Swaithlying was formally altered from 'United Socialist States' to 'The Union of States', with its offical motto altered to "Strong in heart, powerful in body"

OOC: Merry Christmas North Africa! Hope you guys all have a good day.

Abrinam wrote:OOC: Merry Christmas North Africa! Hope you guys all have a good day.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

SBC News: It has today been announced that the Swaithlying army has officially crossed the border and entered Blumerico on it's eastern border, moving troops into major cities to protect citizens dwelling within, and as of this report no further incidents have occured in the cities protected by our troops. In the meantime, the war in Luskia continues, with the 3rd Division fighting scattered revolutionary forces in ground assaults, though the revolutionaries are losing ground to the Swaithlying army, once again reassuring the people of the Swait protectorate. Katherine De Franco, newly elected leader of Swaithlying, is attempting talks with revolutionary leaders to de-escalate the 'unnecessary violence and destruction' in Luskia at this time. In other news, the Wessexville Warriors will return to the American Football Grand Final for the first time in over a decade, as they go toe to toe with the North Island Norsemen for the SFL final. SBC News, 6 o'clock.

"Miss De Franco, why do we continue to wage war in Luskia? Surely our resources would be better spent attempting to assimilate Blumerico?"

"Because if we can wear down the socialists within Luskia, we'll have our largest protectorate as we want them, freed from the idiocy and bureaucracy of far-left economies. In time, so shall Swaithlying be. We'll be the greatest and most powerful nation in Swaithlying, and those fools in Yoh-En-Boeit and Dorianterras will have no answer in the face of our economic and military might"

"Will Luskia be enough?"

"Hmm. Good point, actually. Maybe we ought to send some undercover agents into Vietslavijia as well? Chip away at the foundations of the Red Bastille itself. We're in a good agreement with them, we don't want to ruin it, but it will ensure that, in the end, the Red Bloc will be in name only."

"Is this really what Swaithlying wants though?"

"Perhaps not. But I am not here for what Swaithlying wants. I am here for what she needs"

SBC News: Swaithlying troops are now scattered across the many towns and cities of Blumerico, in a bid to regain stability in the nation, and police actions have been used against Blumericon citizens.

What has happened while I was away. I feel like I haven't seen Blu in years. Malavia here too?

A New Liberia wrote:What has happened while I was away. I feel like I haven't seen Blu in years. Malavia here too?

There is a big RP going on. We have been on vacation since Christmas. We will resume, I just don't know when yet.

Dorianterras wrote:There is a big RP going on. We have been on vacation since Christmas. We will resume, I just don't know when yet.

Yup, we all went pretty quiet over Christmas XD

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