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Hujambo and welcome to Africa!

This piece of land gave birth to humanity

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Founded in 2003, we are one of the oldest and friendliest regions in NationStates.
Along with a friendly roleplaying community, we possess a strong regional government, off-site chat, and hold contests and giveaways!

Greater Africa

Sister Regions: North AfricaWest AfricaCentral AfricaEast AfricaSouth AfricaBlack History

Bless the Rains

Embassies: India, Alcris, Enadia, United States of America, Northern Africa, Gypsy Lands, Christmas, The Reich, Novo Brasil, Greece, Greater Middle East, Libertas, The Bar on the corner of every region, The Great Experiment, United League of Nations, Algeria, and 17 others.Zimbabwe, Union of Christian Nations, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, Melayu Archipelago, Union of Democrats, Novus Lucidum, Vermont, The Monarchy alliance, Asia, Central Africa, Warzone Africa, Black History, St Abbaddon, Russian Africa, North Africa, Zulu Strip One, and Southfield.

The embassy with Warzone Africa is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

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Regional Power: Moderate

Africa contains 166 nations, the 130th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Drug Use in Africa

World Census experts sampled many cakes of dubious content to determine which nations' citizens consume the most recreational drugs.

As a region, Africa is ranked 13,157th in the world for Highest Drug Use.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Rogue Nation of ChileviloLeft-wing Utopia“We Will Endure”
2.The Republic of ZimbeziaCivil Rights Lovefest“Uhuru na Umoja”
3.The Zulu Queendom of Queen SilomoAnarchy“Ngizokushaya Wena”
4.The Democratic States of Volta LakeCivil Rights Lovefest“My Volta!”
5.The Republic of New SalenilAnarchy“Strength Through Freedom”
6.The Principality of De LeurScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Peace, Love, and Roses”
7.The Protectorate of CyrenecaBenevolent Dictatorship“Trade, Productivity & Security”
8.The Multifunctional Nomadics of KoekeloerdersDemocratic Socialists“Kijkt ende ziet.”
9.The Empire of LilwayniaCivil Rights Lovefest“Colt 45 and 2 zig zags”
10.The Liberated Land of Black RevolutionariesLiberal Democratic Socialists“All Power to the People”
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Africa Regional Message Board

bye I’m leaving the region

When the world was young and Adam and Eve yet lived in land of plenty and birds and beasts were numerous and covered the whole world and God gave all things beautiful voices to sing his praises, the nymph Melusina, daughter of Scotland's Majesty and the nymph Pressina, lived in the district of Poitiers in the realm of Francia. How she came to be there is forgotten to the children of Eve, but there in the forest of Coulomb, she courted the sire of the land, RAYMOND, of LUSIGNAN.

Raymond pursued her from her stream through the forest of Coulomb and sang to her sweet verses of his own composition and she let him give chase, but his words did not sway her, and thrice she vanished until he rent his clothes and tore his hair from the roots and ground his teeth to shattering for frustration. Then the Virgin, who hates to see love unrequited, sent to Raymond the seven muses: music, poetry, tragedy, dance, erotica, prayer, and comedy. They wove for him a song so potent the birds in aer swooned and the beasts of the earth capered about gaily and the trees and ferns sighed and shuddered.

It captured the heart of Melusina and on that spot they were married, and she raised for him the castle Lusignan and bore him HUGUES, Lord of Lusignan. From Hugues was begat HUGHES, Lord of Lusignan, Second of his name. From Hugues was begat HUGHES, Lord of Lusignan, Third of his name. From Hugues was begat HUGHES, Lord of Lusignan, Fourth of his name. From Hugues was begat HUGHES, Lord of Lusignan, Fifth of his name. From Hugues was begat HUGHES, Lord of Lusignan, Sixth of his name. From Hugues was begat HUGHES, Lord of Lusignan, Seventh of his name. From Hugues was begat HUGHES, Lord of Lusignan, Eighth of his name. From Hugues was begat AYMERY, Lord of Jerusalem.

Aymery's wise counsel and martial prowess swayed Guy of Jerusalem who named him Lord and set him over the fleet of Cyprus and put him to use against the fell powers of Mahomet who dominated those lands. Therefore, at the famed Battle of Tangier he won renown for his King and his God and smote down the fleet of Seljuq the Great. Aymery was proclaimed Lord of Cyprus by the impressed citizenry, so the Bishop CONRAD anointed him King thereof and through judicious marriage he ruled Jerusalem besides and was King of the Orient.

May be some semblance of the wisdom of his grandsire Raymond remained in him for he cunningly ensnared the Mamlukes of Egypt who had thrown down the foxy Saladin and divided the realm between themselves in a treaty to guarantee the salvation of the Orient from Mahometans, and then Aymery lived in peace and plenty to the end of his days. From Aymery was begat HUGHES, King of the Orient. From Hugues was begat HENRY, King of the Orient. From Henry was begat HUGHES, King of the Orient, Second of his name.

Then the Raymonides might have ended for Hughes was only succeeded by ISABELLA, a quine, but God would not have it so and gave her son HUGHES dominion of the Orient. Hughes brought the Principality of Antioch into the Crown of the Orient through his sire. He took up the family name of his grandsire and ruled justly and left behind GUY, King of the Orient. From Guy was begat HUGHES, King of the Orient, Fourth of his name. From Hugues was begat JACQUES, King of the Orient. From Jacques was begat JANUS, King of the Orient, so-called the Great, for he threw back the Saracen hordes many times and won dominion over the selfsame Principality of Cilicia that had been lost by his relation, LEON, and appended it to the Crown of the Orient.

Janus left a son, JEAN. Jaques bore a daughter, CHARLOTTE, Queen of the Orient, who was deposed by her brother, JACQUES, with the help of Godless Saracens. Jacques had one surviving son, JACQUES, King of the Orient, the Third of his name, a babe in arms who was foully disposed of by parties unknown, an innocent victim of the consequences to his father's treachery.

CHARLOTTE, landless, could not survive on the meagre salary of her lord husband LOUIS, so the King of Castille took pity upon her and invested her Lord of Madrid with the arms of the Kingdom of the Orient and a pledge of support. Her marriage was not fruitful, but she raised ALONSO D'ARAGONA as her own son and married him to her cursed brother's daughter CARLA to solidify the connection. Upon her death, Alonso became Lord of Madrid and the Raymonide kings lived no more but by bards' tales.

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Republic of India

Rail Line from Bilaspur to Leh

GoI will spend a whooping 11.2 Billion USD to build the important Rail Line which will connect Leh to Himachal Pradesh and hence to rest of India. This 498 km line will reduce the time taken to travel between Delhi and Leh to Two Days as compared to current 4 Days it takes to Drive via Manali-Leh Highway.

Indusians wrote:-snip-

hoo r yoo, y r yoo here

Kirinyagaa wrote:hoo r yoo, y r yoo here

Pardon but I did not properly understood you, I just joined Africa's discord, I know you guys back from 2020, have been quite a long time since I visited the region to see whats happening

Indusians wrote:Pardon but I did not properly understood you, I just joined Africa's discord, I know you guys back from 2020, have been quite a long time since I visited the region to see whats happening

smh cancle -_-



Hujambo! Welcome to the first ever edition of Africa's own song contest, AfroVision! Similar to the famed Eurovision song contest from the fake world out there, we are here to chose the best musicals from the whole of Africa! What are you waiting for, let's signup today itself!

June 22 - June 27 : Sign-ups
June 28 - July 2 : Voting
July 3 / July 4 : Results

Signup Form:
Nation Name:
Artist (NS):
Link to Song:
Artist (RL):

Instructions for Sign-ups:
Fill the above form with your nation name (first), your artist's name (second, this is a fictional character), link to the song (third, preferably link from YouTube), Real life Artist's name (Fourth, the real singer/composer). After filling the form as instructed, send them to the host Kirinyagaa through Telegrams or DM them in discord in their ID, Indusse#2211.

Instructions for Voting:
After the closure of the Sign-ups, the host will telegram every participant with the voting form. The participant then has to fill the form before the deadline. A participant is not allowed to vote for themselves in the voting form. If this happens, then the participant is considered disqualified.



Artist (IC)

Song - Artist (OOC)



Simon Mbawatini

LinkAfrica - TOTO


New Cowley

Louise Anne Calderón Blanchard

LinkSólo El Amor Duele Así - Kaia Lana




LinkGangsta's Paradise - Coolio


Lower Nubia

Losef Massoud

LinkDown Under - Men at Work


South Caprivi


LinkMaster KG Ft. Nomcebo



Bari Shakaradi

LinkCheerleader - OMI


United Republic Cape of the Palms


LinkLa Isla Bonita - Madonna

English - Spanish

Cobra Sahara

Airat Al-Suhut Sadfan Tayam

Link Resistance Song - Unknown


Republic of Animalia

The Eye of Terra

LinkEarth Song - A.L.E.K.S


Democratic Algerie


LinkYa Rayah - Rachid Taha



The Yuna Vampires

LinkLay All Your Love On Me - ABBA



Harald Foss

LinkVed Stanford Brua - Harald Foss


Outremer Latin


LinkDie Eisenfaust am Lanzenschafth - Unknown



Tabletom Kat

LinkBohemian Rhapsody - Panic! At the Disco [Original by Queen]


Bless the Rains!
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Final Participant List Published!

Republic of India

Assisting the Lower Nubian Navy

The skirmish between the pirates and LNS Ben-Amer have highlighted the increasing piracy issue in the region which threatens free travel in the red sea and also between Europe and Asia. Hence India have declared that it will also play a part in dealing with the pirates and assist the Lower Nubian Navy by deploying the following ships of the Indian Navy to the affected area near Horn of Africa:

INS Kochi (Kolkata Class Destroyer, Flagship of the forces in the region)

INS Tabar (Talwar Class Frigate)

INS Teg (Talwar Class Frigate)

INS Aditya (Aditya Class Replenishment Oiler and Repair Ship)

We request nations around Horn of Africa to also join hands and defeat the Piracy in the region, if the oceans are safe, then everyone is safe.

Fimgobia wrote:I'm Back!

Welcome back.

Jamahiriya TV; Public Announcement 30/6/2022,

The National and The Green Revolution Leader Gaffafi, The National Vice President Cobra_XRX, Game Developers Department, Game Planner Department, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Ministry of Civil Defence and The Ministry of Defence opened a new official statue representing the brave and critical war of both rebels. People around the city are putting decorations for the upcoming parade. GDD and GPD is currently learning new scripts and will send to the leader to test out. The event date will be given on the RMB chat and Discord chat

افتتح القائد الوطني والثورة الخضراء قفافي ، نائب الرئيس الوطني Cobra_XRX ، إدارة مطوري الألعاب ، إدارة مخطط الألعاب ، وزارة الخارجية ، وزارة الدفاع المدني ووزارة الدفاع تمثالًا رسميًا جديدًا يمثل الحرب الشجاعة والحاسمة كلا المتمردين. الناس في جميع أنحاء المدينة يضعون زينة للعرض القادم. GDD و GPD يتعلمان حاليًا نصوصًا جديدة وسيرسلان إلى القائد للاختبار. سيتم تحديد تاريخ الحدث على دردشة RMB ودردشة Discord

Kankundo's Inducement to join the C.D.P. (Cooperative Defense Pact).
During the late localities on the east African coast, the investment of Kankundo would have a better ranking of #3 on Africa's Ecobook.
The Affairs of State, and the Chancellor would make a stop to request a consolidation to the Cooperative Defense Pact.
The President Applied With:
وحتى لو كان الاتفاق المربح والمتعلق بالميزانية على ساحل شرق أفريقيا لابد وأن يكون، فإن حكومة كانكوندو يمكن أن تطلب هذا التحالف الضخم المنهك. "Even though the profitable, budgetary pact this east Africa's coast needs to be, our Kankundo's government could have a requestion for this massive, overwhelmed Alliance.". Editing the profit would make a change and a challenge to this bestiary alliance.
على الرغم من أن هذا التحالف كان إسلاميا ، إلا أنه يمكن أن يكون مربحا لصحرائنا ومدننا ، والأهم من ذلك كله ، حكومتنا. إذا انضممنا إلى تحالفنا ، يمكن للكتل الأرضية الأخرى أن تلهم عملنا. وتحدث كما يحدث على درجة عالية من العمل. "Even though though were Islamic, this alliance could be profitable to our desert, cities, and most of all, our Government. If we join our alliance, the other landmasses could inspire our work. And Take Place as a highly working transpire." Working as a economic steam engine could make this confederacy grow.
The Affairs of State questioned: وقد تكون هناك بعض الصعوبات في الانضمام إلى هذا الاتفاق، الذي قد تكتسبه أقليات أخرى وتجادل بأن المنصب يمكن أن ينهار بموجب إعلان المتمردين. "There might be some difficulties with joining this pact, which other minorities might gainsay and argue that the incumbency could crumble under the rebel pronouncement."
The President Pronounced with: دعونا فقط نجري نظام استفتاء للتفكير في ما يميزه سكان المدينة. إذا حدث خطأ ، فقد تنضم أقليتنا ورؤساء دولنا أو يعارضون ويتحولون إلى كومنولث محايد. "Let's just hold a referendum system to think about what the denizens discern of. If it goes wrong, then our minority and our heads of state might join or oppose and switch to a neutral commonwealth." With more than 65% voting that they should join the pact, the others didnt think so professionally.
Sooner, the Kankundo Federation would send an Invite to join the newest alliance.

- Kankundo

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