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Nations of Crabs of the Apocalypse

  1. The Republic of Silver Steps the SecondM
  2. The People's Confederation of Reformed BritanniaM
  3. The Holy Golden Zombie Throne of Silver StepsS
  4. The soviet union of mother russiaS
  5. The Dominion of KingdiniumE
  6. The Idiotic Cesspool of JuristoniaE
  7. The Prime Hegemony of Kelvaros PrimeS
  8. The Kingdom of BritcanI
  9. The Empire of PasargadI
  10. The Herrscher der Vernunft of SeverisenS
  11. The Republic of White NoiseS
  12. The Republic of VistulangeE
  13. The 𝔻𝕒𝕤 𝔹𝔹 Empire of BrightonBurgS
  14. The Commonwealth Kingdom of United EarthlingsE
  15. The SmallBall Nation of Anti-GoatsackM
  16. The Roman Empire of San GiosueS
  17. The Kingdom of HoudeM
  18. The People's Jamahiriya of Aeshmadeva LandS
  19. The Holy guacamole of FlobosE
  20. AslanticaS
  21. Coronational chechyans and affiliatesM
  22. The John Lennon Utopia of Strawberrry FieldsM
  23. The Snarky Solar Observer of Bhang Bhang DucM
  24. The Hivemind of The SeidE
  25. The Fiery Flamethrowy Fatherland of Laws and BylawsS
  26. The Pleased to Meet You of DevilE
  27. CheeeseS
  28. The Happy-Go-Lucky Land of HappyValley0012S
  29. The Peoples Federation of The Campbell NationS
  30. The Dominion of Havoc HighlandsE
  31. The Decrepit Senators of President Pro TemporeM
  32. The Phantasm of Afi-AftosI
  33. The Fool on the Hill of Neo NibuM
  34. The Lovable Larrikin of IstillianE
  35. The Holy Dictatorship of The Cheese LandI
  36. The Holy Empire of RommandaM
  37. The Herrscher of the Void of XorietM
  38. The Dictatorship of MDRunieE
  39. The Dominion of Rangers BrotherhoodI
  40. The Galactic Empire of FlarbiniaM
  41. MelbergiaS
  42. The Black Solitary Incarcerate of PacolindE
  43. The Sublime Islamic State of ArmisaelM
  44. The Great Scientific Polity of Greater CubaE
  45. The All-Saints Paradise of GoncarE
  46. TupacshakurlandE
  47. The serbian empireE
  48. The Republic of SunsetI
  49. The Sultanate of Koda-LandS
  50. The Atomic Archduke of DurageE