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Opinions on Holly Aceline “De Stralend en Wonderbaarlijk Licht Koningin Van Haar Mooie Universum” Aurora Symantha Vreugde Astrid Lavender Lexis Lilac Harmony Tsi. Marlie Nova Radiant Lapia Starlight (Mark III).

Taken from various forums and opinions, this is a semi-OOC entry about the opinions that was made by other countries (or their leaders) Licht Koningin Holly. It will be updated as I go along. Positive or negative, I'll put it up here. If you can't find yours yet, just wait a while. I might overlook some, so... sorry about that in advance! I'll try to include all. Goodbye Mark II, and hello, Mark III!

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I might edit your original post to fix grammar, but that's it. Alphabetical order of nations is established.

Special thanks to Escocaria for the inspiration, and Gaozu for the new format of separating the leaders! It's so much cleaner!

Mainly from Your Leader's Personal Opinion on the AN's Leader(s), Mk. 6, 7... But can be from other threads too!

The Nation.

The Leader.

The Opinion (Oldest to Newest).

A m e n r i a

Heavenly Emperor Cheonsa

• An isolationist in charge of a pocket dimension who's able to shapeshift. She sounds just like the bartender in The Cube. I admit, beings like her send a chill down my spine, though for a short while. I'm glad she's not omnicidal, unlike a certain other interdimensional being I know. We share our favourite colour though, so that's something, I guess.

Alpes a Septentrionali Imperium

Emperor Matthieu XV

• I swear that these people keep getting stranger by the second. Well whatever this blue light humanoid is, is able to rule its self at least

Arshanid Deccan

Sultan Arslan Siddiqui Bahadur

• She is an extremely delightful person. Her happiness and positive attitude makes it very easy to get along with her. I dont think there is anyone that's dislikes her. And if there is... well I just ask how.


Prime Minister Robert J. Paisley

• Well, massively overprotective over immediate surroundings, with a wary eye for everyone else - does sound a little over the top, but nonetheless seems to be a mostly alright person, overall.

Deutschess kaiserreich

Kaiserin Victoria Louise the second

• A name like that is unnecessary. Your name should be easy to speak and fast to remember.


Liwen, Queen of the Elves

• Much like her fellow giantess, Clarissa, Holly is an easily approachable and lovely being. Whilst her height is something I am admittedly wary of, it is difficult to not like her. Positive.


Count Hirudo XIII von und zu Finsterwald-Grauenburg

• This overlong abomination of a name would be excessive for someone of ancient and true noble blood, let alone for this obnoxiously cheerful and goody-two-shoes automaton!


Kiri Mori

• Her world sounds fun and friendly, and so does she! Maybe I can visit her sometime.


Hyper-terinnentoldeus, 4th Geektopian King

• An enigmatic light creature that grants civil freedoms to her subordinates? UNACCEPTABLE, I will not have this! She does not deserve such a place in high standings for being an orb of light!

Hyperion remnant fleet

Tsali'ah Maksymilian Marszalek

• I'd gotta hand it to her. Despite the fact that there are tons of pyromaniacs out there that would make a barbecue party out of your home, you certainly do display a lot of patience when dealing with them. To change a ''bad'' man is to change his perspective by grouping him together with people who are good in their life. The same Omnianist saying can be said for me and you, Holly.

Hyperion remnant fleet

Meraglim 'Bentziyon' Kalev

• Shape-shifting and drawing energy from your home planet? Intriguing. I have never had the chance to meet divine beings like this. I can relate to your sentiment that of vigilance and constant solitary. I'd do suffer the same predicament as long as I am a Meraglim or operative.


Aleph Gorgen

• [His hands clapping together] A nature lover, and a person who enjoys some books, my opinion is warm, and we wish to invite her to our library one of these days to have a private readings, for we have over 5 thousand children books. [He seems very happy with meeting her] And don't worry about the temperature, we live on a ice sheet, all things are frost proof.


Prime Minister Maxim Gorgen

• [Maxim is rather nervous around her] She is a person I have wished to meet on many occasions, and one day I hope we can visit each others areas, for my land is completely cold resistant, and I hadn't seen so much nature. I see her as a sweet if a bit cynical person. But I am not one to say. Maybe we can read together one day.

Imperial slovonia

Mariana I

• A being made out of pure energy? That's so cool! Maybe that's where people got the idea of fairies from.


Surume, Queen of Inkopolita

• Uh, this girl is made of ice, which is solidified water, and water is lethal to us, soo... She's scary, to say the least.

• Holly is an oddity for sure, but an oddity that is so mysterious when you meet her first. It must be fun talking with her, y'know? I don't know why, I just get the feeling that hanging around with her is a blast.


Imperator Tacitus

• Her list of powers are certainly impressive, but what is more impressive to me is her very nature. She uses her powers for good rather than evil, remaining pacifist and sticking to her beliefs even as others would wish to use her for various malicious gains. I wish her all the best.


Queen Tove Gormsdóttir

• Neutral, she is not worshiped around here but there is no reason to anger her.

Low bloods

Oni, King of Corpses

• I could always use some cold, she's always pleasant company that soothes me a little with every encounter.

• Every rose has its thorn and I've been seeing alot of people with bandaged thumbs recently. Don't fall victim to the crude air that has been stiring around as of late, it's intoxicating. Holly is kind, and I know she is as I have not seen anyone break out into a musical. And I haven't heard such light notes from an evil mouth.

• As for Holly I could say the same, but less of her fitting in for the most part. I'm fine with Holly after all Lowblood has it's cold climates and certainly seasons in which I always enjoy.

• I like Holly, she has alot going on with the many paths she can take. With that note I prefer her lighter side as I'm more fond of her sense of humor and tricks rather than seeing the world frozen.


The Director Shlan'ak Phur’an

• She clearly knows the secret to eternal happiness. I've never seen someone quite as happy or naive as her and it's really, kind of cool really.

Neo-Unified Nations

Commander Nathan Parker Simmons, CO of the 1st Division

• Hmph, I would have positive opinions if she was human, but she's not even REMOTELY human, so I instantly go to the negative lane, just no.

• Too cheery for my own opinion, the cheeriness is just a pain to my ears, and my anger is amplified by the fact that she is non-human, just humanoid looking, disgusting.

Nuevo cielo

Supreme Empress and Head of State Alejandrina

• She is very energetic. She looks bright. She looks good. What else can I really say ?

• She is not even a real biological being.

Pan-Asiatic States

Garrick “Comrade Abra” Abramovich Mensenares y Florante Jr.

• Manunumpa! A wicked being, a heartless witch Holly is. Her paranoia has turned her heart cold, and the nocturnal warries itself at her presence. I may have been paranoid myself, yet I abhor Holly for her great power. She may not admit it, but hers is the makings of a megalomaniac, and here in Pan-Asia, we strike down such threats before they cause harm; rather than risk them defiling all that we have created, in the name of the revolution-- in the name of love.

• Her ingenuity cannot be ignored. For such a feeble creature, Holly is quite scientific and curious. Nevertheless, a smart wild animal is still a wild animal; and wild animals ought to be locked-up or shot dead. Some from the EWD may want to investigate this creature's physiology, but I say, let's not play God.

Peroniist Argentina

President Juan Domingo Peron

• I shall regard Holly as a good leader with a kindred heart and a seemingly infinite pool of love for those she cares for. My opinion of her is very high.


Francis Leyba

• What kind of bio organic weapon is that? It doesn't make sense to me.

• She reminds me when I watched Avatar.

Saunders Global Security

Chairman of The Protectorate of Saunders Global Security, Asher Saunders

• Holly’s a cutie when she’s making an angry face. I am sure I do not want to see how angry she really is if, y’know, someone were to literally make her angry. But back to the topic, Holly’s a sweetheart even to me, a Canadian-American sociopath in South Africa.

Skolipendra organization

Lahrinen Ta'hulin Khemara, Commander of Personnel Resources and Secretary to the Chittering Creeper

• You appear to be quite a good specimen. I don't know how true any of these claims are about your supposed properties, but that would be for the Research Department to figure out. The information that could be gathered from studying you would be quite pleasing to Ms. Skolipendra, and further our Organization's goals. So, if you would please follow me, there are some nice people in labcoats who wish to do a few tests.


Supreme Vanguardist Kliment Vilkhov

• I... do not fully understand it. From what I gather, the being charged with leadership of this 'nation' is made of pure energy - an interesting property that could be useful to solve global power issues. It is mostly isolated, and seems to enjoy this state. Further study would be required of the phenomenon of this garden, and the entity that heads it.

The great intergalactic empire

Obkommander Heinrich Kutler

• A strange being. One befitting study. Further observation. As with all strange beings, it is possibly a threat. The possibility of conflict cannot be determined by a singular mans observations. I won't pretend to fully understand it as a man who does is a man who presents himself as an unknowing target. I think of it as another mystical creature in our universe, though not one not to be so openly challenged.

The intermarian order

Bat'ko Pyotr Voloshyn

• Oh, boy, it seems like Holly is a bit stressed out. If associating or complimenting someone that wronged you would land you on her bad side then I'll have to be careful in toying with my words around her. Either way, I like her. We don't like strangers nosing into our lawn but she takes a bit of an extra step to the dark abyss that is paranoia... Erm, I am not anyone's parents but... go socialize out there.

The intermarian order

Grand Master Giovanni D'Angelo

• This world is filled with interesting beings it seems. From demons masquerading themselves as torchbearers of liberty to feminine beings made of light. God has always found a way to enrich the world we live in. It is with great comfort to know that a supernatural being is capable of comprehending that goodness do lie in the hearts of men. Yet to continue to live in a world in a state of fear is to cast yourself with doubts and isolation. Not the ideal lifestyle I'd imagined.

The Pendulum Wars

Supreme Leader of the Union of Anime Soviet Socialist Republics, Katyusha

• Little Holly (and I use ‘Little’ misusingly) is a darling, about as soft as pirogies on the outside. She has a lot to handle like having a healthy, balanced view of outsiders. Besides, if she’s friends with everyone, who is out there to worry about?

The russian nations

Nogova Alexandrov, Supreme Leader of Neo-Russia

• Sheer size alone is one thing, being heavy too, but this? oh my God, can someone please retrieve my tape? anyway being paranoid a god-damned lot? seems like me during an assassination or two, cool-tempered, better than Nikonov at least, and that's all i have to say right now.

• She is basically a paranoid being who distrusts outsiders at first glance, though i am thankful that it is not the 'KILL ON SIGHT' mentality that Neo-Russians have, she hates technology, and can turn into any form she wants, normally i would be neutral but i am okay with the whole 'slight paranoia' thing, since who knows what the people would do? burn it down? likely, destroy everything? still likely, and she tries to protect her home with any means, just like me, except less sociopathic.


Rusa, Speaker of the Council

• She's... Certainly unusual. Powerful, but she wishes to be isolated. I can respect that. But if she does not wish to trade, I shall respect her wishes.


President of South Korea SUSR SEZ, Sim Soo-Jung

• It is honestly rather inspiring when I read the news of one of Holly's trips to our world. I don't believe I have ever met someone more pleasant and so 'happy go-lucky' before meeting with her. She is a very good example for the Korean people to follow.


General-Secretary of the Democratic Workers Party, Bela Mehic

• Holly is a real gem who managed to cocoon herself and a beautiful forest from outside contact. Of course, it is sad that most people can't visit such a place, then again it is her home, but also because people can't be trusted in general for we often tend to ruin things when we come into contact with them. So I for one applaud her for those measures along with being able to be open towards establishing friendships with different groups.


Chancellor of the Republic of Europa SUSR, Charlotte S. Heidenreich

• Holly is just a bundle of energy, a bundle worth respect and admiration. I whole fully do wish the best for her and those around her. The world absolutely needs more happiness in it.


Dr. Feodora Alexievna Miroslavskaya, First Lady

• I just wonder how time and space are not yet distorted in her dimension.

• Ms. Holly is slightly more open than ever. But of course... I can't imagine how lonely it is to be alone with all her clones.

• I see in her a mirror for Inspector Potyomkin... but the difference is that Holly wants to see people while she lives in an isolated world, but Potyomkin doesn't want to see anyone despite WORKING AT THE BORDER CHECKPOINT!

• Well... The light of the stars has returned and we all can be relieved for a while. You better not hear about what happened recently. We don't want the Second Ice Age.

• Pacifism gets no one anywhere when war is in one's face... That aside, I understand why she would hold that philosophy dear and we should be grateful for that. I do not want to see anyone being teenagers with edges on here.

• It is always nice to see Ms. Holly stepping (somewhat) outside and making new friends. I can't imagine how lonely it is to live alone in such a vast dimension.

• Holly is one of the loveliest person I know... but that still doesn't make me understand why anyone would want to be 5000km tall... Unless they are a Lovecraftian octopus.

• I rest my case that Holly is beyond calculation and... a little too tall every time I see her. Every single time...

• It is funny to think that sometimes we are friends and comrades with many mysterious and dubious figures. But we are certainly happy to have Ms. Holly as a friend as well, even if she is always inside her little dimension.

• Hello, Ms. Holly. I would certainly love to catspam talk with you whenever we both have the time. But now we are rather occupied with the heavy rain. It has been a while since I met a normal, lovable version of you.

• I am happy that she trusts us and we are certainly friendly with her. It must be difficult to stay completely alone in her own dimension, so we want to ensure that she can find friends in us.


Zheneyasil Alexandrovna Slakova, Chief Administration Commissariat

• Well, it has been a while since I have spoken to any leader on the Chairman's behalf. So it is nice to meet someone friendly like Ms. Holly first today! Umm... How tall are you again today?