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Most Nations: 390th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 1,465th Largest Black Market: 1,591st+2
Most Rebellious Youth: 1,684th Most Cultured: 1,901st
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Welcome to North Africa!
We welcome peoples of all races, colours, and creeds to our lands!

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Embassies: Syria, United Empire of Islam, Africa, The Graveyard, South Sudan, Iran, Vatican II, Central Eastern Europe, USSR, India, Israel, Weed, The Ascendancy, Global Powers, South Africa, The Franco Spanish Empire, and 33 others.Eastern Roman Empire, God, Antifa, Occitania, Right to Life, West Africa, Republic City, The Grand Old Duke of Pork, East Africa, Hezbollah, Central Pacific Empire, Laissez Faireholm, United States of America, League of Christian Nations, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Sufism, The Island of Mythology, League of Cobalt Nations, The Illuminati, The Sea Of Love, The Savage Garden, The Rose Garden, Confederacy of Egalitarian Democracies, ITALIA, Free State of Wisconsin, Westphalia, Ozymandium, true africa, Eran, Rojava, The World of Remnant, Matheo, and Confederation of Former Reborn States.

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Regional Power: Moderate

North Africa contains 34 nations, the 390th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Trout Fishing Sector in North Africa

The World Census conducted frenzied haggling with fishmongers in order to determine which nations have the largest fishing industries.

As a region, North Africa is ranked 10,052nd in the world for Largest Trout Fishing Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Free Parliamentary State of DorianterrasLiberal Democratic Socialists“Justice, Freedom, Equality”
2.The Constitutional Monarchy of -Andur-New York Times Democracy“Enadil eth Juhdis (Prosperity and Justice)”
3.The Kingdom of Leon the FirmFather Knows Best State“We know what we want and where we are going”
4.The Nomadic Peoples of Tuareg NomadAuthoritarian Democracy“Nomadic Warriors Of The Sahara”
5.The Theocracy of Al-Shabaab MilitantCorrupt Dictatorship“Al-Shabaab for Sharia in Somalia”
6.The Nomadic Peoples of Saif Al-Islam GadhafiFather Knows Best State“Long live Green Libya”
7.The Corporate Oligarchy of YouhavediedofdysenteryCorporate Police State“All your base are belong to us”
8.The Commonwealth of African Defense ForceDemocratic Socialists“Defending African Interests”
9.The Community of North African Order of VioletIron Fist Socialists“Only Violet Can Dictate Us”
10.The BOYS of Bitterne ParkDemocratic Socialists“MAKE BRITAIN BACK ABOUT BRITISH”

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As Foreign Minister of the Central Pacific Empire, I would like to cheerfully inform all of our friends in North Africa that the CPE has a new Emperor! Per our Imperial Succession Laws, The Federal Republic of Latin and Central America is now our Head of State.


OOC: Looks like some interesting RP has come about as of recent! Could anybody give me a quick run down of recent events so i can get involved effectively. Good to be back as always.


The National Socialist Empire of Abrinam wrote:OOC: Looks like some interesting RP has come about as of recent! Could anybody give me a quick run down of recent events so i can get involved effectively. Good to be back as always.

A New Liberia had a nice summary post some time ago. I'll find it for you and repost here.

The Democratic People's Republic of A New Liberia wrote:Sure thing Viet! Here's the conflict so far:
The thing really began with a minor verbal altercation between Zist of Swaithlying and The Kingdom of Leon the Firm. Swai leader Mark Zist accused King Leon of supporting the "Order of Violet", a large but fractured (at least at this point) religion that holds churches in many nations of the region with millions following the faith, and their economic and political infiltration of the Swai public sector. King Leon denied all allegations, citing that crony capitialism was not a thing in his kingdom. While the altercation was resolved and both states bear no animosity towards each other (at least it seems), it is still held that the Order of Violet is attempting to reach into many areas of Swai life, possibly to influence and establish a Violet state. A few days later, an incident occurs during the Lake City Grand Prix in Swaithlying where Violetist demonstrators ran out into the track, potentially harming themselves and drivers (though no one was harmed, luckily).
The increased activity of Violetism prompted responses from the other nations of the Red Bloc and Swai's communist allies, The Post-Soviet Republic of Saharan Liberta and The Democratic People's Republic of A New Liberia. New Liberian Commissioner Andwen Riah had declared that Violetism may be becoming problematic and stated that New Liberia would declare them a terror organization and institute laws and actions against the religion should their actions turn violent. Libertan Premier Avalov stated that Saharan Liberta would follow suit and example. After these threats, The Democratic Republic of Papon absolutely slammed the nations of the Red Bloc, calling these actions a step backwards and accused them of human rights violations. This led to a verbal conflict between the Libertan Premier and the Paponese president Amie Dubois.
Well, fast forward a day or two and a riot breaks out in Florenta, Swaithlying, consisting of disgruntled Violetists. Statistics coming out of Swai showed that about 50 people were harmed and a large amount of collateral damage took place. Swai's allies followed through with their threats and Saharan Liberta became the first to outlaw Violetism, installing absolutely brutal provisions against them. A New Liberia also installed provisions against them, even though they're a little more lax than Saharan Liberta's.
This brutality prompted the Violet churches region-wide to band together and form an actual organization, the North African Order of Violet or NAOV for short. the NAOV is shown to be governed by a council of Church-Heads who appointed an ambassador and official face of the organization, Kincade Hivasi. The NAOV is currently attempting to beg the Coexistence alliance and any other sympathetic nations for any aid applicable, and Hivasi is preparing to leave for the Yoh-en-Boeit capital of Nashete, where he hopes to plead the NAOV's case to Coexistence. No one has answered the NAOV's call as of yet, but it hasn't been that long. The NAOV officially denounced violent Violetist action in 'peaceful' nations, but said nothing about the Red Bloc, something that could inspire violence itself.
As of now, Violetists are getting rounded up and imprisoned in A New Liberia, some are even being executed in Saharan Liberta. Papon, who lambasted the entire Bloc for their actions, has yet to make a statement or take further action on the matter. Swaithlying has yet to institute any provisions against Violetism, but is instead denouncing the NAOV, and calling for them to present evidence of Swai's abuse of the people of Violet faith, reminding them that the Swai government has not outlawed their practice while still fighting extremism.

As for what has happened since then:

1) Papon tried sending ships to A New Liberia, Saharan Liberta, and Swaithlying to evacuate their native Violetists. This was poorly received by most, particularly since it meant armed ships entering their waters without permission. Saharan Liberta jumped on high alert and began to militarize against the Paponese 'invaders'. Swaithlying made reasonable complaints, but took no violent action (both parties still at a standstill as I understand it, but Papon has formally apologized). A New Liberia meanwhile decided to back down, realizing Papon meant well, and allowed the ships to take their refugees as long as they caused no trouble and went with an armed Liberian guard.

2) In response to the Violetist plea for help, Coexistence convened and decided to hold a peace summit in Yoh-en-Boeit. All 3 of the above 'aggressor' nations were invited to attend, as were the top Violetist representatives. Both A New Liberia and Swaithlying have agreed to attend in the hopes of avoiding another Great War. Saharan Liberta has not responded.

3) Swaithlying, A New Liberia, and Yoh-en-Boeit have all sent private communications to each other that no one knows about. A New Liberia wants to assassinate the leader of Saharan Liberta if he attends the summit, for fear he will become the next Commissoner Flood (Malavia's evil period). Yoh'm Boeit is willing to let him do so, if with regrets, and Swaithlying is dead against the idea. Yoh-en-Boeit meanwhile has tried to convince both nations to join Coeixistence if fighting does break out. Swaithlying has stated he'd rather remain allies with Saharan Liberta and the rest of the red block for the moment, even if only timidly. A New Liberia hasn't responded yet.

4) Youhavediedofdysentery is fabulous. There's a really good Donald Trump joke or two in her post if you scroll up a bit. Was a crowd pleaser. ;)

OOC: Trump has wet dreams about being a economically sound as Dysentery.

Bitterne Park and Swaithlying

That's............... arguably ;____________; And that makes me sad in a 'dear god, someone please export me from this country!!!!' kind of way.


Just to note that Swaithlying has accepted the formal apology from Papon, responses coming later.

SBC NEWS: Swaithlying has once again been subjected to an attack by members of the extremist wing of the Order Of Violet, as a car bomb exploded in St. George City today, killing three and injuring twenty. The government is now coming under flak for it's recently moderate stance to the terrorist wing, being called 'weak' and 'unprepared to defend the people of the USSS'. Mark Zist has yet to formally address the nation following this attack, but Swaithlying is believed to be waiting for the upcoming Summit between itself, other Red Bloc nations and various member nations of the Coexistance Alliance, before any formal action is carried out. SBC News, 10 o'clock.

Wish I hadn't eradicated my military.

Guess I'll be pulling a Switzerland here chaps.

Empire News:
Following recent events occurring across the region involving the Order of Violet religious group the Chairman has made the decision to take action in the interests national security and in preserving the national faith in the Vatican and the lord. Despite the number of people considered to be following the order of violet in Abrinam is currently believed to be very low, Chairman Rosdean has issued executive orders to shut down any places of worship for the Order of violet and to make organising in large groups illegal for followers of order. The Abrinam Empire is already subject to extensive laws minimalising forms of non Catholic worship though most other religions are currently aloud to practise if discreate from the general public. The Chairman is claimed to be concerned by what has taken place in the region and would like to control the faith group from growing within Abrinam. Though no official statistics are known it's is believed there whilst numbers in greater Abrinam are low, there could be higher numbers of Violetists in the Southern territory where data bases on the population are still largely incomplete. The Empire have condemned NAOV as religious crusaders hellbent on establishing religious dominance in the region. The Secretary of State for Faith preservation has said that NAOV 'will not poison any part of the Empire' and that he has word from the Chairman that if he felt national catholsism was in anyway under threat 'further action would be taken'.

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