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Kariforunia wrote:アメリカ選挙人団。。。

Can someone explain the American electoral college? I've heard about it but I don't know what it is.

The American electoral college is how the winner of the U.S. presidential election is decided. In total, the nation is assigned 538 electoral votes and those votes are divided amongst states. Each state (and the District of Columbia) has at least 3 "votes". Those minimum 3 votes represent the state's two Senators and their minimum of 1 Representative. (The District of Colombia does not have people representing them in Congress, but they were granted 3 electoral college votes under the the 23rd Amendment to the Constitution, so before that citizens in the capital of the country were not allowed to vote for president) States with multiple Representatives, which are allocated to states based on population (but each state has a minimum of 1 regardless of population, giving some states less or more representation in presidential elections than they should), are awarded more electoral college votes equal to the amount of Representatives they have. (Ex: Florida has 28 Representatives, so they have 30 electoral college votes because of the state's 2 Senators) During an election, most states award all of their "votes" to the winner of the popular vote in that state. However, Maine and Nebraska have divided their states into districts. (Ex: In 2020, Joe Biden won Maine's 1st district, lost the 2nd, but won the popular vote in the state, so Biden got 3/4 of Maine's electoral votes)

As has been laid out, this means that presidents are not directly elected by the general population. However, they are technically elected by people because each electoral college vote is cast by an actual person, who is almost always a member of the winning party in a state. (Ex: In 2020, Donald Trump won North Carolina, so the electoral college votes were likely all cast by members of the Republican Party in favor of Trump.) However, since the people actually casting the ballot have free will, in some states they can vote for whoever they want regardless of who the state actually voted for, and these people are called "faithless electors" (Some states have banned electors for voting against the winner of a state, so it's not a national issue). A prime example of faithless electors was the 2016 presidential election where 7 electors voted against whoever won the state they were voting for. This means, that theoretically, the electoral college could change the outcome of the election by deciding to vote against a state's winner.

The winner of presidential elections is not always the winner of the popular vote. (Ex: The Democratic Party nominee has won the popular vote in 5/6 of the past presidential elections in the 21st century, but the Democratic Party nominee has only won the election in 3/6 of those elections, so 2 elections lost because of the electoral college)

I can detail the reasoning behind the electoral college and why it was created in the first place and/or give my opinion on it if you want as well. I believe I explained the electoral college fully.

I didn't see Vikoland and the Star Enpire's explanations because I was on mobile, sorry. I'll leave this here though.


I would be more then delighted to hear your opinions on the electoral college then.

It seems unfair personally.

Personally, I also feel the Electoral College is unfair, as I think that the people should be voting for who they want as president themselves, and not entrusting it to other people by voting for them. This can be made possible by using computer networks which would also make it easier to vote.

Also, how do I use the reply function xd

Kariforunia wrote:そうですか。

I would be more then delighted to hear your opinions on the electoral college then.

It seems unfair personally.

My favorite youtube creator has some good content on this subject too
Why its bad respectively: 2011, 2016
How electors are distributed: 2019

Middanowah wrote:Also, how do I use the reply function xd

Next to the like button under a post, you should see a quote button ^-^

Kariforunia wrote:そうですか。

I would be more then delighted to hear your opinions on the electoral college then.

It seems unfair personally.

I do believe it is an extremely unfair system that needs to be abolished. Every single other elected official in the United States is elected by the popular vote, so there isn't even a precedence for this to happen. It used to be that Senators were elected by state legislatures but this was changed with the 17th Amendment to the Constitution.

The reasoning behind making the election of the president (and formerly, Senators as well) not a direct election is because the Founders (the people who wrote or contributed to the Constitution) believed that the people couldn't be trusted to directly elect these very important positions. This means that this was a very blatant and successful attempt to make the country less democratic and reduce the political freedoms of the people. It is absolutely unacceptable to me that someone who the people have not voted to be their president can and has in the past can become president through a system which doesn't even represent the people. It's also troublesome that one of the two major parties in the United States (the Democratic Party) has always been the victim of losing elections due to the electoral college. It also serves as another massive obstacle for third parties and independents running for president.

The electoral college can also lead to crisis where if no presidential candidates reach 270 electoral votes (the absolute majority of electoral votes), it comes down to the House of Representatives to choose one of the top 3 candidates for president and down to the Senate to choose one of the top 2 vice presidential candidates. As you can imagine, this would lead to very angry people all over, no matter the decision reached by Congress.

The electoral college also eliminates the representation of people's votes depending on where they live and stands as a roadblock to giving voting rights to American citizens living in territories such as Puerto Rico because territories do not have representation in Congress (which they should) and that is what the allocation of electors is based off of. If you don't vote for a Republican candidate in Wyoming, your vote is meaningless. If you don't vote for a Democratic party candidate in the District of Columbia, your vote is meaningless. It also gives unfair higher representation to states with lower populations like Wyoming because technically, Wyoming doesn't even meet the population requirement for 1 Representative, but because all states must have 1 it essentially means the vote of a Wyomingite is worth more than a Californian's vote on the national level. Also the division of electoral votes based off of members in Congress is very arbitrary and doesn't lead to a fair distribution of votes even in the most liberal of electoral college vote distribution systems. I believe one vote should always equal one vote.

To sum up how I feel about the electoral college: there had to be a Constitutional amendment to allow people living in the capital of the country to vote in presidential elections--how could that even happen?

In my opinion the USA is a backwards country whose system of government and law is still based on a very outdated 1700s system. And because the country is essentially a cult which indoctrinated children from a young age (eg. Pledge of allegiance), so many Americans can't see the problems with their nation so refuse to change. They think their country is perfect and the best in the world when it is quite the opposite. Fo resample in their slogan, "land of free, home of the brave." USA is no longer the benchmark of freedom that it used to be. In fact it doesn't even rank top 10 in the freedom index.

So many Americans are delusional enough to believe that more guns will reduce gun crime, which is obviously not true. In the UK where I live (which I fully recognise is far from perfect), not only can citizens not carry guns, but normal patrolling policemen don't carry firearems either, yet we have significantly lower crime and homicide rates. Our last school shooting was in 1996, whereas USA has had 1316 school shootings since 1970, and some politicians believe teachers should be given guns. Statistics show that those who carry a weapon (whether a firearm or other weapon eg. knife) are more likely to due from the same weapons than those who don't. And America refused to change.

Furthermore, the two main political parties in the USA, the Republicans the Democrats, who not only some Americans commit their whole identity to supporting one of them, but also both parties are essentially the same thing. They are both Auth Right parties with corrupt leadership and due to the electoral college system are the only two parties that matter. Yet at election time, so may Americans revert to a primitive form of tribalism because they care so much about their party and will never change their vote. Also there is very little actual politics involved in American elections, but rather a nominees desperate attempts to appeal to populism. Sadly this is something that is catching on in the rest of the world, for example Boris Johnson being elected in my own country of the UK, despite being far from professional or inspiring in my opinion.

Sorry for being ranty and overly negative about the nation that some of you might live in, but it really upsets me when people refuse to change their ways. In my view, America is far to patriotic and too much of anything is bad.

Sylh Alanor wrote:Next to the like button under a post, you should see a quote button ^-^

ah thanks :)


The term has elapsed for the current Councillor of Foreign Affairs. Regrettably, a replacement has failed to materialise. The office will remain open for the time being, pending a capable and qualified candidate. Let's take a moment to thank Pantala and Pyrrhia for his contributions to the region, particularly in setting up an embassy with The East Pacific.

At this time, candidacy is now open for the Councillor of Culture, responsible for hosting regional events that develop regional engagement and cultural identity and giving the region its timely eco reports.

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