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Operation Northern Light

La République Africaine d'Mombombu
- Executor of Africa -
Operation Northern Light

Date: (2022/5/20)

The Northern Light Ribbon is awarded to all nations who took part in this special military operation.

My fellow Africans, tonight I can confirm to the world that Africa has successfully completed a military operation to liberate and refound our Sister Region, North Africa from the insidious grasp of The Brotherhood of Malice.

Founded on April 9 2010, North Africa quickly became one of our region's closest allies. At that time, both governments (as well as the governments of East Africa, West Africa, South Africa, and Central Africa) were committed to the idea of creating a Greater Africa, a community of African regions united in a common culture.
Unfortunately, with the CTE'ing of our own Founder in 2017, followed by the CTE'ing of theirs in 2019, coupled with being distracted with our own refounding, needless to say these plans fell apart.

Since that time North Africa has been subject to occupations by The Black Hawks, Lily, and The Brotherhood of Malice. Well now we can proudly proclaim "no more".

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our brave defenders, never again shall one of our Sister Regions feel the humiliation of living under the flag of a foreign imperialist.

And now, we will recognize the brave soldiers who made this victory possible.

Liberators of North Africa

Mombombu, Supreme Commander

Legionnaire Panther, Native Commander

Zambique, Trigger

Realm of Abbadon, Defender

Tanzanique, Defender

Zemrai, Defender

Zer Mid, Defender

Siertzeland, Defender

Talialand, Defender

Myeass, Defender

Zulu Impi, Defender

Bless the Rains,