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Persia News Agency - Kabul

Persian Troops begin entering Islamic State of Afghanistan as part of Tehran-Kabul Agreement

Following the exiting of American troops from Afghanistan, Tehran and Kabul signed a cooperation pact that will fill the void left by American troops in Afghanistan by Persian troops. Major General Qassem Suleimani has already traveled to Kabul to oversee the arrival of Persian troops and discuss with Afghan officials.

"We will do anything we can to help our Afghan brethren in their time of need. The Americans didn't care for this land, nor its people. They plundered the land and destroyed everything in their path. However, I want to assure the people of Afghanistan that they are in good hands now. No longer will your families be killed by soldiers during your marriages. No longer will your soccer stadiums be used for executions. No longer will your wealth be plundered by Western troops. We were once one nation, united under one flag. And now, although we are separate, we will move forward together as one people with one goal, and that is the return of the Middle East to its inhabitants. Inshallah, we will help our Afghan brothers back on their feet and help them reclaim their rightful place among the community of nations." said the Major General during a press conference in Kabul.

Persian troops will also oversee training of Afghan troops in counter-terrorism exercises. Many have speculated that the arrival of Persian troops in the country could mean the end of the Taliban once and for all, despite talks between the Afghan Government and the Taliban in Qatar. No official comment regarding the Taliban has been made by Tehran.

The deal will also see heavy Persian investment into Afghanistan, especially in regards to modern infrastructure and education. Persian companies have already lined up ready to make inroads into the Central Asian country, with the mobile carrier Irancell already close to a deal.

The two countries have long shared a close relation, with both of them being involved with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO).

May 21st, 2019 - Kabul, Afghanistan

Post self-deleted by The Turkish-State.

    |El País - Madrid |
    Todas las noticias


      Socialists seen winning most seats in European election

        Spain’s Socialists were seen winning the most seats in European Parliament elections on May 26, followed by the conservative People’s Party (PP), according to a poll by GAD3 published by ABC newspaper on Monday. Spain’s Socialists, which won a national election on April 28 without a parliamentary majority, were seen winning 20 seats in the upcoming election, or 30.3% of the vote. That would be six more seats than in the 2014 EU election. New far-right party Vox was seen winning its first representatives in the European parliament after winning its first seats in the national parliament last month. With 7.8% of the vote, Vox would get five seats in the EU assembly according to the poll, the first major survey carried out since the national election. PP would be second, but with its number of seats dropping from 16 to 12, after it lost more than half its seats in the national election. The center-right Ciudadanos would see its number of lawmakers jump from 2 to 10. The poll of 830 people surveyed between May 3 and May 6 also showed right-wing and left-wing coalitions would win the same percentage of votes in municipal elections also due May 26. The poll did not spell out which municipalities they could win.

          Catalan jailed MPs attend Spain parliament opening

        Four of whom are lower-house MPs and one is a senator. The Spanish parliament has not witnessed such an event before. The four MPs swore to uphold the Spanish constitution, but called the oath "a legal obligation" and demanded freedom for "political prisoners". As they spoke, far-right and right-wing MPs shouted and hammered on benches. Reporters say the noise - mostly from far-right Vox MPs - drowned out the Catalans' oaths.The parliamentary authorities are expected to suspend the four Catalan separatist MPs, urged to do so by the conservative Popular Party (PP) and centre-right Ciudadanos. The four MPs - Josep Rull, Oriol Junqueras, Jordi Sànchez, Jordi Turull - and senator Raül Romeva are on trial for taking part in Catalonia's push for independence in 2017. The Spanish Supreme Court decision to let them take up their seats in parliament under police escort was condemned by Catalan separatist leader Carles Puigdemont, a fugitive in Belgium. They won seats in the Spanish general election on 28 April, in which the Socialists came top, but without a majority. A dozen leaders of Catalonia's failed 2017 independence bid are on trial in Madrid, facing charges including rebellion and sedition. If convicted, some could face up to 25 years in prison. The semi-autonomous region of Catalonia held an independence referendum on 1 October 2017, which Madrid had earlier declared to be illegal. The Catalan separatists declared independence from Spain weeks after the vote, and the Madrid government then imposed direct rule. Spain's 1978 constitution speaks of "the indissoluble unity of the Spanish nation". The Catalonia crisis is considered the most serious to hit Spain since the fascist Franco era. Mr Puigdemont and five of his aides fled abroad to avoid the Spanish judicial crackdown. They face prison if they return to Spain.

    Amplifying Danish Current Events to the World


    A massive break in Danish political status quo was made as a result of the results of the 2019 general elections officially released last Thursday and declared by the Royal Electoral Commission. For the first time in Danish politics, a single party gained more than 40% of the seats in the Folketing, and that goes to the right-wing Danish People's Party or DPP. A whopping 57 seats all went to the DPP, which is more than enough to form a purely homogeneous government section though parliamentary convention still requires the ruling party to form a coalition with other parties, therefore, it is likely that the main government coalition with the Conservatives and the Liberal Alliance, which got 10 and 17 seats, respectively, will be formed as announced before.

    While the DPP and its allies enjoying their rise, the opposition parties experienced some diminish in their seats. From 46, the Social Democrats now has 42 seats, the Red-Green Alliance has 11, and the rest had lost either one or three seats. However, the most devastating decline of seats goes to Venstre, the core government party as it's the home party of the Prime Minister. From its current 34 seats, they only now have 19 seats, a 15-seat decline which brings them back to 1987 where they also had the same number of seats.

    Statistics from the Electoral Commission's turnout results shows that only Vestjylland remained loyal to the Venstre with a faint presence in Nordjylland whereas their former seats in the other regions now solely belong to the DPP. The statistics also maps the divide between North and South Denmark due to the fact that Sydjylland, Sjaelland, Syddanmark, and Landsel Hovedstaden regions swung unanimously to the DPP and the North remained as is during the last general elections.

    Moving on to the representative seats for Greenland and the Faroe Islands, they too also had some noticeable change. The Greenlandic separatist party, the Nunatta Qitornai, had lost their only seat only to be taken by another separatist party, the Inuit Ataqatigiit which is their first time to dominate the Greenlandic representation to the Folketing. The Faroese Republic Party and the Social Democratic Party both kept their seats.

    At the conclusion of the elections, the Royal Electoral Commission declared the single-server system as a complete success in reaching its goals to fast-track the results, only taking them roughly 2 days to seal the results. Voter turnouts for this general elections only rose up by 2% from 85% in 2015 to this year's 87%. No reports of election-related crimes or disturbances was received by the Politi, declaring it "safe as usual" again.

      • Danish People's Party - 57 seats

      • Social Democrats - 42 seats

      • Red-Green Alliance - 11 seats

      • Venstre - 19 seats

      • Liberal Alliance - 17 seats

      • Conservative Party - 10 seats

      • Alternative - 7 seats

      • Socialist People's Party - 6 seats

      • Social Liberals - 6 seats

      • FI Republic - 1 seat

      • FI Social Democratic - 1 seat

      • GL Inuit Ataqatigiit - 2 seats

    As the party's leader, DPP Chairman Kristian Dahl is expected to take the Prime Ministership, but not without the Queen directing him to form a government.

JUNE GENERAL ELECTIONS - Rise of the Right-Wingers

    As the people had spoken very clearly, the right had taken over the government in a degree that modern Danish politics had never seen before. The populist Danish People's party was able to garner enough seats to dominate the Folketing, which means they have the capacity to push for programs without much opposition within the coalition when compared to a minority government coalition. This is vital in the DPP's 10-point plan (page=rmb/postid=34920248) which consists of massive political and cultural reforms that no minority government can push. Now that the right had their climax in Danish politics, it is still unsure of how they'll direct Denmark in a new direction, a direction that's not the left.

Post self-deleted by Tau Falberis.

Viva La France

The French Armed Forces is hoping to move the military budget up to 2.5% by next year to further strengthen it's capabilities and ensuring the security of the French Republic. Under President Macron, the government is seeking to ensure France's global presence. Though some policies have become more right-wing Macron has stated that the preservation of French culture and living is important - As the burning of Notre Dame enlightened the French people to understand the majesty of their culture and history.

    We have stood in the forefront of European history, rivalled only by some of the continents mightiest. We must remember our place as a state of freedom; The birth place of true modern democracy. France is a nation that has shaped and fashioned the world to how it sees fit, not too different from that of the British. I look to the former colonies of France, nations whose people seek residence in our great state. If you want to be French that could easily be arrange - As we seek a united France under Paris in all of it's glory. But alas it is no longer possible to reconquer what was the French Empire. Fortunately we do not have to. We will reestablish greater relationship with all past colonies, and ensure that we repent all mistakes.

Manuel Macron believes that the French Nation is not only that of what is confined within the French Republic, but also that of those all over the world who has French roots in language, culture, or heritage.

Police Arrest Youth Involved in Clash at Katamso

CNN Indonesia | Wednesday, 22/05/2019 20:21 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - Police again arrested a young man suspected of being part of a mass involved in Jalan Brigjen Katamso, Slipi, West Jakarta. The man became the officers' months when he was escorted to a safer place. The man was arrested after members of the police pushed forward towards a period that had been throwing stones at them and shooting at officers using firecrackers. Now officers at Jalan Brig. Gen. Katamso appear to be loosening their guard by allowing the masses to advance toward the police barricade.

Clashes at Katamso have occurred since the afternoon. Police who fired tear gas were returned by the masses with stones and firecrackers. Riots also occurred in front of the Bawaslu office, but the riots there did not last long. Some of the masses who marched in front of the Bawaslu began to disperse. Others still survive. Later the situation in Bawaslu was back in chaos. Officers throw tear gas at the crowd to disperse.

TRT Sports

Prime Minister Salih Enveroğlu hosts 25 time Süper Lig Championships Galatasaray in Ankara

Galatasaray, for the 25th time in its prestigious history defeated rivals Beşiktaş 3-2 to secure another victorious season. Galatasaray now not only the first Turkish team to reach three, four and now five stars. The Prime Minister, life long Galatasaray fan was over the moon with the victory tweeting in support of his team. Manager Fatih Terim of Galatasaray lifting his 10th championship with the team, a record for any manager in Turkish History, adding it to his illustrious career which includes a UEFA championship. During the photo op for the press, the Prime Minister was gifted an honourary jersey reading "30 Enveroğlu". After gave the team a tour of Çankaya Mansion, he spoke to the media now sporting his new jersey where he once more congratulated Galatasaray and wished them luck in the upcoming Samsung Cup which Galatasaray looks to win for the a record sixth time, double over the second most successful team in the Samsung Cup, Persepolis. The Turkish Football Federation also finalized the eight teams that would take part in this years Samsung Cup from the Turkish side. The first four from the Süper Lig are Galatasaray, Beşiktaş, Denizlispor and Selanik FK. While the four from the TFF First League are Osmanlıspor, Altay SK, Çetinkaya Türk SK and Fenerbahçe. Many Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe fans have taken to social media regarding the inclusion of Fenerbahçe as they were relegated in from the Süper Lig in 2017-18 and finished third this year in the FFA, two spots shy of promotion. Many of the fans excited to see the possibility of a Galatasaray vs Fenerbahçe match in the Samsung Cup, to write another chapter in the Eternal Rivalry.

      UNIAN news

      Yatsenyuk took inauguration in Verkhovna Rada

      23rd May 2019


    Ukrainian president, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, took his oath in the Verkhovna Rada Building on the 22nd May.

    The new Ukrainian president, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, took the presidential oath in the Verkhovna Rada Building yesterday with the witnesses of 450 members of the parliament. Closed by the Peresopnytsia Gospel and the Constitution of Ukraine.

    In the inauguration day, President Yatsenyuk also mentioned that he will do his best to suppress the corruption in the Ukrainian government and re-write the out-dated, broken constitution of Ukraine, and strengthen the relationships between Ukraine and NATO nations, but he is still considering the joining of the EU.

    Many Ukrainians, especially in the west and central, massively celebrate Yatsenyuk as the new president. In Lyiv, 50,000 citizens parades on the streets of Lyiv and launching fireworks at the town square of Lyiv. Meanwhile, reports had shown that nearly 60,000 Ukrainian Russians were searching for immigration and decides to leave Ukraine due to the tough policies of Yatsenyuk towards Russians in Ukraine.

    Yatsenyuk also promotes Ukrainian industry, by investing and encourages the Ukrainian enterprises and industries to produce Ukrainian-made products, especially in the military, which Yatsenyuk wants to fully equip the Ukrainian Armed Forces with Ukrainian weapons.

    Professionals have also commented about Yatsenyuk's "Ukrainiazation" policies, which can encourage the motivations in Ukrainian's national industries, but it won't have a long-term development for Ukraine unless it's backed by a strong and powerful constitution.


      Слава Україні! Героям слава!

Expensive Airplane Tickets, Damri Passengers Forecast 10 Up Percent

CNN Indonesia | Thursday, 23/05/2019 21:05 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - Public Company (Perum) Damri estimates a 10 percent increase in passengers for inter-city bus transportation (AKAP) in this year's Lebaran period compared to last year. The high price of airplane tickets was allegedly encouraging people to switch to using bus transportation modes. President Director of Perum Damri Setia N Milatia Moemin said that the increase in passengers could still increase considering that not all of the people bought tickets back and forth. However, he has not been able to provide detailed data on the increase in passengers because it requires consolidated calculations from all branches. "There is a slight jump in demand between provincial cities (AKAP), there are around 10 percent. There has been an increase but we expect even higher because it is getting closer to Eid," he said, Thursday (23/5).On the other hand, he said the increase in the price of airplane tickets suppressed the number of passengers for bus services to the airport (airport). The decrease in passengers reached 30 percent-40 percent.

Nevertheless, the decline could be covered by the increase in passengers in other Perum Damri business lines, especially the AKAP segment. Perum Damri itself has seven lines of business, including city transportation, inter-city transportation, inter-border transportation, mode-integrated transportation, travel or tourism transportation, logistics transportation, and pioneer transportation."Indeed, it was felt that when ticket prices were very expensive, people might change their mode. But for us on the one hand there was a decrease in sales, but on the other hand we also carried out fleet management," he added. Especially for Lebaran transportation, Perum Damri provides 192 units with 4,247 rites serving inter-city or regular passengers. The company targets 103,203 passengers for regular transportation. In addition, the red-plate transportation mode company also prepared 150 aid buses with 1,047 races. This aid bus can accommodate passengers up to 23,071 people.

Perum Damri also prepares local fleet services of 166 units with 4,417 households. This local bus service can accommodate passengers up to 111,763 people. This BUMN also claimed to have synergized with 40 other State Milk Enterprises (BUMN) that provided free homecoming. A total of 843 fleets with a total capacity of 42,552 passengers were prepared for the synergy program with this BUMN. "We also provide free homecoming with the target of 300 travelers using seven fleets," he said. At present, Perum Damri is recorded to have 3,000 fleets for all segments. With the number of regional office branches reaching 59 branches.

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